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My Secret Affair

My Secret Affair

Can This Really Be True?
I live in the city, it’s busy and nonstop, there is always something to do. However, my folks drag us out to our farm house in the country, every summer. The town has maybe four hundred people. We come a few days before Memorial Day, and leave a few days after Labour Day. 

This year is no exception. I’ve yet to pack, because I’ve been trying to get out of going for two weeks. I’m sixteen this year, and just want to be with my friends during the summer. My parents won’t allow it. They tell me I can bring a friend, but I won’t drag a friend along and make them miserable with me. 

I have no real rules when we go to the country, because how much trouble can I get into? The only rule I have is - I’m not allowed to hang out with the Newton boy. He’s trouble, and he’ll take me down with him. At least this is what my parents tell me. What they don’t know is I have been hanging out with him for years. 

When I was eleven, I was swimming in the pond near my house, and he showed up. At first I was nervous, and thought I should leave. He begged me to stay, telling me he had no real friends, and just wanted to be friends with me. I felt bad for him, I stayed and we became fast friends. Each summer was endless times with him. He was and has always been my only go to person when I visit the country. 

My thoughts are snapped back to the here and now when my mother comes barging into my room. She is making sure I’m packing, she doesn’t want to battle with me. I give her the sweetest fake smile so she’ll leave me alone. She has won already, what more does she want? I finish with my packing in good time, and head down stairs. Daddy gives me a smile, I know he was okay with me staying home; it was mum who said no. 

We pile into the car, and start the long drive to the middle of nowhere. I used to hate the drive to and from the country until two years ago. Daddy bought me a Kindle so I can read on the trip. Mom was so mad at first, but when she saw how much use I put into it, she relaxed. ‘Reading is good for you, Kendal’, she always tells me. As if it’s something I didn't know. 

Nine hours, one lunch stop, three bathroom breaks, and a fuel stop later, we finally arrive. Daddy offers to bring in all the bags, so mom and I start dinner. It’s late and we’re all tired, and kind of cranky. We settle on something simple, none of us very hungry. When I’m done, I excuse myself and head to my room. 

Opening the door, I almost feel as if something is different, but can’t place it. I flick on the light and sure enough there is a single flower and a note on the bed side table. I know it’s from Daniel (The Newton boy). I drop my bags on my bed and open the note. 

Hey Pipsqueak, 

I know you’re coming in sometime in the next day or so, if I knew when I’d sneak over. Come find me at our place, I’m there all the time. I miss your face. Don’t forget a towel. 


My Owl! He can always make me smile. He’s been calling me Pipsqueak from the very start of our friendship. He says it’s because I’m younger than him, even though we’re the same age. He’s just a few months older. I let him have the satisfaction of calling me it, because, well, I like the name. I call him Owl because he rather be out at night than during the day. Though he says that’s different when I’m here. 

I stuff the note in my bag, so my mother doesn’t find it. I take a quick shower to wash the long day away, before crawling into bed. It doesn’t take long until I’m being pulled into a dream. It’s one that feels it lasts all night long. When I wake up its nine in the morning and throw on whatever I can get my hands on to. A simple tank top cut-off jeans, and my baby blue bikini. I grab my towel and run off to find my Owl. 

I hear dad and mum having their morning coffee, as I run by the kitchen. I yell that I’ll be out all day and be back late. I can’t help but run down to the lake and find him. He’s the only good I have here, though he says the same thing about me. When I show up, I see him already here. I come to a halt and watch him swimming. He looks so different. He’s has grown up, looking more like a man, than a gawky teenage boy. 

When I get myself composed, I step out behind the tree. I whisper his name, like I always do. Each time I only get a little louder, simply saying ‘Owl’ until he hears me. It’s the fourth time when he does. He gives me the biggest grin, and I feel a warm sensation rush through me. “Wow, has he changed.” I think to myself. 

He paddles out of the water, climbing up the small bank, and pulls me into a hug. I’m soaked but I don’t care. I hug him so tight. Even though we have never been anything more than friends, there has always been tension there. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to kiss him. I wonder to myself if he will be the first boy I ever date. But he never gives me signs in wanting anything from me but friendship. 

