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Patience Pays Off

A long story depicting my first time, don't read if you're looking for quick sex.
I hung up the phone with shaking hands before returning to my netbook. I typed a quick goodbye to the people I had been chatting with before sitting in the couch by the front door. My boyfriend of two years was finally coming back from his hockey team party. Trust me it sounds raunchier than it is, in reality it's a charity event where all the players wore their jerseys and took younger kids to the mall for a movie and dinner, before going back to the rink and teaching them to ice skate. Although it was a cute thing, I really had one thing on my mind.


I had been dating Michael for a little over two years by now. He stood an inch over six feet, his head was adorned with short dirty blonde hair. His eyes are strikingly beautiful, a light blue with a darker ring of color surrounding them. I had met him through my best friend, coincidentally enough, he's her younger brother.

Even though we had been together for two years we had yet to engage in intercourse. I was completely obsessed with oral sex though. Giving, not receiving. The feeling of a warm, throbbing, hard dick sliding down the tight confines of my throat is the most arousing thing in the world. Then listening to his moans as I swallow his heavenly cream? Ahh, oral sex is heaven.

He had never touched me, mostly by my request. I was extremely uncomfortable in my own skin, he didn't complain often but rather accepted this as an odd quirk of mine. As I saw his jeep pull into the driveway I knew that tonight it would all change. That tonight, everything would change.

I stood up, nervously tugging at the shirt that was adorned over my body. It seemed like forever as the door handle turned, but finally he was standing in the doorway. I squealed happily as I dashed forward, throwing my arms around his neck. His strong arms wove their way around my body as he leaned down, lightly brushing his slightly chapped lips over mine. I couldn't hold back a moan, standing on my tip toes I reached in, desperately trying to deepen the kiss. I could feel a smile form on his lips as he pulled away slowly,

"Hey baby. I missed you today."

I giggled, resting my head on his chest and listen to the steady beating of his heart. Moments passed before I pulled away and looked him up and down. Even after two years I couldn't get used to his stunning form. His jersey was hanging loosely on him but I knew beneath the material was a faint six pack and chiseled pecs. His arms were formed to perfection as they tightened around me. I pouted my lower lip out and he chuckled before closing the front door and stepping away from me to tear his jersey from his body.

He reached out and handed it to me with his slightly calloused hands. I took it from him, shamelessly taking off my own shirt and sliding his jersey over my body. The overwhelming scent of his cologne and sweat filled my nostrils. It was like an aphrodisiac and I could immediately feel my pussy heat more and quiver. I needed him tonight, there was no going back.

"You okay?"

I nodded silently dragging him to my bed. I saw out of the corner of my eye as he flopped down onto it, aimlessly dragging his fingers over his abs. I smiled slightly to myself as I put my favorite DVD into the player. When the main menu screen popped up I clicked play and climbed my way into bed. On reflex Michael pulled me into his side, I rested my head on his chest once again. This time comforted by the feel of his warm skin against my ear. I knew it was now or never.

Ever so slowly I dragged my finger down his stomach to his abs and began running my fingers through the slight groves. I could hear his breath hitch in his throat, and I could even feel his heart beat harder. The fact his abs were so sensitive would definitely come in handy tonight. Slowly my finger went lower and lower before repeatedly tracing across the skin just above his belt.


His voice was shaking just like a boy who's voice was about to change, I chuckled quietly ignoring his nerves. I continued the playful teasing, watching the bulge rise in his jeans. They were once loose, but it didn't seem that way anymore. Once I felt he had been hardened enough, I straddled his thighs. He looked down at me, his eyes already glazed over. With shaking hands I undid the silver buckle. When it came undone and flopped open he hissed, as if I had singed him with fire. I began acting with urgency, fumbling with his button and yanking his zipper down. His hands were already clenched onto the sheets as I slowly slid his jeans off of his body.

"B.Baby. Don't. Don't tease."

I looked up at him, my crystal blue eyes filled with innocence. He knew that he would never get his pleasure if I wasn't allowed to tease first. I slowly slid my body upwards, taking extra time to make sure my C cup tits ran over the dick hidden beneath the flimsy boxers material. He groaned loudly at the contact, all I could do was smile as I nipped at his chest with my teeth. Ever so slowly I ground my hips into his cock. Feeling the hard throbbing of his dick against my panties was driving me crazy. I added my own moans to our sexual soundtrack as I slid back down his body, sliding my hand underneath his boxer band.

The feel of his erect member once again held safely within my grasp caused sparks to fly down my spine straight into my clit. I desperately needed pleasure, but I knew if this was going to be both of our first times he had to cum now. God knows I didn't want to embarrass him by letting him go into me right away and let him cum too fast. With this thought in mind I pulled his boxers off, tossing them aimlessly behind me, I could always find them later. His eyes were already slid closed as his right hand found it's way into my hair.

