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Nurse Haynes and the poison ivy.

Nurse Haynes treated my rash with more than her secret lotion

Most people would describe me as a nerd. I am not sure if it is because of my looks, tall, thin with no muscles to speak of or my profession. I am a botanist, for you that don’t know what a botanist is, we study plants. I have always been more, shall we say, capable than most people when it comes to studying and had several scholarships lined up when I finished school.


I loved school and if it weren’t for the jocks that intruded in my life every now and then would have had a perfect time. I spent my life between the school lab, library and cross-country team. Cross-country running introduced me to two forming aspects of my teenage hood. They were Mr Donald our biology teacher and poison ivy. Mr Donald introduced me to the world of botany and through his eyes; I saw the wonders of the plant world. Poison ivy introduced me to the world of Ms Haynes the school nurse.


Ms Haynes was well known in the school for taking care of all kinds of mishaps like grazed knees, sprained ankles and broken harts. She was a bit younger than most teachers were and never gave the impression that she really mixed with them. Most of her time was spent at school it seemed and nobody was sure what she did in her private life. Ms Haynes was nothing special in the looks department. Her hair was always tied in a bun, her white uniform long and bulky enough to hide her figure and she wore no make-up.


I was introduced to Ms Haynes’s other side after a field trip with the Biology study group and Mr Donald. We were out in the mountains behind the town collecting plant samples and I inadvertently stepped into some poison ivy. Five minutes later, I had broken out in a very severe rash and a concerned Mr Donald rushed me back to school. Ms Haynes was in her emergency room and after Mr Donald made sure I was safely in her hands, he went back to the rest of the group still busy collecting plant samples.


School was out and nobody was around except Ms Haynes and me. She came out of her little office attached to the Emergency room and asked me to come in. The rash had spread up my legs by this time and I was forced to remove my pants so that she could examine me. My legs were bright red with white blotches and the rash had spread up my thighs disappearing under my boxers. Without blushing, Ms Haynes instructed me to remove those and turning her back on me left the room. I was grateful for the privacy and slipping out of my boxers grabbed a towel to put over my crotch.


About five minutes later Ms Haynes came back in the room with a jar of lotion. “I am sure this is going to make the rash go away and you will feel a lot better,” she said as she came through the door. I lent back on the bed with the towel still strategically draped over my crotch area. Ms Haynes proceeded to apply the cooling lotion from my ankles up, working it into the rash with soft hands. The feeling was soothing and I immediatly started to feel the rash subside. As she worked her way up, I became aware of another sensation. The pain of the rash was being replaced with an excitement radiating up from her hands to my covered crotch. I could feel my dick starting to stir. Ms Haynes was oblivious of the effect she was having on me and focusing on the job at hand she kept on working the lotion into the rash.


My erection had become a lot more visible under the towel by the time she had covered my lower legs and started on my thighs. It was impossible not to notice the bulge under the towel but Ms Haynes didn’t say a word. All I could do was breathe deeply and try to focus on a poster on the wall telling the youth to use condoms. When Ms Haynes reached the lower edge of the towel, it must have been impossible not to notice what was happening. She moved the towel up to reach the last bits of the rash and my erection made the towel stand up like a tent. Still no word from Ms Haynes but I noticed a slight blush creeping up her neck.


Standing up and closing the jar Ms Haynes turned back to me. “Is there something else that might be bothering you young man?” she asked. Without a word, she reached out and gently removed the towel. My erection was free to jump straight up and the purple head proudly stood to attention. Ms Haynes softly took my erection and wrapping her fingers around the shaft she moved her hand up and down. Her touch was both soft and firm, just enough to make me realise that she was in control. I was close to cumming, the veins underneath my shaft was bulging and my balls tight. Ms Haynes moved around to the foot of the bed and leaning forward took the tip of my erection in her mouth. It was my first blowjob and I came before she could even use her tongue. The first shot was in Ms Haynes’s mouth, which she swallowed but the rest went flying over the bed, onto the floor and even on the condom poster.


