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Passion among the poppies

Tags: kiss
Me & Joseph had been friends for as long as I can remember. Our parents always said we would be together, which would just embarrass us both! We were convinced we were just friends, after all we had a brother/sister-like relationship. You could guarantee wherever Joseph was I would be too, and vice versa. During the summer break we would spend everyday together, out walking, bike rides, picking apples from the trees... they were sweet times. Who's life isn't sweet when you're 16?!

Neither of us had ever been in a relationship - we spent too much time together to fall for someone! We had just left school in 2001 and the summer break was here and college would soon be around the corner. One Tuesday morning Joseph called me & asked if I wanted to go for a walk. As always I agreed and before I knew it we were walking through a poppy field 3 miles from home. The sun was shining, there were no sounds other than the birds singing and our young innocent laughs.

"Did you know poppies are red because they're angry?!" Joseph joked.

"You're so stupid!" I laughed and I pushed him sideways.

He pushed me back, we were laughing so hard shoving each other. I shoved him so hard he fell to the floor and lay there giggling. Before I knew it he had pulled me down with him and we were lying there struggling to breathe with laughter!

After taking a moment to catch our breaths back we were surrounded with silence. Joseph turned to me and smiled, and I smiled back - it was a special moment. I'd never realised how special he made me feel and I was overcome with passion and I think he felt the same, he was lost in my eyes. He took a poppy from his side and broke it from it's stem. Delicately he pressed it against my nose and I smiled... he slowly leant towards me and pressed his lips against mine. I kissed him back, kisses that are too soft to even describe. His lips were gentle and loving. I put my tongue into his mouth and caressed his tongue playfully as I felt him run his hand up my leg and under my summer dress. This was our moment, shielded by the fence of poppies around us.

His trembling hand began to pull down my knickers as I slid my hand through his hair. I looked at him and smiled and told him it was ok. My knickers were now around my ankles and Joseph looked lost.

"Touch me Joseph..." I whispered.

I took his hand and lead it to my area. I pressed his fingers against my clit and slowly moved it round in circular motions. My hand left his and he was now pleasuring me independently. I tilted my head back and sighed, I'd never felt anything so good. I don't think I'd ever been so wet, I always thought masturbation was the best pleasure but now I knew I was wrong. Fireworks were exploding inside of me.

I pulled his head close to me and kissed his lips hard, he began fingering me. Slowly at first then harder and harder. I was screaming... I ripped open his pants and thankfully he was hard. I caressed his penis with my tongue, up and down and round and round - he loved it. I gripped it with my hand and rubbed it so hard, I looked up at him and his eyes were closed and mouth wide open. I knew he was going to cum but I wanted to save the moment, I stopped.

"Make love to me Joseph..." I smiled and he kissed me.

I lay back down and he overcame me. He lifted up my dress some more and in moments he was inside me... He was in and out so wildly, I panted and squealed with pleasure. I was so hot and so was he, his sweat dripping from his brunette hair. I grabbed his butt cheeks and pushed him further inside me. Thank god we were in a field, we were like animals! We were both screaming, with him caressing my spot - it felt amazing. We both came together and kissed each other breathlessly.

The passion was so immense I think we blacked out... I woke up and I was in his arms. We looked at each other, smiled and kissed. I thought about how much he meant to me and was grateful I had lost my virginity to such an amazing person.

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