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Patti Was a Tomboy

sex with the girl next door
Chapter one.

Patti was a tomboy, 16 years old, hair cut in the schoolgirl style and pretty quiet for the most part. She didn't seem to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend and I didn't know very much about her even though she was my next door neighbor. Our parents had no contact with each other mostly because of indifference. I had never really paid any attention to her. She was actually very good looking, blond with clean, flawless skin and a nice face and small but obvious tits, however she walked like a boy. There was nothing wrong with her. She just didn't come across like the other girls, no make up, no dresses or sexy clothes. She wore jeans or shorts with a T shirt and always a bra. She wasn't a flirt.

We really became aware of each other when she began to play basketball at school. Our driveway was right next to hers. I used to shoot hoops everyday and one day as she watched I invited her to play with me. Patti was very competitive. I had an advantage, being taller than her and also being a better basketball player, but instead of rubbing her face in it I worked with her showing her what I knew. She improved quickly and it showed when she played at school. I went to see her play so we could talk about how she could improve and that was how our relationship began.

At school I was considered the boy every girl wanted, even the seniors. I was tall, with blond hair and blue eyes, smart, a great student and one of the best athletes, playing basketball and football. I was a good date, giving a girl a good time without trying to feel her up every time, so when some of the kids found out that I was spending time with Patti, who was a year behind me in school, no one could understand why I would do that. Patti didn't fit into the unofficial school social register as though that really meant anything. Some of the kids said she was a lesbian or a dyke.

As we got closer we began to do things together. I had rebuilt an MGTF that we tooled around town in. We went to Tabor's golf range and hit golf balls. I taught her to shoot skeet, taking her to a gun club I belonged to. She was good too and she enjoyed it. We played catch and batted balls to each other. We even went out to the lake in her father's boat and fished. She came to see me play football and often we played touch together, but it was almost always alone, just me and her. Inevitably we began to see each other in a sexual way with the possessiveness that comes with those feelings, but now I'm getting ahead of myself.

Before I was aware of it, Patti fell in love with me. For several weeks I had no clue even though I was more experienced than she was. I masturbated every night but never thought that Patti might be doing the same thing. Then one day when she was in the garage as I worked on the car, she came close to me and leaned in, not touching me except for the kiss she gave me. It was a gentle, soft, long, surprising kiss. I could feel her trembling. Then she quickly left me standing there and went home. I understood what had happened in a heartbeat and how clueless I had been and how much she had come to mean to me. She came back a few minutes later.

As she came towards me I held my hands out for her to hold and thus did we have our first real kiss. I had never kissed anyone like that before, making a wordless pledge that she was my girlfriend. Patti trembled and there were tears in her eyes. After I kissed her a second time those tears ran down her cheeks. I held her tight as she blotted her tears against my shirt.

"We don't talk enough." I said. "You should have told me."

"I was afraid to. I thought it might ruin everything." she said.

For a couple of weeks we did what we always did but when we were in the garage we kissed at least once everyday. Then when the open season for partridge arrived we went for a day long hunt with my Brittany Spaniel. I carried a backpack with water, and some lunch. She had to pee first. I let her walk away and looked the other way. When I had to pee I was close enough so she could see my penis when she looked. This was all new territory for us. I had touched girls before on dates but had never done it. We ate the food I brought and for the first time we actually made out, kissing and pressing our bodies together. Patti could feel my erection, of that I had no doubt. In a way it was still kid stuff but we were on the cusp of something more.

"I think of you at night before I fall asleep. I masturbate." I said.

"Me too. I think about being with you and letting you touch me " she said. "What should we do?"

"I think we should touch each other." I said. "We don't have to do 'IT'. Touching each other is enough for now. At least we won't feel like we're going crazy. I need to masturbate, Patti, and I want you to do it for me. I love you. I want to kiss you everywhere."

"I love you too." she said as we kissed. But at that moment we did nothing but kiss. At least we had verbalized how we felt. We came home with no birds for our days hunt.

