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Our First Time

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Nick was a virgin, as was I, but on that night we spent together you would have thought he'd had years of experience.

I was a pretty young sophomore in high school, at the tender and sexually-peaking age of sixteen. He was a junior and seventeen. We'd been dating for several months and had spoken about sex a few times, agreeing we'd wait until we both felt ready for it.

It was a Saturday night. We were sitting on his bed holding hands and watching a movie, and his parents were out for the weekend. When the movie ended I glanced over at Nick and realized he'd been staring at me for several minutes. He smiled gently and brushed a strand of hair across my forehead, and then he kissed me, slowly and sweetly. When we pulled away our eyes met, and we both knew that this was the night.

Without a word I slipped out of the bed and crossed the room. I grabbed one of his flannel shirts off a chair and flashed him a wink as I slipped into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. Blushing already, I stripped down to my bra and panties. They were my favorite set, black and lacy and very sexy. I stroked by small breasts through the bra and wished they were larger, even though Nick had told me he preferred small breasts. I slipped the flannel shirt over my head and looked at myself in the mirror. The shirt barely covered my panties, and my legs looked long and smooth and tan, all the way down to my small bare feet. My hair looked attractively tousled. I felt happy and beautiful and ready to give my body to the boy I was in love with.

Shyly I opened the door and reentered the bedroom. While I'd been changing, Nick had dimmed the lights, and he now lay in bed, completely naked but covered by a blanket from the waist down. I giggled like a little girl. He looked extremely handsome and very sexy.

Nick stared at me for a long time, his eyes drinking in my body from my face all the way down to my toes, savoring it, a mischievous smile on his face. I crawled into bed with him and he knotted his fingers into my hair, rolled over on top of me, and kissed me. It was a hot and passionate kiss, his tongue exploring my mouth hungrily. Every few seconds he'd pull away slightly them come back with even more fire. He could have broken the kiss to slip the shirt over my head, but instead he continued to French me as he tenderly undid the shirt, one button at a time.

It seemed like forever before finally the last button was undone, I wanted him so badly. He slid his lips down my face and began to kiss my neck as he slid his hands over every inch of my long legs, around the curve of my hips and the dip of my waist, all the way up to my lacy black bra, cupping his hands around my concealed breasts gently. He began to stroke them on the exposed tops, kissing them sweetly. Slowly he eased one hand under my back and unclasped the bra, sliding the straps off my shoulder and finally removing it completely.

I blushed as he gazed in admiration upon my small white breasts. On one breast he began to play with my nipple as it hardened lustily; on the other he flicked my nipple with his tongue and then began to suck on it. I gasped in pleasure as he sucked and tickled and squeezed and pinched, all at the same time. I ran my fingers through his hair, craving even more.

Gradually Nick continued to squeeze and pinch my breasts as he kissed his way down my flat stomach to the black panties. He touched me with one finger and stroked up and down as I moaned softly. Then he tenderly slipped the panties down my legs and tossed them to the floor. “Gorgeous,” I heard him murmur as he breathed his hot breath on my tight smooth-shaven virgin pussy, gleaming white in the moonlight that streaked in through the window. He used his fingers to play with my lips, then parted them and flicked my clit once with his tongue. I gasped in surprise at the sudden pleasure his touch had given me.

As his hands reached up to pinch my nipples Nick began to eat me out, his tongue sliding in and out and all around, licking up and down my soaking wet pussy and all over my clit as I moaned louder in heightened pleasure. He dared to insert a finger into my little ass hole, a daring move as we'd never spoken about anal sex, but it gave me such a shiver of excitement I couldn't protest. Then he switched, sliding two fingers in and out of my dripping pussy as his tongue fucked my ass, all the while as I panted and moaned even louder and squeezed harder on my breasts.

In one graceful movement he suddenly reversed his body, so his face was still pressed against my pussy but his large hard cock was now dangling alluringly over my face, beckoning me to eat it. I didn't know much about oral, but I was desperate to try to give Nick as much pleasure as he was giving me right then, chowing down on my ass and pussy, so I tried my very best to make it good.

First I used only my hands, one squeezing his balls over and over while the other stroked up his long hard shaft and back down. I added my tongue, licking all over his balls and all the way up to the tip of his cock and back down again. I heard Nick moan as he continued to eat my ass and shove his fingers into my pussy. Encouraged that I was doing well, I brought his cock into my mouth and sucked on him slow and deep, all the way down into my throat.

Nick moaned more loudly, and then suddenly it was time. He turned again so his mouth was pressed against mine and I tasted my own pussy on his tongue, and his cock was nudging hungrily against my swollen pussy. I was nervous about the pain, but I trusted Nick as I ran my tongue all over his mouth to tell him I was ready.

He slid his cock into me quickly but very gently, and I winced in pain as my cherry popped and blood began to flow from my pussy. But despite the pain I wanted desperately to be fucked by this boy, so I fought tears as he began to slide in and out very slowly and gently, still squeezing my breasts and kissing me tenderly. As the pain gradually subsided, he began to move faster, trusting in and out and in and out with more and more force, and his fingers pinched my tender nipples harder and he pressed his tongue deeper into my mouth. I gasped for breath and had to pull away from his kiss to scream in delirious pleasure as we began to climax.

Nick's body began to shake and he moaned loudly, his hands squeezing even harder on my breasts. I breathed raggedly and let out another scream as I felt his hot cum fill me up, and my own sweet juices flowed like honey from me. Nick collapsed on top of me, our sweaty chests pressed together and our mouths panting and feeling completely and utterly fucked. We fell asleep together, and that night remains to this day the greatest time of my entire life.

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