Playin while hubby watches

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Hubby entices me to seduce unsuspecting men

                                         Playing While hubby watches

     My name is Kim and my Hubby's name is Doug and this is a story that l would never had thought would happen a year ago but sit back, read and learn.
     I stand 5' 11 and l weigh 125, 36cc breasts and my nipples are very sensitive. I have a very wet pussey with a very large orgasmic clitoris. I am a blaqck girl with very long curly hair and l must say that for a 46 year old l keep myself in good shape. we have 3 children, 2 girls and a boy and they are not at home anymore so we have the nest to ourselves.
     Doug is 45 and also 5' 11. He is 190 and very well built. His circumsized penis is about 8 inches erect and very thick. I used to have a hard time putting all of him in my mouth but now l guess l am used to it. He is a white man with the most gorgeous blue eyes l have ever seen on a person. That was what got my attention.
     When we met in college, it was taboo for a black lady to be dating a white man but we were rebels and our relationship bonded very quickly. We wed in our very early 20s and we had the kids early. First was the twins David and Lucy and then came Rose a year later. The kids  grew up very close and there was never an argument amongst any of them.
     Well Doug and l were very committed to our legal profession's and the family. Everything that we did was with the family and neither one of us even thought of having sex with another person.
Our sex life was great when we had the time but it seemed that our busy lives just made us both too tired for sex, and then all of that was to change.
     Doug was a master of starting a conversation and having my full attention with every word that he spoke. I guess that is why he is a very successful lawyer.
     We were laying in bed after a night of great sex and he was stroking my sweaty chest and not saying a word. We were at the lake for a couple of days of r & r. I could tell when some thing was weighing heavy on his mind.
     "OK Romeo, spit it out"
     " You whench, ha, ha" " You can always tell when l have some thing heavy to tell you"
     This is the first time in our marriage that l thought l was going to get hit between the eyes with a brick. I was actually starting to tense up.
     " Honey, you are my world", He says, " and our entire life has been about us and the kids"
"Well l have been having these really strange and weird dreams and l just don't understand them".
     "Don't stop now" l said, as l started to breathe again. I then snuggled up to him and was stroking his chest and penis while he was talking.
     " Ok he says. Hear goes and then he proceeded to tell me that he was watching me making love to other men and not just one at a time but some times groups of men. He would watch me get dressed for the night and follow me to where l was going. He would sit in the back of the room and watch me flirt and tease men. He would watch me leave the room with a man and return half hour later and come over to where l was. He said that l would lean down and kiss his lips with cum on my breath. He would go home and wait for me to bring men there and seduce them. When they would leave our place Doug would come out of the closet and go down on me and eat my cum filled pussey. We would have some really wild sex.
     " OK now it is your turn to take the lead and let me know what is happening "
     I was speachless. As he was describing these unpure dreams l was getting really wet again. I have not even thought of other men in that way before. While he was talking l was folloing his story and getting turned on by the thought of fucking other men and then letting my husband have his way with me. I was thinking about playing a game with strange men and having my husband present for the entire seduction show.
     I rolled over on top of him and looked very lovingly into his eyes. As l was doing this l slip my soaking wet pussey up his hard shaft and put him inside me very slow. I was soaked and l whispered a very soft and slow voice.
     "Dougie, Does this answer your question about where my mind went when you were telling me your dreams" " To seduce these men infront of you and knowing that you would be with me at the end" " Wow".
     I was now slowly riding his cock and l was in total control. He was very thick and my pussey is very used to this dick.
     "I have never even thought about another man in all the years that we have been together"
     " I am your follower and anything that turns you on will for sure turn me on". " I think it would be a fun game to try, and we would use signals to let each other know that the game is over".
     I was picking up speed now and my talking was sending him over the edge. I can tell when the time is right to go to the next level and this was it. In no time l was cumming really hard and he was shooting his nice load of warm liquid into me.
     We layed in that position panting for a few minutes and then he raised my head and held it between his hands and kissed me very deeply and lovingly.
     " This was the ice breaker, so to speak and we can talk about this another time, OK"
    Ok sweetie
     We drifted off to sleep and the next morning we were getting ready to go out on the lake for a day. We were extra  loving toward each other and he was very touchy , feely.
