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Our first holiday without parents - Day 3

Giovanni finds Tiffany having a midnight swim
"What are you doing up?"

"I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd join you for a swim. Thought you could teach me butterfly stroke.."

"I can't really do that, it's pretty hard." I was lying, I just didn't want to give him reason for physical contact. He swam over to the opposite end of the pool and kicked off the side to start his freestyle. I had to laugh, he wasn't the best swimmer.

"Don't laugh at me!" he swam over to me and pushed my head under the water. His hands were big and strong, he wrapped them around my waist and ducked under the water. We looked each other in the eye until I had to surface and catch my breath. My heart was beating faster than usual, my breathing shallow yet heavy. He resurfaced with me, hands still grasping my waist.


"Just give it a chance. I know you enjoyed it earlier. It feels like, just everything I've ever felt for you has come rushing back over the last few days. I'm crazy about you, and I guess I always have been."

He leaned his dripping wet face towards mine, didn't kiss me but just held his lips near mine, our noses touching. My mind was in overload, my heart was working hard to find out what I wanted.

He pulled my waist closer to his body and kissed me, no excuses of being drunk now, what I did was on my own terms. But his lips were so soft yet so sure. He used his tongue to open my lips and search for my own tongue. The kiss was wet and I could taste the chlorine from both of our mouths. He pulled me as close as he could, and I enjoyed the feeling of being wanted and loved by someone. It was warm, even in the cold of the night. I bit his bottom lip, he moaned in appreciation. His hand moved to my back and traced circles around it. His breathing was heavy and full of desire.

I felt his hard penis pressing into me, poking in between my legs.

Giovanni POV

This was really happening, she's wasn't drunk or anything. My hands scooped her up and pushed her through the water and to the shallow end by the wall of the pool. My dick was hard and throbbing against her leg, I hoped I wouldn't scare her off with it. I licked a trail down to her neck and then down to her mouth, and brought my hands down to the place where her costume met her pussy. I rubbed my fingers through the material and between the lips making her squirm.

My mouth reached her boobs, and I allowed myself to suck on her nipple through the material, they were hard and aroused. She ducked under the water and pulled my swim trunks off, rubbing my cock as she went. She came back up and threw the shorts out of the water and next to her towel. I had read that women took like 17 minutes to climax from vaginal penetration, I couldn't wait that long. I ducked under the water and found her pussy and pushed the material to the side. I pulled the lilo from the side of the pool and tried to get her into it but she fell off and into the waiter. She laughed and got back in. Now my head was at the right place and I could explore without having to stop for a breath.

She opened her legs as I moved my face towards her wet pussy. She wasn't completely shaven, which was good because I got the feeling that would be itchy for me. She was neatly trimmed. I used my tongue to lick circles around her pussy, searching for the spot that made her jerk. When I'd found it I concentrated on that, and flicked it furiously with my tongue, and sucked on it. At this point she was panting heavily, making silent moans of pleasure. I didn't want her to orgasm yet so I stopped and pulled her off the float and back to the wall. My cock was pointing into her, and I guided it to her entrance. I approached cautiously since we were both virgins, I didn't want to hurt her. She braced herself against the wall and gasped when she felt the tip go in. I pushed further until I reached a wall and she yelped.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, just do it quick." I obliged and slid my dick further in, watching her in pain and feeling guilty for the pleasure I was getting out of it. Soon her small whimpers turned into small moans as I started thrusting into her tight pussy.

I couldn't even describe what it felt like, I mean masturbation got the job done but now that I'd felt pussy, I don't know how I'd lived. It fit my cock like a glove, it was warm and I could feel it pulsating. She grinded in a circular motion, trying to get it in deeper. I didnt think I'd ever been this happy in my life, not when I could see her face like this. I went faster, ramming into her as she thrust into the pool wall. I was so close to cumming it was a joke, it had only been 5 minutes. I needed to speed her along. I used my free hand to rub her clit, changing direction and paying attention to the motion that made herman and writhe.

She made a distinct yelping noise as she grabbed my cock to stop me while she released herself. I felt the walls of her vagina contract around my dock about 7 times, until she stopped moaning. I slowly started thrusting again, wanting to get my cum out.

"I'm cumming," I announced as I felt waves of pleasure like I'd never felt before come over me, my sperm leaking out into her, some of it floating up towards the surface of the water. She looked at it gingerly, fascinated by it. I leaned in and kissed her as I pulled out and straightened her costume over her pussy.

"Holy fuck. I can't believe that just happened." She looked confused and dazed, maybe from happiness or maybe from disgust, I didn't know. Hopefully not the latter. She pulled away from me and climbed out the pool, her curvy ass on display, getting me horny again. She threw me my trunks and wrapper the towel around herself.

"Goodnight." She avoided eye contact and ran into the house.

"Goodnight, beautiful."

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