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Please Be My First

Henry Lane just finished a long day and went to his favorite watering hole.  He sat at the bar and ordered some dinner and a pitcher of his favorite beer.  There were mostly young people there.  Henry was a more mature man.  He wondered if the people there though he was cringy.  Young people think everyone is cringy.

Henry’s dinner was put down on the bar.  He enjoyed his burger and fries.  A cute young woman came into the bar.  She appeared to be very young.  He saw the barkeep card the girl.  She produced a license that satisfied the bartender.  She asked for some fruity drink.  She appeared to be shy and kept to herself.

Henry noticed her looking in his direction.  She whispered something to the bartender and shortly after a beer was put in front of Henry.  He waved to her and she giggled.  Henry was wondering what her story was.  She didn’t talk to anybody but seemed to like Henry.


Henry walked over to the girl.

“Thanks for the drink!”

“You’re more than welcome.  Would you like to sit down?”

“Don’t mind if I do.  I’m Henry Lane.  Who might you be?”

“I’m Molly Daniels.  Nice to meet you Henry.”

“The pleasure is all mine.”

Henry sat down next to the girl.  She was much younger than him.  She had to be at least twenty-one.  Henry noticed that she had a nice bosom.  She wore a plunging neckline and when she sat a certain way you could see her cleavage.  Not that Henry was looking at her like that.

“Where’s your boyfriend?  A beautiful girl like you must drive the boys wild.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.  I’m much to shy for any of that.”

“I bet your teasing!  You’re so pretty and your smile lights up the room.”

“I’m not kidding!  I’ve never had a boyfriend.  Not even once!”

“Could I buy you a drink?   Let me return the favor.”

“Sure, that would be great.  I’m having a Malibu and pineapple.”

Henry put his hand up and told the bartender what Molly wanted.  He put the drink down next to her and walked away.  Henry continued to make small talk to Molly.  He couldn’t believe she had never had a boyfriend.  He wondered if she was a virgin.  She seemed to really like Henry.  He wondered if he’d get lucky with the girl.

Molly whispered into Henry’s ear.  This is what she said.

“Henry, I really like you.  I’d love for you to show me things. I’ve never been with a man.  I’ve never seen a cock.  Would you be able to show me stuff?”

Henry started to blush and felt warm pains in his groin.  He was shocked that she was a virgin and wanting him to show her stuff.  It must have been his lucky day.  He smiled at Molly.

“Sure.  My house is very close to here.  I could show you things there.  Would you like to come home with me?”

“That would be great.  Could we leave now?”


Henry paid the bill and he and Molly walked out.

“I’m going to get a taxi.  We both have had a lot to drink.”

Henry ordered a taxi on his phone and shortly after a car arrived.  They both got into the car and Henry gave the address.  Molly was smiling and seemed very talkative with the alcohol in her system.   

The car pulled up to Henry’s home.  Molly followed Henry inside of his home.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“I’ve had enough to drink.  Maybe we could just talk.  I really want you to be my “teacher.”  Would you kiss me?”

Henry took Molly into the living room and they sat next to each other on the couch. 

“Just put your lips on mine and open your mouth slightly.”


Henry couldn’t believe his luck.  He put his lips on hers and kissed her softly.  Molly opened her mouth a little and Henry pushed his tongue down her mouth.  He explored the insides of her mouth with his tongue.  She explored his mouth too.  For a first timer, she really was a good kisser.

“I want to see your penis.  I’ve never seen one before.”

Before leaving the club, Henry popped a pill to help with his erection.  He could feel the pill working.  Henry stood up and took off his clothes.  His cock was semi-hard.

“Wow, it’s really big.  Could I hold it?”

“Yes.  Please hold it!  The more you play with it the better it will be.”

Henry stood in front of Molly.  Molly was on the couch and reached out to his cock. She moved her hand up and down his dick. 

“I like the way it feels.  What’s the sticky stuff coming off the base?”

“It’s just pre-cum.  You’re making me very excited.  Why don’t we go upstairs!  We can get cozy on the bed.  Come on darling.  Let’s get your clothes off.”


Molly took Henry’s hand and they went upstairs to his bedroom.  Henry helped Molly take off her clothes and brought her over to the bed.  He wanted to please her orally.

“Lie down and close your eyes!”


