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Our first holiday without parents-Day 1

A group of friends' first taste of freedom. How will they use it?
Tiffany POV

My god, the day I had been waiting for was finally here. Ever since my older sister went on her first holiday without our parents, I'd been counting down the days. Her holiday didn't sound nearly wild enough for my liking though.

School had closed a week ago, (which meant that everyone had turned 18), and I was getting ready to leave for the airport with my closest friends. My best friend, Roxanne had stayed the night at mine so we could go to the airport together. We were meeting the rest there. Her suitcase waited downstairs in the hallway while I shoved the last few bits and bobs into mine. Cramming some clean pants and bras in, I zipped the case up and dragged it downstairs. Roxanne was talking to my Mum who was driving us to the airport.

"Girls, always stay together, make sure you're always with at least one person because I've heard some horror stories about girls left on their own in these places."

"Yes Mum." I just wanted to leave, so I packed our cases into the boot. I felt euphoric, I'd never been so excited in my life. Luckily we were all 18 which meant we would get served everywhere in Ibiza. I'd drunk alcohol before, at a lot of house parties and stuff before I turned 18, but it would be so much better now that I was buying it for myself legally.

When we reached London Heathrow Airport at 4pm, the rest of our friends were waiting at the entrace with their suitcases. I gave them all a brief hug and hugged my Mum goodbye as she got back into the car. I counted everyone to make sure we were all here. 

"Me, Roxanne, Emma, Emily, Alex, Giovanni, David, James." Everyone was here. The flight would take around 2 hours and 30 minutes, so we should get there at 8 in UK time, 9 Ibiza time. Everyone was buzzing, none of us could contain our excitement.

Check in went smoothly apart from when Emily lost her passport, and found it in the toilets. The waiting time flew by and before I knew it we were boarding the plane. We didn't manage to all get seats together, there being quite a large number of us. I found my seat and luckily I was sitting next to two of my friends, Emma and Giovanni.

My friendship group was quite strange, I was the only one who was friends with all of them. Roxanne, Emma and James came from a different friendship group to Alex, David and Giovanni, the latter were in a slightly more popular group. Emily was just a roamer I guess.

Alex and Giovanni were two of my closest friends, I had known Gio for a long time, and he even used to have a crush on me but we were still brilliant friends. The two of them were the most fun you could ever have, but very dirty minded and sex obsessed. None of them spoke to Emma ever, they barely knew what she looked like, but what mattered was that all my best friends were together and we were going to have a great time. We were staying in a Villa on a holiday resort, somewhere we could all be together and also have more private rooms.

Sitting in between Giovanni and Emma, the plane began to take off. I held both of their hands and closed my eyes as I was a nervous flier. My sleeping pill began to kick in as I got nervous and I drifted off.

Giovanni POV

Tiffany grabbed onto my hand as we took off, what a wimp. She's usually pretty tough, the girl doesn't take shit from anybody. Before I knew it she had fallen asleep, she had taken some pills about 20 minutes earlier. Her head lolled to the side on to Emma's shoulder. I listened to my ipod for about half an hour when her head rolled on to my shoulder. She snuggled in closer, man she was so warm. Her hair fell across my arm, and I couldn't resist the urge to stroke it. It was probably one of her best features, apart from her bright green eyes. Her hair felt so smooth, it was shiny, silky, long, one of the things that made me fancy her two years ago. I put my head on her and closed me eyes, hand around a lock of her hair, in a position where I could smell the fruity, coconut shampoo that she used.

Just because I don't fancy her any more doesnt mean I don't appreciate the female art form.

When I woke up around an hour later, Her top button had come undone (she was still sleeping) and I couldn't help getting a good look at her boobs. God, she had nice ones too, big, around a 32DD. She was a pretty curvy girl, not stick thin like some of the others. She had a small waist and a nice round bum and slightly larger legs. I got the impression she thought she was fat, but she definitely wasn't, she had a really sexy body and a beautiful face. I would fuck her, but then again, no guy would pass up sex with ANYONE, especially not her. She wasn't unpopular with guys, I think around 3 had declared their undying love for her (myself included) but she never liked them back. I'd only kissed a girl once, I didn't enjoy it much, honestly at the time I was just trying to forget about the fact that Tiffany rejected me. Now though, her, Alex and I were best friends, and we treated her like one of the lads (apart from the occasional time when we joked around with her and said we would fuck her, but that was mostly Alex, he did that a lot)

I looked down one more time, drinking in the sight of her chest, heaving up and down with her breathing. Shit, I was getting a hard on. Luckily it was only a semi so no one should notice. She shifted and opened her eyes.

