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Our first time pleasure

remembering our first time
I remember the first time we touched each other. Our lips touched, and then our tongues You were nervous. But gradually our tongues met and we kissed slowly for the first time, tongues and touching. I felt your arse, such a gorgeous arse and God, I wanted you.

I remember the first time we touched each other properly when we felt inside clothes for the first time. My finger touched you, so wet and excited for the first time and then you held me for the first time slowly sliding you hand up and down. We were both so turned on; me by how wet you were, you by how hard I was.

I remember the first time I slipped down your body and kissed your lips for the first time. When I parted your legs for the first time. I remember the sound that escaped from your mouth when I licked you deep and slowly. I remember being so turned on when you let me lick you that first time, and then I heard you coming as I licked you more. I so wanted you..

I can feel me entering you for the first time, the warmth of you all around me gradually entering you further and further and then moving faster and harder inside you. I can feel you thrusting yourself towards me trying to get more of me inside you. I can feel your hands on my back pushing me deeper inside you.

I remember so well when you took me in your mouth for the first time. I remember your tongue licking my head, slowly, deeply in your mouth. I knew you wanted me in your mouth. I just wanted you to take me in your mouth so much, and then I remember trying not to come with your breath against me. I remember being so turned on when you kissed my hardness. I remember wanting to sink my tongue so deep inside you, to hear you groaning, to hear you coming as I licked you harder and harder.

I remember tasting you so beautifully, my tongue sliding lightly against you, making you sigh while you let slip your little groans. God, the sound of you coming is still the horniest sound I’ve ever heard, especially when I’m in your mouth.

But then we stop our 69 and change position and I want to fuck you from behind. Bbut you want to sit on top. So we roll dice for it; evens I win, and odds you’re on top, which is what happens. You slide yourself up and down the whole of me while I play with your nipples, squeezing and flicking them. I can hear you sighing. And you’re grinding your hips against me and it’s all I can do to stop from coming but you are so turned on, I think you’ll come before me (which never happens). I have a tit in each hand, playing with it, touching it, squeezing it, flicking your nipples. I hear you sighing with each touch. I want to lick you again, deep and hard, then lightly, then fast, then hard until your leg trembles and then you want me in your mouth. I’m desperate not to come yet.

Then I start to finger you slowly, with two fingers, then three, then I’m slipping all my fingers in you. The more I get in, the more turned on I am and the more I can hear you gasp. I want you completely and then we’re back in a 69. I can hear you crying and feel your lips over me as I lick and lick and lick. You are so wet, and I feel your groans against my whole cock. I feel your legs quivering as you come. I feel you sucking harder and harder as I buckle to an orgasm and we are coming together for our first time.
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