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Our first holiday without parents- Day 2

The second day of the friends' holiday, what do they get up to?
Giovanni POV:

No, that wouldn't be right. Tiffany wouldn't be happy if she knew I saw her naked so I stopped myself from looking.

I heard her walk back out the door and close it behind her. I'm not sure why I was behaving like this. Did I like her or was I just sex starved?

Tiffany POV:

The next day the girls and I went to the beach, to get tans so that by the end of the holiday we'd be nice and brown. We laid on the beach for hours, (although I laid in the shade for most of it as I was paranoid about skin cancer). The guys had decided to go to the communal pool on the resort and "scope out the pussy" as they put it, and they said they'd meet us later. 

I was wearing a blue sailor style bikini, showing off my flat stomach, small waist and ample bosom. As I walked into the water, I noticed a group of guys looking at my bouncing boobs. I wasn't used to attention like that, guys usually (or so I assumed) liked me for my personality and pretty face, not my body. I was a strong swimmer, and I spent a long time practising my breast stroke in the ocean. I swam back to the shore, and stood facing the sea as I caught my breath.

"Boo!" I felt two pairs of hands on my shoulders as I turned to see Alex and Giovanni.

"Hey, how was the pussy patrol?"

"Good, James got heaps of ladies' attention... he's stealing the spotlight from us!" Alex pouted.

James was good looking, 6 foot 4, perhaps a little on the skinny side but broad shoulders and potential for a hot bod. He had light ginger/blonde hair, a killer jawline and wore the cutest glasses (sort of retro). He was the epitome of geek chic.

"Don't worry, you got that hoe's number last night, remember? Now we just need to get Gio with someone.."

I splashed them both and swam away in case they tried to splash me back. They swam after me and eventually when I got too deep,

I swam to the side and closer to shore again. They were still slowly trying to catch me but they were no match for me. As they approached Alex tackled me and I had to keep myself from swallowing too much salt water. Giovanni came behind me and poked me in the side, he knew I was ticklish. Alex got the idea and they both started tickling me, and accidentally (I think it was) touching my boobs. They both picked me up out of the water, Alex holding my legs and Giovanni holding my arms. They carried a screaming me back to my towel and threw me down on it.

"Oi, boys, stop trying to grope Tiffany and let's go!" Emily called them from her towel.

She had been eager to get to the villa so we could change for our first whole group night out. She was the slut of the group you could say; she had fucked a lot of people.

"Alright, I need a wank anyway." Alex said, something he always said to gross me out.

"Eurgh, not something any of us need to know."

"At least you don't have to share a room with him!" Giovanni grimaced at the thought.

"I'm just kidding! I won't need to wank since I'll hopefully be fucking some slut tonight."

We had got back to the villa after a five minute walk and everyone had changed and got ready. At this point, it was 10pm (the girls had taken hours to get ready and we had gotten some dinner on the way back).

About 20 minutes later we approached the club "Bubbles". To be honest most of us were already slightly drunk from the drinks we had back at the villa. In the club James was surrounded by swarms of hot girls, the rest of the guys waiting to pick up his rejections, which was all of them as James wasn't the type to get off with strangers.

Emma and Roxanne, who had never been popular with boys, were getting high from the attention that two alright looking guys were paying them. I sat at the bar with Emily, she knew exactly how to get guys to buy her drinks and then drop them. We bought our own first drinks, two mojitos. She swivelled round on her chair and crossed her legs sexily, and I copied. We spoke animatedly and positioned our bodies in order to give the men the best view. 

Giovanni POV:

This girl was totally grinding on my dick, she was into me. She was sort of fake, a bimbo, but I was enjoying myself as I was drunk as fuck. At least this meant I would hopefully get some seuxal tension released without the aid of my own hand tonight. Horniness had been making me too grumpy today, after yesterday. The girl turned around and shoved her tongue down my throat, sliding her hand between our bodies and stroking the shaft of my penis, trying to get it hard.

I was just getting erect when I noticed Tiffany walking out of the club, alone. Shit, I had seen so much shit about girls getting raped in these places, so I hoped that Alex or David would see her walking out and follow, or at least one of her girl friends but they were all thriving on male attention which they didn't deserve. 

"Damn. Gotta go babe. I kissed the girl one more time and squeezed her tits once for luck.

I followed after Tiffany, you could never be too careful.

Tiffany POV:

I just needed to get some fresh air, the mojitos were stronger than I thought, and it was way too hot in there. I walked out of the bar, glancing at my friends who were all occupied with the opposite sex. Alex had found the same girl from the night before, David and James were swarming in pussy, and the other girls were practically begging for male attention.

I walked round the back of the club, it lay on the beach. I sat down on a sun lounger and just listened to the ocean in front of me. I heard someone walk up from behind me, kicking sand as they came.

"Hey. You OK? Don't wander off by yourself, a good looking girl like you is an easy target, especially since you're drunk."

Giovanni had always been soft on the inside, he just put on a macho show. He really was sweet, made me wonder why I ever rejected him. 

"Yeah I'm OK, just needed some air from those guys in there. You seemed to be doing alright though? Blonde?"

He smiled shyly, looked a little disappointed in himself.

