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Our First Sexual Experience…

Contributing Authors: literot 

We both returned to the barn loft for some real fun…

Tony and I continued to see each other in the hayloft of my folk’s barn at every chance when we could slip away, but not quite as often as we would have liked.

Tony started coming over to my house a few evenings each week when we would sit out on the front porch in the swing just talking. Every now and then we’d meet over at my place and go out to my folk’s barn and, if no one was around, we’d slip inside, wait for a few minutes to make sure we were alone, and if we were, then we’d climb up into the hayloft to masturbate with each other.

Most often, when we were able to get up into the hayloft, we would begin by getting some fresh clean soft hay and make a nice mat, then throw a blanket or quilt over it so we could lie down after getting undressed.

We usually started off by lying down on the blanket facing each other and stare at each other’s nude body before starting to do ourselves individually for a while before playing with each other.

Tony would always begin by gently stroking his full erection before asking me to take over to finish him off.

I would begin by very gently and slowly placing a finger into my now very wet vagina and getting some of my wetness to rub on my clitoris, giving me a wonderful feeling while my vagina began to secrete even more of its wetness for me to enjoy. By now my clit was getting oh so very sensitive to my touch.

Tony would then take over by moving my hand away, so he could dip a finger in me to cover it in my juices and then begin to gently rub circles over my clitoris making me buck, squirm, and beg for him to put a finger into my vagina to finger-fuck me to a fabulous orgasm.

Tony and I were only able to be together once in a while, so I really wished we could get together more often than we did, but we made the best of those few times we could.

After several months of our haphazard playtimes, Tony started to get more anxious and even a little aggressive in his approaches with me. He wanted us to take our masturbating experience on to the next level.

Over the next few months, he became very persistent and wanted me to give him more than just a hand now and then. He really wanted more from me, which I was still just not ready to give him or at least not just yet.

Then one day something very strange happened that got me thinking more about what he had said he wanted to do with me. I didn’t say anything to him about this new feeling that was beginning to gnaw at my guts in such a way that I could really see myself breaking down and coming around to his way of thinking.

He kept saying to me how nice it would be if we were to at least try it once to see what it would be like. This was getting to be a real nuisance as there was more and more pleading on his part.

One day, Tony did something a little different. He told me that he had bought a package of condoms, so if the opportunity were ever to come up, then he would be prepared for it, should I ever say ‘yes’.

Finally, one day after he had been pestering me for several months and begging me over and over, I looked over at him while we were walking home from the store and finally said, “OK, Tony! Yes, I will. We can try it once and note that I said onlyONCE’.”

At that point, he became completely ballistic and ecstatic, wanting to tear all of my clothes off, right there and then on the side of the road.

I then had my hands full, fighting him off, so we could at least get somewhere that we’d be safe and much, much more secluded, comfortable and private so we could hide away from prying eyes.

We headed straight to the barn’s hayloft where Tony stripped out of his clothes very quickly and was already displaying an enormous erection, wanting to put it in me before even attempting to get me the least bit ready or wet beforehand.

I had to stop him by saying, “If you want that thing inside me then I must first be turned on, wet and ready or you’ll lose out altogether. Is that clear enough?”

This brought an immediate halt and it brought home to him the reality that this was for both of us, and not just him or his pleasure alone. He then treated me more like I wanted to be treated in the first place.

He realized that I was the one in control and a person, not just an object from which he could just take what he wanted or treat any way he chose. I think he realized that even though I had said, “YES,” it did not mean that I was dirt beneath his feet and that I would not be walked on or treated as such!

After he calmed down, we both became much more relaxed and I was now getting well lubricated and as keen as him to try this out. My wet pussy would make sure that his cock would be able to slip inside my vagina much more easily.

Slowing right down, he rolled the condom over his erection and knowing what was coming, it seemed even larger than usual. Taking his time, and lying me down on my back, he slowly eased himself into me and gently started to push. As this was my first time, his gentleness made the loss of my virginity easier than it might have been if he had been rougher, a bit painful though it was.

Inevitably, as it was his first time too, he came very quickly and long before I was ready to cum. One of the benefits of being young is that the recovery time is short, and soon he was ready again, and with a new condom safely in place, he started to fuck me again, this time lasting long enough for me to wallow in the pleasure of my first fucking, slowly building to one, two and finally a third crashing orgasm, nearly passing out in the process, at which point he too grunted and filled the condom once again with his seed.

I really was surprised at the experience of my first time having sex. It was nothing like I’d expected it to be. “Wow!” Even after all the fun times we had spent together masturbating, I’d never have thought it would lead to an experience so pleasurable and I only regretted that it hadn’t happened much earlier.

Now the barn loft is witness to much more exciting activities than it has seen before.



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