Night Seeing chapter 3

By jeff970

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It might help to read chapters one and two but not mandatory
It was the weekend, and Ruth, my step mother, and my dad were out, and I was doing my chores. In summer that included mowing the lawns, first ours and then our neighbors'. Our neighbors were a woman in her late 40s or early 50s, and her daughter Amy, around 26. It was almost two weeks ago that I had watched Amy undressing, and the first time I had masturbated in Ruth’s panties. I hadn’t seen Amy since then, and was quite glad about that, as she had spied me watching her.

I finished cutting our grass and went next door to do theirs. After about 20 minutes I was about three-quarters of the way done, and Amy came out in a short sheer robe over a bikini. She sat down and said, “Hello.”

I kept my head down, replied “hello,” and kept mowing.

“Jeff, could you help me with something?” Amy asked. She was seated on a lounger and had taken off her robe.

I walked over and she handed me a tube of sun screen. “Would you mind putting this on my back?”

She looked at me and said, “It looks as if you could use some. Your skin is getting just a touch pink.” I wasn’t wearing a shirt, just shorts, and had been in the sun all summer and was tan, so I wasn’t sure what she was seeing, but figured why take a chance with a sun burn.

I took the top off the tube but Amy said, “Give it to me; I’ll do your back for you. Sit down here.” She moved over to give me room. Amy was very pretty and had a great slim figure. She had a flat stomach below her firm breasts and her hips swelled under her trim waist. Her bikini was pushing the envelope for suburbia with a low cut bottom and a strapless top. I sat down and felt her soft hand moist with lotion slide up and down my back. It felt so good having her caress me as she applied the lotion.

All too soon she was finished. I began to get up but she placed a hand on my thigh to stop me and said, “Let me finish.” She took more lotion in her hand and began rub it into my chest. I leaned back to give her easier access, as the sensation of her hand rubbing my chest was fantastic. Luckily my shorts were very loose as I felt my cock stirring. I did everything I could to keep it from hardening as I didn’t want her to see it. I reveled in the motion of her hand over my nipples and down to the top of my shorts.

She handed me the lotion, and then giggled and took it back. “I think I’ll do my chest myself.” I watched her closely as she rubbed the lotion from her shoulders to the top of her bra, carefully moistening the rounded mounds of her breasts. Then her stomach, pushing the bottom of the bra up a notch to ensure she didn’t miss anything.

I took the lotion, half turned from Amy, so she couldn’t see that my cock was reacting again. She lay down on the lounger, I and leaned over her, my eyes running up and down her lean body from her legs, to her rounded butt, up to her shoulders.

“Would you mind unhooking my top? I don’t want any tan lines.” I unhooked her top, and put lotion in both hands as I spread the sun screen. I was glad I was behind her as my cock was fully hard now.

I began to get up and Amy asked, “Please do my sides and all the way down to my bottoms to ensure I don’t get burned. Just pull the waist down a little bit so you get it all.” I stood over her and slid my hands down her ribs, feeling the smooth warm skin, and the gentle swell of the sides of her breasts. I carefully rubbed the lotion just pushing the waistband down a touch.

“Jeff, when you finish the mowing, if you have nothing else you need to do, why not come back for a cool drink?”

I finished the mowing in about 20 minutes, washed up, put on a t-shirt and went back. Amy was still lying on her stomach as I walked over.

“I’m back,” I announced.

She sat up holding the bra against her. She reached behind, hooked the top and stood up.

I was very glad that Amy hadn’t brought up my spying on her, and didn’t seem upset by it. Things were back to normal between us. She seemed to treat me like she always had, but seeing her in the bikini, after seeing her almost naked, made my cock stand at attention, harder than it had been earlier.

We were both just relaxing, drinking iced tea, making inconsequential small talk. Amy asked where my folks were and I said dad would be out golfing for hours, and Ruth would be back in an hour or two.

Amy said her mother was out too, “So it’s just us kids here all alone. I’m sure you’re still warm even here in the shade; why don’t you take off your shirt?”

It was warm, and I sure had on more than Amy, so I slid it off. “You’re a handsome young man Jeff; you should show off your body more often. If I had a brother I would hope he looked and acted like you. It’s just mom and me living here, and you’ve helped us so much you’re like the brother I never had.”

She giggled and added, “And I wonder what it might be like to live with a younger brother. Is the toilet seat always up… and other things.” She smiled and said, “And would I have to keep my door closed to keep my brother from watching me?”

Being the suave young man that I am, I responded, “Huh?”

