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No way was my sister going to out do me

this old man was going to be the cure to my boredom
Damn it! I lost the darn remote controller again. This day is just getting worse as the hours pass by. Those little kids at the pool practically ruined my morning for me. All I wanted to do was lay out in the sun and work on my tan but they kept splashing around, soaking the towel I was laying on. I spent almost 15 minutes applying tanning oil and they pretty much ended my session before it even started. Now here I was on the couch with nothing better to do. My sister was supposed to go to the beach with me today but opted to take an extra shift at work. Gosh, this day just sucked. I was hoping this summer would be great. Maybe I'd meet some guys, have some fun and make some great memories here. Instead its been the polar opposite of what I've expected.

I could feel the heat from outside creeping into the living room and onto the couch. I made a mistake wearing sweatpants after the pool. My thighs kept sticking to the cotton because I opted not to take a shower, leaving my legs and ass lathered with oil. I was so lazy today and I blamed it on my foul mood. As I walked into my bedroom to change into a skirt, I heard a knock at the door. Oh gosh, why does that kind of stuff always happen when I'm indisposed. I quickly  pulled my jean skirt on and laced the spaghetti straps on my top on as I briskly walked to the door. As I peaked through the spy hole I noticed it was the older gentleman from next door. Man, I was hoping it was some cute guy or something. Well I guess you can only dream right. Anway the man's name was actually Trenton and he was a really sweet guy. When I first came to visit my sister, he actually offered to carry my luggage from my taxi. He noticed I was totally lost and was frantically looking for my sister's apartment. He seemed so harmless and so lonely so I was happy to let him help. I bet he would have paid for my taxi cab if I asked him. Poor guy, he was just so happy to have someone talk with him.

After my sister greeted me at the door that afteroon, she told me all about him. For some reason Trenton used to really make her uneasy and nervous. I guess that all changed one day though. Leah told me one morning a friend of hers actually coerced her into visiting with Trenton. He told her that she should be friendly and be open to meeting her new neighbors. I guess she was a little too friendly though. It's funny because my sister is so timid and prude that I would have never have guessed what she had admitted to me that afternoon.

She said she always had this lingering curiosity of being with an older man. For some reason she wanted to know what it would be like to be intimate with one. I didn't say anything but I thought hers infatuation stemmed from the lack of a father figure in our lives. Our dad left our mother when we were young and our mother didn't remarry until we were much older.

I guess after wrestling with the idea for weeks, Leah actually gave in and met with Trenton. She said he was really kind and she couldn't help herself. It was too easy I guess and she ultimatley seduced him. I was in shock when she told me this. What the heck was she thinking! He was practically dead for crying out loud and she wanted to be intimate with him? I couldn't understand why but she said it was one of the most sensual and erotic moments of her life. I could see her glowing as she told me this and it really peaked my curiosity. What in the world was so intriguing about being with him anyway? She told she didn't quite go as far as to sleep with him but she did admit to giving him a hand job that was practically legendary. All I could do was laugh. Not because I was embarrassed for her but more because she actually did something so adventurous.

In a weird way it kind of made me jealous though. I was always competitive with her growing up. In sports, in school and definitely with boys. I couldn't count how many times my boyfriends would drool over her and make themselves look like fools whenever she was around. It was like I didn't even exist sometimes when she was in the room. When I finally matured and came into my own I finally forgave her. It wasn't until the boys started noticing me that I gained back my confidence. Still I was always secretly jealous of Leah. I mean there she was, entering all these swimsuit contests and winning. She had these amazing boyfriends and this career that was beginning to blossom. I couldn't let her beat me in those areas so I entered some contests too. Yeah I took home crowns and sashes just like her but that didn't matter. Whatever she did, I had to top it. I dated the hottest people around but she still didn't notice. I guess that's why every one likes to call me the wild child. It's not like I don't have a conscience or self-control, I just want it to be clear that I can hold my own and I can command attention as easily as her. That's when I had the craziest idea. What if I went the extra mile with Trenton? That would drive her wild. I wasn't sure if I could stomach it but I guess the thought of getting the upper hand on my sister would get my engines going.

I quickly unlocked the door as I adjusted my skirt. Trenton was just standing there as I opened the door and greeted him.

"Ashley what a pleasant surprise."

Wow what a sweetheart he was. He was wearing this cute hawaiian shirt and pants with his little silver rimmed glasses. He was always so cordial and warm.

"Hey there Trenton. What did you need?"

