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Threesome on the job
I got the job yesterday, and it doesn't look good that, if I am not mistaken, the owner is trying to flirt with me.

It's just a waitress job, but it took me long enough to find this. His wife hired me. She was impressed by the fact that I have experience, but my being a size 7 clinched the deal. The woman before me was a size 7 which meant she wouldn't have to order new uniforms. Beatrice explained that the colors of the uniforms had just been changed before the previous girl left. She was happy she didn't have to send these back for a change in size.

Her husband, Kerry, kept giving me "the eye" every time I picked up an order for a customer. So far, I just smiled and delivered the plates, but this was getting tiresome. How many smiles could I give him throughout the day?

Around 3pm, the lunch crowd died down, Kerry after speaking with Beatrice, decides to show me the stock, and how to order supplies. Although skeptical, I follow Kerry down to the lower level stock room. After hitting the lights, this seems to be a very appealing break room. The couple has accessorized the room with a couple of rocking easy chairs, a television, and a sofa, along with a long sturdy table in the middle of the floor. Shelves, and cabinets line the wall with condiments, and supplies, everything that was needed upstairs. Kerry started explaining to me, how Beatrice and he liked things stacked and accounted for as soon as delivery was made. He also instructed that it was not acceptable to run out of items, so when supplies got low, an order needed to be placed.

As he continues to explain, he maneuvers around the table, and ends when he is standing in front of me, with my back against the table. I guess he felt this was a good of time as any to pounce. Placing his hands on either side of me at the edge of the table, he leans all of his 5'8 height down to my 5'3 frame and asks;

"Are there any questions?"

Feeling very uncomfortable I reply, "No, I think I got it."

You would think he was finished, but no.

"You know, this job also comes with perks, that is if you are willing to play."

"I really don't know what you are talking about Mr. Kerry."

"Well, are you willing to let me show you?"

Now curious, but still nervous, I answer, "Why don't you tell me first Mr. Kerry. I would hate to be involved in something Mrs. Beatrice wouldn't approve of."

"First of all, it's Beatrice and Kerry. Lets drop the Mr. and Mrs. we want to be more than just employee's. We like to play. I'm surprised Beatrice hasn't explained this to you before you were hired?"

"I promise you Kerry, this was never bought to my attention."

"So you object?" he asks with a look of disappointment in his eyes.

"No." I hesitantly respond, "But I would like to know what you are talking about."

"I'll show you."

Without a further word from him, Kerry lifts me onto the table. My waitress uniform was a short dress, so as my ass hit the table, I could feel how high my dress went up from the coolness of the tabletop. He held my shin's with the palm of his hands, lifting them, and holding them at the end of the table.

"Mr. Kerry! I don't think this is appropriate!" I try to explain.

"Shhhhh, it's Kerry."

He nuzzles at the inside of my legs, deeply inhaling my scent as he moves from the top of my thighs down.

"You smell so good!"

I had no idea what to say. THIS IS MY BOSS!

I could feel his breath as he moved back up my other leg. I flinch when I feel the flutter of his tongue against my skin. He goes down one leg, then back up the other. He hesitates near the crotch area of my panties.

Using his tongue he licks at the cotton of my panties before moving my panties to the side with his tongue, then starts lapping at either side of my clit.

I try moving back and away from him, but secretly it felt good, and I haven't been eaten like this in a long while. Just as I start enjoying the friction he was giving me, in the corner of my eye I see Mrs. Beatrice!

"OH MY GOODNESS!" I try pulling myself free from his grasp, to no avail.

"Shhhhh, enjoy it baby, it's ok." she purrs at me.

Shocked at her reaction, she comes toward me. Kerry hadn't bothered to stopping what he was doing. If anything he's gotten more into it.

Beatrice moves to the side of him, bringing her hands toward my neck. I grab her at her wrists, not sure what she was going to do, but she leans over me forcefully pulling apart at the silver snaps that held my dress together. My feet, as if in stir ups, but really held apart by Kerry's hands. Now that my bra was exposed, Beatrice, busied herself working on the frontal clasp of my bra. When she finally gets it to pop, my large breasts fall free. Beatrice takes no time quickly forcing one of my nipples into her mouth. My other breast is not ignored, she rolls the nipple back and forth between her middle and index finger, bringing it to an erection.

She climbs up, joining me on the table, alternating sucking at my breasts, while her husband sucks at my pussy. My hands rest at the back of my thighs, inadvertantly assisting Kerry at getting deeper into my twat.

"Look baby," Beatrice exclaims, "She wants you to go deeper."

Still shocked at what is going on, I let Kerry lift my lower half to his shoulders, as he went to work attacking my hole. Beatrice gnawed softly on my boobs, until we hear chairs moving in the store above.

"B, go take care of them." Kerry briefly stops to order, before getting back at it.

Beatrice pulls my nipple hard as she breaks the suction she holds on it, climbs off of the table and heads upstairs.

Kerry uses his fingers to hold my lips apart briefly. After wrapping his lips around my clit, he lets my outer lips slowly close around his mouth. He suckles at me, then alternates putting his tongue into my hole, and licking me up and down. He starts to go faster and faster. Causing my reaction to buck at his mouth wildly. Finally, I've reached my first orgasmic reaction.

Although my body still spasms at his touch, I can't bring myself to pull away from him, he is that good. Beatrice returns, and shows her displeasure at missing my first orgasim.

"Baby, you left me!"

"No, babe. I'm waiting for you now."

WHAT? THIS ISN'T OVER? What possibly could be next?

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