     We packed the boat and off we went. We were out in the middle of the lake when Doug turned the engine off and dropped anchor. He stood up on this 26 foot doral, took off his swim trunks and looked at me naked with that shit ass grin of his and then jumped over board and was skinny dipping.
     I was shocked. The only water that my naked body has ever seen was in the shower. Not in the middle of the lake with other small craft whizzing by.
     " Oh what the hell "
     I shed my bikini and now my naked butt was doing a swan dive.
     Doug and l played and spashed for a good solid hour in the water. The connection was awsome and l was having the time of my life. We got back on the boat and l was getting ready to dry off and get dressed when he stopped me.
     " Honey, let the world see your beauty be jeallous of me to have such a prize."
     " You sure know how to flatter a sweet and innocent lady like myself" Ha Ha
     Doug got our lunch ready and l was laying on the deck on my tummy when l heard another boat getting close to us. I looked up and saw a couple in there 60s and he was comming over to see if we were ok.
     Doug was down below getting lunch ready and l just froze right there on the spot. I could not get up because they would see me for sure naked and if l layed there on the towel they would see my black beautifull ass.
     " A'hoy mates" " Is everything ok on your ship"
     " Yes l stammered" we just relaxing and getting ready for some lunch"
     Doug yelled up " Why don't you join us "
     I think the old guy was going to say sure but then his wife noticed l was naked and pulled his arm.
     He very quickly said "Thank you but we must be getting back" Then he looked at me and winked. He then sped away.
     I yelled down to Doug " You bastard "
     He came upstairs laughing and with a huge hard on. This entire scene turned him on. Ok so after the shock of it all l was getting turned on too. I did not realize how wet l was until after they left.
                                             Playing that got out of control  Part 2
     Doug's little games went on like this for about 2 month's. He would rub me in public. He would have me dress real sexy and take me out to dinner. At dinner he would go to the bathroom and leave me for extendd periods of time. When he would return he would tell me that he was watching me from across the room and see all the men frothing at the mouth and wishing that they were Doug for a night.
     I  would look around the room and did realize that l received a few smiles. This talk was getting me wet and l was wondering where all this was heading.
     The next day at work l received an e mail from oug to meet him at one of our local malls and to go to a certain dress store to try on some dresses and tops. I loved shopping so l thought " what a sweetie"
     When l got there l was met by a sales clerk but no Doug. She had some clothes put aside for me, so l guess Doug was there at some point. I went into the back room to try on the skirts that he picked out and wow. They were so short and sexy. I have never worn anything so short in my life. I must say though that l did look good in these leather skirts.
     The clerk picked out 8 tops to match and l had 5 skirts and 8 tops and they all fit and felt so good. I could not decide which one to buy and when l left the change room, the clerk told me that they were all paid for that there was a note for me. She then said that you are one lucky lady to have an admirrerer like this with money.
     I laughed and said " yes all l had to do was marry him and give hime 3 kids"
     I opened the note before l left and this is what it said.
Dear Kim:
     Your beauty is so exhillerating and l can't get enough of you. You are the biggest turn on in my life and this is why the note with the special instructions. I have so much love and trust in you but this weekend we will live our fantasies. I have witnessed how you react to other men and our love making has been electric. I would love to see you totally seduce other men and be seduced by other men.
    If you would like to play with me this weekend then l would like you to go to the salon down the aisle. There is a make over waiting for you there with another note.
Your admirrer
     I folded the note and had a smile on my face. I winked at the clerk and said " I guess l have a date for to-nite."
     I went into the salon and when l told them who l was they had all the ladies pampering me.
make up
I felt like a princess. I must say that during all of this l did not know if l could do like Doug wanted me to. I have never been with another man in 28 years. But l sure was horney and wet thinking about it.
I did not know where to go to do this and where to start. Then the sales girl handed me an envelope.
Hi Honey:
     Me again. If you are reading this note l know that you want this as much as l do.
Go to the sherraton on the other end of the city. There is a suite in your maiden name. Take your new clothes up there with you. Get dressed for the night and there is a garter belt on the bed with some fish neck stockings. Do not wear any panties.
