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Our first time sharing

Our first time sharing
M y first wife use to work at Sears Telecommunication Center back in the early 90's.We were in our early 20’s when this happened and I was the only person that she ever slept with.

She told me about this older guy in his late 30’s that use to work there. He would always hit on her every day and tell her how hot she looked. I would always ask her about him when we were fucking. She would get so wet and aroused when I mention his name. Once I suggested that she fantasize about him and pretend that I’m him. I told her to call out his name as I fucked her and she came so quick that night! So one day I asked her if she wanted to fuck him for real. She asked me "should Ii?" I told her “yes”. We both came really good that night. She asked he how far should I let him go? I told her to let him do whatever he wanted and come back in a couple of hours. 

 So that Saturday she had plan a quick date with him to meet her at the mall and then go to a motel. We showed up at the mall and I was there acting as if I was just another person at the mall. She was a small little thing. She was 5'2" 103 lbs. she wears a "B" cup size bra and has very sexy legs. That day she was wore a miniskirt and a white blouse with the top buttons undone. My heart was pounding when I saw him going over to her. She hugged him and gave him a quick french kiss. My dick was as hard as a rock see all this. They sat down for a while and I watch as they were talking and her was holding her and rubbing her legs. They walked around for a while as I follow from a distance. He had his arm around her holding her and every now and then his hand would rub her ass. They eventually left the Mall and went to his car. I was watching thru the doorway as he had his hand on her ass the entire way to the car. I went back to my car and drove home and waited for her to come home. It was the longest day of my life wondering what he was doing to her and what she was doing to him.

So much for a quick date! It wasn’t till about 10 pm that night when she drove up to the house. She looked exhausted as she came in to the house. I hugged her at door and asked her if she enjoyed it. She shyly said yes. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra when we went into the bed room and I slowly took off her clothes. She had suck marks all over her tits and when I took down her panties she timidly looks away when I saw they were cum soaked. I saw notice suck marks in-between her thighs. She wanted to shower but I told her not to. We got in bed where I could smell the sex on her. I asked what happened and what they did.

She told me they walked over to the car and “made out” for awhile. He asked her “what did she want to do”? She told “him anything you want”! That’s when he started really groping her and making out again. He had slipped his hand in her blouse and bra so quickly it startled her. She told me she just closed her eyes and let whatever happens happen. He unbuttoned her blouse and was feeling her all over. She reached over and grabbed him and could feel his hard cock through his pants.  She said she was so aroused she didn’t even here a couple of guys slowly pass and check them out. She tried to cover herself but they already saw her. That when he decided to go out for a drive. He drove around and asked her to unbutton her blouse and take off her bra. She did as she was told and took off her bra and covered herself with her blouse.

I was hard as a rock as she was telling me this. I was kissing her breast and she was jacking me off slowly. I couldn’t believe she did it! I asked her what else happened? She said while driving around to pull back her seat and he rubbed her tits and slowly felt his way down. This was the first time another man ever rubbed her pussy and she said her heart was pounding and she couldn’t open her eyes. He slowly reached up her leg and rubbed her pussy through her panties. She said she was soaked and he reached under her panties and started rubbing her clit. While he was driving he eventually had her legs spread and 3 fingers in her cunt. She said they finally got to a motel 6 and got a room. There he slowly took off her blouse and miniskirt and panties. He told her to close her eyes and lift her arms. She did and she could feel his hands touch her all over body. He slowly started kissing and sucking her mouth, neck and breast. He told her to open her eyes and he laid her on the bed.

As they were kissing on the bed she started undressing him. She told me he was in decent shape for someone his age. She took off his shirt and undid his pants. His cock was very hard and when she slipped down his underwear it popped right out. She said it was the same as mine but very thick. She started stroking it as they laid in bed. This was another first for her as started sucking on him. He got her in a 69 position and she said it felt unbelievable. He was sucking on her pussy lips and fingered her pussy and her ass. This was the first time she ever had fingers in her ass. She said came in his mouth and rode his face. She had never came that way before. I wanted to cum too but I wanted to wait till I heard the entire story.

She was exhaust and got off him and rolled over on her back. They were both ready and he slowly inserted his cock in her tight pussy. She said it took a while to get it in. Once he was in, he rode her like there was no tomorrow. She came two more times before he came in her. They both passed out and woke up a couple of hours later still in her. They started up again and he did her doggie style again with three fingers in her ass. He found her sweet spot and made her cum twice. They also did it in the chair with him sitting down and her riding him. They laid down and fell asleep again and notice the time. They got dressed and he kept her bra as a souvenir and he drove her back to her car at the mall. There they made out a little while longer and she got in her car and drove home. As she was telling me the story and jacking me off I started kissing her breast and working my way down her body. As I got to her crotch area, I could smell a pungent odor of sex. I could smell his cum mixed with hers.

I started kissing her pussy for the first time with another man’s cum in her. I licked and suck her as she told me the details of her first erotic affair. We both soon learned that we both enjoyed this and that this was a start of a new lifestyle for us.

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