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Naughty Girl Gets Punished

Naughty Girl Gets Punished

Is Being Naughty Worth It?
It seems that ever since I turned seventeen, I have been getting into more and more trouble with my parents. They keep telling me if I don’t change my ways they’ll ship me off to my uncle’s. They tell me he’ll put me in my proper place. I, of course, don’t want this since he lives in the middle of nowhere.

I tend to like to stay out with my friends all night, and even drink a little. I haven’t been arrested, nor have I done anything illegal outside of underage drinking. I do skip school a lot, I hate going, so my friends and I just don’t go. Today is no different. It’s Friday and we want to start our weekend early.

We pile up into the car and head to the mall to grab an early lunch, and go shopping. We’re all planning to get new outfits for tonight. There is a new club opening and we’re sneaking in. We've done it a few times in the past. It seems like one of us always has to give in and give the bouncer some form of sexual favour to get in. However, we find it worth it and have no problem doing it. We have lunch and head into the closest shop to where we went to eat. Once we’re done we go to Chloe’s house. 

Once we are at Chloe’s, we strip down, taking turns showering. It’s four of us, Chloe, Haley, Brianna and me “Darcy”. Chloe and Brianna have been around the block a few times and love to brag about it. They have no real morals. Haley on the other hand has more under her belt than me, but not as much as the others. After we’re ready, we all sneak into Chloe’s dad’s liquor stash. We probably drink a bit more than we should and head to the club. 

The line is long and wraps around the corner. We all blame the other saying we should have left hours ago. However the line moves faster than we thought. We dig out our fake I.D’s and flash them to the bouncer. Brianna works her magic, promising him a mind blowing blowjob if he lets us in. It works and we go shake our asses and get our drink on. The night goes without a hitch, we even meet some cute guys. I leave the girls at 3:30 in the morning and head home a bit tipsy. I try my best to sneak in hoping dad and mum are both sleeping.

“You mind telling me where you've been all night young lady?”

I hear my dad’s voice from the living room. I turn and face where I know he is sitting, he flicks on a light. I let out a soft sigh and know I’m not about to get any sleep for at least another hour. I bite my lip and look at him.

“I’m sorry Daddy, I was out with friends and the time got away from us.”

“Oh, you were out? That’s all, until 3:30 in the morning? And why don’t you tell me why you skipped school again today, Darcy?”

“Daddy it’s Friday we just wanted a day to ourselves. That’s all.”

“That’s what the weekends are for, not the school week. Your mother and I are sick of this. You smell of booze and you look like a slut.”


“Cut the crap, Darcy. You know what we said last time. If you fucked up again we would send you to your Uncle Jack’s.”

“No, please don’t send me. I don’t want to go to his house. He lives in the middle nowhere!”

“That isn't my problem, you knew it was coming. Your mother has already spoken to him and he is expecting you. She also packed what little we’re allowing you to take. We’re driving you out there tomorrow morning at 11:00 am. I expect your ass up and dressed by then. Now get your ass to bed, Darcy.”

“But Dad…”

“No... Bed, NOW!”

I don’t bother to fight him, I know I've lost the battle. I head upstairs and strip out of my clothes. I see my suitcase packed and by the door. I can’t believe this is happening. I can hear my mum crying down in her bedroom, and I know I messed up. I slide into bed and fall easily to sleep, not realising how tired I truly am. I wake up to the sound of my dad pounding on the door. Its 9:30 and he’s demanding I get up, shower, dress and get a move on. I crawl out of bed in a half asleep daze and do as he demands. 

My mum is downstairs, still in her robe and I know she isn't going to come with us. She doesn't even make eye contact with me. Dad is eating and giving me the don’t you even think about it look. I just down a glass of orange juice and make the phone call to my friends. We all break down crying and they beg me to fight it, but we all know it’s useless. Dad makes me hang up and we head out on the five hour drive to Uncle Jack’s. 

On the way to Uncle’s house, dad tells me that the only things I’ll be doing is going to school and when I’m not doing that, I’ll be helping with his farm work. I want to curl up and cry. I can’t help but begin to beg dad to take me back, I promise him that I will get my act back together. He tells me nothing I can say will work this time. They've arranged for me to stay with Uncle for at least six months and see how I am then. 

