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One Night with Amanda

One night on my choir tour I meet the girl of my life.
So my name is Michael and I am in a choir that travels once a year and we go to different places to sing in churches. This year my choir and I traveled to Avon Lake, Ohio and after a concert I got sent home with a family who attended the church. I was the only child that they took.

I forgot to tell you. I am 16 years old. Yes that's right.

When I arrived back at my host family for the night I got sent into the room where I would be sleeping in. It was already past ten o' clock by the time I settled down. I suddenly got called down by the mom, Mrs. Wilson, in the house and I walked down.

In the kitchen I was greeted by an extremely pretty girl. This girl, standing at about 5'4, 3 inches shorter than I am, is looking at the floor. She's wearing a tank top with a slightly visible bra and dangerously exposing shorts. She's a brunette with her hair styled into cute pigtails. The mother introduces the girl as her daughter, Amanda. I say hello and she nervously smiles. We sit down in the dining room and the mom offers us ice cream.

So we take a seat, and the mom then says she's going to bed early and that when we are done with our ice cream, we can just leave it in the sinks. As soon as she’s out of hearing range, she speaks.

"Hey, how-" She swallowed her spoonful of vanilla ice cream. "H-How old are you?"

"Hm? I'm 16, how about you?" I gulp down the remaining of my ice cream.

"Me...I'm also 16 years old." I looked at her curiously. What an odd question to ask.

"Well it's like 10:15 right now," I say looking at my watch. "I don't have to go to sleep 'till 11."

Amanda sat there looking at her ice cream melt into her bowl. Now feeling really awkward I stand up and put my spoon and bowl into the sink and head to the staircase. I turned around and mumbled, "Good night." I headed back up stairs and into my room. It was a queen sized bed as the family I was staying with was very rich. I got out my toothbrush and toothpaste and proceeded to brush my teeth in the bathroom down the hallway.

I glanced at the clock and decided to kill more time. I decided to take a shower. I stripped out of my clothes and turned the shower nozzle to warm. I let the water run over my body as I stood there still. I started to stroke my cock which was now very hard. Even though I didn't get to really talk to Amanda, she was so fucking hot.

I pictured the creamy vanilla ice cream streaming down her small tits. I stroked myself even faster. Eventually I couldn't hold it in anymore and I came all over the floor of the shower. Taking my time I continued to clean myself and then came out of the shower. I put back on my night clothes and swung the towel over my shoulder. I take out my phone and check through my texts when I reach my room and I look up to see Amanda sitting on my bed.

"Holy shit!" I yelled, very surprised. Amanda's eyes widened. Then I realized it. I was in a Christian home and swearing was 'very bad'. I immediately covered my mouth and apologized to Amanda. "I'm sorry Amanda, you just surprised me there."

She giggled. "It's okay. I swear sometimes too. Don't tell my mom!"

I laughed and sat on the bed next to her. "Are you okay? A few minutes ago you seemed-"

"Worried?" She read my thoughts.

"What's wrong? I'm like a Dr. Phil for most of my friends. Anything I can do to help?"

Amanda looked down at her relatively small breasts. They were maybe a B-Cup and she sighed.
I immediately got a hard cock again. Shit, how could I have gotten hard again so fast?!? I quickly looked away and cleared my throat.

She looked up and sighed again. "At my school, all the girls have boyfriends, and I think I'm so unattractive." Bullshit I scream in my mind. I wanna fuck you right now!

"No way!" I protested. Amanda looked up at me. I immediately blushed and grabbed a pillow to cover my boner.

"Am I...pretty?" she slowly asked.

"Y-Yea!" I was trembling a bit and then I smiled weakly at her.

Amanda laughed. "You're lying! C'mon tell me the truth!" She turned to face me and sat cross legged.

Fuck! Now my cock was throbbing out. I felt ready to fuck even though I was a virgin still.
I swallowed. "I swear to GOD! I'm telling the truth!" My heart was racing as she scanned my eyes to see if I was lying. " me?" I begged her.

Finally her eyes became trustful again. She then sighed. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

I sighed too. "Not at this very moment. I'm kind of a 'loser' at my school."

"No way!" She loudly interrupted. She caught herself and bent her head in brief embarrassment.
"You're so nice to me, even though we just met." She grabbed my hand. "Well, two negatives make a positive?" She quietly asked me. I held her hand back.