I smiled slightly, before pursing my lips and pressing it against his sensitive cockhead. A small drop of white precum was already bubbling out, flicking my tongue out quickly I stole it. He took in a sharp gasp of air. I couldn't help but giggle before sliding the whole head into my mouth. I could feel my teeth lightly over the surface. He either didn't care or didn't want to mention it. I silently thanked him, in return tightening my grasp on the rest of his shaft. More of his sweet juice was sliding out and I drank it down excitedly. Nothing is better than swallowing my man's cum.

I pulled off slowly, taking one deep breath before taking his head back into my mouth. What I was about to do was why Mike was in love with my blowjobs. I could almost smile with confidence as I ever so slowly slid inch after inch down the tight confines of my throat. He was so thick, and filled me so nicely. He moaned my name quietly, as if it was a cuss word before thrusting deeper into my throat. I responded by pushing hard ,swallowing all that was left. He began to tug on my hair and thrusting in and out of my throat rapidly. Clenching my eyes shut tightly I gagged repeatedly, and I didn't care. This is what he wanted, and it's what I felt in my blood I needed to do for him.

Finally, I could feel his balls tighten up and his dick seemingly swell more within my mouth. The last warning sign was his deep grunt, it seemed like an eternity before he finally came. I moaned at the taste, shot after shot landed on my tongue and slid down my throat. I drank it hungrily, milking him for more as if I was starved. He reached down and slowly pulled me off him, I blushed bright red as he lightly pressed his lips over mine. I kissed back, reserved, embarrassed by my obvious hunger for his hard member.

"Michael. Take me."

My voice was shaking and I could feel tears forming in my eyes as I begged him. He looked up at me, his own blue eyes swimming in confusion as he stared at me, his tongue darted out over his lips as he licked them. A nervous habit I had long ago discovered.

"As in, sex?"

I nodded silently, stepping backwards from him onto the floor. His eyes stayed glued on my body as I bent over, slowly taking my underwear off my body. He groaned quietly, possibly frustrated that his jersey was just long enough to still cover my pussy he had been waiting two long years to see. Again, I slid onto the bed and up his body. As I settled onto him I took extra care to make sure that his dick was laid between my pussy lips.

My warm liquid was dripping on his rapidly hardening cock. I couldn't resist slowly sliding back and forth, the comfortable friction of him rubbing back and forth over my clit and sensitive opening caused me to moan his name quietly. Every part of me was on fire as I moved back and forth discovering this new feeling. My breathing was heavy, and my nipples were hard little rocks under the jersey I was wearing. An orgasm was creeping up on my body from this simple little movement, and I was nowhere near stopping.

I guess lost in my own arousal I didn't hear the way Mike was breathing, or his quiet pleads for me to stop. All I was focused on was the fire building between my legs, and the need to bring it to a greater height. I was riding that amazing edge, the fine line between going over and giving myself completely to pleasure, and the feeling of escalation. The ultimate desire to reach such a heightened state. Something needed to set me off.

It was the first time I heard him, throughout the whole ordeal.

"Oh my god."

His voice was deep and gravelly as he pushed forward, hitting my clit roughly. I screamed in shock and pressed down against his cock (that was now shooting strand after strand of thick sticky white cum), everything was sensitive. The air around me entering my lungs even felt like pleasure. I was shaking uncontrollably, and the words and sounds escaping my throat were things I had never heard before.

I finally collapsed onto his chiseled chest, a shaking, sobbing mess. His hands were rubbing in ferocious circles on my back as his lips seemed to be permanently pressed to the top of my head. I can't really explain why I was crying, because I don't even know. For some reason it just seemed like the right thing to do.

"We don't have to do this."

I looked up towards him, slowly gaining control of my central nervous system again. His eyes were so sincere, so deep, and the depth of his love for me was plainly obvious with this one look. I bit my lip hard and nodded my head. He reached up, once more kissing me. The feel of his lips pressed against mine again completely distracted me from his hands. They were slowly tugging the jersey upwards. As I sat up straight again he pulled it over my head. A Cheshire cat grin spread across his face as he saw my boobs in front of his face.

They are a solid C cup, firm and high on my chest. I am rather fond of them, and the perky hard pink nipples adorned on top. Ever so slowly his hardened hands slid up my stomach to cup my orbs. I groaned quietly and leaned into his touch as he began to fondle them. He had never touched between my legs, but he was definitely a master with my chest. His warm tongue flicked out over one of the sensitive nubs. I gasped at the sensation and desperately leaned into his mouth. He followed my signals and sucked it into his mouth, nibbling and suckling heartily.

I groaned loudly, rubbing his head and playing with his hair lazily. I was moaning again, whispering his name as it if was the most blessed word on the planet. He pulled away and moved to the other one. I couldn't decide which feeling to focus on, his warm mouth attached to my breast, or the cold air hitting my wet nipple. It was overwhelming, and my pussy was completely soaking. I pulled away slowly, he groaned and pouted up at me. I couldn't help but laugh at his fat lower lip before pulling it between my teeth and suckling.

"Are you sure about this?"

I nodded slowly, wrapping my arms tightly around his shoulders. He held me back, slowly flipping me around onto my back. I began to shake in fear, and I desperately tried to hide it from him. He smiled down at me, before carefully kissing down my body. I spread my legs slowly, breathing heavily. Fear was overtaking my body as I wasn't sure how he would react. He had never seen my pussy, let alone touched it. My eyes were clenched shut as I was fearful if they were to open I would begin to cry.