By the time we arrive at Uncle Jack’s, it’s nearly dark outside. Uncle Jack and dad have a few words, but dad wants to keep it brief. He doesn't want to stay the night, having a five hour drive back. Uncle Jack looks me up and down making me feel weird. I haven’t seen him in years. 

Uncle Jack married when he was really young, right out of high school, to his high school sweetheart. They wanted to start a family young and have a big farm. Auntie Jessica got pregnant almost right away. They were as happy as a couple could be. Though, sadly it became a rough pregnancy, auntie and the baby passed away. Uncle Jack took it really hard and never re-married. The rumour is, he never even dates. He just lives his life out on his farm alone. I find it sad, but sweet all tangled up in one. Uncle Jack is only forty two, he is still young enough to find someone. If he ever wanted to. 

He offers to take my suitcase and brings me upstairs, showing me where I’m staying. He tells me I have the top floor to myself. Since he lives in such a big house he just occupies the bottom floor. I’m to be up daily at seven am and downstairs ready to go school. The bus comes early, since he is so far out of the way. Once I get home, I am to help around the house and keep it tidy. He’ll show me what I need to do farm-wise in a few days, once I’m settled. He goes on to tell me he isn't used to living with anyone, but expects me to take the female role. He tells me it is up to me to make breakfast and dinner, lunch also, on the weekends. 

Everything he tells me, I don’t mind, though, I’m not used to any of this, since my mum does all this at home. I have seen her do it enough to know what I have to do. I’m even a good cook, so I know he’ll be pleased with that. He orders me downstairs to make dinner, before it gets too late. I keep it simple, making spaghetti and meatballs. As I suspected, he is pleased and lets me know he is. 

Once dinner is over, I clean up and decide to go take a shower. I strip down and head to the bathroom. I can’t help but think what it would be like to be with a man. I start to wonder if I’ll ever get the courage to lose my virginity. I know I've fooled around, but I want to finally have sex. I let my fingers slide over my body, thinking of it what it would be like. I start to think of a boy I went to school with back home, he is in the shower with me. My eyes are closed, picturing his hands on me. I can feel him groping me, kissing me deeply. 

The water spraying down over the both of us. One of his hands slides down between my legs, playing with my pretty pink pussy. I feel him force me to bend slightly over, with the head of his cock stroking over my ass crack. He is teasing me, working towards my pussy, making me ache hard. I can’t help but moan out, really getting into it. I end up having the hardest orgasm, whimpering out with need. I finish my shower with thoughts of what I just did. 


Over the next month, my uncle and I fall into a routine. We seem to live together easily. When I’m home, I help work on the farm, even finding myself enjoying it. I am not so sure I’d admit that to anyone. School is still nice, making new friends isn’t too much of an issue. There is even a boy I am attracted to. We’ve been flirting off and on since I started school. I keep in touch with my parents, they’re happy I’m doing so well. 

One Saturday, Uncle Jack announces we need to head into town. I’m a little excited, since I really haven’t had the chance to explore where I now live. He warns me it is nothing fancy, but he will allow me to do my own thing, as he does what he needs. I promise him I’ll behave and meet up with him in a few hours. He drops me off in front of the diner, telling me to meet him back here, so we can have dinner later. 

Walking around, I window shop, looking at all the little shops the town has. It isn’t until I reach the hardware store that I run into my crush. He seems as pleased to see me, as I am to see him. He asks me what I’m doing, I inform him and he tells me he’ll be my guide. I couldn’t be happier. He shows me where all the kids from school hangout, what places to avoid, and eventually we end up in front of the theatre. 

He asks me if I want to see a film, I can’t say no. I want to spend time with him. We go in, buying tickets and head towards the darken room. There are only a few people in the room, being such a small town, I’m not surprised. We settle closer towards the back, where my crush slips his hand into mine and caresses my palm. I can’t help but sit there and smile like a fool. 