Amy smiled and responded “That’s ok Jeff. I know you may be embarrassed having watched me undress, and having me see you. When I first saw you I was pissed, but it took only a couple of seconds to realize I was glad you wanted to see me naked.”

This time I did get some words out. “Really? You really didn’t mind I was watching you?”

“I would have minded if it was someone else, but not you. As I said, I think of you as my younger brother, and I assume if we lived in the same house we would see one another at times.”

“Have you ever watched me?”

“No, I never had the opportunity” Amy replied. “But I’d like to.”

“Uh, Amy, do you realize what you’re saying? I’ll do whatever you want, but we should know where we’re going.”

“I know where I want to go, if you’re willing?”

“Anywhere you want to take me, Sis,” I replied smiling.

“Well, I suppose to begin; I should take off my top so we’re equally dressed.” Amy stood up, and reached behind her, unsnapped her bra and held it to her breasts. She then turned around and placed it on the table, and slowly turned to face me. I stared at her lovely firm breasts. Her breasts were so much paler than her tanned skin they seemed to be more vivid.

Seeing Amy like that, my cock began to harden. “Do you like them Jeff?” She giggled again as her eyes moved to my crotch, and said, “I guess you do”.

I blushed and put my hands in my lap over my hard cock. “As I said, when I called after seeing you watching me, I want to see you too. Take off your shorts, Jeff.”

I removed them and stood naked in front of Amy, my cock hard and at attention. “I knew my new brother would like to please his big sister and he sure has.” Amy’s nipples were pointing at me and very hard, and I knew she was reacting in the same way I was. We stood about 5 feet from each other, our eyes sliding over each other’s bodies.

“Should I remove my shorts too, little brother?”

I nodded yes. She again turned away and slipped her fingers in the waist of her bikini bottoms, and slowly slid them over her hips. Her gorgeous ass was revealed, and I watched as she slid her bikini down her thighs and stepped out of them.

“Sit down please; Sis wants to learn about her brother.”

I sat down and watched her walk to her chair and sit too. She crossed her legs so I could see the lovely dark triangle between her legs, but not her pussy

“Are you a virgin? Have you had sex yet?”

“No, just making out with our clothes on.”

“So sitting here with a naked woman is a new experience for you. And frankly, sitting watching a naked man isn’t something I do very often.”

I didn’t know how Amy would react if I told her Ruth and I had recently been naked and masturbating for each other, so I said, “I’ve never been with a naked woman before.”

“Jeff we’ve been talking about how I think of you as a little brother, and as a big sister I should be able to answer any question you might have, and help you with things new to you. And maybe, with me being only ten years older, you could more easily talk to me than your parents. Now we can talk about anything you want, but I think it might be better if you didn’t ask me about things such as calculus, or American history,” she said, giggling. “In fact, maybe the birds and bees are what I might help you with today.”

“Would you please put that blanket on the grass for me?” There was a nice open grassy spot under the awning, and I spread a large blanket, feeling a bit strange walking around naked with a hard cock.

Amy got up and went to the blanket and sat down, her legs outstretched, and together. Her hands were behind her, her arms supporting her body. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, looking at her pale breasts and groin. I still couldn’t quite comprehend that I was naked, and chatting with a naked Amy. With the awning, and the fence around the yard, none of the neighbors could possibly see us. The only view was from our house next door, as the fence on our boundary was only 3-4 feet tall.

“Jeff, please sit down here with me.” I sat down next to her, close but not touching, in the same position she was.

“Were you masturbating while you were watching me?”


“After I closed the curtains and got back in bed, I did too. The thought of you being turned on by me got me very hot. Did you cum?”

Again I answered, “Yes.”

“I did too, wishing we were together, like we are now, and it was your hands and mouth on me.” She lay back and slid her hand up and down my arm. “I want to teach my little brother how to make a woman happy.” She giggled and said, “I know that what we’re going to do is not what brothers and sisters normally do, but the thought of playing with my brother excites me terribly. Does that bother you?”

“No,” I said, again thinking that saying anything about Ruth might not be wise. “It turns me on too. Fantasizing that we live together, and see each other, but should never do what we’re doing now.”

Amy took my hand and placed it on her breast. I gently squeezed it and pinched the nipple. She sighed and said ,“I may not have to teach you everything I thought. You seem to have some skills of your own.”

She pulled my head to her lips and kissed me deeply, and then gently pushed my head down to her neck and to her breast. I sucked greedily on her nipple, now very hard. Amy’s hand slid down my back and squeezed my ass. Her other hand massaged her other breast, soft moans coming from deep inside her. I wasn’t sure what to do next, but just continuing like this was fine with me.

