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My truth

This is mine.

Every nerve in my body was tingling. James raised his hand up to my bronzed shoulder and slip down the strap. My head looked away and i closed my eye' s. It seemed so unreal. His touch was so soft and i could here his breathing. It was so deep. I felt his moist lips on my shoulder and moaned. This was how i wanted it. This is how i imagined it. James' arms were snug around my waist and his lips were massaging my neck and working they're way up to my baby pink lips. we kissed and everything seemed to slow down. I wanted this moment to last forever. I wanted to remember every smell and every touch. My senses were so strong i knew how intense this moment was. James' body was pressing against mine and i could feel his huge cock rising. He loved the way i kissed, He could never control himself when i took him from surprise. He always had to have me.

"I want to make you feel more pleasure than you've ever felt before, I want to make you sweat."His voice was so soothing i lapped up every word he told me. This was the time That I NEEDED him. He moved me over to the bed. He was so sweet. I had walked in that day and thrown my bag in the corner. I was going straight over to his place after school and he had told me just to take his spare set of keys. I had walked into the hall and caught a quick glimpse of myself in the mirror. My school uniform wasn't exactly flattering but i managed to keep it looking sexy. Short skirt, tight blouse. There was nothing unordinary about it but i was one of the only girls who could pull it off.

"James where are you?" I hadn't seen him yet and was starting to get a little curious.

"I'm just up here hun!" His voice had came from upstairs and i knew he was in his room, probably doing his art or something. I rolled my eye' s and then followed my feet upstairs.

"You know you should really just catch up with your work it's so much....Oh!" I walked into room and in shock i saw James standing in the middle of the room with the biggest smile upon his face. I scanned the room. It was gorgeous! There was deep red candles glistening around the room and his bed had sweet smelling rose petals spread over it. Yes it had been cheesy, but i absolutely love it. I ran at him with wide arms and swung my legs around his waist, We kissed in this passionate embrace for what seemed like hours. "You did all this for me? what's it for?"

"Well you know, It's our two year anniversary and i thought i' d do something nice." Oh shit. Two years? How the hell did he remember and i didn't?! "And also i found this waiting on the doorstep and well, it was a little bit of inspiration for me." He was holding out a small silver bag which had his name on the card. My sister. I knew she'd never let me down. What had she bought though?

"Did it?" Ha! This way he'd never knew i' d forgot and probably show me what it is.

"Yes i did, And i have to say it's going to look amazing on you." My smile slightly faded. Oh god, What had she bought?! "Why don't you go and put it on?" Oh god Oh god Oh god!

"Um, Yes!" I think it sounded happy enough.

"Great! you can use the bathroom if you wanted?" He looked so excited, Why?!

"Ok!" I was shaking as i grabbed the back off him and did a little run into the bathroom. What the hell had she given me? I grasped at the soft tissue paper covering it and came across a silky feeling at the bottom of the bag. It clung to my fingers so i fished it out. A deep purple and black lace baby doll come out of it. What the?...I looked at the bottom of the bag but there was nothing. Then i spotted it. A little flicker of blue writing on the label...

"Dear abbey, I knew you'd forget. Hope he enjoys this and hope you like it, Happy anniversary! Love Hannah. xx" i looked at it and laughed. She really was the worlds greatest.

"Are you ok in there?" I heard James' concerned voice come from outside the door.

"I'm fine!" i called back as i was taking my shirt off. "I'll be out in a minute!" i heard footsteps walk away and did a quick check in the mirror. My nipples were pert and my boobs were full and bouncy. I loved the way then did that. My curvy waist and toned stomach looked amazing, as they usually did. My legs were long and smooth. I had a nice tan from just being to turkey the week before. I was looking top notch. I slipped the baby doll on over my busting breasts and looked again. It was incredible. Every good part of me looked a million times better and every bad spot was hidden. I was ready. I walked out the bathroom and went straight to James'' room. He was lay on the bed playing with the rose petals. His hair was tousled into a sexy messed up looked and his eye' s immediately grew the instant he saw me. I turned around infront of him while my hands fiddled with edges of the baby doll.

"Wow." And with that he grabbed me and now, here I am. Being placed down on the bed while his hands roam over my legs and the other pulls at my waist. My lips were glistening with his kisses and my fluttered every time. The butterflies never stopped coming. I was ready for this. I knew he loved me and i couldn't help but give into his powers! His bright blue eye' s looked into mine. I knew very well my eye' s were possibly my best feature. They were a fierce green that almost glowed, I had been told many a time that i had an enchanting look. "I have never seen you look so beautiful." Spoken with true honesty i thought. His hands were now all over me. My back, my arms everywhere but where i wanted them the most! He was teasing me with his touch and i didn't know how long i could go on for! i could feel the heat between us. Or bodied grinding against each other. I could feel my juices gushing from my pussy and i moaned for him to go on! He read the signs and brought his right hand upon my leg, grazing his way along my hip and he dipped him finger into my knicker line and followed it round for a while. He was teasing me again, He wanted me to say it. He wanted me to tell him what i wanted.

