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Oral 101

The thoughts of a young man performing oral for the first time

Oral 101

  “Damn I wonder what it is like to eat pussy,” I woke up one morning in my dorm room with this random thought running through my mind. I had never thought about this before, so why is it crossing my mind now? “I would never do that. That shit is gross,” I brushed the thought away as I got dressed in my freshly pressed uniform and headed to work. As I walked through the door, my supervisor was the first person I saw. By the way she immediately charged towards me I could tell she had been awaiting my arrival. “What the fuck did I do now,” I thought to myself as she pulled me to the side. She peered into me with the most furious look she had ever given me, before busting out with a shit eating grin. She ecstatically informed me that I received orders and was being shipped out.   She was happy for me because she knew how incredibly boring it was in Wyoming and she wanted me to go to a more exciting base. She sternly warned me not to tell anyone of my reassignment until the first sergeant did and to act surprised. I gave her my word.

The funny thing about leaving a base is the word spreads like wild fire. People you didn’t know or never talked to would begin approaching you and making conversation. It was like your senior year in high school when everyone stopped giving a fuck and just let everybody know exactly what they thought of them; who they couldn’t stand; who they wanted to fuck; who ass they wanted to whoop, it was good times. But here I was weeks later at my going away party and I hadn’t heard a peep. Sure I was being approached by random people asking me where was I getting reassigned to, but where was the real shit? Who always had some kind of secret crush on me and wanted to fuck my brains out? Who always wanted to tell me how they felt but was afraid to so say so? This is you’re last chance; hello where are you???

I was at my office on the last duty day and we were having a small get together. By that time I had given up on my previous notion that some random chick would jump out of the bushes as I passed and suck my dick off. I accepted the fact that I was leaving and looking forward to the new women that would be at my next base. While partying with my supervisor and a few of the other women from my office, my supervisor’s phone rang. She spoke shortly and approached me with that shit eating grin on her face. “What now?” I thought.

“I know how it is when you get reassigned,” she said. “I know that since you’re leaving here that a lot of these little skanks have been propositioning you and trying to have last chance sex with you.”

“No not really,” I replied. My supervisor and I had a very casual relationship but I always wanted her to see me as being innocent.

“Bullshit!” she blew off my honest denial. “Don’t give me that innocent shit. I know what you been doing. You probably nailed half the chicks in your dorm by now.”

I open my mouth to reply but she cut me off.

                 “…And I have one more for you.”

By that time I was needless to say extremely interested. Before I could get my next thoughts out she pointed into the room next door.

“Look in there.”

  Nervously and confused I followed her notion and peeked into the next room. I couldn’t believe who I saw standing alone in there. I knew that they were playing some type of joke.

“Natasha?” I mumbled.

Never in a million years would I have guessed that she would be in that room. Natasha was a co-worker whom I worked with side by side but rarely said a word to and for good reasons. Natasha was a very intimidating woman both physically and mentally. She was both beautiful and sexy. She always carried herself as a woman should and even though our ages were separated by only a few years, this was a case of a woman to a boy. She was tall about 5’9”; she had long dark wavy hair that reached her ass when not tied up in a pony tail; her eyes were a seditious almond shape, but her biggest weapons were her breast. Her titties were like giant round mounds of greatness that sat proudly upon her chest. On the other side was her attitude. Natasha never took orders well, she did what she wanted and challenged anyone who challenged her including her supervisor, her supervisor’s supervisor, and her supervisor’s supervisor’s supervisor; she gave no fuck. Natasha intimidated many men and I was one of them.

“This is insane,” I thought as I as stumbled back into the room with the other women. They immediately began chuckling; they had to already know who was waiting in the other room.

“What’s wrong?” one of the ladies Sergeants asked.

“You guys are trying to set me up.” I replied as they all erupted in laughter.

”Okay that’s enough you all. We are not trying to set you up,” my supervisor told me. “When Natasha found out you were leaving she couldn’t stop talking about you.”   She assured me that she was serious as Natasha entered into the room.

“What’s all the chatter about?” she asked in a sweet but sexual tangent voice. One of the office women answered and told Natasha that they were talking about me leaving and what they can get me as a farewell gift.

“Hmmm. I wonder what I can give him,” Natasha replied as she turned less than six inches in front of me looking directly into my eyes.

  “Why don’t you give him a kiss,” a voice in the room suggested.

  Just like that, after accepting my failure at a pre-departure sexual episode I was put on the spot.

“Not here,” my supervisor interrupted. “Take him in the back room.”   Natasha gave me the most wickediest follow me if you dare look and walked into the other room; I had no choice but to follow her.