Throughout the film, he brings my hand closer onto his lap. He presses it against his lap, I can feel how hard he is. I stir in my seat a little, wanting to feel him in my hand. I take the daring move, slipping my hand out of his, working down into his jeans. He lets out a soft moan, allowing me to touch him. His cock is hard, like steel, I slowly begin to jerk him. He slowly moves his hips in time with me, bringing himself closer to orgasm. We don’t even focus on the film now. We’re too wrapped up in what we’re doing. 

When he does come, he lets out such a groan, I fear someone would catch us. Luckily, no one seems to notice. I bring my hand up, licking my fingers, tasting him. I like how he tastes, he must like it to, because he then kisses me deeply. We make-out through the rest of the film. By the time it is over, it is time for me to meet up with my uncle, for dinner. I give him my address and tell him to come by anytime, I’d love to have some company. 

My uncle notices that I’m in a great mood, asking me what I did and why I seem so happy. I just tell him it was nice to get out of the house, to explore his little town. He seems content with my answer. We talk a bit when eating dinner, at the diner, before heading back home. I can’t help but wonder if my crush will actually ever come by. I really hope he does. 

Over the next week, we seem to have endless thunderstorms, one so bad we lose power in most of the town, including uncle’s place. School has been cancelled, due to it. That is fine by me, but it does make doing farm work all the harder. I don’t want to upset my uncle though, so I do it without complaining. I work twice as hard, wanting to hold my own. I think he even takes notice. 

Later on, once my uncle is in bed, I am up in my room just listening to the rain. It is sounds so peaceful, that is until I hear a soft tapping noise on my window. I look over and see my crush on the balcony that is connected to my room. I quickly get up, moving to open the window and let him in. I ask him what he is doing here, but he doesn’t answer with words. He pushes me down onto the bed, kissing me deeply. The water on him drips down onto me, sending a soft chill throughout me. 

Our breathing is heavy, groping each other all over. All I can think is, is it finally the time I’m going to lose my virginity? All the times I have thought of how it would happen, this wasn’t it, but it feels so right. I hardly know him, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I want it, letting him undress what little clothes I have on. 

I watch him kiss over my body, biting and nipping along the way. I’m so aroused, I feel like I’m on fire. After what seems like forever, he finally comes back up to kiss me again. I take him hungrily, pulling him into me. He bites my bottom lip, just in time as he thrusts into me. I don’t think he realises I’m a virgin and suddenly, with one hard swift thrust, I no longer am. I let out a long squealing moan, but he crushes the sound with a long, deep kiss. 

It isn’t easy, it is hard, deep and needy. Not on just his part, the pinching feeling that I feel, is quickly replaced with a primal need of wanting to be fucked like an animal. He drives deep inside me, fucking me with no kind of mercy. I come hard around him many times, before he blows his load deep inside me. He grunts, growling deep into my breasts, filling me with everything he has. 

When he is done, he holds me close, kissing me again. He tells me he has wanted to do that since the first day we met. I don’t admit to him I’m a virgin, not wanting to scare him away. I want to keep him around, I want to keep fucking him, possibly becoming more. He stays the night, only to slip out in the early morning, right before Uncle Jack wakes up. 

This goes on for several weeks. My crush, who no longer is a crush, but my boyfriend comes by every night, fucking me, sleeping with me, slipping away in the early morning hours. School has finally let out and it is the only time we can see each other. Uncle Jack still makes me work on the farm, if not harder now that school is out. I don’t mind, not at all. I’m actually starting to think I’m more of a country girl than a city girl. Who knew? 


At the six month mark, as promised, my parents call and see how I’m doing. With the reports from school, Uncle Jack and myself, they tell me I can come home. But, to their surprise, and even in a way, my own, I don’t want to. I tell them I have grown to like living here, and even claim Uncle Jack needs me. I don’t want to come back home. Once they talk to my uncle and he agrees he doesn’t mind keeping me, I stay. 

I guess getting into trouble, being sent away and living on a farm isn’t the worst thing that can happen to someone. My grades have picked up, I have learned to take care of the farm, even found a boyfriend. Whom I eventually introduce to Uncle Jack. He approves and allows me to date him. As long as I continue to behave. I promise him I don’t plan to ever go back to the way I was. 

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