“Look at you, Pipsqueak! You’re all grown up. I might have to find a new name for you.” 

“Don’t you dare, I’m just now getting used to this one. I can say the same for you. One winter, and you get all grown up on me.” 

“Not grown up enough to not do this!” 

He picks me up into his arms, and runs for the water. I squeal out, dropping my towel just in time. He dives in and I’m soaked. I can’t help but giggle, laughing as he chokes on water. Serves him right! I wriggle out of my clothes, and throw them up on a tree to dry. 

We spend the next several hours catching up the past winters events. Since I’m not allowed to talk to him, I can’t keep in touch when I’m not here. We fill each other in on family stuff, school stuff, and what’s been going on in the Hick. That’s what we call this little hole in the wall town. 

The day goes by too quickly and we can’t get enough of each other. It’s eight when we say goodnight and plan to see each other early the next morning. When I get home my mother starts the twenty question game with me. I’m allowed to do as I want. But she still likes this game, to see if I’ve done something wrong. She thinks I’m just going to tell her because she asks me. I play her game though, over dinner and she doesn’t stop. I win eventually, because she gets no information out of me that will lead to hanging out with “That Newton Boy” as she calls him. 

I have a feeling she knows I hang out with him, but I don’t care. I’ve tried asking in the past why it’s such a big deal to hang out with him. I’ve asked both mom and dad. Neither of them will tell me. So I can’t help but think the reason is a big deal. I just don’t care. We've been friends for five years now and I love my Owl. 

After dinner, I help clean up, and we have ‘family time’. We watch some TV, as we talk about the party tomorrow night. The town loves their gatherings in the summer. They go all out for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labour Day every year. It’s why we come a few days before Memorial Day, and leave after Labour Day. 

A few hours later I go up and read my Kindle, before heading to bed. It’s a little after one and I know I have to get up early to see Daniel. However, I have a sleepless night, tossing and turning. The dreams I have are of my Owl and can’t get him out of my head. I don’t dream about simple things, but things I never saw him as. Like mine, not like mine as a friend, but more. It leaves a funny feeling between my legs. 

The sun bursts into my room, waking me up as I groan lightly. I’m tired and feel as though I didn’t get a wink of sleep. I decide to take the longest shower known to man, to help wake up. It helps, but I know a good cup of coffee is calling my name. I get down to the kitchen and daddy is reading the paper, talking about tonight. Mama is washing the dishes and day dreaming, I can tell. I don’t think either notice me, so I slip out and go find Owl. 

He’s already there, bright eyes and smiling. I feel instantly awake now, and jump into his arms for a hug. He tells me that he needs to go help Old Man McGregor with his horses. I’m off in a dash to beat him there. I think Mr. McGregor is one of the nicest men I know. He is one of the few people who know about my friendship with Owl. He has gotten in the habit of calling me Pipsqueak too. I don’t mind though, he’s a sweet old man. 

When I beat Owl to McGregor’s farm, I can’t help but giggle. I slow down and enter the stables. I don’t want to scare the horses. Mr. McGregor has twelve horses. How he keeps up with them, I don’t know. I know Daniel helps a lot and it is how he gets some pocket change for things. Daniel shows up seconds later and pulls a face at me. I stick my tongue out at him, and we get started. 

Mr. McGregor comes out midway through after feeding the pigs. We catch up and he tells me how much I’ve grown up. I can’t help but blush, finding it weird how many people think I’ve grown up so much. I guess it happens when I’m gone for so long. We finish up and I offer to make the boys lunch. Mr. McGregor’s wife passed away two years ago, and he is on his own. 

At six, I announce I have to go. I explain that I’ve got family stuff. Owl gives me a look and tells me he’ll see me later tonight. As much as I love the events The Hick have, I can’t ever enjoy them with Owl, because of my family. 