“What the fuck is going on?” is all I could think as we entered into the room. I had no time to think it out and no time for words before my natural actions took over. Heart pounding, palms sweating, but ready, I walked up to her. She pressed her large breast against my chest as I looked into those haunting eyes one last time and pressed my lips against hers. I felt her entire body sigh as I parted my lips and met her tongue with mine and felt them begin to dance. I put my hand behind her head and ran my fingers through her wavy hair forgetting that the room we were in head no door; forgetting about the trouble we could have gotten into; forgetting everything. We were no longer in that room, we were somewhere else; some other planet where there was no time, no rules, just passion. Passion where your body had no choice but to surcome to it. It felt like I lifetime before she finally broke the kiss. I opened my eyes in a daze. Natasha looked at me with an awkward look and hurried back in the room with everyone else. “What had I done? Did she not like it? Why did she just leave like that?” I stood in the middle of the room for a couple of seconds to get my thoughts together before I followed her path back into the office. When I entered strange looks and smiles greeted me but I didn’t pay attention to the audience. I headed straight for Natasha who was leaned against the edge of a desk. I approached her and she could barely look me in my eyes when she told me that she was going to give me a call later that night.


I was spending my last night on base partying and drinking with my boys in the dorms. I hadn’t gotten a chance to tell the fellas about the events that took place earlier that day before my cell phone rang. I immediately recognized the sweet and seductive voice on the other end, it was her and she wanted me to come over.

  “You know what I want you to do?” she asked as if I should have already known.

  “Come through and break your fucking back?” is what I was thinking but a simply “yes” slid off my tongue.

  “Okay.. Come over at eleven,” she instructed me.

“Damn she got my blood flowing just talking through the phone,” I thought as I hung up.  


Eleven o’clock pm on the dot I was parking outside her apartment. I had never been on time for anything in my life but I made it a point to be punctual on that particular evening. I sat in my car for a second thinking about what I was getting myself into.

“Those hips, those thighs, those legs, those eyes…yeah I must be drunk, sitting her rapping to myself and shit.” I thought.

I walked to her door, raised my fist to knock and it hit me again. Palms sweating, heart racing. I took a deep breath and let the alcohol in my body take over. Natasha opened the door after a few solid knocks and was completely dressed for the occasion. Standing in the doorway in her lingerie, I could see her nipples begin to stiffen as the night air blew through the skimpy material. I felt over dressed.   Natasha immediately grabbed my hand and I followed her listening to her five inch heels click throughout the entire apartment.

“Damn no small talk or anything, this is not what I’m used to,” I heard echo in my head.

While walking through her dark apartment the vibe of sex was everywhere. Passing her bathroom I felt the steamy mist and tantalizing frangences of a fresh shower, the combination of that and the ultimate high of being led to a strangers bedroom for the first time had me already growing inside my jeans. Natasha closed the door behind us in the dimly light room and I could hear baby making music playing in the background. She laid on her side in the bed one leg atop of the other while I inhaled the scents of the most exotic fragences you can remember.

“When you kissed me today I knew I had to have you,” she sounded even sexier than she did on the phone earlier.

“You felt that too.” I calmly responded.

“Yes. You’re mouth, you’re lips are like oh my god!”

How can you respond to that? I just played it cool and let out a slight laugh.

“I have to apologize to you though.”

“Apologize for what?”   I suspiciously asked.

“For setting you up.”

“How did you set me up?”

“Well..,” she said as she held her pillow up to hide her blushing face. “That kiss was planned.”

“Planned how?” I asked while moving the pillow away from her face.

“I was telling the ladies at the job how bad I wanted you, so we set that whole thing up.”

“You didn’t have to go through all that. You could’ve have just walked up and planted one on me,” I replied while feeling more than flattered.

“I can’t do that I’m shy” she laughed. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time now but you never paid any attention to me.”

“Honestly, that was because I was intimated by you and I didn’t know you were looking at me like that.”

“Yeah I was.”

“Well, since we’re here now, let’s forget all that.” I slide closer to her and kissed her lips. “Besides, it’s better this way.” She kissed me back, shoving her tongue in my mouth wanting me and I returned the favor equally wanting her. The kiss got us both hot and bothered as I began kissing her neck and taking her clothes off. I slide my tongue down her neck sucking and softly biting, stopping at her breast to take in the magnificent sight. I began pleasing her enormous titties with my mouth, sucking and licking before I felt her chocolate nipples begin to rise again. She removed my t-shirt to expose my 18 year old frame, hardened and chiseled from all the military drilling and physical training. In the dark I could hear the clinking of my belt being unfastened and I knew there was no turning back then. I laid back on top of her bare chest to bare chest and again began pleasing her body with my warm mouth.

“You know what I want you to do?” she moaned.