"Boys will be boys. "

Giovanni POV:

Ok, shit, I was actually in love with this girl. Thought I was over it but I wasn't. Should have known, all the signs were there but I had ignored them. How could I not be in love with her? She beautiful, smart, funny, my best friend. She was lying down on a sun lounger, her body on full display. She was wearing a tight, knee length figure hugging dress, showing off her curves. It was purple, and it brought her eyes out amazingly.

"Move over."

I wanted to lie next to her in this perfect setting, to give myself a little satisfaction even if she didn't know. She shifted her body so I could squeeze on next to her.

"I can't believe we're going to uni this year. It feels so surreal, you know? Like who would have thought this day would come. We're legally adults, on holiday with our friends, we're free. I feel like I'm wasting time talking to these strange guys who I'll never know or see again. I should be spending it with friends who I love and will be leaving soon."

She turned her head to look at me. Her deep green eyes bore into mine, and I just couldn't resist. I leaned over and kissed her gently. She stayed still, not sure how to react. I leaned away, not wanting to scare her. But she wasn't scared. She pulled me back in, kissing me this time, moving her lips against mine, softly. I opened my mouth and she did the same, allowing access to her tongue. I stroked it gently with my own, licking the tip of her own tongue and biting her lower lip gently.

She replied with more force and kissed me with more fervour and passion than before. My hands moved to her back, sliding lower down until I reached her bum. I moved my lips down to her neck, nibbling on the skin and sucking on it. She made an "mmm" sound which much have been out of enjoyment. Her hand moved down to the gap between our bodies and rested it by my growing cock. She ran her free hand through my hair, pulling it and stroking it.

How drunk was she? Would this be considered as me taking advantage of a drunk girl? I wasn't in it just for the sex but by the looks of things she was drunk enough to go that far. I didn't lead her in that direction, I didn't want to take advantage. She was sighing with content, her lips turned into a smile.

I didn't want to stop kissing her, and she didn't appear to want to stop kissing me. I put my hand on her waist, and slowly moved it down to her bum. I gave it a gentle squeeze, I'd wanted to touch it for a long time. I began to lose my conscience, who cared if she was drunk? She wanted it.

"Tiffany? Giovanni?" someone was shouting our names from a distance. Both of us scrambled to compose ourselves and I jumped onto the separate lounger next to her. We acted as if we had just been talking.

"You guys have been gone for fucking ages, what have you been doing! We want to go home now, it's almost 2am." Alex was grumpy, things must not have gone well with that girl.

"Yeah sorry we've just been talking, it was too hot in there."

"The cab's here, let's go!"

David led us to the car, dragging a very drunk Roxanne behind him, he didn't seem amused. She was stroking his bum and trying to hug him but he wasn't having it.

"Roxanne just get in the car for fucks sake!" she climbed in looking defeated. Tiffany was a more conservative drunk luckily.

Tiffany POV:

I didn't know what the fuck I'd just done, Giovanni wasn't even drunk so I don't know what he was thinking. I touched his dick! I was mortified, he would probably go running to tell Alex. He kissed me though, I just went a little further. I just wanted to die at that moment. When we got back to the villa I ran straight up to my room and got in my pyjamas. I didn't want to talk to anyone.

I lay in bed for ages, I couldn't sleep. I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. That was the first proper kiss I'd had as well, I'd never kissed a guy like that before. I tossed and turned, getting annoyed that he was keeping my up like this. I never lost sleep over a boy, it was pathetic. I threw myself off the bed and grabbed my swimming costume and a towel, then changed in the bathroom.

I would go for a night swim, like I used to do on holidays with my parents. I put on a full piece this time since it was a bit colder. It had a cut out at the side and a deep cut neck which reached just under my boobs. I tiptoed downstairs not wanting to wake anyone and arouse suspicion, I needed to be alone.

"Night swimming, deserves a quiet night..." I hummed the REM tune to myself as I climbed into the luckily slightly heated pool; it was pretty cold outside. I swam a few lengths, enjoying the tranquility and peace of it. Birds flew around the apple trees, dipping their beaks into the water when I was still.

"Are you sober yet?" Alex came up to the pool and dipped his hand in. 

"I was not drunk. What are you doing up?" 

"Well, I got woken up by Giovanni talking in his sleep. He said your name a couple of times so I threw a pillow at him and went back to sleep. Just as I was falling back asleep he started making a lot of noise, he had got out of bed and hit his foot. You know he was watching you swim for about the first 15 lengths, he didn't know I was awake."

Alex pointed at his bedroom window that had a clear view of the pool.

"He's jealous of my mad skills" I said, trying to lighten it up.

"You know that's not why he was watching you. I think he still likes you, even after two years." 

"Don't be stupid!"

I splashed him and laughed although I didn't disagree with him; he had kissed me tonight after all. 

"Anyway he went back to sleep so I came down to ask you what happened tonight. It was pretty weird how you two had been gone for an hour and were lying on the beach together and now Gio's saying your name in his sleep and broodily watching you as you swim in the middle of the night, or early morning shall I say."

"Nothing happened! If he wants you to know something he will tell you. But right now I am swimming, and frankly I was enjoying some time alone. You're my best friend but just go back to sleep ok? We've got a busy day tomorrow."

"Fine but tomorrow we're going to talk about this."

He stomped back off upstairs. I carried on swimming to relieve some anger, trying out backstroke and closing my eyes. I was getting a lot more relaxed. 15 minutes later I heard the back door open and footsteps coming towards the pool.

"Alex fuck off, go to sleep." 

" It's not Alex, it's me."

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