     Go to this address at 9 p.m. and on the second floor will be a singles dance happening. When you  enter go to the bar and get yourself a drink and then take a table by the dance floor. You will see me there but do not talk with me. You are to work the room and trust me, l know that you will not be alone for long. Throughout the night l will dance a few songs with you for an update but make sure our dances are just friendly dances. The men that you would like to pursue our fantasy with l would like you to be overly friendly with and the ones that do not interest you just dance once but do not lead them on. We will be in close contact all night and l can't wait to taste you at the end of the night. This is day one and to morrow is another adventure. When you go to the club make sure you take a taxi.
     I love you so much and l want you to really enjoy your self to the fullest. If at any time over the course of the night you want to stop this just come over and sit at my table.
Love Doug
p.s. I have the biggest hard on planning this and writing this note l think l am goingf to releive myself now.
When l read this note l was so excited and he really thought of every thing. I did not know if l could do this with no panties as l am tall but l would give it a try.
I arrived at the Sherraton and the valet took my car to park it. I went to the desk and everything was set up. The bell hop took me to my room and when l entered l was in awe. There was also some really pretty roses there with another note.
Hi Kimmer ( my pet name )
      I will be in the adjoining room and no l am not there now. Our balconies are connected and l would like you to turn the lights down low when you leave and make sure the curtains are open 2 feet. Unlock your balcony door also. If during the night question's come up . Just say that you are in town for litigation from Toronto.
     I looked at the clock and l have 30 minutes so l should get ready.
     I changed and put on the garter belt with the stockings. Then the new low heel shoes with my black leather skirt. I chose the white satin top but then panic set in. I did not buy a bra and the black one looked really bad with this outfit. I looked so sexy in this l decided to go with no bra and yes my nipples were erect. Well for that matter l was so wet that my pussey juices were making my theigh's squishy.
     Too late to turn back now and l left the suite and went to the elevator. I waited for what seemed like an hour but was only 5 minutes and then it finally arrived. My perfume was saying " Ok boys if you are animals then you will follow me anywhere "
     Just as l was getting in l heard from down the hall " Hold it please "
I looked up and there was a young man of about 35 getting in. He was very well built and also very cute. He was white and had a smile to melt an ice burg.
     "Thank you mam" " I would have had to wait and l am late for a night of clubbing in this big city "
     We chatted casually and when we got to the ground floor he offered me a ride in his cab. I declined but not because l wanted too. It was because l did not know where l was going. I told Gary to have a good night and we shook hands good bye.
He said "Hope to see you later like maybe in the bar for a night cap or something"
     He was full of compliments and was very polite. He was a little shorter than me and l was thinking that this would be a great guy for a first time with. I could tell by his hand shake that he had a great touch.
     " I said that if fate is here then we could possibly meet for a night cap "
     I entered my cab and gave him the address. The ride was very short but l could see the driver tilting the mirror and looking up my skirt.
     " Keep your eyes on the road " l said and then he appologized and we pulled into the parking lot. I entered the room on the second floor and the room was pretty full. I thought " Oh great, how will l get a table by the dance floor and also how will l see Doug"
     I went to the bar and l could feel a lot of men eyeing me up and down. I ordered a drink and then a waiter said to me.
     " Excuse me ma'am, Are you Kim"
     " Follow me there is a table reserved for you"
     This table was beside the dance floor but against the wall and surounded by trees, It was very romantic and private. I sat with my back to the wall and as soon as l sat down Doug appeared and asked me to dance. He looke like a real hunk with his blue eyes and shirt collor up like Jimmy dean.
     We got on the dance floor to a slow song and he whispered to me.
     " You look fantastic like always, Honey let yourself go and have the time of your life to nite. If after to nite you do not care for this then we will not ever do it again and no matter what. To morrow morning l will love you more then l do right now.
     "I said to him as l was rubbing his neck. Dougie honey, I have so much love for you and l know that you know that" " But there is one little problem and l think l am the only one with the sollution. " You see you turned a little pussey cat into a tiger. My pussey is so wet now and it needs attention in the worst way." By sounds of things l will not have your tallented tounge down there for about 6 or 7 hours. Well my pussey is going to wait for you with great anticipation and look forward to having you service it" This next statement is a promise.
     My wet and horney pussey will be getting a lot attention between then and now "
     Then l kissed his ear lobe and left him on the dance floor with a raging hard on and a smile the width of the room.
     I went back to the table and finished my glass of wine and then got up to go to the ladies room. I had to clean up the pussey juices running down my leg.