"Well I was actually wondering if I could talk with your sister for a moment."

"Uh What about Trenton?"

Now I was furious inside. Here I was dressed in this sexy outfit and again all he could ask for was my sister. Hello! Can you see me just standing here in front of you? It was just like in high school where all the boys ignored me and swooned over my sister.

"Well I was just starting to watch one of my programs and wanted to see if she wanted to join me."

Yeah sure that's all Trenton wanted. I bet he was in the mood for another hand job. That's when the cogs started to churn in my head.

"Sorry Trenton she's gone for the day. She had to go into work for a shift and she left me all by myself."

"That's awful. I'm sorry she abandoned you here. I'm guessing a pretty girl like yourself will have plans really quickly though."

Wow he must have been reading my mind or something. I did have a plan and he had no idea it involved him.

"Maybe you can help me with something Trenton?"

"Oh sure, I'd love to offer my assistance."

"Well maybe you can help me find my remote control. Leah seemed to misplace it and I can't find it anywhere. Why don't you come inside and help me out."

"Sure thing Ashley, it would be my pleasure."

As Trenton walked inside I told him to close the door behind him as I shut the front window blinds.

"Where should I look Ashley?"

"Why don't you check down there under the couch and coffee table. I'll look behind the sofa."

As he looked earnestly for the controller I just giggled over the idea of how I was going to capitalize on the situation. It was going to be simple and I was like a predator about to eat my prey. As Trenton shuffled around the coffee table, I leaned over the couch and rested the front of my hips against the couch cushions. My ass was sticking in the air as my legs were struggling to keep my toes on the floor. Trenton had no idea of the sight that was layed out before him. I smiled again as I watched him sincerely looking for the controller. Poor guy really wanted to help me out and had no idea I was just toying with him. Well his act of kindness was definitely going to be rewarded.

"Hey Trenton. Why don't you come over here and help me look."

As Trenton stood back up I noticed his eyes lock on my backside. His stare was so intense as the view of my thighs caught him off guard. I didn't dare move from my position as I pretended to look behind the couch cushions. When Trenton slowly walked over to my side of the couch, I shifted my hips to draw him in more. The small torn strands of denim that hung from my skirt sprinkled themselves all over my legs. The rich oil that greased them pulled the strands against my legs making my thighs seem so much darker and tan. I kept teasing him with my ass and pressing my breasts against the cushions for him to see. Fortunately for him, I failed to put on a bra before answering the door. I only guessed he noticed my tits as they pressed firmly against the couch. It caused them to almost escape out of the sides of my tank top as they were pushed back against my chest. Trenton's mouth was wide open and I could see the bulge in his pants growing taller. I only guessed his mind was racing, twirling thoughts and motives inside his head. This couldn't possibly be happening to him. Not only did he have the opportunity to experience something positively sensual with Leah but now her younger sister was being very flirtatious with him.

As Trenton was several feet behind me I turned to him and asked, "So did you find what you were looking for?"

He had no idea what to say. Yes he was looking for a remote controller but now he was enthralled with an even better treasure.

"Trenton you silly man. Are you staring at me when you should be helping me find the remote?"

"Oh goodness Ashley. Please forgive my rudeness. I truly had no intentions of staring at you."

"What's wrong? Are you not enjoying what you're seeing?"

I didn't expect the old man to answer. I had caught him extremely off guard.

"Trenton I know what you are thinking right now?"

"What would that be Ashley?"

"You're thinking what it would be like to be with me like you were with my sister."

"You know what happened with Leah and I?"

"Of course Trenton, don't be silly. I'm much different than my sister though. I'm much wilder."

Trenton just stared at me with eyes the size of saucers. I lifted my jean skirt up just enough to show the bottom of my cheeks. I could see his eyes fix on this and his bulge shoot straight out.

"I hate when my sister has the upper hand. I always have to out do her you know? So how can I out do my sister here?"

Trenton just trembled. The situation was almost too much for his brittle heart to handle. I liked this though. Now I got to play a bit and direct him around like my little puppet.

"Do you have a surprise for me in your pants there sir?"

He looked down and noticed he was standing fully erect inside his pants. He tried to cover it but I shook my head and smiled at him.

"I think you do. Why don't you pull it out so I can see what you brought me."

Trenton slowly reached down with his hand and unzipped his pants. His hand disappeared inside and slowly reemerged with is cock. It wasn't quite as small as I thought it would be. I could see it throbbing and turning an almost bluish tone. He was panting like a dog and I could see his shirt was now ripe with his sweat.