The night starts off without a hitch. I see a few other people I have known for years. The music and food is great. Mother is even in a good mood, which surprises me. The night goes on, and I don’t see Owl at all. I start to wonder if he’s ever going to show up. Around 11:30 Daddy tells us it’s time to go home. 

I can’t get Daniel out of my head. I start to worry about him, but I know I’ll see him tomorrow. When we get home, I grab a shower right away. It was a very hot, long day. When I come back into my room, I drop my towel and air dry. I start to hum to myself. I’m still thinking of Daniel, when I hear a tap against my window. It stops and I go back to humming. Once I do though, I hear it again. This time I grab my towel, and open the window. 

There stands Daniel, even from the second floor, I can tell something is wrong. I move back and let him climb up the tree by my window. He comes in and without a second thought he pulls me into the tightest hug. He buries his face into my neck. I caress the back of his neck, whispering to him. I try to coax him to talk to me, to tell me what’s wrong. 

What he does next takes me off guard. He pulls back slightly, cups my face, and kisses me deeply. I feel the spark that I didn’t even know I had inside me burn so bright, it is like fire racing through my veins. I don’t pull away, I hold him closer to me. A single moan escapes my lips, I’m lost in it. The kiss feels as though it lasts an eternity, when he finally breaks our kiss, I tremble. 

“I’m sorry, Pip. I had too. I've been in love with you for so long and I don’t want to go another summer without you knowing.” 

I feel like I’ve been sucker punched, but not in a bad way. All the feelings I’ve had, holding them back, unsure what he thought. All along he has felt the same, and we've been too afraid to admit it. I step back, looking at him. 

“Owl, I’ve feel the same way. I knew it without a doubt when I came back this summer. But even as well as I know you, with this, I was unsure. I didn't know how you felt. I always thought I was just your best friend, your Pipsqueak.” 

“You’ll always be my Pipsqueak.” 

He pulls me into his arms again. I feel my towel drop, my naked body pressed against him. His hands begin to roam my soft skin. The tingling sensation courses through me like quicksand. I want it. I pull him towards the bed, he undresses as we go. I fall to the bed, watching him finish. He stands there, naked, perfect, and all mine. 

Climbing onto the bed, he lets his fingers roam over places where no man has ever touched me. His mouth finds my nipple, sucking on it gently, as his other hand toys with the other one. I feel the haze of lust covering us like a blanket. I know as much as he knows, neither of us have done this before with anyone else. It’s our first time, but we want it. 

I’m not scared, I’m not unsure, I know I want him. He takes his time and moves down lower, working between my thighs. He looks up at me, almost questioning if it’s okay. I nod my head, giving him a shy smile. He grins his Newton epic grin at me, before moving in. He explores me with his fingers. He is teasing me without even knowing it, as he gets himself comfortable with what he has before him. It’s not long before I feel the wet, warmth of his tongue touch my over sensitive clit. It flicks lightly, making my hips lift involuntary, wanting to feel it again. He does, he gives me another gentle lick and again. He gets more comfortable with it, as do I. He pushes forth, working his mouth on me. My fingers twirl in his hair. 

My breathing is ragged, heavy with lust. The blanket I felt only moments ago becomes heavier around us. I feel him push his tongue inside me, finding a new area to send me over the edge with. He’s daring and bold, taking what he wants. His tongue working in me, he takes his two fingers and teases my clit. I cry out, trying to muffle the sound as I feel a sensation that I’ve never felt before. I begin to orgasm, I almost feel like I’m breaking from the inside out. It’s so intense. 

He has the biggest smile on his face, as he works up on me. He is proud of himself. I can tell that he is, between his smile and how hard he is. I pull him onto me, I kiss him hard. I want him, I want to feel him deep inside me. I open my legs wider, whispering for him to take me. He asks me if I’m sure, and I know that I am. I've never been so sure of anything in my life. 