     When l returned to the table a older man of about 55 asked me to dance and this was a one song token dance. Then the night started and l had more token dances. I thought maybe my criteria was too strong and l was comparring these guys to Doug.
     T%hen it happened. A Jamaican man of about 30 came over with a drink. I declined politely and said l am so sorry but l can only get drinks from bartenders. If he was interested in getting my a drink from the waiter l would be very appreciative. He understood fully and when the drink arrived we had a toast and then he asked me for a kiss and a dance.
     I was surprised " in that order " ha ha.
     Well Kim " You are the most beautifull goddess here and your lips are so inviting.
     I leaned over and gave Feruk and very soft kiss on the lips and then took his hand to the dance floor. This man was a very quick mover which l was a little turned off by. His hands were al over my back and l could feel his erection pressing into me. This was not a good start.
     He went from possibillity to a token dance. We left the dance floor and l danced a couple more songs and then Doug came over for another dance.
     I mentioned to him that there were some real hungry people in this room but nothing yet.
     He was concerned that l was having a good time and l told him that this is very exciting. I said what is really cool about this is if l do not meet the man to nite l will still be with Doug at the end of the nite so it feels like l have won the lottery. I did tell Doug that if l need to talk with him l will go to the bar and get myself a drink and that would be his cue to dance with me.
     I was back at my table and then it happened. A hand was on my shoulder and this man said " It must be fate "
     I turned and said " Gary " please sit down.
     He did and then he ordered two fancy drinks. We chatted and he was in town on a buying trip and he was out bar hopping. As he was talking to me he was stroking my hand. This man had the same converation pattern as Doug. The drinks were very good and much better than my wine. We danced and he was very confident in his approach.
     He had an erection but was kind of trying to conceal it. His soft hands were playing with my hair which gave me goose bumps. He kissed the nape of my neck ever so softly l think l might have cum right there if l did not stop myself. We entered into a very long deep and meaningfull kiss to the song " Stairway to heaven ".
     I had to speak with Doug NOW.
     We left the dance floor and Gary said " Why don't we leave and grab that nite cap"
I had my hand on his leg and l leaned over and gave him another kiss that would have made a nun cum.
     "Gary, " and l squeezewd his thigh " I have to go to the bar for some air and then we will leave.
     I went to get a glass of water and Doug was standing there. I said to him with out looking at him for him to meet me down the hall by the wash rooms.
     I went down the hall and when l noticed Doug following l ducked into the stairwell. He entered to and l turned and said .
     " Honey, this is the man and he wants to take me back to the hotel for a night cap. He is staying on the same floor as us and l met him earlier in the elevator. He is so much like you and l am trembling now. Tell me again that this is what you want because my pussey needs some attention or l am going to explode.
     He squeezeed my hand and said " Make sure the blinds are open 2 feet and that the door to the balcony is unlocked. Now go and fuck this man's brains out and have the time of your life and leave the clean up to me." " Oh yes l love you so fucking much and l am getting close to cumming in my pants thinking of this event."
     Then he kissed me on the cheek and left.
     When l returned to the table l could not see Doug any where.
     "Ok are you teasing me about that night cap or did you change your mind"
     Gary stood up and took me by the hand and led me down stairs. There was a cab waiting and we got in. Once the cabbie got the address gary leaned over and Gave me a very deep and soft and sensual kiss. His right hand was stroking my neck and down my chest and over my erect nipples. I was not stopping him and my mind was trying to speed him up. He teased my nipples and then proceeded down my belly and over my theigh's to my nylons. His fingers were inching up my skirt and l was squirming in anticipation. I slowly opened my legs and then the taxi stopped.
     " Oh shit dam we were at the sheraton "
     Once inside l was hopping he would not want a night cap but l was wrong. We went into the bar and had a drink. We sat in a secluded corner and he was touching and stroking me the whole time. I finally had to take the bull by the horn.
     "Ok Gary, l am going to my room now and if you would like to join me for a drink you would be most welcome but if you choose not to then l have really enjoyed my time with you.
     The whole time that l was saying this l was stroking his hard cock and l could tell that he was long and fat and very hard.