Now incredible horny, I could only groan a, “Technically.”

She spoke up. Whispering now she asked, “Michael do you know how to kiss?”

Those words hit me hard and I almost fell off of the bed. With amazing reflexes Amanda caught my shirt and pulled with all her might and reeled me in. However she pulled too hard. I landed on top of her and our lips were inches away. Her face turned bright red, and she lay down on the bed, on her back.

“Michael, you don’t have to, but please-” Her voice trailed off. “Please kiss me!”

At this point I completely lose it. I dive in and kiss her violently. I took her by surprise and she yelped. But slowly, her lips melted into mine and I stuck my tongue far back into her mouth. I slowly pulled out my tongue and she eagerly licked the saliva dripping off.

She then tugged at my shirt, motioning for me to take it off. I rip off my shirt and throw it aside. I then grabbed Amanda’s tits. I felt her nipples become hard as I massaged them in my hands.

Amanda let out an arousing moan. “Just like that, don’t stop. It-It feels too good!” she yelled.

I kissed her again and then I started to lift up her shirt. With her help I threw her shirt to where I had thrown mine. She was now on her back again with her arms above her head with her cute pink bra. I slowly lifted it up, but then her hands came upon mine.

“Michael?” she asked once again nervously.

“What is it Amanda?” I asked eagerly.

She sat up straight and kissed me passionately. She then laid her head on my chest. “Promise me, you will not make fun of my small tits.”

I shook my head and put my hand on her chin. “Don’t worry; I love the size of your tits the way they are.”

I then saw a tear trickle down her eye. I quickly wiped them away and kissed her again. She closed her eyes and nodded for me to continue. I lifted her bra up and her hands swiftly moved to cover her nipples. I took her hands and gently squeezed them. They slowly moved away from her breasts. Her soft breasts rolled out and I lowered my head to them. I knew people did it in porn videos all the time, but I just had the urge to stick out my tongue and lick her breasts.

They had such a flavor. I flapped my tongue back and forth and I heard Amanda moan even more. She moved her left hand onto my head pushing my head closer to her tits and her right hand slid into her pants where she started to finger herself. I stopped licking and stared with pure enjoyment. Amanda started to drool out the sides of her mouth as her abdomen rocked back and forth. I too slid my hand into my pants to witness this.

“Michael” she whispered quietly.

“Yes, baby?” I crawled on top of her again and started to suck her tits again.

“Fuck me.” I immediately stopped and stared at her.

“A-Are you serious!? But I don’t have a condom with me and what about your mom?”

“I don’t care, Michael. I may never see you again after tomorrow morning, but I do with all my heart, believe that I’m in love with you.”

Without waiting for a response from me she slid off her shorts and then tossed them at my face. I threw them off the bed and she then removed her panties. Her clean shaved pussy shone like a star. I ran toward it like a dog deprived of water. Without thinking I stuck my tongue in and swirled around. It tasted oh so tasty.

My tongue met with dry resistance but my saliva started to bring her juice down. I plopped my tongue out and licked her clit. Amanda grabbed her tits and yelped in pure delight. I stopped for a second and I noticed her pussy was all wet now. I had been going berserk on Amanda ‘till now I was almost dead. I fell back on a pillow and was heavily breathing.

“Sorry Amanda, I’m just so tired-” A hand landed on my hard cock. I looked up to see Amanda, now completely naked bending over me. She slid off my shorts and off my boxers went. She grabbed my cock with both hands and started to stroke it.

“It’s so big!”

I nervously laughed and said, “Thank you.”

She looked up with puppy eyes. “Michael, tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.”

Now feeling like a complete bastard, I replied, “Suck me dry!”

Amanda laughed. “Some Christians we are!” Before I could say something back she started to lick my dick. I never gotten my dick sucked before, so it was a new experience. I threw my head back on the pillow and groaned.

“Just like that Amanda. You’re doing great.” She now started to deep throat me. I watched as my rock hard dick disappear into her mouth.

“Amanda, stop for a second.” She quickly looked at me with sad eyes.