"Now Trenton don't be shy. Why don't you take it in your hand and hold it out for me to see better."

The whole time I kept my position. My ass was still in the air and my breasts were still smashed against the cushions. As Trenton lifted it out and grasped it in his hands my mouth started to water. I hadn't been with a guy since I got here and now I was starting to realize how exciting it could be letting this older man have his way with a beautiful young woman like myself.

"Trenton why don't you get closer and show me how you use that."

He walked right up to me and started stroking his cock. I told him to slowly climb onto the couch and bring into near my face so I could take a better look. I think he thought I was just going to tug on in when I suddenly wrapped my lips around it. His eyes were suddenly dilated as much as they possibly could. He let out a gasp in such a manner that I thought he was desperately needing air. My lips slowly drug across his shaft as my tongue tasted the bottom of his pale penis. The hair along his pelvis was gleaming white and silver traces scattered across his lower stomach. I felt his dick throb in my mouth and the thought of his excitement made the juices drift out of my tight pink slit. Each time I swallowed him in, his eyes would close and he would bellow out artfully. As my tongue careened around his blue thick knob, I would pop my lips off it which gave off an abrupt suction sound. Trenton couldn't handle it and I sensed he was about to cum in my mouth. Instantly I pulled my mouth away and pushed against his stomach. The sudden strike quelled the exquisite sensation I delivered along his cock which helped him retain his pallid white semen.

"Please Trenton, don't tell me you were going to cum in my mouth?"

"Oh Ashley forgive me for even thinking..."

"Don't apologize you depraved man. You think I'm going to let you cum before I feel you're dick inside of me?"

His face was priceless. He knew what to expect next and almost panicked over the thought of almost missing the feeling of my tight pussy.

"Do you see my ass? Do you want to fuck me from behind old man? How dare you let my pussy get so wet? I bet you wanted my sister didn't you. Too bad. She's too much of a prude to let you have her. I'm not though so why don't you treat me like the slut you think I am."

"Ashley I would never think that of you."

"Trenton, why don't you shut up and finish me off."

"Oh dear, I can't believe this."

He frantically took hold of his cock and gracelessly tried to navigate it into my glistening pussy. I could tell he hadn't done this for years. Actually I could tell it was mostly decades. Now after so many years of watching all these younger woman prance around him, he was now able to experience what so many men had.

"I'm you're toy today Trenton. I want you to do what you want to do to my body. If you want to fuck me hard and fast, Please do. If you want to go slow and sensually, please do. If you want to cum deep inside me, please do. It's all up to you, so you better enjoy this because you may never have the opportunity again."

Before I could even finish my last word, he shoved his dick far inside me. He took hold of my hips and thrusted with all his might. I felt his loose sack swing under neath my pelvis as it slapped the outer lips of my vagina. His voice was so raspy and his breath's were so labored. He was riding me like an animal and penetrating me with such speed. I would never have guessed an older man could be so good and so nimble. His hands shifted to my breasts as he continued to pound me from behind. He never strayed from this position and I assumed this is what he enjoyed the best. He wanted to ride a young girl like me from behind. He wanted to punish my slit and slam his cock in and out of me as hard and as fast as possible. His grip on my tits was so tight as he banged me so hastily. At one point he reached up with his hands and took hold of my tank top. With two quick pulls, he ripped my shirt open exposing my breasts to the hot dank air.  His hands gripped them like two plush, soft, tan handles that he used to torque my body. He squeezed my breasts and pulled me up against his chest.

With out notice, Trenton suddenly yelled out loud as a thick hot rope of cum crashed inside me. The heat of it startled me as it coated my slot. I could hear his still erect dick slosh in and out of me as streams of cum blasted out. He kept screaming, yelling out expletives as he continued to fuck me hard. His breaths deepened and his thrusts slowly changed to steady shallow movements. As I felt the last drop of semen poor from his shaft, I slowly moved my ass from his pelvis. Every inch I moved away caused Trenton to uncontrollably shiver. Finally as I turned to the side, I felt his dick flop out of me and slap against his thigh. I just looked at him in awe. Such an old man he was. I would have never guessed a man his age would have such control over his body. He fucked me for only minutes but it felt like centuries. I looked down and saw his semen sliding down my inner thighs and couldn't help but smile. Once again I got the better of Leah. I wasn't sure I would tell her but I knew if I did it just may open up a can of worms. Only Trenton would be the true benefactor then.

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