"Shit sorry" She laughed when she realised she was sprawled across me.

"It's cool. We're nearly there by the way, the seatbelt sign's back on."

Tiffany POV

I swear to God, I think Giovanni had a boner. Maybe It was my imagination but that area looked slightly enlarged. The good looking hostess must have bent down near him or something.

After we had landed and collected our luggage, we separated into two taxis and headed towards the villa. I got in the cab with Roxanne, Emma, and James. It was dark now, and I was starving. When we got to the villa we'd have to go out to eat or something, but I'm not sure if everyone would be up to going out tonight. 

"Ahhh I'm so excited" Roxanne was looking through her bag for her camera.

"Same, are we going out tonight or is everyone too tired?" My question was answered by James and Emma's tired expressions, and their yawns.

"Tomorrow night, we can go out for a meal though to celebrate out first night." Roxanne found her camera and showed me a picture she had taken of Giovanni and I sleeping on the plane, he had been holding onto my hair. What a strange boy.

When we arrived at the villa it was 9:30 pm, but it was still hot. Our villa overlooked the sea and had a nice big swimming pool in that direction too. The 8 of us paid the drivers and dragged our luggage up the steps. There were 4 rooms, so we'd sleep in twos. It was me and Roxanne, Emma and Emily, Alex and Giovanni, David and James. 

After giving everyone time to unpack and get settled I went round and asked everyone if they wanted to go out tonight or wait til tomorrow. Everyone voted for tomorrow except for Alex and Giovanni (the biggest party goers out of all of us) and of course myself. No one even wanted to go out for dinner, so the rest of them decided to order in a takeaway while the three of us went out.

"We're getting dinner first by the way, I'm starved." I told them.


I put on an above knee length 50s style dress tight at the top and flared at the bottom, which had a heart shape cut out of the back and quite low cut front. I usually tended to hide the things I didn't like as much about my body (my legs) and show the things I liked the most (my boobs, waist, back etc). I wouldn't even bother with heels, what's the point if they hurt, right?

"You slut!"

"Slut" Alex and Giovanni always called me a slut (because I was anything but) just to piss me off but even I had to admit it showed A LOT of cleavage. None of my girl friends were the types to dress like sluts, or have sex with strangers, and obviously I was the same. Roxanne had told me that she thinks it's disgusting how people come on holiday just to have sex, but she said she wouldn't mind with someone she knew. To be honest, I didn't mind, I'd been waiting to lose my virginity for a long time.

The three of us got into the cab and drove to the town centre. After a dinner of tapas and paella in a little restaurant overlooking the sea, we headed to a nightclub over the road. We'd brought our own drinks and I was smuggling them into the club in my handbags (clubs are so overpriced). We enetered the nightclub called Mist, and found a booth so we could drink. I wen't to the bar to buy glasses of diet coke so we could mix our alcohol in. Vodka and diet coke was my poison and since I brought the alcohol the boys would have to drink it too. 

"Let's go and dance, I'll be your guys' wingman (woman)." I was dying to dance, the vodka was starting to kick in and I felt happy and loose. We made our way to the dancefloor, as I watched the boys check out a lot of girls on their way into the middle, and I couldn't help but notice a few hot guys as well.

We were getting really into the music, and we were dancing with everyone, both Alex and Giovanni were grinding on slutty looking girls "Didn't need any help then.." I thought to myself. I was happy just dancing and getting in to the rhythm of the music, talking to a lot of cute guys and dancing with them. I was talking to someone called Mark, who was from London too. He was so hot, tall, dark haired, broad etc, the usual typically handsome type. We were getting really close until I felt something rubbing against my back, but I ignored it. When it persisted, I turned around to see a disgusting, drunk, sweaty guy rubbing his dick all over my bum. He leaned in to me and grabbed my waist, stroking my tits.

"Eurgh get off me!" I tried to push him away but he didn't move, he started trying to kiss me, touching my ass, my pussy, everything. No one had even realised I was being harrassed, the music was too loud and it was too crowded.