     We sttod up and Gary said " Lead the way "
  Before we left the lounge Gary ordered a bottle of wine from room service. I went to the ladies room and he went to the men's room and we were to meet at the elevator. The whole time l was in there l was thinking that he might not show. Then l got to thinking how horney this whole event of the evening made me and l needed some serious pussey action. Doug wants my after glow and that is exactly what l am going to give him.
     When l got to the elevator Gary was waiting. He took my hand and gave me a nice soft kiss where our lips barely touched. We entered the elevator and the room service guy was in there too. Great timing l said. This had to be the slowest ride to the 21st floor that l have ever had. Gary had his arm around my ass and was giving it little sqeezes and strokes. I loved this man't touch.
     We finally arrived and we followed the room service guy to our room. I opened the door and let him in. He went straight to the bar and set up the wine and uncovered the strawberry's and whip cream. Gary thought of everything. I noticed that the door to the patio was open an inch and l could see Doug's outline on the other side but he was hid quite well. I noticed because l was looking for him.
     Gary was behind me and he reached around my waist and took the room service bill and sighned it with an arm on both sides of me. The waiter thanked him for the tip and left the room.
     Gary stayed behind me and was giving me little butterfly kisses on the nape of my neck. He whispered into my ear, " Why don't you pour us a glass of wine ". As he was saying this his hands were teasing my chest and nipples.
     " OK " I gasped
     I reached for the bottle in the ice and then for the cork screw and as l was doing this he was very slowley unbuttoning my top. His fingers were magical and when l had the cork popped l then attempted to pour. He had my top unbuttoned all the way and now his hands were working there way up my bare skin and cupping my brerasts.
     " This is very difficult l managed to say " " OH god your touch is magical" and l leaned back into him.
     His hands worked there way around my breasts and to my sensitive nipples and he was very gently twirling them. " I am waiting for a drink pretty lady "
     " Oh god don't stop......yes yes yes "
     I tried to regain my composure and pour the drinks.
     He removed my top and then went back to stroking my nipples. My juices were running down my theigh's and l knew l was really close to my first orgasm. I was having little tremors and this has not happened since my first time with Doug.
     I handed him a glass to calm this down and it worked for at least 12 seconds. He toasted me and he had me sip from his glass and he from mine. He then put his glass down and reached over for a berry and dipped it in some cream. He fed it to me and l bit half of it and then he took the cool berry remain and rubbed it over my nipples.
     He turned me around and gave me a very long and slow kiss. I was very weak and l had a hard time keeping my balance. I needed to lie down but he was inflicting a slow orgasmic torture on my body. He then broke the kiss and took another cream dipped berry and put it into his mouth and kissed me again and we exchanged the berry 5 or six times but the whole time we were kissing he was slowly unzipping my leather skirt and let it fall to the floor.
     " oh Gary" , l said as l broke away from the kiss and hugged him with my 95% naked body.
     " take me now and don't wait another minute"
     He stroked my ass cheeks and his index finger was putting a little pressure on my crack of my ass.
     " In due time sweetie "
     He kissed me again and his hands had full coverage of my ass and back. He was so gentle and in no hurry at all. I was tugging at his shirt and he was offering no help at all.
     Gary finally led me to the bed during another kiss marathon and he had me sit on the edge of it. That devil managed to unsnap my garte and have it off also. He then got down on his knees and gentley pushed me back and he proceeded to take my nylons off with his very skillfull hands.
     He was so slow l just about jumped up and was going to yell at him . "CAN'T YOU SEE YOU HAVE A VERY HORNEY WOMAN HERE THAT NEED'S SOME SERIOUS PUSSEY ATTENTION ".
     He finally had them off and l layed on this bed trembling and on the verge of a orgasm. My insides were churning like a volcano ready to erupt.
     He got up and reached for our drinks. He had me  sit up and then he stood infront of me as if to say " Ok you can have your way with me for a bit " without saying anything.
     I stood up and pulled his shirt over his very muscular body.
     I gasped as this man kept himself in very good shape. Then l sat down on the edge of the bed and slowly undid his belt, I pulled his zipper down and this had to go over a very large bulge. I knew he had a large dick but l think he must have gotten larger since he entered the room.
     I pulled his pants down and then one sock at a time. I noticed that he had very nice feet for a man.
     His legs were very toned like that of a runner and this man was like an amazon. Now for the moment of anticipation.
