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Never know what will happen

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She was a special girl
When my wife had just turned 18 she was a Senior in High School. She was somewhat restricted in her sexual knowledge and experience mainly due to her parents upbringing. She had just broken up with her High School boyfriend of 1 year and they had made out quite a lot and even had intercourse four times.

She was a typical High School student with school spirit and cheered from the stands at every game. On this occasion she really wanted to attend an away basketball game but her ride canceled at the last minute. She really wanted to go and tried to get rides from everyone but due to the 2 hour drive to the game most couldn’t go. She was in the hall telling friend all about how badly she wanted to go and was overheard heard talking about her dilemma.

She was preparing to call her parents to ask them to come and pick her up when a recently hired teacher said he’d overheard her and he asked if she needed a ride to the game.

She excitedly said "heck yea who can I ride with?"

He said "well you can ride with me." Now the teacher was in his mid 20s, dark hair, brown eyes, and nice looking and all the girls thought he was hot so she accepted the ride thinking that her friends would be envious. Her friend said she could come by after the game and stay the night with her. She called her Mom to tell her the trip was a long one so she'd stay overnight with her friend.

The Teacher, whose name was Mark, suggested they had better get on the road so off they went. The trip was nice, Mark played good rock music in his stereo. They talked of school, her friends and what she liked and the fads etc. They arrived at the game and Mark told her she could ride back with him if she wanted. She agreed and went to watch the game with her friends.

Her friends asked her if Mark made a pass at her and other teenage girl talk. She said "no way" but a thought entered her head which made her think what would she do if he did. He looked at her often during school and for some reason she amazed him.

The game ended and she and Mark took off for home. He was thirsty and stopped at a convenience store. He returned to the car with a bag and as they drove off he told her she could get herself a drink.

She pulled out a beer looked at it and she said "what is this?" Mark stuttered and said "Oh I am sorry I thought you all drank this at parties. I should have got you a soft drink." She felt so immature and replied "Oh it is okay I'll try this." She tilted it up and nervously drank it very fast. He just sipped his as they drove. It was dark by now and he suggested that she be careful about drinking too much. The drink did make her feel really good. She finished it and opened another one. She drank this one slower. He smiled at her as they were making small talk knowing she was unaccustomed to drinking alcohol and he didn’t want her to get intoxicated. Their conversation slowly went from school work to talk about her, and her boyfriend.

She was pretty relaxed by now and was enjoying the adult conversation and atmosphere. Mark asked about her boyfriend and how they were getting along. She replied "awww we broke up a couple weeks ago."

Mark said "he must be crazy to lose a nice looking girl like yourself."

She was enjoying his interest in her and the compliment from a mature man made her feel good. She said "Thanks but he was soooooo immature."

Mark said "Yeah, I bet a hot girl like you needs a real man to make her happy."

She blushed and remarked "well I guess so, but I don‘t know any."

Mark continued to drive and the dash lights were the only lights in the car. He turned the music down while they talked. He said "You know I bet the only thing he really liked was kissing and touching you right?"

She should have been embarrassed but responded, "yeah, but all he ever did was grope me."

Mark said "have you two had sex yet?“

She responded without thinking “Yeah a couple times but it wasn’t much. All he did was have his fun and forget about me.“

He replied “that isn't the way a man should act towards his girlfriend.” The image of her making love swirled in his mind, he knew he shouldn’t think like this but she was so beautiful. He then said, “Why don’t you scoot over beside me. It’s okay I won‘t bite." His laugh put her in a more relaxed state. She did hesitate a bit but Mark was a teacher and she thought it would be okay. He was only flirting and she wanted to flirt back.

She moved over to his side and it did feel real nice.

Mark said "Don’t get mad but can I put my arm around you?"

She looked at him and softly said "well I guess so."

Mark raised his arm and placed it around her shoulders. She sort of snuggled into his side and he said "Now isn't this nice? Go ahead relax finish your drink while we talk."

They continued to talk and she felt great being alone with this hunk of a teacher. She was a bit nervous but the drink did make her feel free and really special.

Mark said, "Look I can't stand a guy who doesn't know how to please his woman. I bet he was a groper and cared only about himself.” Marks arm slid off her shoulder to her side. He could feel her breast beside his hand. He took a chance and said “I bet he touched you like this?" At which point his hand shifted and cupped her right breast. She tensed and started to pull away but he said "Calm down I won't hurt you I am sorry I shouldn’t have done that. I was just curious."

She turned to looked at him and her loose blouse fell open at the top giving him a view of her breasts. She smiled and said "Well yes it was like he was mauling me all the time."

