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Nate and Ariana Chapter 2

Ariana continues her education of Nate, giving him his first anal experience
Nate loved his job at Ariana’s. OK, it wasn’t really the job it was Ariana and the “perks” she provided.

Ever since he walked into the wrong place two months ago, Nate had lost his virginity to Ariana, and happily submitted to her teaching him about sex.

Ariana was a sex fiend and was ready to go at any time. She quit wearing panties to work, leaving her pussy available at any time. During slow times she’d take Nate into one of the dressing rooms to give him an amazing blow job.

Frequently Nate would slide up behind her, placing one hand on a tit, using the other to finger her pussy until she came. He could press his fingers to his nose at any time, taking in her scent until he could fuck her later.

Nate was complete infatuated with Ariana. She was a patient teacher, guiding him to give both of them the maximum amount of pleasure. She was not possessive. She encouraged him to go after other women on campus. For now, Nate was happy with their arrangement.

For a 35 year old woman, Ariana was in fantastic shape. The part Nate loved most was her ass. She had a well rounded ass and she let Nate finger it at any time. He loved watching her ass as she bounced on his cock, as well as staring at those cheeks while he took her from behind. He had been growing more daring, building up to what he wanted most. He wanted to slide his cock into her tight hole.

As was their routine several nights a week, Nate and Ariana locked up the boutique, undressed quickly and began exploring each other’s bodies. Hands and tongues roamed here and there. Flicking across some spots, lingering on others.

Nate had been thinking about this all day. This was the time he was going to go for it. After the first time they had sex, Nate had asked, somewhat jokingly, “How do you feel about anal sex?” Ariana laughed and responded, “Greedy, aren’t you?” Nate was inexperienced and unsure of how to take her answer so he had not brought it up again, but he had been thinking about it ever since. He was certainly an ass man.

Ariana was in a particularly horny mood. She wanted Nate and she wanted him now, but he was being slow, tender and attentive. She had taught him well, but it was not what she wanted tonight. She wanted hot, sweaty, raw, hard sex. She pushed Nate onto the couch, straddling him, grinding her wet pussy on his hard cock.

Nate buried his face in her tits, while using his hands to knead her ass cheeks. He slid one finger toward her ass, pushing and probing against the hole he wanted to slide in.

“Oh, fuck yes, baby.” Ariana cried out as the pressure on her ass increased.

Nate slid his finger into the forbidden hole up to his first knuckle, waiting for the protest. Ariana’s response was to grind harder on his cock.

“Fuck me baby. I want that hard cock in my wet pussy.”

In a swift move, Ariana impaled herself on Nate’s cock. Nate groaned with delight as he was engulfed by her tight wetness. His finger went back to probing her ass. Ariana’s pussy tightened around his cock, making him want her ass even more. As good as her pussy felt, his imagination of his cock buried in an even tighter hole sent jolts straight to his already hard member.

Nate pushed the length of his finger into her tight hole. Ariana gasped.

“Damn baby!” she responded.

Her ass tightened on his finger. Nate and Ariana groaned in unison.

“Oh, I want to fuck your ass. I want you to wrap it around my stiff cock. “ Nate exclaimed.

“Shove those fingers up my ass, and get it nice and loose,” Ariana told him.

Nate was taken aback for a moment. He hadn’t realized he had spoken his thoughts out loud.

“What are you waiting for? You want to slide that cock in my ass, you better loosen it up,” demanded Ariana.

Nate could not believe his luck. He pushed another finger into her puckered hole. Ariana rode his cock faster and harder as he plunged in. Having both holes fucked was a particular sensation she loved, but it had been awhile since she’d had a cock in her ass. She needed a little time to prepare herself for the intrusion.

Nate was no longer patient. He wasn’t about to waste this opportunity. A third finger followed the second. Ariana was riding his cock, allowing him to focus on preparing her hole. He wanted his cock sliding in. Nate pounded three fingers , fucking her hard.

“Oooohhh, yes!!! Fuck my holes,” screamed Ariana as she came. Pussy and ass clenched around Nate’s cock and fingers, increasing his desire for her ass.

When her orgasm had subsided, Ariana climbed off Nate’s cock. She reached into a box that sat near the couch, producing a bottle of lube. She stroked Nate’s cock with the lube, making it slippery and stiff. She then positioned herself with her ass at the edge of the couch, put her legs up in the air, and spread her ass, revealing the pleasure spot Nate had been waiting for.

“Spread some of that on my ass,” Ariana instructed.

Nate quickly did as he was told. His cock stiffened as he anticipated the feelings to come.

“Now slide that nice hard cock in, but go slowly. My ass needs to adjust.”

Nate pushed the head of his cock against her opening. The sight before him as he was about to enter her ass was possibly the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Ariana bit her lip as the head of Nate’s cock pressed into and stretched her hole.

Nate struggled to be patient. He wanted to drive in, hard. He couldn’t believe how amazing it felt, and he only had the head in. What would it feel like when he was buried deep inside? He saw Ariana biting her lip.

“Am I hurting you?”

“It hurts for a little bit and then it feels so damn good. Just continue slowly until I adjust.”

Nate pushed in, an inch at a time. When his balls slapped against Ariana’s ass, he paused to allow himself to feel the sensations of his first anal experience. He knew he wanted more of this and one time would never be enough.

“Fuck me baby, just be slow,” Ariana told him.

Nate held back as much as he could. He stroked in and out slowly, savoring the sensations. His pace was beginning to increase without his knowledge. He simply responded to the most base instinct. Just fuck.

Ariana moaned as Nate’s pace increased. She saw the look of ecstasy on his face, which heightened her pleasure. She was excited that she could give him this and that he was learning so much. She knew he would cum soon. She saw the look on his face and she had been the one to teach him, so she knew the point when he reached orgasm.

“Yeah, baby… Fuck my ass. Give me that big, hard cock,” she cried out.

Upon hearing Ariana, Nate no longer held back. He strokes came hard and fast. Ariana took everything he was giving, rejoicing in the cock pounding her ass, along with the joy her lover was getting.

Nate hit the point of no return. His body tensed as he unloaded his cum into Ariana’s tight ass. She squeezed tight around him as she reached her peak, milking him, taking the last of her pleasure as well.

Nate savored the moment of the sight of Ariana’s ass before he withdrew. Ariana saw the big grin spread across his face. She knew there would be many adventures ahead for them.

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