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Older is Better

Tags: cougar, oral, anal
He never would have guessed older is better.
As a young good looking man of only 20 years old Carl has had a couple of partners but nothing steady. His choices in women was always what everyone else thought he should have, tall, blonde, thin, and absolutely sexy. Though he as always had the stereotypical woman he has never found one that could truly satisfy his sexual drive.

Now standing naked in front of this much older non-stereotypical woman he has to wonder if he can finally be sexually satisfied or if he can satisfy her.

Jill is an ordinary woman of 55 years old. She has never had anyone under the age of 40 before in her house except her sons or daughters boyfriends. After her divorce Jill has had just a couple of other partners but they wanted the typical magazine girl and she wasn't it by any means. 5'9", 210 lbs with B cup breasts, wide hips and a big butt she thought that she was ugly. Though Jill was in her 50's she still was a looker.

Standing across from Carl, Jill takes in his nakedness with enthusiasm.

He does the same to her.

Carl has seen women like her before but he never thought he'd ever want one this bad. Looking at her naked curves gives him a slight erection. Jill notices it and drops to her knees. Though Carl is only 6 inches long he does have a 3 1/2 inch girth and Jill takes it eagerly into her mouth.

Right away Carl is surprised at her eagerness.

He believes his small cock is the reason he can't keep a woman but Jill seems to like it very much. She sucks and licks on it like its a new found toy. Pulling it in and out of her mouth Carl moans with pleasure. He has never had it like this before.

He grabs her hair and feels her head bobbing back and forth. Looking down he notices Jill looking up at him and he smiles and gets even harder. She sees the pleasure in his eyes and sucks even harder and faster.Carl can feel her saliva sliding down his short shaft onto his balls and it turns him on even more but he knows he must stop her or she will get a mouth full of cum.

Jill can feel Carl's cock growing slightly in her mouth as she sucks and licks on it. She has had small penises before but nothing with this girth. It feels great in her mouth and she sucks on it relentlessly. She grabs hold of it and sucks just about three inches and finds that this turns Carl on even more. He grabs her hair when she does this and she looks up to look him in the eye to see his pleasure. He looks at her and she sees just that. Now feeling him get just a bit harder, she knows he will not last much longer.

Finally she removes her mouth from his manhood and wipes her chin off. Standing up she gives him a nice long gentle kiss. He accepts her kiss even though she has just had his cock in her mouth.

This is all new to him.

Usually the girl just wants sex and leaves. But this woman has already showed him something new and he is ready for more.

Jill pulls away from Carl's mouth and grabs his arm and leads him into another room. In the middle of the room is a metal fold up chair with a towel over it. Carl looks at her with a quizzical look.

Jill whispers, "Its OK. Just sit down and relax."

Carl does as he is told. He looks at her and says, "Hey what about your oral pleasure?"

She just smiles and places her finger over his mouth to quiet him. She pulls Carl down in the chair a little and straddles his legs.

He looks in her eyes and smiles. She rubs her already wet pussy on his cock and he instantly gets harder. She can see by his facial expression he has never had this before. She grinds a couple of more times on him and then stops.

Carl is really enjoying this new sensation. He wants more. He feels Jill reach down and grab his cock and place it at the entrance of her womanhood. She slides slowly down on his cock and he gasps at the awesome feeling. She grabs his hands and places them on her wide hips and tells him to just fell the rythym of her motion.

He does as he's told and closes his eyes. He can feel her moving up and down on his cock. Her hips are soft and easy to hold on to. He loves the feel of them. He squeezes slightly on them and she moans at his grasp. He wants to grab her hips hold her still and just thrust his cock hard and fast into her but resists the temptation. He instead opens his eyes and sees her breasts right in his face. Her head is tilted back and her eyes are closed so he starts to suck on her thimble sized nipples. She gasps slightly, not expecting that.

Jill loves bobbing up and down on this short but thick cock. It stretches her so nicely. She has never had anything like this. She wants more. She feel Carl's hands squeeze her hips and she gets excited because she has never had a man do that, not even her ex-husband. She know he wants to just slam his cock in her and she waits for it but it never comes.

Instead she feels him suck a nipple his mouth and start sucking on it. Surprised by this, she moans in pleasure. She has her head back enjoying the pleasure she is receiving.

Finally she stops bobbing up and down on his cock and pulls her breasts away from him. She stands up and turns around. He wonders what's going to happen now and readjusts slightly so he doesn't fall off the chair. She turns around and straddles his legs again. He gets a full view of her ass and he grabs it. She jumps a little and then chuckles. He loves this ass. He has never had anything like this in his hands before and he loves it. She moves his hands from her ass and straddles him again.

She grabs his cock and places it at her hole again. He waits for the slow fucking he just experienced to come again only to be surprised when he feels her hands on his knees and her slamming up and down on his cock.

He watches Jill's ass bounce up and down and he places his hands on her hips again. He really loves these hips. Jill feels his hands and rides his cock even faster and harder. Carl loves this new sensation and doesn't want it to stop. Trying something new Carl grabs Jill's hair and pulls on it slightly. He gets a reaction that he isn't expecting. She pushes hard on his cock and then starts grinding her soaking wet pussy on it. He pulls a little more on her hair and gets even more grinding.

Jill feels one of his hands leave her hip and feels it in her hair. She feels her head go back and she starts grinding on his cock. She loves this. She can't take any more and lets out a moan as she has the best orgasm she has ever had in her life. Continuing to grind on his cock she can feel he is ready to explode as well and she stops.

Carl can feel Jill's pussy pulsating tightly around his cock from a powerful orgasm. He heard he moan loudly and knew she was satisfied. She continues to grind on him but he wont last much longer if she doesn't stop now. She must know he can't because she stops and he lets go of her hair. She stands up and turns around and gives him a long kiss. He takes this opportunity to grab her ass and squeeze. She moans. Pulling away from him she turns and walks away.

She returns to him holding a bottle of lube.

He is curious and a little scared at the same time.

She smiles at him.

"You are now going to pleasure me and get pleasure at the same time. You are also going to cum in me."

His eyes go wide. She puts a lot of lube on his cock and sets the bottle down. She straddles his legs again and reaches down and grabs his cock. This time she places his cock at the entrance to her ass. He gives her a weird look and she slams hard down on his cock. They moan in pleasure at the same time. This is the first time for him and her. She has a little pain but loves the sensation. He is surprised by the look of pain on her face and tries to pull out but she wont let him.

She pushes harder down on his cock as she feels him trying to get her off him. He must of seen the painful look she had on her face. She looks at him.

"Oh please let me do this."

He sits still and lets her do what she wants. She finally slides up his cock and then slowly back down. He loves the tightness of her ass. She loves the thickness of his cock in her ass. She slowly rides his slippery cock for a few minutes until she feels Carl's hands grab her hips and hold her at the tip of his cock. She knows what is coming and is eager for it. He slams his rack hard cock into her over and over until he cant take it anymore. She feels his load splash deep in her ass and she has another powerful orgasm. He can feel her ass tighten and wonders if she had another orgasm.

Jill finally climbs off Carl and she can feel her fluid running down her leg.This has never happened before and she is feeling great. She is very satisfied and loves it.

Carl is exhausted from making love to this exciting woman. He is finally sexually satisfied. He stands up and gives Jill a long passionate kiss and grabs her ass again. He can't get enough of it. They enjoy many more orgasms together.

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