Mark took a breath and said "Look Sue, a man is supposed to touch a woman gently. Make her feel special take his time and make her feel excitement, He shouldn‘t be overpowering. "

She looked at him and said “How should he be?“

His hand became gentler while cupping her breast and massaging it . “Well … this, see isn’t this better?“

Sue replied softly “Yes, yes it sure is. This so nice.“ He could feel her nipple harden under her bra and blouse and also he could sense she was enjoying the attention to her breasts and somehow didn’t mind.

Sue said “well my ex never was gentle and he liked to pinch me there, I hated it.”

Mark replied “Now this will probably will be better”. He raised his hand to her shoulder. He massaged her shoulder and neck relaxing her even more, His hand then went down into her low cut gauze top and he began to massage her right bra covered breast. She jerked from the sudden sensation but also involuntarily moaned real low. She instinctively pushed her breast into his hand. Sensing her positive reaction Mark began to slowly massage her breast again.

He was tracing his fingers along the top and bottom of her bra. Both were quiet which was what he wanted. He had been around enough to be able to manipulate women into doing what he wanted but it seemed he was being manipulated and he wanted Sue tonight so bad. He knew he was a teacher but he felt he was being taught.

After a few minutes of her not pulling away he allowed his fingers to sneak into the top of her bra so he could feel her flesh and roll her nipple between his finger. Sue was really enjoying this even though she knew it was wrong. Involuntarily her head had laid back against the seat back, subtle moans escaped from her lips and she forgot this man was an adult and a teacher,

Mark continued this while she moaned, she was pushing her breast to his hand with increasing earnest.

Her breathing was like she never felt before. Her body was tingling from the hands touching her flesh. Another thing she was experiencing was the moisture leaking from her hot cunt and soaking her panties.

After being aroused with the nipple massages she softly said "Mark I am uncomfortable, would it be better if I laid down, I can put my head in your lap?“ Mark could only nod his approval. She twisted her body on the seat and laid her head onto his lap. She instantly felt a bulge under her head and knew it was Mark’s cock. She instantly thought she must be so beautiful and sexy that she could have this effect on this man, plus his bulge was bigger than her ex-boyfriends by far.

Mark had to stop his massaging when she laid down. He hesitantly said “Sue if you let me lift your top I can touch you easier.” She raised up a bit as he pulled her top up to her neck. Mark was very experienced and had seen a lot of breasts in his day but when her breasts became visible from the dash lights he involuntarily remarked “Oh my God they are beautiful and big.!!!”

She knew she was gifted in tit size (36C and firm) because most of her classmates were flat chested and they all envied her. The problem was all the teenage boys just looked at her tits and nothing else. Here was a man telling her how sexy she was in a adult way.

Mark almost lost control of the car looking at her tits and said “Sue please I really have to pull off the road, okay?”

She said “yeah I guess that would be fine.”

He found a pull off and drove onto a side road. It was perfect he thought and also it had the lights from the cars on the road giving him light to admire Sue’s chest. He turned off the motor settled into his seat so her head was still resting in his lap. He took his time to take in the beautiful sexy breasts in front of him. Her blouse was pulled up, her blue bra holding the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen.

After a couple minutes Mark again reached and began to massage her breasts , this time both of them. After a couple minutes he said “Sue you are so beautiful and so damn sexy. Would you mind if I unhooked your bra to see all of your breasts?” Sue was so turned on and being so intoxicated with the situation she agreed.

He leaned and unhooked the front clasp and the bra fell to her sides. Out bounced a perfect pair of tits with rock hard ½“ long nipples. They were firm as well as just plain suck able. Now Mark had been around a lot but never had he seen a more luscious set of tits.

As his fingers again began to roll her nipples around and squeezing them softly Sue moaned and said “Ohhhh Mark that feels sooooo good. No one has ever made me feel this good before.”

Her head was beginning to move from side to side as she moaned. Her head was rolling on his erection and making him even more excited. He knew he was in dangerous waters with a High School girl but he didn’t care one damn bit because she had been in his mind all year and he was smitten by her. He was beginning to feel the power this girl had on him.

He continued to arouse and rub her breasts. He was also tracing his finger tips down her stomach to the waistband of her jeans. He would linger there for a few seconds and then back to her nipples. He was rolling her erect nipples between his fingers as her hips were slowly rolling from side to side. Her breathing was fast and deep, he was turned on just by watching her enjoying his efforts.

Sue could feel a strange feeling building up inside her pussy. It was a hot burning, electrically charged feeling and all of a sudden it exploded inside and she yelled “OH my God, oh, oh, I think I am cumming.”

The explosion rocked her insides as her head was unknowingly grinding into Mark’s cock. She was also bucking her hips upward as the orgasm over took her. Mark was astonished and a bit taken but also feeling very cocky. “I think she just had her 1st real orgasm” he thought. He looked at the sight before him and smiled a wide smile, this girl was special and he was going to be special for her.

