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Out Of Habit

A truly blessed way to lose one's virginity...

They had to hurry. He would return soon. They always did.

“Sister, where… “

Her glare severed the young man’s voice. She turned to the quietly obedient young woman who had also stayed behind with the visiting nun. Sister Lucinda knew the nubile would not be quiet much longer.

Their last class of their summer youth Catechism camp had ended. The sister would soon travel to another parish to conduct the same classes there.

During her time, she had convinced these innocents that God had spoken. He commanded that they should not ignore their hormonal urges. It was God’s love that they felt and they must act on that, or they would be cast into eternal damnation. There was no argument from them.

They were easy converts in this controlled environment of religious mind fuck manipulation. Like a vampire bat feeds on a mammal’s blood, Sister Loo, as they called her, fed on their gullibility and ignorance.

Most days, she could not believe how easy it was. On occasion, she wondered why she did it. Her answer was always the same - because she could.

She mesmerized both of her prey with her piercing eyes, directing the teens to where they should lay. This is what God wants. In his house. They truly believed and understood that.

The nun knew exactly where – on the altar, under the large, clear coated, mahogany crucifix - the farming community’s prided contribution to their place of worship. Jesus was flanked by the colorfully scriptured stained glass. He always was. And he always had the same message.

Obey thy Lord and thou shall liveth a full and prosperous life. That was the Christian way. Fear was the cleverly orchestrated by-product. Sister Loo concurred and approved of the latter.

“Undress and place your clothing as an offering at His feet. Let Him see your uncloaked body’s as God intended.”

Both did with a cultish giddiness and the moral resignation usually reserved for end-of-the-world types. How little they knew how real that was.

Her black veil moved like the spinning cape pass of a matador, drawing the bull in to receive its cold, steely death. The Sister had quickly turned her neck in the starchy, white coif, to glance back at the chapel’s doors. Although they were locked, he had the key.

She said it was a sign that their birthdays fell on the same, summer day for the past sixteen years. That coincidence was not lost on anyone. To their awe, its observation was confirmed earlier that week, luring both here today.

The nun approached the standing nudes, now with them flanking one third of the Holy Trinity. Their healthy flesh oozed innocence but their maturing bodies contradicted it.

In full post-postulant attire, Sister Lucinda approached and pointed to where the girl should kneel before the boy, the same spot where both have knelt before Christ.

“Take him in your mouth. Let his hardened flesh feel the warmth of your wet, virginal mouth. Savor his taste and draw him in like God’s breath.”

Sister Loo stood mere feet away as she watched the young one wrap her lips around the farm boy’s cock. The nun in her then sharply reminded the young man to watch the lurid act, as he struggled with this first pleasure. The girl slowly and carefully swallowed part of his sex, less than Sister Loo wanted, but more than any church-going boy expected.

“Slowly, push your face against his body. Take as much of him in your mouth, as far back as you can, without gagging.”

The girl nodded as her head slowly bobbed along his length. Growing frustrated with her tentativeness, the nun encouraged her to take more, by moving behind the kneeling one, and pushing her head forward. When the girl finally gagged, she pulled off, coughing out him and her dripping saliva. As she wiped her eyes and cleared her throat, she watched the nun tightly wrap her rosary beads around the base of his cock.

“I want you to kiss my Rosary. Concentrate on touching the beads with your lips. This will help you focus.”

The nun then guided the teen’s head back on track, assisting her until nearly his entire length disappeared in her face. The boy was becoming a man, offering Christ, their savior, his rite-of-passage moans, as his fellator improved and could now repeatedly kiss the Rosary.

The Sister praised the young woman and directed her to lie at the foot of the crucifix, with her feet directed towards His on the cross. It was the boy’s turn to taste unsullied flesh.

With the cock ring rosary in place, and careful not to graze his erection on the altar’s aging burgundy carpet, he crawled through his partner’s sweet mist, admiring the gloss on her lips. The nun then placed her personal bronzed crucifix across her young clitoris.

“Do not touch this,” she directed the young man. “Not yet.” She then placed the girl’s hand on top to prevent it from moving, and to shield her pleasure spot from his inexperience.

The boy was clumsy, as most his age are, but his fingers and tongue drew out the pleasured moans Sister Loo expected. He made sour faces, sampling his first aroused vagina, but the Sister knew it was an acquired taste, one that the young man would seek out the rest of his adult life.