Again, Amy pulled my head to her, and kissed me hard. “Lie down little brother.”

Amy repeated what I had just done for her, sliding her lips down to my neck, and then my little hard nipple. I had never realized just how sensitive they were, and my back arched from the delicious feeling. My hand gently caressed her head as she sucked on it. I was disappointed when she stopped, but that feeling quickly went away, as her lips slowly moved to my stomach. I felt her cheek touch my cock, as her lips moved to where my pubic hair began. It was the most delightful feeling I had ever experienced, her soft warm cheek touching my cock.

And then something even more wonderful happened as her tongue slid up my shaft, and my hips rose. “Relax Jeff, let me do all the work,” Amy told me, as her tongue returned to my cock.

She got on her knees and bent over me, her tongue sliding up and down all over my shaft. Then she licked the tip and smiled. “You have delightful tasting pre-cum little bro,” she said before taking my cock into her mouth.

Having masturbated for some time, and learned the joy of cumming, I thought I knew it all. But I was very wrong. The feeling of her lips over my cock was an experience far beyond any I had even imagined. I watched her lips billow out over my hard dick, and seeing her head bob up and down was amazing. It was all I could do to follow her instructions and keep my hips still. I gasped and let out a moan, as she reached under me and cupped my balls. She moved up and down over my cock a few more times, and then came up off it. “Are you enjoying this, Jeff?” she said with a smile.

“Yes,” I managed to stammer. “Could I kind of do that to you?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Amy said lying down and opening her legs.

I had never seen a woman’s wet open pussy before, and the sight was wonderful. Amy had her legs bent, knees apart, and her wet pussy was beckoning me. I crawled up between her legs, and even before I reached her pussy, I could smell her wonderful musky aroma. I now knew why Ruth’s panties smelled so nice. I wasn’t sure just what to do, so just put my mouth over the center of that wonderful place and kissed her, and then stuck my tongue in her.

I must have been doing something right, as she moaned and moved her hips upwards. Since I wasn’t sure exactly how to do this, I figured telling her just to relax, lie there, and let me do everything was a bit much. I continued to tongue her, my hands on her hips holding her.

Amy’s hand moved down to just above where I was licking and rubbed a button. “Please lick here Jeff,” she moaned.

Wow that must be her clit, I thought, and immediately attacked it, licking it. It was so hard, I was able to get my lips around it and began to suck it. Amy’s moans had turned louder and more frequent. Her hands were now on my head, holding me tightly to her pussy. I could barely hold on to it, as her hips were almost bouncing, until her back arched off the ground and she almost screamed. Slowly she lowered herself, and gently pushed my head away. I lay between her legs, just inches from her pussy, and watched a bit of moisture slide down her thigh.

After a bit, her breathing slowed, and her head came up to look at me. “Little brother, I can’t believe that was the first time you’ve ever eaten a woman.” She then slid two fingers into her pussy, and offered them to me. I sucked them dry, and she again went to her pussy, wet her fingers and tasted them herself.

Amy sat up and said, “I think we have some unfinished business,” and reached for my cock. “My, aren’t you a hard boy,” she said, as she stroked it up and down.

“Lie down.” I instantly obeyed and she quickly bent over me taking all of my cock in her wet mouth. I took the position she had been in, legs bent, and knees apart. Her fingers lightly touched my balls, and then slid down as far as she could. The feeling was incredible, and I knew I was close to cumming.

“Amy,” I began to say, and her hand covered my mouth to silence me. I just couldn’t hold it any longer, as worried as I was, about cumming in her mouth. I just let loose with four or five huge spasms. I assumed she would immediately get up when I began to cum, but she didn’t, keeping her lips tight around my shuddering cock.

Finally I began to calm down, and no longer spurted from my cock. “God I’m sorry, Amy. I just couldn’t hold it any longer.”

She slid her mouth off my cock, and swallowed what I had given her. She smiled at me and said, “I’ve always wanted to do that, and finally found someone whose cum I wanted.”

She got up, and helped me to my feet. Amy pressed her body against mine, and kissed me hard. I could taste my own cum in her kiss, and wanted more of her. After a bit, she gently pushed me away, and said, “I think Ruth is home, and maybe you’d better go see. My mom will be home soon too.”

“OK,” I replied, getting into my shorts. “I’m not sure what she would think, if she had seen us.” I watched Amy put her bikini back on, and reluctantly left her.

Just before I got to the fence separating our yards, she said, “Hey little bro, thanks for the wonderful afternoon. I sure hope we can so this, and more, sometime soon.”

“Bye big sister, I sure hope so too.”