“I’m sorry did I do something wron-”

I lifted her up from her armpits and set her down on my lap. My cock brushed against her pussy’s lips. She sucked her fingers and started to touch herself again. I kissed her nipples then our lips met and we kissed passionately again.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked with concern. She nodded a big yes. I took a deep breath and slowly lowered her down onto my cock. The tip of my dick just slowly penetrated her lips. The sensation shot through me. It felt so good I felt like teasing her by only penetrating her pussy’s lips. I teased her until her was soaking wet with her juice and then I slowly let her drop onto my dick. It was a tight fit.

I gently lowered her down carefully and I met her hymen. By now, Amanda was biting her lips and gripping my hands tight.

“Ready Amanda?” I asked lustily. She seemed to try to bottle it in, but then couldn’t contain it.


With one smooth motion she slid down on my cock and I covered her mouth and she screamed in pain and pleasure. I myself almost snapped. We were together. We became one. I felt juice just pouring out of her cunt. Suddenly we both heard a door open and someone walk up the stairs. I looked at Amanda and she nodded. Quickly, with me still inside her we flipped over the blanket and dove inside. At that exact moment Amanda’s mother walked in.

“Michael? Are you okay? I thought I heard someone scream.”

Amanda was hiding under the covers and I slowly emerged from my covers and put on a sick face.

“I’m sorry if I disturbed you, I’m just having a nightmare right now.” Having just woke up, she didn’t see Amanda’s bra and panties sprawled all over the floor. Suddenly I felt my dick being sucked. I froze; Amanda was blowing me from under the covers! What a horny girl! I grunted.

“I’m okay, just leave the lights on for me, thank you.” Mrs. Wilson nodded and with a yawn left.

My heart, about to jump out of my chest, beat ever so faster until I heard her footsteps fade. I leaped out of bed and closed the door. How silly, we were fucking and we didn’t even close the goddamn door.
“Michael, I’m so sorry about that, I just felt so fucking horny.”

I leapt back onto the bed and I grabbed Amanda by the throat. “You almost got me fuckin’ killed!”

She looked down, and then she looked up at me seductively. “Is there anything I can do to make up for it?” She winked at my still hard cock. I scoffed. Without a word, I flipped her and pushed her onto her knees.

“This is what you get you whore!” I slammed my cock inside her pussy and began to thrust. Amanda started to scream. To make her quieter, I offered her my finger in which she gladly started to suck on. We continued to fuck for a while until Amanda stuck her finger into her ass. She turned around and licked her lips toward me.

“In the..ass?” I asked shocked.

“I’m curious Michael, surprise me!” I licked my finger and stuck my finger in, Amanda grabbed the closest pillow and she moaned. I pushed my cock into her tight little hole and pushed. Goddamn was it tight! I was afraid I would rip open poor Amanda, then a miracle happened.

I magically slipped into her. I humped her ass for a good two minutes before I had the urge to cum. I slowed down and asked Amanda, “Where do you want me to cum baby?”

“In my pussy! Please!” she desperately wanted it.

“But I can’t! You’ll get pregnant!” Amanda looked down but then turned around and started to suck me off again.

“If you blow me that hard, I’m gonna -!” I blew the biggest load I ever came on Amanda’s face. I sighed as I blew out every single drop of cum outta my dick and then Amanda let it leak out onto her tits. She rubbed it all over her body and she sucked me once more. Now I was completely exhausted. I reached for my cellphone and set my alarm for 7:30 in the morning. Breakfast would be at 8:00 or so I thought to myself. I set my phone back on the drawer. I pulled the blanket over Amanda and I. She snuggled up against me and we kissed again.

When we parted she whispered into my chest, “I love you.”

The alarm buzzed and I clicked it off. I woke up with Amanda sucking me again. “Good morning, Michael,” she cutely said with my dick still in her mouth. She gave me a quick handjob and I busted over her cute tits again shortly after. We took a shower together and took great care to wash off all the cum and juice that had landed on the bed last night.

When I had eaten breakfast and had packed up all my things, Mrs. Wilson was waiting for me in the car. Amanda would have to stay home. I held up five fingers to tell Mrs. Wilson I need a few more minutes before leaving. I spent those five minutes kissing Amanda like they were the last five minutes of my life. When I had to go. I hugged her and she gave me her phone number. I promised that we would see each other again. 

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