“What’s that baby?” I asked while still stuck between lust, fantasy, and reality.

“Do you want to here me say it,” she asks. All of I sudden I am snapped back into reality with an epiphany.

“You want me to eat your pussy?”

“Yes baby, your mouth feels so good on these lips… I want to feel them on those lips,” she says as she pointed down to her vagina. I was left almost speechless.

“Uh, I don’t do that... Uhh, well I never did that before,” I managed to stutter out.

“Its okay baby I can show you how.”

  I contemplated it a minute.

“I don’t think I can do that.”

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. I just think that you would be good at it. With those lips I know you can make a lot of women happy. But I wouldn’t want you to do anything that you don’t want to.”

I had never been asked to eat anybody out before and frankly I didn’t know what to do. I had this beautiful woman, four years my senior seducing me, asking me to please her in a way I had never pleased anyone before and I was stalling.

                 “Fuck it,” was the conclusion I came to. “I’m grown, she’s grown as hell, and I’m leaving in a few days. How bad can it be? Plus she talked a good game.” She had me curious.

“It’s funny this is happening right now,” I said.   “If you would have asked me to do this a couple of weeks ago I probably would have put my clothes on and left. But the other morning I woke up for some strange reason wondering what it would be like to give oral.”

“It’s good. I promise you will enjoy it. Let me teach you how to do it, come here.” She laid back against the bed and spread her thighs. I positioned myself in between them face first. I had never been this close face to face with a pussy before. I didn’t know where to start.

“Kiss it baby.” The voice above me instructed.

I laid on my stomach in between her legs and placed my hands on both of her thighs to spread them farther apart, the sweet smell of a wanting woman floated into my nostrils. I closed my eyes and kissed her pussy lips one time and slide my tongue up her slit; she slid her cunt closer down towards me. I kissed her lips again and slide my tongue up her slit and a familiar taste tingled on the tip of my tongue.   That’s not too bad.” I thought. I went in again for another lick trying to identify the taste. “Not bad at all.” I again thought. “As a matter of fact it’s kind of sweet. Sweet like… Sweet like (I take one more taste)… STAWBERRIES! PUSSY TASTE LIKE STAWBERRIES? Holy shit this is was pussy tastes like? I’ve been missing out on this all this time? Why didn’t anybody tell me?” My thoughts were so loud in my head I thought she heard them.

“Kiss it baby. Kiss it like you kissed me in the room earlier.”

I grabbed her waist and slide her ass down towards me as I stuck my tongue as far inside her pussy hole as I could reach. I begin imagining our kiss.   I was kissing and licking and sucking everything. I began imaging her wavy hair, her eyes, her thighs I found a rhythm and began twirling my tongue and sucking her clit like I hadn’t ate in weeks.

“Yes baby, yes , yes, Yes.” I listened to her moans, felt her body movements, her body took command over mine and I began licking and sucking in the spots she needed.

“Yes baby, yes, yes,Yes.” She continued to moan. Some spots inside her began tasting warmer and sweeter so I paid more attention to those areas. With that, it seemed like our bodies were in complete harmony; like my mouth was an extension of her own body that was pleasuring her. I continued with my rhythm of licking and sucking before I felt her clit begin to swell. I began paying more attention to it first licking it slow, then licking it fast, then sucking on it with just enough pressure.

“I’m about to come.” Natasha yelled out.

“Do I keep licking or do I stop?” I thought. She felt the hesitation in me and grabbed the back of my neck and almost stuck my entire head inside her pussy. She hastily grabbed a pillow with her other hand and slammed it over her face to muffle her cries of pleasure. There I was being smothered by her wet pussy and she smothering herself with a pillow and we we’re both loving every moment of it. Her legs began to twitch and with one huge contraction she locked my head in between her powerful thighs like she was trying to cut my head off. Her whole body started convulsing before she threw the pillow off of her face and pushed me from between her legs.

“Is she dead?” I thought as I watched her lay motionless for several minutes. “Natasha,” I called as I tried to touch her thigh but she pushed my hand away.

“Hold on a minute,” she said breathless. I gave her a minute. “Ooo shit,” she finally says. “You are a fucking liar.

“What do you mean?”

“This is not your first time eating pussy.”

“Yes it is. I swear.”    

“I haven’t came like that from head in a long time. I don’t believe you. You knew exactly what to do.”

“I just did what you said then I just followed your body. You’re a good teacher. Plus it tasted like strawberries, is that how it taste?”

Natasha let out a long laugh.

“I did that for you. I put something extra special down there so you can see how sweet mama taste. You like?”

“I love. As a matter of fact I think I need to go back for seconds.” I began to lay her back on the bed but she stopped me.

“No. Class isn’t over, It’s my turn.”  






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