     I looked at his crotch for the first time and the head of his circumsized penis was sticking out and wet with precum.
     This man was huge and l gasped again as l leaned over to give it a kiss and a lick. He tasted so good and l could hear the sound of approval from him.
     I slowly crooked my fingers into his waist band and very slowly pul;led his undies down.
     I leaned back in amazement and went.
     " Oh my god, Where did you buy this large peice of equipment made for woman "
     I then stroked the entire length of this 11 inch monster and l could not close my hand around it. I love my husband with all my heart and now l have more admiration and love for Doug for giving me this night.
     I tried to put it into my mouth but l was only getting the head in and as l teased his head l was cupping his massive balls.
     He stood me up and kissed me again as he led me to the bed. He very gently laid me down and he crawled in beside me and was still kissing me. He did not miss a beat. His hands were stroking my sides and up over my breasts and tweaking my nipples and then he would start all over again. This man was teasing me like no tomorrow and l was responding like a woman in extreme heat.
     " mmmm " "uh uh uh"
     I tried to stroke his penis but his one arm was pinning my hands over my head. He would break off the kiss and nibble on my neck, cheeks, eyes, forehead, neck. I did not know that l liked my eyes to be kissed.
     " oh yes god don't stop, it feels so good ". I had goose bumps all over my body. My pussey was leaking big time fluids and my very sensitive clitoris was out of its hood and craving for attention.
     His lips were very slowly moving down my chest and to my nipples. When his lips closed over my nipple it happened.
     " Oh god i'm cuuummming yes yes yes ,,,,,,,,,,,,ohhhhh myyyyyyy ggoooodddd yes."
     I shooke and shaked and he held me in place with his firm body and arms. He did not quit teasing my nipples and his other hand was gently squeezing and playing with the nipple.
     He came back up and kissed me again and now his hand was travelling a little further down my body to my navel. I was sqirming and whimpering and acting like a puppy that wanted out in the worst way.
     This man was doing this over and over again and every time that he reached either nipple with his lips l would have a small tremor.
     He was now turning around and we were in kind of a 69 position and l could now lick and touch this massive cum dripping cock.
     He pulled my legs up and spread them real wide. He then started to lick my juices that were running down my leg. He got on top of me and crooked his arms behind my legs and my pussey and rectum were at his mercy. He put his strong ankles over my arms and l was again defenseless. I could see my prize but he had total control over it.
     He then leaned down and his long tound came into contact with my soaking retum.
     " Oh yesss, mmmmmm yeah bvaby oh god "
     Doug never gave me any rectum attention and l never even thought of it as being a sensitive area.
     He played with it and inserted his tounge into this very private part. His fingers were also playing a very intrusive part and the strange thing is that my whole body responded. He softly licked the skin between my anus and pussey and as he was licking this very wet area he was pushing a finger into my anus.
     " Ohhhhh mmmmmmyyyyyyyyy fuccckkkinnng goooodd" I shook and shook and l could not beleive that l was oushing for him to go further. It was a little uncomfortable for a second but with all his playing he prepped me very well.
     He now had two finger in my soacking anus and he was playing and hitting the right spot in my prostate. He was pushing up and fucking my ass with his very long fingers. He kept my legs in position and came up and gave me a very long kiss and as he was doing this kiss he was slowly pumping his two fingers in my ass like he was fucking me with a cock.
     " I had tears running down my cheeks and l was making noises that l did not think that l have ever made..
     " YYYyyyyesss mmmmmmmm myyyy gooooodddd iiii ammmm cummmmmmming ohhhhhh shiiiittt YEEEEESSSS EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkk.k.kkk........kkk
     He then turned back around as he had just given me my first rectal orgasm and my body was responding. This time he kept his assault up on my rectum but his lips found my pussey lips.
     " AAAGGGainnn  oh shittttt "
     His first contact with any part of my pussey and l convulsed. He withdrew his fingers from my ass and l let a fart go which caught me totally off guard.
     We both laughed and he got up and off the bed. He was going to the bathroom and let me calm down and have a little recovery time.
     Wow a man telling a woman that she needed recovery time.
     As soon as he was out of sight Doug stuck his head in and gave me two thumbs up and blew me a kiss. He was also naked.
     I smiled and mouthed " I Love You"
     Gary returned and had a drink and then got a couple of berry's and returned to his 69 position with me back to being vulnerable.
