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Old man picked me up

Teen loses her virginity.

It was summer, and all my friends had gone on holiday. As a sixteen-year-old girl, I liked to tan and living not too far from the beach I would go every day in a cute bikini and booty shorts to lie out on the sand and catch some rays.

My young body was still forming, but I had a nice flat belly, round ass, and small b cup breasts. I loved my body and showed it off as much as possible. That was one of the reasons I didn't wear a shirt on top of my bikini.

The beach was hot and muggy and after a few hours laying out in the sun I decided it was time to go home. I picked up my things and made my way off the beach and headed towards home. As always, I walked along the main road towards home, a twenty-minute walk.

I loved the attention of people staring at me and giving me cat calls, so it was no surprise as a long wolf whistle hit my ears. I turned around to see a handsome older man standing next to a sports convertible. He gave me a winning smile and all I could think of was a man with a mid-life crisis. Well, I say mid-life, he must have been at least seventy.

He motioned me over, so I complied. He told me his name was Kenneth, an old timer name to me. He said he had just moved to town and I was the prettiest thing he had ever seen in his long life. I could feel a funny tingle between my legs as he spoke to me. He had a sexy deep voice, not too deep, just enough to get my juices flowing.

He asked if I liked boys and if I had ever had sex before. I told him that I loved boys, but had yet to have sex. He told me that he would consider it an honour to take me home and make love to me. The thought was so naughty and at the same time so hot that I couldn't say no.

He opened his car door for me and I sat down. We drove for ten minutes, all the time him telling me how gorgeous I was and how he couldn't wait to see me naked. I could see the bulge in his trousers, it only made me feel naughtier and hornier.

We arrived at a pleasant beach house at the other end of the beach. It was modern and glass with lots of windows. Most of the windows looked mirrored so you couldn't see inside.

He led me into the house and smiled, saying, "You've been on the beach all day, I guess you'd like a shower to get rid of all the sand."

I nodded, and he led me up the stairs. As he walked I watched him take off his shirt and then kick off his shoes. I decided it would be good to take off what I was wearing too. So, when we go into the bedroom and into the on suite bathroom, he was just in boxers and I was wearing just my bikini bottoms. He looked at me in approval and I could see the pure lust in his eyes.

He pulled down his boxers and his cock sprung forward, bouncing up and down. I giggled at pulled the string to my bikini bottoms, revealing my bald, shaved pussy. I had been shaving for about six months after something my mom had said.

Kenneth pulled me into the shower and held me close. I felt the hot water start to cascade over us as he held me. I felt so comfortable with this old man holding me. His hands were soft as he held me lovingly, feeling my teenage body. I could feel his hard cock against my belly as his hands cupped my breasts and ass.

He started to lather me up with soap, making sure to wash into all my nooks and crannies. His hands felt amazing on my body and I felt so good being touched by him. I watched him lather himself up too, taking time to wash his beautiful cock. He washed us off and he led me out the shower and into his bedroom. He had picked up a towel and started to dry me off. The towel was thick and soft, and he expertly got my dry. He dried himself off too and then lay back on the bed.

He motioned me to lay on top of him, which I did. Straddling his lap, I leant forward so my chest was against his. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me close. We kissed slowly as his hand rested on my butt, gently squeezing my ass. He rolled us over and sat on his knees next to my head. His hard cock was an inch from my face and I had seen enough of my father’s porn collection to know what I was meant to do.

I opened my mouth and took the tip of Kenneth's cock into it. I sucked slowly, sliding my tongue over the tip and licking his pee hole. He groaned, which made me giggle. He smiled at me and slid his hand under my head. He started to pull my head up, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. It was my first blowjob and I was loving it.

He told me to lie on my side. It seemed it was easier for him to fuck my mouth. He held the back of my head, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth than I ever thought it would be able to go. His cock seemed to slide past my tonsils and down my throat. It was harder for me to breathe, but he told me to breathe through my nose and I would be fine. He was right and soon he was fucking my throat and I was sucking like I had been doing it for years.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and kissed me. His tongue snaked into my mouth and we started making out like real lovers do. He held me close and told me how sexy I was. I felt so wanted and so loved, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. He lay me back and spread my legs. He gave me a wicked smile before burying his head in my pussy. I felt his tongue slide along my hole, sending shivers up my body.