“Young man I want you to lie still” said Ms Haynes as I struggled to get up, overcome with panic about what just had happened. She reached up and undid her hair, it fell down over her shoulders and the effect on her was immediate. She became younger and her face soft and beautiful. Slowly unbuttoning her uniform she offered me a glimpse of what she was hiding. Her breasts were covered in a lacy bra and they were firm with large brown nipples. The nipples were erect and straining against the fabric. Stepping out of the uniform I noticed that she had matching panties on. They were light and flimsy barely covering her smooth pussy. Her body was tight and firm and nothing like what I expected.


Ms Haynes took my hand and guiding it between her legs used my fingers to rub her slit. It was warm and wet and the smell of her musky sex permeated the emergency room. Once she was certain that my hand knew what to do, she unhooked her bra. It fell away releasing her breasts. They hardly bounced they were so firm but the nipples puckered even more. Leaning forward she placed her left nipple in my mouth and my tongue stated licking and playing with the nub. Her hands were free to start on my rejuvenated erection and this time she was less firm and her mouth came into play much sooner.


We were not in an ideal position and Ms Haynes pushed me lower on the bed while swinging herself up and over my face. Her smooth, wet pussy hung over me. My mouth knew exactly what to do without being told and sticking my tongue up into her pink depths I used my fingers to rub her clit and inner thighs. Ms Haynes’s pussy was swollen and the lips full under my tongue. She slowly started to rock back and forth making my tongue reach even deeper. I could taste her sexy juices flowing into my mouth and fell in love with the taste of an excited woman forever. My fingers massaged her inner thighs and bum. Sometimes I would touch her bum hole by accident which made her jump.


Ms Haynes had reintroduced herself to my erection and her mouth was all over it. She used her lips and teeth to manipulate my erection to a point were I was ready to cum again. Her fingers were on my balls softly massaging them. Tracing a nail down the base towards my bum, she sent shivers up my spine bringing me so close to cumming that she had to back down for a bit. She would nibble at my erection for a while and then stop to use her lips again. Her favourite was sucking on the head and then suddenly sucking me deep into her throat. Every time I thought I was going to cum again she backed off.


I could feel her pussy muscles tightening on my fingers. She was rocking backwards and forwards very fast now and I gathered that she was going to cum. Suddenly Ms Haynes sat up and I panicked thinking that it was all over. Instead, she moved down and straddled my crotch facing away from me. Grabbing my erection she slowly guided it in and up into her pussy as she groaned loudly. The only time that I have had my dick in a pussy before was in the back of the auditorium with Doris Lessing. She was a pudgy girl a year ahead of me and her trick was to suck boys in the debate team and then compare notes with her friends.


Ms Haynes started moving up and down on my member slowly pushing me deeper into her pink, wet pussy. Her bum was spread in front and over me and every time she moved up, I could see my dick in her pussy. It was shinning wet and her juices had spread over my crotch and legs. Her one hand still had my balls and she was pulling on them keeping me from cumming. Her other was on her clit rubbing herself. I could feel her pussy tightening again and her breathing became faster and more ragged. I had never seen a woman cum except in movies but when Ms Haynes did, it was clear that this was it. Her head was thrown back, she clamped down on my erection and she groaned at the top of her lungs.


Knowing that I had made a woman cum was enough to release me finally but I had a suspicion that I had been manipulated to wait until she had cum herself. I could feel the gobs of cum spurt into Ms Haynes and hit the back of her vagina. It seemed as if the feeling excited her even more and her orgasm continued. The room was enveloped in the smells of our sex. Hot, musky, sweet and earthy all combined to define the moment forever in my mind.


I was spent and as Ms Haynes rolled of me, I grabbed a towel to cover me. She quickly disappeared into her office. Reappearing 5 minutes later, she looked as impeccable as ever in her uniform. Not a hair out of place and the stern professional look back on her face.


I never had to see Ms Haynes for a Poison ivy rash again and I never got the impression that we would have a repeat of our time together. I graduated later that year and Ms Haynes was there on the day. I went up to her to say good buy and she slipped something into my hand. When I looked up she was gone and in my hand was the pair of panties that she swore on the day of the famous poison ivy incident.

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