"Please James...Please do it, Please me." I managed to say it afterwards but i permanently interrupted myself with moans and gasps of joy, my lips dry from the moaning i gave them a flick over with my moist swishing tongue. He continued down into my knickers, spiraling around my shaven mound. Mean while his left hand was stroking my breast. Stroking my nipple under the soft silk of the fabric. It was amazing. The sensations he was giving me. My groans were slowly turning into muffled plea's for him. My wet cunt was dripping now as he finally moved his hand deeper and hit index finger circled my throbbing clit. It massaged it, dipped high and low into my sensitive folds. Touching my oh so sensitive clit ever so slightly. It made my whole body shake and i gave into the orgasm i was clinging onto! I'd never felt this before! This rush of pleasure that was filling me, it was incredible! My back arched and released in time with the pulsing of my pussy walls. My breaths following the rythm that was now being set out. I wasn't done though. I refused to be done. I reached down James stomach and pulled off his shirt. I indulged in watching his muscles that were now pulsing with excitement. His perfect body was how it ever was, Perfect. I then took to undoing his jeans. It was easy enough and i managed to slide them off his legs without any cause for incident. And then i was it. The bulge that was now concealed in his boxers. It was large and looked so inviting! I liked my lips once more. i kissed the insides of James' thighs. He had done this many times to me and so i decided to use it. I knew how much pleasure it gave me. James started to groan and his bulge grew larger still. I decided it was time. he was excited enough.

I had heard around the girls at school that their guys couldn't even last five minutes their first time in bed, To be completely honest i was shocked to hear this! i didn't want a five minute quickie! I wanted a long, hard sweaty session of enjoyment! The girls told me i was crazy but i knew different, if i worked him up enough i knew he's want to keep going and keep going. It was my plan.

"James...Are you ready?" I licked my lips once more and i could see in his eye' s he was. A cheeky grin appeared on his face and he pulled me up to him so i was straddling him. I looked down at the Boxers that seemed to be getting tighter every second. I got my little finger and placed it under the rim or his boxers, just as he had done to me, and ran my finger around them. His head instantly flew back onto the pillow and i could here him pant under his breath, "Oh god........Oh god....Holy shit!" My eye' s lit up. I supported myself on my legs for a minute and then grabbed hold of the top of his boxers and sure enough, there was his huge dick. It bobbed about at it's own accord and seemed just as excited as James himself had been. He quickly kicked off his boxers from his feet and took hold of my hands. I looked at him for an instant. Maybe i should suprise him i thought? So instead of doing what he expected i bent down and flicked the end of his huge dick with my tongue. It tasted slightly salty, i flicked it again. Pre cum was seeping from the end and i took the head in my mouth. I swirled my tongue along it and instantly took to it. It's tasted so nice! I then popped it out of my mouth and slid my tongue down his shaft and down to his balls. They had to be best looking i' d ever seen. Smooth almost. I took one in my mouth and gave it a quick press with my tongue, James liked that. I did it again but this time with a little more force, James loved that! I smiled. This was it. Now i' d give him what he wanted. Now i gave him What he really deserved. I leant back up and bent my back slightly so it was nice and straight up again. It made my breast' s jiggle slightly and James let out a groan.

"Abbey, I want you. Now." He was almost forceful in his words but that just made me more excited. So here i go. visions of what other girls had said flashed through my mind, how they had talked about the pain, how it hurt so much but i shut it out. I had to do this. I shut my eye' s and let James take control over his throbbing member. He guided it to my hole and with one quick squeal i went down. The feeling was like nothing else i had ever felt! it wasn't technically painful the way i had imagined but i could feel the slight sting as he entered me, I went down slowly. First the head, Oh god i could feel it filling me so much! How was i ever going to fit him in?! He was huge! I squinted my eye' s again and let a little more in. A twinge of pain came again but not as bad as the last. He was half way in now and i could feel him against the walls of my pussy. I could feel myself contracting against him! my moist, hot pussy was clamping down his huge dick! One last push, God this was going to hurt. Suck it up, i heard myself saying, You can do this! And so a lowered myself once more. I let all the tension drain out my legs and i relaxed as i got used to the feeling. The pain was gone and now the weird sensation of having him fill me was overcoming! i could feel the twitching of his penis and the spasms of my wet pussy. My juices soaked me and i could feel myself easing up. This was getting enjoyable.

"Are you ok?" I found myself asking the question first but i couldn't hear James, He was panting away and his face was slightly flushed. "...Yes..." I managed to hear that and immediately smiled. James managed to look up at me then and smiled to, the whites of his teeth just showing out the side of his mouth as it made a cheeky little lop sided grin. He rolled me over to my back and i felt a surge of please, He was deep in me. I felt his muscles tighten immediately as he raised himself slightly. I took that as a sign that he was ready to go. I lay against the bed and let him withdraw. My juices soaked him too by the looks of it. His prick was now wet and glistening. It looked delicious! i took back to lying down and relaxing when again i felt a pounding inside me! James had thrust for ward again and he seemed to feel deeper in me than he had before. My pussy contracted and gripped his member again. We both gasped. And then he repeated it. The same thing happened again only this time a wave of pleasure washed over me too. we looked at each other and smiled. My body was filling with complete Happyness! James started gaining speed, his thrusts became harder. His ace was more concentrated and i started to enjoy so much! The pain had disappeared and i forgot anything about it. It was now mine and James'' Bodies moving together as one. Clinging to each other. James' Strong arms clutched me and i had mine around his neck. I wanted him to push harder deeper! he was getting fast now! pounding my little pussy! The heat and the power! it was too much! I exploded with pleasure! my pussy let out a flow of sweet juices and then, twenty seconds later, James did the same. His cum filled me right up and i could feel it, warm and swirling around in me! James let out a huge gasp for air and collapsed next to me. His breathing heavy and his cock now well and truly out of me. We lay in the warm liquid mess we had created. White cum dripping out of me! the pleasure, The warmth! Everything was peaceful.


"Round two?"










Hope you enjoyed this little truthful peace by me. I was one of the lucky one's i think :) please leave your comments. Thanks. xx


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