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Naughty Virgin's First Time With Master

He knows my darkness, and he hasn't left me yet. I’m a virgin with a fear of intimacy, but a curiosity that may one day get me killed. He doesn’t think I’m weird. We've been taking things really slowly, and I’m perfectly fine with that, but I want him. I want him to take me hard. I want to please him. He won't let me have him yet.

Tonight will be the night. His little pet is going to be such a naughty girl tonight he won't be able to resist. He hates when I ignore him. We have a date tonight, and I've been ignoring all of his calls and messages. As I put on my tiny black lace panties and DD bra, tight mid-thigh length little black dress, stockings and sky-high stilettos, I can hear my phone going off. I know it’s him. For giggles, I look at my phone:
7:03 AM “What are you wearing, darling?”

8:10 AM “You’re usually up by now.”

9:30 AM “Pet, why aren’t you responding?”

12:27 PM Three missed calls

2:45 PM “Remember we still have a date tonight. You better be ready.”

6:00 PM “I’ll be there at 7:30 sharp.”

6:27 PM “You’re driving me mad.”

Yes, exactly what I want, my dear. A big grin creeps across my face that I try but fail to suppress.

He's coming over in a few minutes. I can't wait to tease the hell out of him. My mind is racing at the moment. Tonight is going to be a good night.

doorbell rings

7:30 on the dot, that must be him. His twitchy palms must be going crazy. I know what's coming my way as I slowly open the door. He barges in, not saying a word. Grabbing me by my waist, he throws me over his shoulders and rushes up to the bedroom. He's pissed. I can tell by his grip. I can feel his bulge against my leg, hard and throbbing. He throws me on the bed and ties me down, immobilizing me, and strips away most of my clothes.

He takes off his belt as I lay there, ass in the air. I can’t help but grin as I watch my man in action for the first time. As he folds his belt in half, I whisper softly, “Give it to me good, baby,” but he doesn’t hear me. He doesn’t have to, though. He already knows what I’m thinking. He whips me across each cheek with his black leather belt, surely leaving marks across my behind. I love it and beg for more.

He stops. He knows I want it, but he is not going to give me the satisfaction. He gets down from the bed above, pulling my hair back to lift my neck. Slowly, he moves his soft lips down my neck. I feel his scruffy cheeks smile as he hears me moan softly. I wanted him to be inside me. Before I say anything, he knows what I want so he gives it to me. He kisses me down my back and takes off my sexy black panties with his teeth. I’m wet and wanting. He moves back up so his mouth is at my neck again. He enters me fully: forcedly, no mercy, no lube, no warning.

I moan louder than expected. “Exactly what I wanted,” I whisper. The sudden force inside my tight little hole catches me by surprise. A slight moan escapes my lips again without my control. Finally, I've got my man. Standing behind me, he thrusts his full manhood inside me. As he grabs my large breasts and pulls my nipple hard he leans in pulling me closer to him, going in deeper and deeper. Soon after, I feel his slight scruff on my spine as he kisses me softly. I can hear his breath in sync with mine, and feel his teeth lightly against my soft skin. He thrusts his full self in and out of me bringing me deliciously close to the edge. I’m ready to scream.

He pulls his full length out of me, and now I feel empty. A part of me suddenly went missing. He's denying me on purpose. This is punishment for ignoring him all day.

“What's wrong, baby? Why'd you stop?”

“I had tried to get a hold of you all day, and this is what I come over to? Show me that you care. Please me like you've never pleased anyone before. Get on your knees and beg.” I can’t help but giggle and blush. Before him, I sought to please no one.

He turns me around . This is a first for me; he knows it, but I'm glad to do it for my master. My arms are still tied and I'm quite disoriented from all his manliness, so I fumble to the floor and fall on my knees, close enough to take him. I hope he likes this. I take as much of him in as I can but struggle slightly so he unties me and I gently grab him for support. I pull him close and take him back and forth. Gently playing with his testicles with one hand and stroking his hardness with the other.

“Good pet, you’re doing great,” he whispers, just barely loud enough for me to hear.

He places his hand on the back of my head and grasps my hair, guiding my head back and forth, putting himself deeper inside my throat to the point where I begin chokes a bit. He eases up a little but I pull him back in and keep going. My master deserves the best.

“Baby, I’m close.” He pulls himself out of my mouth and pulls my hair hard to tilt my neck. I kneel there with my mouth wide open and tongue out as he explodes. I look up at him through my dark long lashes with my big brown eyes.

"Thank you, master." I pull him back in, not wanting to disappoint him as he continues to come. I pull him back in and suck hard getting every last drop. I swallow to make him happy.

I quickly stand up when he's done. I leap onto him with all my nakedness and kiss him hard on the lips. They're slightly parted, so I begin to massage his tongue with mine. I feel a moan vibrate off of his lips onto mine.