"Get your fucking hands off me, now!"

"Come on babe, you know you want some cock." He pointed at the tent shape in his trousers, and tried to push it nearer to me, he started stroking it and trying to get me to touch it.

"Hey, she said don't touch her." I turned around to see Giovanni there. He was hardly very intimidating, standing at 5 foot 10, and not very muscly. He had lightly tanned skinned, deep brown eyes and black hair.

"Who the fuck are you, her dad?" The drunk guy asked.

"No I'm her fucking boyfriend man, get the fuck off of her. Alex!" He shouted for Alex to come over, and Aex left the girl he was grinding.

"What's wrong?"

"This douche won't leave Tiffany alone." Alex, who was slightly more intimidating (although not much taller) than Giovanni, squared up to the guy and shoved him, not hard, but hard enough to move him away from me.

"Don't fucking come back." I hugged both of them as a thank you.

"Anything for my bitch." Alex teased. I took the bottle of vodka out of my bag and we all sipped it, needing to take the edge off a little. We carried on dancing, and Mark, who I'd been talking to earlier, came over again. I danced with him again, and let him grind on me. I could feel his dick was getting a bit hard. I held on to his waist and pressed my body up against his.

"You're seriously gorgeous, anyone ever tell you that?"

"A few." I said with a wink. He leaned in and we started kissing, his lips were smooth and hot. I opened my mouth to allow his tongue to slide in-he obliged willingly. His hands moved down to my ass, stroking it while we kissed and grinded on the dance floor.

Alex POV

Shit, this girl was hot. Way too hot for me, yet here she was, with her tongue down my throat. Hey, I wasn't complaining, what the slut wants, the slut gets. After a while of making out with her and touching each other right there in the middle of the dance floor (this place was filled with sex craved 18 year olds, I literally saw a guy finger a girl), she had to leave with her friend, some ugly chick who looked bored as fuck. She gave me her number and I found Giovanni sitting at our booth drinking a beer he'd bought from the bar.

"Hey man, we have our own alcohol, why did you buy that, you could have asked Tiffany for the bottle."

"Yeah but she looks a little busy over there with that guy." I saw him jab a finger in her direction grumpily, he looked a little jealous I thought.

"Not this again, you don't still like her do you? That'll fuck up the whole dynamic of our threesome."

"No way would I have a threesome with you."

"That's not what I meant you retard! But you don't like her?"

"No man, I'm just tired, I think we should go." We agreed to go get Tiffany and leave to get back to the villa. We pulled Tiffany away from that guy Mark, and hailed a taxi to take us back.

Giovanni POV

I hoped I would get some action on this holiday, Alex and Tiffany had already got some on the first night! I was feeling horny and pissed, not a good combination (usually resulted in a painful cock). When we got back to the villa, everyone was asleep. Alex and I went up to our room, and said goodnight to Tiffany. I wanted a wank, but Alex had dibs on the shower first so I went downstairs in my boxers and watched a bit of TV in the dark. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, expecting it to be Alex but it was Tiffany.

She was wearing shorts and a tight white string vest, with no bra. Her nipples were showing through, her large boobs bouncing as she walked. She came and sat down next to me.

"Thanks for defending me, you didn't have to do that." She hugged me and laughed. Her nipple touched my arm, it was hard as rock.

"Of course I did you're my best friend." Why did this girl always have her boobs on display, I was getting ANOTHER erection. "Anyway I'm going to see if Alex is out the shower."

"You can use ours if you like." I agreed and she led me upstairs to her ensuite shower. She gave me another hug, pushing against my cock. She told me to be quiet when I was done as she was going to sleep and Roxanne was sleeping.

I got into the shower, rubbing my cock with shower gel, relieving myself. Tomorrow night, I would have to get some action. I brought myself to climax while thinking of Tiffany, her naturally red lips, her golden brown hair, her green eyes, her large breasts. This was something I used to do often, but hadn't for over a year. Just as my cum was dripping out th tip of my cock, there was a knock on the door.

"It's just me, don't open the shower curtain OK, I need to get dressed in here and wash my face."

She was naked, just 4 feet away from me. This was something that I coulnd't resist. I slowly peeked through the gap in the shower curtain...

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