His tongue slid deep into my hole, making my back arch. He seemed to enjoy watching me squirm, and I enjoyed the way he made me feel. I started to flush, and my body started to shake. I was in a heaven, I had never felt before. I had masturbated but I had never had a boy lick me. Then it happened, my body started to spasm out of control, and I peed myself. Well, at least I thought I peed myself.

"Wow, you squirt so good."

I looked at him funny and he just smiled back at me and licked my clit. He patted my pussy before lying on top of me.

"You have the tastiest pussy in the world, and when you squirted into my mouth, I nearly came myself. Your juices tasted divine too."

He kissed me slowly, and I could feel the tip of my cock push up against my pussy. I think he was trying to be quick so as to not hurt me too much on my first time. I felt him push his dick passed my hymen, I felt a jolt of pain and then nothing. It was like I had turned numb.

I looked at my old lover quizzically, he just smiled at me. He slipped his arms around me and held me tightly, then pushed himself on me all the way. It was like a bolt of electricity rippled through my body. A bolt of full pleasure. I have no idea what he did, but I could feel his every move inside my tight teen cunt.

I held onto him tightly, wrapping my legs around his waist as he fucked me. His every move sent pleasure through me. And I never felt so good in my life. I groaned into his ear, which seemed to spur him on to fuck me harder. I felt his cock slide almost all the way out of me then slam all the way back inside.

I felt that weird feeling I did earlier when he licked me. The feeling like I was going to pee, but not pee. I wasn't sure what it was, all I knew is that it felt great. I pushed him away from me just as my pussy erupted with whatever it was that came out. I was still not sure. My body shook like mad. I closed my legs and curled up into a ball as I shook. I was I pure ecstasy as my older lover just stood there and let me calm down.

I lay back exhausted from my orgasm. His hands roamed my body and he kissed me softly on the cheek. As he kissed me he whispered sweetly in my ear.

"You are amazing. I love the way you cum and you give me so much pleasure too. I want to be your lover and your teacher. I want to teach you how to use your body for your own gain. More than everything, I want to please you."

He rolled me over and made me get up on all fours. I felt his fingers slide between my butt cheeks. I felt him spread my ass and got the shock of my life when I felt his tongue probe my butt. I gasped and then whimpered it felt unusually good. I could hear him slurp as if he was eating a juicy steak, he was really enjoying my ass. That was when I felt it, he had slipped his thumb into my ass. I arched my back as I felt him reposition himself.

With his thumb still buried in my ass, he pushed his cock back into my pussy. It felt weird and at the same time amazing. His spare hand held onto my hips as he fucked me hard. I could feel myself being pushed forward with his every thrust and soon my hands were up against the wall.

He pulled his thumb from my ass and I heard the pop. Without any warning, he pulled his cock from my cunt and shoved it balls deep into my butt. I screamed from the initial shock, but after just a few seconds he was slamming in and out my butt. It felt great.

He leant over me, his head pressed against mine as he fucked me.

"Fuck, I love your virgin ass. You're so tight that I think I may just have to cum in your butt. You'd like that, I can tell, you’re my little slut, aren't you baby?"

All I could do was groan. It was a different kind of pleasure from getting fucked in my pussy. His hands groped my breasts and he seemed to start to jerk in and out of me. His hands grabbed me tighter and he pushed his cock deep into my ass and stopped. I felt him shoot his load deep into my ass ad he groaned wildly.

He pulled his cock from my ass and I could feel a few more spurts on my ass. He then more or less collapsed on top of me. We lay there together, both breathing heavily. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in close. He kissed my neck as his breathing slow down.

As he fell asleep, I moved away from him making sure not to wake him. I went back to his bathroom and took a cold, relaxing shower. After I had dried off I walked down the stairs, giggling as I picked up my clothes along the way.

Near the front door, I saw a pad and paper, so I decided to write down my name and number, then I left his house.


I did get a call from him and we started a wonderful affair together. I loved my time with him and he treated me like a queen. He was my man/boyfriend till I turned twenty-one and I honestly can say it was the best years of my life.

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