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My student.

Teacher and schoolgirl.

I’m 24 years old, have just graduated from an university for a year, haven’t been married.   Now, I’m a teacher at   a polytechnic in Hanoi. I don’t like my current job much, but, because of having not found another proper job, so still having to do a thing I’ don’t like any more.

In the class I’m teaching, there are a lot of beautiful young girls. They are very funny. Each time in the class is wretched time for me because they always disturb me. One of them, there is a most beautiful girl, her name Ha, age of 19, 1.67 m high, and very perky body. She has a seductive ovaled face, charming smile, sexy black nice eyes…generally, she is a fascinating girl. She usualy glance furtively at me. Her friends knew her state of mind so they often tease her with me. She didn’t refuse any more, only smiled awkwardly.


One day, the class was practised. Most of the girls were in love the same class’s or other class’s boys. They helped each other everywhere, but Ha was alone so I had to help her. Thrilling with my heardfelt sentiment, one time, with her passionate black eyes looking at me, she said “ tonight, I invite you to go out for coffee”. I was confused, had no answer yet ( You know, if the headmaster is known about his teachers love the schoolgirl then it is very bad case). I hesitated at a moment, then looked at her beautiful face and answered yes. She jumped up pleasedly, applauded and said “yes”.


That night, the sky was relatively clear. The moonlight shone everywhere that was very romantic for a couple. We walked together on full of moonlight way. She was glad to chatter like a litle bird by side me. Then we chose a large bar near the practising place. I called a cup of coffee and she called a cup of juice of orange. We both drank and chatterd very gladly in the night.


About 21 pm, we went out of the bar. Now,there was not distance between us. We were hand in hand to return to our lodging. When to come desered place, suddenly, she stoped, stood in front of me and said gently “ I love you, I love you much for a long time”. I held her very tight and whisperd “ I love you too” and laid a passionate kiss on her lusting lips. At that time, my cock was very hard, thrusted in to her private area. A smile on her joyful face, she fondled my hairs on my forehead, stroked my hard cock under my jean by other hand, and suggested “ we go to a guest house for tonight?”. I looked at her sexy pretty face, my heard beaten very strongly, and I breathed rapidly. At that time, I couldn’t believe my ears, couldn’t believe eveything happended in such high speed. I stammerd “ agree, I answer recklessly”.


About   ten minutes later, we got in to a luxury guest house at the town that it is not far from the our lodging. Room 203, a room is very nice and relatively large, we had just came in, closed the door,   immediately Ha held me, pushed me to lay on the bed and coverd over my body, kissed me like crazy. Then she was deft to take my clothes off. Her turn, she stood up, pulled her nice thin skirt over her head, took her black tiny thin   slips and bras off, threw them on the floor, then looked at me with passionate smile. Oh, an angel body! I uttered suddently. Now, I was contemplated my angel with very smooth white skin, tidy big breasts, pink nipples, slim belly, rounded big tushes and long slender legs. I was horny so much, eager to kiss on her belly right her belly-button. My dick was very hard. I wanted to fuck her just at that time. She looked at me with sexy smile, shook her head passionately then pulled me up, took me in to the bath room.


Fresh water from the shower plashed away on two naked body sounded te te. She was glad, looked up for the water get on her graceful face while I stood behind her,   fondled her large breasts,   thrusted the dick between her ass cheeks. I slided one hand from the huge melon to her very dense haired cunt. I started rubbing the lips while my mouth bit her shouder slightly. She was really pleasure, began moaning. Her sweet juice oozed from the cunt make my hand sticky. I put two my fingers inside the slimy pussy then moving them in and out. She twisted her body lightly, her mouth shouted happily. Five minutes later, unexpectedly, she turned around in front of me, gripped my 17 cm penis, slid her hand along fo r a while then sat down, put it in her beautiful mouth to suck. I couldn’t withstand any more so pushed her to lay on the floor,   spreaded her legs wide and sucked her pink tiny cunt. My tounge licked   lips of her cunt and then slided in to the tiny virgin hole. The very white sweet juice run out from her much, clinging full of my mouth. Her hip gyrated strongly, she shouted, grasping my hair to pull me along her body, held my hard cock to shove inside herself. I squated in her groin to start fucking. I fucked very hard and very fast. She screamed “ don’t stop, faster…faster…oh…yes…oh…yes” . 20 minutes came, suddenly, her body was stiff, her legs convulsed strongly. I knew she had been in climax.


Finally, I covered her body to fuck until my hard cock convulse inside her crazily. I felt flow by flow of sperm was ejecting deep in her womb. When last drop of sperm got out, Gently, I pulled the dick out of her cunt. I saw A stream of turn pink liquid dripping out the tiny red hole.


She stood up, looked at me with a very satisfying smile and said “ you bath for me, I’m very tied!”.


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