Molly lay on the bed.  Henry opened her legs and kissed her between her thighs.  She softly giggled while Henry explored her pussy.  He licked and kissed her most special spot.  Her pussy had some hair over her cute pussy lips.  Henry hadn’t tasted a young girl’s pussy in years.  He took his time exploring every nook and cranny.  Her pussy tasted amazing like a ripe peach.

Molly was moaning and pushing her pussy into Henry’s face. 

“Please make love to me!  I can’t take much more.  This is the best feeling I’ve ever felt.  Jesus!”

Henry continued to lick her pussy very slowly.  He sucked on her clit and put a finger into her tight hole.  He fingered Molly and fucked her gently.  Her pussy juices slowly ran down her leg.  Henry licked the juices and continued fucking her with his finger.  She was wet, and he was extremely hard.

“Fuck me!  Take my virginity.  Please!  I want you!”

Henry lay on top of her.  He positioned his cock near her entrance.  He slowly pushed his cock into her tight place.  She held her teeth and groaned while he slowly got inside of her. 

“It hurts a little.”

Henry pulled out and continued pleasuring her with his mouth.  When she was responding he tried again and slipped into her warm hole.

“This will hurt for a second and then feel really good.  Just move with me.”

Henry slid into the girl.  Her pussy was quite tight, but she accepted him in.  She closed her eyes and moaned once he was in.  He moved inside of her fast.  Her legs were wrapped around his waist.  He leaned down and kissed her on her lips.  Her breasts rubbed up against his chest while they made love together.

Henry fucked the girl nicely and she moaned out to him.  He pounded in an out of her.  Molly moaned and orgasmed for the first time in her life.  Her pussy juices exploded and wet Henry’s cock.  He pulled out and came over the girl’s belly.

He didn’t want to come inside of her.  He held her in his arms and kissed her.

“Honey, you were amazing!  You’re now a woman.”

“Thank you for being with me.  Could I suck your cock now?  We haven’t done that yet.”

“Of course.  Be my guest little one.”

Henry lay on the bed.  Molly played with Henry’s cock and when he was stiff, she opened her mouth and sucked on his cock.  She moved up and down and all around enjoying his dick.  Henry was smiling ear to ear after popping the little beauty’s cherry.  Her scent filled the room which was very pleasing to him.

She was quite good at sucking his dick.  Henry was excited and was hard from her mouth.

“We can go another round.  This time you be on top.  Slide my cock into your pussy hole.  Rock your hips back and forth while riding my manhood.


Molly did like Henry said to do.  She had fucked herself with her hand many times.  That’s why there was no blood.  She positioned her pussy in line with his cock.  Once it was deep inside, she rocked back and forth over his cock.  Henry sat up and played with her bouncing boobs.  Her nipples were erect while he rolled them between his fingers. 

“You’re so beautiful!  Come for me!”

Molly was rocking and moving.  She moaned out and orgasmed.  Henry held onto her buttocks and slammed into her pussy hard.  He moaned while he filled her cunt with his cream.

“I hope your sperm won’t get me pregnant!  I’m not on the pill!”

“Honey, my sperm shoots blanks.  I’ve never gotten a woman pregnant before.  No need to worry my little one.”

Henry’s come filled the girl’s pussy.  She continued moving her hips.  She climbed off him and lay on top of him.  Her pussy was filled with his come.  She giggled and pointed down between her legs.

Henry was glad to clean her cunt of his junk.  He spread her legs wide and dove between her thighs.  He licked every inch of her now de-flowered pussy.  She moaned and came several more times while he licked her to pleasure.

“I think I like oral sex better than regular sex!”

“The more you have sex, the better it will get.”

“I hope so.  Thank you for being my first.  You made it special!”

"Would you like to sleep over or should I call you a cab?"

"I think I better go home!  Thank you for being an amazing teacher.  I'll never forget you.  Thank you for being patient with me."

"It was my pleasure.  If you ever want to come back, you know where I live.  Thanks for an amazing night."

Henry put on a robe and Molly got dressed.  Henry called a cab and walked the little beauty downstairs.  When the cab arrived, Molly kissed Henry on the cheek and walked out into the night air.  She got into the car and disappeared down the road.

Henry knew that would be the last time he'd see her.  He wondered what her story was.  He imagined all kinds of things.  Perhaps, she was getting married and wanted a little fun before becoming a bride.  Maybe she was dying or something.  Whatever the reason was Henry was glad he went out.  He loved de-flowering the little beauty.  It would be something he'd remember fondly.  It wasn't every day a young woman wants to have sex with a man in his seventies.  This was what dreams were about.




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