The next day in the garage was different. All the parents were at work and we went up into the 'attic' climbing the wooden ladder nailed to the wall. I already had begun to make myself an apartment up there. Things went pretty fast when Patti lay back on the bunk. She took her top off as I unsnapped her bra before kissing her tiny, firm breasts, sucking her nipples and kissing her tummy. Inexorably I worked my way down towards her sex pulling her bottoms off and smelling her pubic hair and kissing her labia. I was desperate to look at her sex. With her ass cheeks cupped in my palms I spread her labia with my thumbs as her scent came rushing out to me, making me drunk with lust. I could hardly believe this was happening but I knew what to do, licking her from her anus to her clitoris several times before worrying her button until her release began. It was awesome seeing Patti cum, flexing her body in tandem with her spasms. I licked away the vaginal debris she had pushed out during her orgasm and kissed her inner sex, probing into her vaginal opening and anus as she recovered from her orgasm.

Once she recovered she explored my sex, feeling, kissing and smelling my glans and scrotum. Learning how to manipulate my foreskin, looking at it slide over my shaft and taking my glans into her mouth, caressing my coronal ridge with her tongue. Finally she masturbated me until I ejaculated. She smelled and tasted my semen before helping me clean the mess. In the aftermath we lay there doing nothing at first.

"That was so good." she said. "It felt like I would explode, but now that it's over, I feel peaceful and satisfied. It doesn't feel like I did anything bad."

"Me too." I said. "I liked feeling your hand holding me. That's the way it's meant to be I guess. I love you Patti." We kissed after that, not talking any more. We both knew that we had passed through a door that we could never go back through. Everything had changed.

In the next few weeks we experienced what millions of adolescents having sex for the first time have to deal with, the lack of privacy with parents nosing around. It was hard to act as though nothing had happened and her parents were suspicious. Patti's parents kept her on a short leash. My father was different. He thought a growing boy should learn about sex by having sex with lots of girls, just like he had. He also had a young girlfriend, something I'm sure my mother knew. Their marriage was nearing it's end during those months.

Patti was allowed to go to school in my car but was expected to return right after classes, giving us no time to fool around, and she had almost no friends that she could have "sleepovers" with to provide us with private time. She was allowed to shoot hoops with me but not to disappear into the garage. Finally Patti had a blow out with her parents telling them that they could not stop her from seeing me if she wanted to. That didn't work so she went to the school nurse and explained the situation. The nurse referred her to the school psychologist who dealt with these kinds of problems all the time. He commiserated with her but that was all. Nothing he could do. So Patti decided to disobey her parents and just fight it out, using every weapon at her disposal. She began by skipping school everyday until her mother got a call asking if her daughter was OK. She stayed out late every night while her parents thought that I was home alone since they could see me doing my usual things with no sign of Patti.

Most of the time she hid out in our attic which rapidly, with my father's help and money, became a workable place to stay. For some reason that escapes me we never thought of simply living in the house. The attic now had a toilet, a sink and a shower. It had a stove and a microwave. There was an A/C unit and a gas heater for the winter. There was electricity, lights and a desk to work at with a computer. It was a crowded space but it was all ours. We could now seal the opening to the first floor so we had privacy. Two days after Patti began her campaign we spent time together one evening and every evening thereafter. It was all oral at first but we could do it totally naked and I finally explored every inch of her beautiful, golden body with it's near invisible blond body hairs. The second time we watched a video of girls fellating boys. That was a revelation for Patti who that very night gave me a blow job, swallowing my ejaculate like the girls in the video. She also learned to please me by assuming sexy poses, like getting on her knees and sticking her ass up with her head on the mattress to show me her anus and sex as she learned to expect and love oral/anal stimulation. She learned fast. The more orgasms Patti had the more she wanted, becoming a chronic masturbator casually doing it within my sight. I was ejaculating so often I wasn't always able to join her even though looking at her doing it made me hard. Some days she masturbated several times. She would go home around ten at night. I could hear the yelling but she just kept coming back. Her parents tried to get the police involved but they said that no law was being broken. Their daughter, their problem.

Finally the day came when her parents relented. Now we could do things together again and Patti returned to her classes. She stayed with me all the time, sleeping with me. Every night we had sex, Patti also continued to openly masturbate, but we also concentrated on schoolwork. I helped Patti catch up and surpass her classmates. By the time I graduated I had begun a business that was taking off. Like my old man I had a knack for making money and a second business quickly followed. I married Patti when she graduated and we moved into the house. Living together as a married couple. By this time her parents had accepted our relationship. Neither of us wanted to go to college but Patti took courses in accounting and tax law since she became involved with the business. We now had unprotected vaginal sex all the time until Patti became pregnant. Life was good....

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