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Our First TIme

I clung to him relishing in the feeling he left

I clung to him as he thrust in harder and harder. His length rubbing against my walls, rippling over my g-spot. I moaned as he kissed his way to my neck, moving my hair aside he sunk his teeth into my neck. I gasped trying to remember how to breathe.

I felt the sweet pain run from my neck to my pussy, making it contract hard around him. He stiffened and stared right into my eyes. He slid his hand up to cup my throat and pressed down slightly. I arched up and moaned. I looked like a cat in heat, the way I arched and all but purred as he ran his hands down my body.

I watched as his eyes turned smoky and a determined grin set on his face. He reached down and pulled my legs apart, baring me before his eyes. I couldn't take being that exposed and covered my face in my hands. He took my wrists in one hand, pulling my arms above my head. The look in his eyes was pure determination. He slid his free hand between my legs, covering my pussy with his hand. He slowly stroked his fingers up and down my slit, getting close to my cilt but not actually touching it.

I thought I was going to die from pleasure overload. I whimpered low in my throat as he finally touched my cilt. The brush of his fingers running over my cilt made me buck with pleasure, he laughed deep in his throat as I whimpered and tried to ride his hand. He slid one finger down my pussy and thrusted his finger into me, I arched, gasping. He kept working my pussy with his finger and one more until he had two deep in me. He circled his thumb around my cilt as he kept thrusting his fingers in and out. He every now and then slowed to just barely sliding his fingers in and out, to thrusting his fingers hard and fast.

I moaned loud and buried my face in his shoulder, I nibbled his neck in the curve of his shoulder. His fingers hit my cilt and g-spot at the same time, making me gasp and end up sinking my teeth into his shoulder. He moaned and did it again making me bite harder. He growled and wrapped his hand in my hair, pulled my head back and kissed me hard. I couldn't take it anymore and on the next thrust of his fingers, I came hard. Ripple after ripple of pleasure ran through me, circled my cilt and into my pussy, making me cum harder and harder. Coming down from my high, I opened my eyes and his head was resting against my neck.

His breath against my neck made me whimper. I pulled him hard to me and laughed at the sheer pleasure in his eyes. I reached down and slid my hand over him. Stroking his dick slowly, I rand my hand over the head, around and down the base. I started doing this faster and on every down stroke I licked the head.
As I licked the head again, he grasped my head, pushed down so I engulfed his cock in my mouth and came hard, moaning loud. He slowly withdrew and pulled my into his arms, cuddling me against his chest. I buried my face in his neck and relished in the after glow of our first time.

He cuddled me closer and whispered against my neck, each word followed by a kiss.

" I love you baby girl".

I smiled and kissed him back "I love you too, baby".

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