     He started his teasing all over again and it did not take my body long to return to its original state.
     This time Gary inserted the berrys into my pussey and then went on a scavenger hunt. His tounge was so tallented and l had 2 more quick orgasms. One for each berry extracted. He has not even come close to touching my clit that is now pulsing and waiting to explode.
     Now he was teasing the openning of my vagina with one finger. He was circling th oppening , around and around and very slow and soft.
     His tounge was going up oneside of my lips and down the other and he continued this torture for a solid twenty minutes. Around and around and up and down.
     " Ohhhh l'm cumming cummming yesss yessss" and l was leaking liquid all this time.
     He was not hearing my whines and whimpers because he had a slow torturous plan and stuck to it.
     He then put more pressure on my legs and held me in a position where l could not move an inch. I tried to squirm but l was over powered and then he did it. His expert tounge hit my clit and with out missing a beat he licked the entire length and then put my woman penus in his mouth and softly sucked my explosive juices out of it.
     I screamed so loud that l am surprised that hotel security did not come running. As he did this he inserted a finger into my convulsing pussey and rubbed my g spot to another explosion.
     MMmmoooommmmmy l screamed and my ass was making noises and my pussey was farting and l had one of the longest orgasm's l have ever experienced.
     He continued to lick and suck and then he would insert  hisa tounge in mu pussey and start over again and this continued for another 20 minutes and l could not count how many orgasms l had had.
     Then he came up for some air and as he kisse my he gently stroked my clit and teased it to another orgasm.
     He then layed down in a collapsed form and l was shaking in his arms.
     " Wow, that was awsome, l don't think l have any more left in me "
" you drained all myu juices" HAHAHA
     " Wow you have a really gorgeous pussey to go with a great body, : you taste great and l did every thing in my power to stop from cumming""
     With that being said l started to stroke his cock and l leaned over to clean up his pre cum.
I then got on top of him and all the while l did not think that l would be able to accept this large girth of a man.
     I ran my soaked pussey up and down his shaft and my large pussey lips seemed to wrap them selves around his penus. I continued to slowly run my pussey up and down his shaft to tease him but it was having a reverse effect on me to the point that l could not stop my self.
     My breathing was becomming very eratic and by god l was getting myself off again. My clit became very hard and the more pressure l put on it the quicker the orgasm hit me.
     " Ohhhhhhh yeesssss " And l came as l wrapped my arms around him.
     When l was going to get off him he grabbed my waist and l leaned back and looked him square in the eyes and then he positioned himself for entry.
     He whispered " Get a good entry and then slide down on it "
     I could feel him at my oppening and l gently pushed myself down on him. I actually felt a little discomfort for about 10 seconds and then it seemed like my pussey was sucking him in.
     He was half way in and then we started a nice rythem and we were doing the ups and downs. This felt great and l was really enjoying the sensations and l was not having my world rocked but in the same breath l was really enjoying it.
     We continued with this nice rythem for a while and then we rolled on our sides and this motion was hitting my g spot. He knew just the depth to hit it and he brought me to a very rare clitoral orgasm.
     " Oh yes Gary hit it hit it yes l am cumming nowwwww ye that is it "
     Then in one quick motion he rolled me over and he was on top of me and he had my long legs over his shoulders. He was now abusing my responsive spot with the head of his gorgeous dick.
     Another one hit me and this time he leaned over me a kissed me so that he could feel my orgasm.
       " mmmmmmmm eeeee kkkk ugh uhgh"
     He broke the kiss off and leaned back on his arms and looked me in the eyes.
     " You are about to experience a black out orgasm, My cock is yearning to cum now and l am going all the way home. Your pussey is ready for this and l am going to let you go wild on it and let your pussey suck me off"
     As he was saying all this he was pushing more and more into me. I was responding and yes l wanted it all.
     " Yes my god l want more more more....Give it to me fill me with your cum."
     He was now inside mew all the way and he stayed there motionless for about 20 seconds and he looked at me again and said this is the real deal.
     He leaned over and kissed me again and now he was pulling out to the tip and back in in one motion all the way and now he was picking up speed and he used his full length.
     I broke the kiss off and could not utter a sound other that just hold my breath.