His finger slowly slid down between my pussy lips. I gasped and arched into his touch on reflex, I risked opening my eyes slowly. I was rewarded with the slightly humorous sight of him grinning, staring between my legs in awe. I smiled slightly, almost proud of him as began touching me. Listening to my various reactions. He soon decided my clit was his favorite new toy as he experimented with various ways to touch it. He rolled it between his fingers, pinched it, rubbed it in circles, and up and down. I was squirming and my juices were pouring out of me in hard gushes. It felt so good, better than almost anything before, but I just could not orgasm for a second time.

Then he did it. He lowered his head and ran his tongue up my pussy. I gasped and immediately flew my hands downwards, desperately trying to hold his head there. He obliged and moved his tongue lower, sliding it into me. I groaned and pushed up into his mouth. He slid his finger between us and began rubbing my clit rapidly. For a first timer, he knew what he was doing. Maybe watching porn together had paid off in the end... After a few short moments I exploded. Once again making the words and noises I had never heard before.

He pulled away, an accomplished smile adorned his face. As did a thick layer of my juices. I couldn't help but smile at him as his tongue snaked out and cleaned up everything it could. I giggled and opened my arms. He slid onto my body slowly and kissed me. I got lost in his touch, his feel, his warmth. The sensation of his slightly chapped lips against my perfectly smooth ones drove me wild. And when I felt the careful poke of his tongue against my lips I moaned internally, slowly splitting my lips and allowing his tongue in. I sucked on it mercilessly.

The only thing that could draw me away from the kiss was the feel of him weaseling his dick between my legs. I pulled away, laying my head back and breathing heavily as he fumbled. I laughed quietly and he groaned and whispered embarrassed, "Don't laugh at me."

I reached down and grabbed his hard shaft, slowly lining it up with my hole. He gasped as the tip of his head was covered in my liquids. I groaned at the pressure that was already building before he ever began to thrust. He looked into my eyes one last time, his blue eyes brimming with wetness. I reached up and caressed his cheek, taking this moment to memorize the beauty of the man on top of me.

"I love you."

He pressed his lips to my forehead as he slowly pressed in. I spread my legs farther and gasped in intense pain. I could feel his body cringe but I rubbed his ass slowly, urging him to go on. He took this as a positive and steadily pushed in farther. My hymen had been broken while bike riding as a child, but that didn't seem to make any difference. He was far too large for my tight pussy. By the time he was all the way in I had tears streaming down my face. He stopped and caressed me against his chest, kissing the tears away. I choked on air, slowly trying to steady my breathing. This was not how I had imagined this moment.

"Tell me when you're ready."

I nodded slowly, searching for his lips with my own. He relented and slowly kissed me back, massaging his lips against my own as if it could erase the pain I was feeling. And magically, it seemed to do just that. The pain was disappearing and a severe tingling was growing. I needed more. I moaned quietly, pushing against him. He pulled away from the kiss and rested his head alongside mine and began slowly thrusting.

I could feel his body shake with every movement, I'm not quite sure if it was the new feelings he was experiencing or the fear of being bad in bed. Either way, I will never really know. What I do know is the feel of his thick seven inch cock stretching my once virginal pussy was out of this world. I wanted more, I needed more, and I was already craving it like a whore. I tightened my muscles around him and was pleased when he moaned loudly. Mike had never been much of a moaner unless he was just about to cum.

He reached down slowly, tracing his thumb over my clit clumsily. Even if his actions were nowhere near perfect, the feeling was still more than I could handle. I gasped and bucked against his body, having my third orgasm of the night. It was more than I knew possible and I just needed more. My fingernails clawed into his back, he didn't seem to register the pain, and I didn't really care either way.

"Fuck baby."

His voice was a new level of deep, a completely different tone than I was used to. As my orgasm relaxed I clung to him tighter, desperate to feel the heat of his skin on mine. He began thrusting rapidly, his skin smacking against mine loudly. My tits bounced against his chest, and his grunts, gasps, and moans filled the air around me. I pressed my lips to his ear and quietly whispered, "Cum in me baby. Fill me. Make a baby in me."

A long time ago we had discussed our various turn ons, and I was well aware that the thought of getting me pregnant was one of his biggest kinks. He gasped loudly before thrusting violently into me one last time. His back arched at a severe angle as he exploded into me. He seemed to forget to breathe as he let loose inside me. I watched in awe as the man I love squirted his seed into me for the first time.

He finally collapsed on top of me, a sweating trembling mess. Suddenly going into mother mode I tenderly kissed his temples and massaged his back with my hands. He whimpered quietly, almost like a lost puppy as he slowly drifted off. I whispered to him quietly, "I love you, Michael. Always."

And just before I closed my eyes to rest too, I flicked my eyes to the tv screen and saw that the ending credits were just rolling. Oh well, I had seen the movie 100 times anyway.

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