He carefully used his finger, then fingers, to assist her body with receiving his. After a few more moments of awkward fingering and oral exploration, she told the teens it was time, and retrieved her crucifix.

With their hormones raging beyond control, the nun flipped her mental coin, deciding today the girl would be tops. Moving quickly, because she did not know how much time they had, she had the girl straddle the boy, while Sister Loo maintained a grip on the erect Rosary wrapped penis. She rubbed his smooth skin against her slippery smile, spreading the necessary sheen for penetration.

“You remain still,” she ordered the young man, as nuns can and historically do. “However, you, my dear, will do most of the work. Someday, you will thank me for this.”

Her grimaced face channeled and displayed the discomfort as his girth parted her body in a way unlike ever before. Through the pain, she felt the heat of his unsheathed sword, which caused only a minor flesh wound, but also excited her even more. Once the head was in, the Sister released his shaft and stood back to admire her work. Her students were now only a few inches away from salvation. And then, in her deepest region, the girl felt the full length of being saved.

Sister Loo let God’s nature take its course, and watched them gain a rhythm only created by an attempt at procreation. As their hip’s moved in unison, their perspiration grew, covering both of their bodies in little pearly beads of sweat. She felt the radiation of their sexual heat, closed her eyes, and inhaled their fornicating aroma. This is why she did what she did.

When she showed the young man where and how to use his finger, the girl released a vocal blast to the heavens. He was a quick learner, but she was also ready. As he continued to rub circles, the young woman fell forward into his arms and began biting his neck.

Amused, Sister Lucinda moved behind and inserted the long end of her crucifix in the girl’s tight ass, then wrapped the chain around his balls, limiting the travel between their bodies. They were now connected, as she said, as God intended. It was also just a matter of time.

Suddenly, a faint car engine grew louder as it pulled into the yard. He had returned. They needed help. This had to end now for her collection to be successful.

The libidinous nun lifted her black pleated skirt and lowered her fiery cunt onto the boy’s face, grinding her heat until he got the hint. She then leaned forward, grabbing both sides of the girl’s porcelain face, and thrust her tongue deep into her cherry mouth. This created the Trinity of Sexual Absolutism. She then grabbed the teen’s healthy-sized, sweaty breasts and pulled her body towards hers.

From this connection, the nun’s energy flowed though the teens, causing both to immediately scream out from their new carnal experience. The shocked girl’s eyes watered as she uncontrollably trembled. Sister Lucinda continued to twist her nipples and swirl their tongues as the teenager’s insides received the young man’s gift of freshly discharged seed.

The nun heard the slam of the car door and then saw the man’s head pass from window to window as he walked to the front of the chapel. He shook the locked doors before forcing the key into the deadbolt. Sacrificing her own orgasm, the Sister decided it was time to leave. Mission accomplished.

~ ~ ~

She stood on the side of the dusty road awaiting her ride. She then saw it, as his old Buick pulled out from church ground’s gravel driveway, watching his head frantically whip one way, then the next. He then angrily slammed his hands down on the steering wheel.

She stood there, amused by the show, while waiting for him to notice her. When he did, he eased onto the road and pulled up beside her, having already lowered the passenger window.

“You didn’t by chance see a… “

He stopped, realizing how what he was about to ask would sound, so he aborted his query. His calling of service took over and he asked what Lucinda expected he would.

“Miss, can I help you?”

She nodded, “I lost my ride.”

He sighed, releasing most, but not all, of the stress from the past ten minutes.

“Sorry, I can’t go far. I have something to deal with at the chapel, but I could take you to the next town. Would that be okay?”

She again nodded, adjusting her sunglasses, and intrigued but not amazed, that he did not recognize her. He had never seen her out of her stifling religious garb. He had never seen her long hair. She was temporary. He had truly never seen her before. She opened the back door and then reached for her luggage.

“Do you need a hand with that?” the clergyman asked.

“Thank you, Father. I can handle it,” she replied as she tossed her beaten and battered travel trunk into the back seat. She did not share with him that virgin souls transported light.

As they drove away, Lucifer glared at the ordained man’s celibacy, realizing that there was one more virgin soul that he could personally collect this fine, mid-summer’s afternoon.


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