     He was pumping and pumping and using his full shaft and going faster and faster and l actually had a black out orgasm for a couple of seconds but he was in full motion now and l could feel him grow inside me and l knew from his breathing and his size he was close to filling me up with cum for my Dougie.
     Shoot shoot fill me up yes shit l am not fucking cummming again and with that being said my pussey was sucking him of and then he went crazy.
     " Shit shit shit fuck fuck fuck here it is ahhhfhhggggggggggggggggg.
He unloaded stream after stream into me. The warm liquid hit every corner of my cock filled pussey. He kept up a nice slow rythem and the squishing was very loud.
     His slow down period brought me to another small orgasm. My entire body was shaking.
     He now pulled out and rolled over for a rest. As he did this l farted and really loud one and the air escaped my pussey and cum was dripping down my sides.
     We had a chuckle and he said have l ever been with a multi orgasmic man before because he said that his erection will not go down any time soon.
     I leaned over and licked our juices off his cock and then proceeded to give him my best ever blow job. I loved playing with his balls and l was now taking more and more of him in my mouth.
     I could feel him getting larger after about 15 minutes of this licking and sucking and then l heard his response and he was informing me with clentched teeth that he was about to cum. I did not stop what l was doing and then he let go a full stream of cum.
     "Oh god that is great yes fuck "
     He tasted really good and l was all sweaty and sticky but very satisfied.
     He then got up and took my hands and led me to a chair that faced the window and had me spread eagle against it and he entered me from the rear. I was eye to eye with Doug but Gary did not know this.
     He was now pounding my pussey from behind and his rythem from long and very quick strokes and then he slowed down to a crawl but kept up the same depth. I had more tears running down the side of my face and l had more earth shattering orgasms.
     I could see the look of pleasure on Doug's face and l could feel his love.
     Gary and l fucked on this same hard on for another hour and we fucked in every position possible. Then we collapsed in a heap on the bed and the sun was now comming into the room.
     I looked over there and Doug had left and my well fucked pussey was now in need for a rest.
     Gary said " My god am l glad that l went to the same club as you did last night"
     I asked him how he found such a place. He laughed and said that it was easy. When he got to his destination he phoned up the same cab company and requested the driver that to you and then l asked him to drop off at the same place he dropped you.
     I slapped his chest and said " I suppose you think black woman are bondes too.
     He then asked me when l was leaving to go home to my husband.
     " How did you know that l was married "
     Lucky guess and also the wedding ring. You not where that at a singles club.
     We both had a good laugh over that and by god if he didn't make love to me again and cum also before he left for his room.
     We exchanged cell numbers and he did mention that l am a super lady and he did not mind sharing with my husband just to be able to make love to me again.
     I smiled and said " ok l will ask his opinion "
     He went to lerave but he leaned over and gave me a really deep and long kiss and while he was doing this he fingered me to another climax. H knew how to work my clit.
     I layed there on the bed as Gary exited the room and l was thinking that l had to go pee but l did not want to loose any of Gary's cum. This was for Doug and a promise is a promise.
     Just then the adjoining door opened and in walked my Doug naked and with a massive hard on.
     " You were fucking awsome and this man you selected could not have been a better choice"
     With that Doug was between my legs and licking my cum filled hole. Wholly shit this felt great and in no time l was cumming again to my husband's tounge. But there was more than we both bargained for and l could not stop it.
     After l had an awsome orgasm l started to pee and Doug did not move out of the way. I flooded his face, tounge, mouth and my pussey was farting at the same time.
     We had a good laugh and then he came up and kissed me with his pissy face and lips. He then fucked me good and long. He usually does not take this long to cum but later l found out that he jerked off about a dozen times.
     He got me off a couple more times and then he exploded and this time he went down on me and licked his cum out of me and brought me to another orgasm.
     We crashed and slept in each others arms until 3 in trhe after noon. I woke up to his tounge between my legs and my well worked over pussey. After a session of good old fucking and a quickie we got up and went and had a shower together.
     Wow more raw sex in the shower. What has come over my hubby and l love every second of it.
     He told me that he had another surprise in store for to day and that he had us on a few days of leave from the office since we work in the same law firm.
     We packed up and left the hotel in separate elevators and cars. 
If you would like to read about some more of our adventures make sure you respond to this very horney and cock starved lady.