It’s the thickness that has my heart slamming with nerves, but it doesn’t stop me. I know it’ll hurt, but I know I want this. He adjusts himself and begins to slide into me. My fingers dig into his forearms, I feel the pinch, and I gasp. My mind is on high alert, I let out another gasp as he moves in deeper. I can feel him deep inside me, taking something I have never given anyone else. He rolls his hips, getting used to the feeling of being inside me. His groans are a delight that I could forever get used too. 

He asks me if I’m okay, I tell him I am. That’s when he begins to move in and out of me. The pace is slow, and tender, full of love and need for each other. I do the same thing, moving my pace with him. His mouth is back on my nipple, sucking gingerly on it. I feel him move a little quicker, his cock expanding inside me. I whimper as he begins to hit a perfect spot inside me. It feels almost like it did when he was going down on me. I know I’m near and I tell him. I feel it, he whispers to me. He can feel me getting tighter around him as I grow closer to my orgasm. 

Explosions of epic proportions erupt from me. I feel my orgasm not just take me, but him also. It takes us both off guard. He growls out and joins me in my delight, coming hard inside me. He fills me so deeply. We just lay there, in each other’s arms. I can feel him still inside me. I run my fingers over his back, and within moments he is asleep just as he is. I enjoy the feel of him grow soft inside me. I lie there and feel it happening, and it makes me ache. 

Sleep does eventually take over, and pulls me in. I fall asleep with a boy for the first time ever in my bed. I sleep peacefully throughout the whole night. It’s not until about 7:15 in the morning that I awake and feel overly hot. We didn’t move, not even an inch all night. I see the time and know he has to sneak out. I whisper his name, just like I do at the beach. It only takes three times before he groans softly in my neck. 

I tell him it’s early, and he has to get going before daddy wakes. He wraps his body around me closer, not wanting to let go. He shakes his head, and whispers, “No.”

I can’t help but fall deeper for him for it. Though, I do eventually convince him to go. I promise him I’ll tell my parents about us. That way we don’t have to keep hiding. He kisses me softly, tells me he loves me and gets dressed. He leaves the way he came in.

After I shower, I go downstairs and I tell my parents that we need to talk. Both of them look concerned, but I tell them it isn’t a bad thing. They relax and I only hope they can understand that truly isn’t a big deal.

When I start and I mention Daniel, my mom almost cuts me off, I have to raise my voice slightly to get her attention. I confess how we’ve been friends for years, that each summer he has been the one person I have hung out with. I tell everything, I don’t hold back. I don’t admit to what happened last night, but everything else, of course.

I tell them I’m done hiding, I don’t want to have to hide him anymore. That we’ve reached a place in our relationship, where it is no longer just friends. That we want to take it to the next level. We both feel the same and want the blessings of our parents. I tell them that if they can’t give me their blessing, I’m going to still be with him. Nothing will stop me.

Once I have said my piece, my mom goes to tell me that when dad was a kid, he lived here. That Daniel’s dad was a troublemaker and caused a lot of problems for dad. They didn't want Daniel to do the same to me, even though he is nothing like his dad. Daniel’s dad walked out on them when he was just eight, and he vowed to never be like him.

After two hours of talking, they both agree they’d like to get to know Daniel. They've agreed that I can date him, but that there shall not be any more secrets. I promise them that there won’t be any more secrets, I love Daniel too much. I want to make this work. I’m so excited that I hug them both and run off to find Daniel at our spot.

I tell him everything that has happened and he is as excited as I am. He begins to kiss me, deeply, with much more passion than the night before. He undresses me, the warm sun beating down on us. Before I know it, we’re both bare naked in the grass, he is leaning down over me. He presses himself deep inside me, spreading me wide. The sensation of him filling me makes me want to cry. I’m so overwhelmed, I fall in love with him all the more in this very moment.

I bring him home later, to officially finally meet my parents. We make dinner and Daniel stays. It is his turn to play twenty questions with my mum, but this time dad joins in. Though, Daniel doesn’t seem to mind a single bit. Everyone is having a good time, talking, enjoying each other. It feels really nice to finally be able to have him around.

Finally, I think that summers in the country aren't going to be so bad. No more secrets, which if you ask me, is really nice!

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