Sue stopped moving and was gasping for air as her body calmed down. Mark was still stroking her and rubbing his fingers across her sensitive nipples. He asked “Did you just have a climax?”

 She said “Oh I sure think so, I have never had a feeling like that before.”

He said “Sue, you don’t climax when you and your boyfriend have sex?”

She looked up at Mark and replied “Never, I have never had feelings like that. Not even at home while alone. I have had sex a few times but he was always so quick.” He couldn’t understand why a young man wouldn’t take the time to please such a beautiful young lady. Mark’s mind was calculating just how far he could go with her tonight.

Mark said “Just stay where you are let me caress you some more. I can make you feel even better.” She laid before him as his hands and fingers continued the massaging.

Sue’s eyes closed and she mumbled “Oh that feels so great.” He let his fingers move to the snap on her jeans and he unsnapped them. She didn’t say a word so he unzipped the zipper and jeans and he saw a set of cute blue bikini underwear. He continued exploring her stomach and tracing a line along her waistband. She was moving with his hand, her eyes closed and liking this more and more.

Mark said gently “Raise your hips Sue.” She raised her hips as instructed and he pushed her jeans downward exposing her bikini panties. He could see the curly brown pussy hair snaking out from the sides and he muttered “Oh you are so gorgeous.” He could also smell the aroma of her young pussy and it swirled around in his head. He kept thinking “I have to have this pussy, I want it.”

He continued tracing the sides of her panties and after a few minutes his hand slowly moved her legs apart giving him access to her awaiting cunt. His fingers went to the crotch area and one finger went inside her panties to touch her labia. He felt the heat and moisture from her cunt.

Sue let out a “ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes.”

This was his cue and he slid his middle finger deep inside her pussy making her push on it as he moved it in and out. He had no resistance due to the wetness. While fingering her he was able to also slide the seat all the way back.

Not missing a stroke he laid beside her and touched his lips to hers. Her mouth opened slightly and his tongue invaded her mouth. His tongue was exploring her mouth as they kissed, her hands went behind his head to pull him to her. Her moans were deeper now and he was in ecstasy himself.

He felt her body twitching as another orgasm built. His one finger was replaced with two as he fingered her. He removed his fingers and let them slide down to her asshole.

He traced around it as she quit her kiss to say “Please not there, I‘ve never done that before.“ Not even listening he kissed her again and with the wetness on his finger already it took no effort to slide into her asshole. This brought the orgasm to a climax and she again yelled, “ooooooohhhhhhh god ……….I, I, I feel it inside me, please finger my ass, move it deeper.” She was actually lifting her hips off the seat as she climaxed again, it was almost like she was in spasms.

He slowed the pace of his finger down as she came. As she settled down he removed it from her asshole making her twitch as exited. He kissed her long and deep as she responded with an urgency he was unaccustomed to. Her hands was caressing his neck as they kissed. No one ever showed that tenderness to him after sex.

Their kiss ended and she opened her eyes and instantly became embarrassed. “Oh god” she muttered “what you must think of me, I don’t do that with anyone.”

He touched her face and said “I know, You are so special and I can’t describe what I am feeling.”

She said “Mark, I am so sorry you are left out of the , errrr you know…sex.“

He smiled and said “Don’t fret I really enjoyed making you feel good.“

Sue said, “Can I help you in anyway. We can have sex if you want.“

Any other time he’d be inside her before the sentence ended but he just couldn’t. Not now. It wouldn’t be right. He said “Sue I don’t know why in the hell I am saying this but you’ll finish school in 3 months. After tonight can we remain silent friends until then?“

She felt not good enough and the expression on her face showed that feeling. He saw it and hugged her as he kissed her neck and whispered in her ear “after then we can be together and no one can say anything.“

She was relieved with this and they kissed more. He caressed her and she caressed his cock but he wouldn’t take it out. All he would say was “later sweetie, later.“ They stayed for a while longer, she snuggled to him as they went how.

For the next 3 months they would smile at the other, make little expressions only they knew and act as teacher and student. On Graduation night after she walked the aisle he met her in the hall.

 Mark said “Sue I resigned today to take another job so I am not a teacher anymore. Will you accept this graduation present?”. Everyone stopped in their tracks and watched as she opened a small box with a diamond necklace in it. She was amazed and looked as If to say “what do I do now?”

Mark smiled and said, “will you go to dinner with me tonight?”

She smiled a huge smile and replied “Definitely.“ She went to him and they kissed in front of a lot of gawking onlookers.

I know it happened this way because Sue and I became engaged within 6 months and married the following spring. After 32 years she still makes me feel as if I am the luckiest man in the world. She has learned a few things on the way and god does she make me happy. Oh yeah she still lovessssssss sex and together we welcome every day together.

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