He lets his large, strong hands wander on my body, starting from my neck, then to my breasts, then to my ass, he squeezes hard and pulls me in, but I push him onto the bed.

“Oh, so you think you are in control now?”

“Watch me!” I say, intentionally trying to sass him. I tie his arms to the bedposts and he lets me, not fighting back. To this, I glare at him, slightly confused. I know he can take me down easily. I can barely tie a basic knot. I know he can escape this easily. What’s his game here? “You said it before, master: ‘Good pets deserve good rewards.’”

After I finish tying him to the posts, I straddle him and take him inside me. I'm so hot for him right now, I don't even need the lube. I begin to slowly ride his full manhood. I could feel him growing inside me. He's so good, he doesn't even need his hands. We begin to move in sync and slowly begin to come together. I tilt my head back in ecstasy, not wanting this to end. The foreign feeling of his manliness inside me is so welcomed. We come together and I lie over his chest for just a moment to catch a breath, then immediately get back up. I look to my master who is smiling.

“I'm still tied up. What are you going to do about this?”

I stop. I grab his face between my soft palms. “Umm. I've been a great pet so far. Wouldn’t you say, master? But I've had enough of your teasing. Now, I'm going to untie you, and you are going to fuck me hard. Make me sore, baby.” I command him, forgetting my role as a pet and his as my master.

"Why did I just say that? What the fuck did you get yourself into?"

As soon as he is untied, he pounces from the bed and lays me back. He kisses me down from my mouth, all the way down and spreads my legs. I’m completely exposed. “I want them to stay this way. You move and I will punish you.” I feel bare but am forced to stay this way. He ties my legs to the bedpost, I can still squirm and grind but I’m pretty much stuck beneath him. He puts himself inside of me and thrusts as hard as possible. One hand on my hip and the other gripping my shoulder. He kisses me hard. Our tongues act as if they are fighting one another.

“Thank you, master,” I moan slightly. My breathing is becoming shallow as he thrusts deep inside me, relentlessly making me come harder than I ever have before. His tongue massages mine hard. We begin to pant. He pulls away and whispers something, but I'm too overwhelmed to understand.

He goes across the bed and puts himself inside my mouth again. He laughs maniacally. “I can see myself in you. Fuck.” I pull him down with him still inside mouth, his face now kissing my inner thigh. He kisses further upward, and soon I can feel his tongue on me in places where no tongue has ever been. The feeling so foreign, so different, I try to close my legs, but he slaps hard on my thigh, so hard I can’t help but scream. I can’t help but squirm and try to get away. I’m nervous; my body goes cold, and he can tell so he begins to caress my thigh reassuringly. I can feel his lips begin to smile at my sudden change in pace. My breathing is heavy. He inserts his fingers deep inside me and sucks me hard. It’s tender to the touch. I try to control myself, but he’s so good. I come hard over and over. I’m shaking, and I can’t stop. I pull him out of me to let out a slight scream that I just can’t control. I immediately take him back in.

Yet another first. My master is so good to me. I begin to gag, but I won't stop. My master deserves the best. Since he hasn’t tied my hands, I grab his cheeks, pulling him deeper and deeper down my throat as he pushes with his strong tongue faster and faster, relentlessly teasing me as I'm about to come hard yet again. I begin to squirm but I can't move too much as he is much more than my weak body can fight off.

I pull him out of my mouth. “Master, stop! Please. I’m about to come, and I don’t want it on you,” I scream.

He’s relentless. He only stops long enough to say, “I want to taste you.” My eyes widen out of fear. He waits until after I come again before he moves. I blush out of embarrassment. Thankfully he can’t see. Though, I’m sure he knows. He then kisses up my leg and unties me.

“Get up. You have a been a great pet. But it is no longer time for you to be the pet. You have made me feel better than ever and I am in debt. I am your slave.”

“I will always be your pet.” The words unwantedly escape my lips. I gasp and cover my mouth quickly, hoping he didn’t hear me.

He chuckles. Shit! He heard.

Still quivering from such a great experience, I can't even close my legs, so he helps me up. I'm sore all over. “Master, you were very good to me tonight, as always. I will always be in debt to you. After all, one’s greatest pleasure is to please her master.”

“Spoken like a true submissive.” He raises an eyebrow and chuckles. He grabs my chin and softly kisses my forehead.

I smile back, grab him from behind his neck, bringing him closer, guiding him to me so I can kiss his scruffy cheek. “Go put your clothes on; we have a dinner to get to. I made reservations later than I told you.” I grin big and give him a cute little wink as I see his temper slowly rise.

Hi all,

This is my very first time writing anything non-structured so go easy on me. I was encouraged by my "master" (still confused about that title) to try my hand at writing so I thought what the heck. This story is a bit of a fantasy of mine. I'm open to comments.

Please leave any comments and critiques. I'd really like to improve my writing especially for this genre, so if you have any tips please let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it :)

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