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One Hot Sexy Night

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A Sexy Twist
It was a late summer’s night. It was cooling off; yet there was still a hint of the steam from the heat and humidity of the day. As I was sitting on the patio to enjoy the beauty of the night, a bottle of Chardonnay by my side—the smell of sex was in the air.

Who will be the lucky one tonight? I wondered. Certainly not me, I am all alone and I have no one. As the thought provoked me, I was startled from my erotic train of thought by the rustling of the leaves from the tree limbs above the patio. How nice was it to have the swirling of the leaves cooling the night before me. I had showered earlier and there I sat in my satin robe—nothing underneath.

I spread my legs generously taking in the fresh air from the welcomed breeze. I was empowered as I reached to confirm the slight gush of creamy nectar. Distracted by the treasure I found, I was startled by a noise once again. Oh, I thought, it must be the wind. But as I looked around I noticed someone coming closer to me.

The costume he had on did not reveal much as it was dark, however the moonlight gave way to a very sexy sight. I assumed he was lost because the neighbors were having a party.

"Who's there?" I called out. In vain—he gave no answer. Instead he kept coming closer and closer to me. I should have been afraid, I guess, but I was intrigued at his arrival. I started to close my legs, but he stopped me.

He took me by the hands and caressed me with gentle kisses on my neck, then with a slight nibbling of my earlobes. As I stood there mesmerized, I wondered, ”Who could this be?” I didn't’ mind when I felt the tie of my robe loosen revealing what was not there. While objecting quietly, I welcomed the soothing of his tongue on my clit—stirring the wetness inside of me.

What am I doing?” I thought. But I did not resist as I felt the lapping of his tongue in my love shaft. Instead, I pressed his face harder against me to make sure he had a generous taste of my sweet sexy flow. He responded thankfully.

No longer concerned about who this mystery man is, I moan aloud—but hastily, concerned that the neighbors will happen upon our little escapade. I did not want to stop... I wanted more...

While he was clinging to the softness of my clean shaved pussy, I wondered about how hot it would be to taste his sexiness. I pushed away and stood him up so that I could have an up close view of his stiffness. When I reached for his hard-on, he stopped me

"I am here to please you," he said in a deep sexy voice. I didn't engulf him in my mouth, although I was a bit disappointed that I would not taste his creamy filling tonight. Instead, I stood up and leaned over the chair—revealing the glisten of my gushing cunt in the daunting moonlight. He took out his long hard cock and pushed it into the silky glide I'd set before him. Pleasure coursed through my body.

He pumped in and and out....slowly and slowly...My insides shuddered. As I yelped for more, he stuffed his cock deeper inside of me, unleashing a flowing river.

"Fuck me! Oh please fuck me!" I screamed as he pumped harder and harder and harder...until my creamy love flow results builds to orgasm.

"Oooohhhh," I moan intensely as we slump together.

As I turn to sit and recuperate my mystery lover sets to disappear.

"Wait," I exclaim, "I must know who your are.”"

"“You do!”" a voice yells out—sounding very different than earlier. “It’s Michelle!” As she spoke, I realized the excitement that had grown inside of me. I was extremely turned on. At that moment I began anticipating our next escapade because...This was one hot sexy night!
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