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One day in detention

Maisie always got in trouble for her school uniform, but she didn't get away with it unpunished
Maisie was 16, a very pretty girl, 5"5 with long wavy blonde hair, deep blue eyes and a cute little body. She had 32C firm breasts, and was a virgin but was always pleasuring herself when on her own in the house.

She hated school so much; the only thing keeping her awake at school was the cute teacher in her biology class. Although she knew he was way too old for her, around his mid forties, she could easily tell that he used to be amazingly sexy when he was younger.

His name was Mr. Smith, he had deep brown eyes, kinda scruffy dark brown hair, 6ft and he looked very good for his age.

Maisie could be a little rebellious with her uniform and always got told off for it. She wore a short tight black skirt just above her mid thigh, a low cut blouse which was usually see through, showing her full firm breasts pushed up by a black laced bra. She also wore a tie loosely around her neck.

She was in her Maths class and her teacher had asked her to stay behind when the bell went. 'This is the last time I'm going to tell you this, your uniform is a disgrace! I'm putting you in detention two hours after school and if that doesn't sort you out then I'm going to discuss it with your parents!'

Maisie just sighed and walked out, not bothering to argue.

At the end of the day Maisie walked in about 10 minutes late to detention. She got a slightly hopeful feeling that she might get to go home seeing as there was absolutely no one in the room. She had a sigh of relief and then walked towards the door. She suddenly was forced to stop when she heard a deep sexy voice from the other side of the room.

'Oh, so you finally turned up then?' the sexy voice said.

Maisie slowly turned around to see Mr Smith sat down at his desk, not even looking at her.. focusing on some test papers he needed to mark. She wondered where he had appeared from but then just dragged her feet and sat down at the front. He looked up at her and smiled. He had a gorgeous smile and at least she had a bit of eye candy to pass the time.

Fifteen minutes passed, Maisie couldnt help but stare at the hot teacher in front of her and kept wondering what size cock he had under his tight jeans and what he would do to her. She started to feel her bright red thong soak up as she got hornier with her thoughts.

She turned to the side for a second and noticed in the corner of her eye, that Mr Smith was staring underneath her table at her skirt and legs, and probably saw a slight glimpse of her underwear. This got Maisie excited, so she slowly slided her finger into her underwear and started rubbing slowly on her clit as if he wasnt there. She let out a soft moan which grabbed his attention again, and then she noticed he looked uncomfortable as his cock slowly rose in his jeans.

He suddenly jumped up from his seat which made Maisie jump too and she quickly took her finger out of her soaked thong. She now felt nervous as she watched Mr Smith pace around the front of the classroom clearly confused.

He finally said, 'Right, detention's not enough punishment for you, you've already been told enough times about your uniform.'

Maisie slowly nodded, unsure of what he meant by 'punishment'. He told her to come up to the front so she did what she was told. He bent her over the desk and she felt a sharp quick pain on her tight ass as he slapped her with a giant ruler. She let out a high scream and he told her to be quiet.

He continued to slap her harder and harder with the ruler until her ass was red raw. He then folded her skirt over her waist and pulled her soaked thong down to her ankles. He then said, 'Don't you ever disobey the rules again, you hear me?'

Maisie was so overwhelmed and replied, 'Y-yes sir.'

'Good girl,' he whispered in her ear. He pulled her hair back with one hand whilst kissing her neck, and worked his other hand down towards her pussy. She jumped a little when he started to rub hard on her clit from behind, she had only ever done it herself before.

He then brought his other hand down and shoved 3 fingers really quickly into her tight virgin pussy. She let out another scream, as she was in pain but for some reason didn't want him to stop.

His fingers were covered in her creamy fresh cum and then he put them to her mouth and made her lick it off. He was still rubbing furiously on her clit, becoming too much for her to handle. She felt as if she was going to cum for the first time, she started moaning loudly, her heart racing, and her warm creamy juices came dripping out of her. Mr Smith, her 45 year old biology teacher, was between her legs catching it all in his mouth and then licking her clit clean afterwards.

Then nothing happened for a minute as Maisie caught her breath. Without warning she felt a sharp painful feeling as her teacher slammed his 8 inch cock into her tight virgin pussy. She screamed even louder and began moaning constantly saying, 'Fuck me sir! Please just fuck me! Harder!'

He responded, 'You bad little slut, you've been a bad girl, your gonna get seriously punished.'

This got Maisie excited so she continued to rub her clit hard until she felt an orgasm coming, it was all too much for her. The orgasm finally came, she screamed in pleasure and her aching pussy was set free while her teacher took his dripping cock out and put it back in his jeans. He then sat back at his desk and watched her get changed back into her school uniform.

'Bye, Sir.'

'Bye, Maisie. Don't do it again, I hope you've learnt your lesson.'

'Oh, I have.'

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