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Pretty Virgin in a Thunderstorm

A twosome becomes an unexpected threesome and a first for three of us
The rain started just as we neared the top of the mountain pass. We were cutting across the tail end of the Jura going from Lausanne to meet some friends for dinner in France. As we reached the top, we saw the vast plain of the Pays de Gex falling away beneath us. The view is stunning on a clear day. On that day the view was astonishing for a different reason as the dark shadow of the storm clouds above moved swiftly across the landscape, stealing the light.

At Lara's request I parked the car at the scenic view 'to watch the rain' but I knew that she had something else in mind. A few minutes later she had removed my pants in the back of the van and was taking my stiff cock into her pretty mouth.

It didn't take long to strip Lara naked. I had seen her practically naked before at the beach. Like all the local girls, she went topless and her pink bikini bottoms had left little to the imagination. But the difference between almost naked but unobtainable and naked, ready and willing was everything.

Like the heroine in Dr. Zhivago for whom she was named, Lara had long blonde hair, blue eyes and a sensuous mouth. Her breasts were not large but firm and she moved with a quiet confidence in everything she did. The daughter of a British ex-pat I knew at CERN, Lara had lived in France at the age of six and was fully bilingual. She found my rather limited (or as she put it, practically non-existent) French quite amusing.

By then the rain was coming down so hard that our activities were sufficiently hidden from the view of passing cars. But we had to hurry, it might stop at any moment.

We pressed our bodies together with urgency. I felt her soft flesh against mine. There was a sudden flash of light as she pressed her tongue into my mouth. The thunder followed quickly, too quickly for comfort but Lara ignored it, pulling my prick towards her pussy.

A few moments later there was a second flash and suddenly we were both sitting up, scanning the horizon, trying to see where the scream had come from.

"Over there!" Lara shouted.

It took Lara only a few seconds to start the van but she had to make a three point turn in the pouring rain without going over the edge. I could probably have made it there faster on foot if not for the rain. I tried to brace myself to avoid being thrown around in the back of the van as it lurched forward then stopped.

"Get in!" Lara shouted to the girl. Then remembering the country we were in: "Entrez! Entrez!"

The figure huddled in a bright yellow raincoat rushed inside as another flash of thunder lights the sky.

"Sally!" Lara shouted. She knew the girl.

The rain was coming down so hard that the road was barely visible. After another short trip we were back at the scenic view.

As Lara pulled on the parking break, I suddenly realized that she was completely naked and I had only a T-shirt on. Our unexpected companion had recovered sufficiently to take in the situation as well: She had been rescued by two naked people with a brightly coloured foam sleeping mat unrolled in the back of their van.

"Oh, did I interrupt something?" Sally asked.

"Oh nothing at all," I replied attempting to feign a casual tone, but only managed to get half the words out before we were all laughing.

After we had all stopped laughing, Sally took off the soaking rain jacket and I recognized her as one of the girls I have seen at the beach with Lara. She was an American, spending the summer in France to practice her (already fluent) French ahead of her last year in high school. She had been taking a walk when the storm had caught her by surprise.

"I think I might be a little overdressed," Sally chirped, mocking my English accent.

If the epoch had been later, a phone call would have been made and the wayward girl swiftly returned to her grandmother. But in the mid-90s a cell phone still looked more like a brick than a Star-Trek communicator and only bankers could afford to use them. In any case, there wouldn't be reception in that particular spot for at least another decade.

Lara whispered something in her ear and soon the girls were talking French, in rapid-fire staccato bursts interrupted by giggles. This was too fast for me too follow and so instead I tried to work out a way to get past them to retrieve my clothes from the floor in front of the passenger's seat where they had been thrown after removing them.

At the end of the conversation the two girls exchanged a certain look. Still naked, Lara returned to the back of the van.

"Sally is going to watch us," Lara said, her voice matter-of-fact. It was a statement, not a request. I looked at her suspiciously.

"She's seventeen, it's OK," Lara added as if age might be the only grounds for me objecting to fucking in front of someone I had just met. I was male, twenty-five and single, which made me an easy lay. But did I want her to know I was quite that easy?

Sally was certainly pretty: A tall, curvy brunette with a wicked smile. If I had been alone with her there is no question I would have tried to get inside her pants. And I would have definitely been game to try if Lara had suggested a threesome. But the idea of fucking in front of a clothed stranger seemed a little weird.

Lara knew how to answer my objection. Grasping my cock in her hand, she leaned forward and whispered a single word of explanation, "Virgin," and sealed my mouth with her lips to prevent further protest. I made a mental note to try to remember the fact that my friend was more than a little mad even if it did mean I got laid.

I caught Sally's eye and she gave me a sort of bemused smile as if to say, "Hey, yes, I know she's a bit nuts but why not humor her? We both know we will enjoy it." 

My cock was soon stiffening in Lara's mouth, her tongue sliding over the glans sending shivers up my spine. The interruption was almost forgotten but with Sally watching from the front seats, it was a little harder to forget.

I decided to make a show of it and started gently fucking Lara's mouth. Sally reached down to touch herself between the legs. I decided it was nice to be appreciated.

Lara cupped my balls with her hand as I did the same to her breasts, rubbing my thumbs across her taut nipples. She moaned slightly and I felt her tongue pressing harder against my cock. The rain had made the inside of the van almost pitch black and the rain beat down on the tin roof making a noise that was almost deafening. Even in the middle of the open country we were isolated and alone, an island cut apart from the rest of the world by a wall of water.

Lara and I arranged ourselves on the mat so that our friend could enjoy the view. I opened Lara's legs to reveal her sex and kissed the length of her slit.

Like most of the girls at the beach, Lara wore a bikini that was little more than a piece of string with a ribbon attached forcing the wearer to be almost completely shaved. This was my first opportunity to go down on a smooth pussy and I was eager to test the difference.

There is no question that a shaved cunny is better for licking. Without distracting hairs, the tongue can enjoy the full taste. Lara was already wet and ready for me, but mindful of our audience, I teased her labia with my lips and the tip of my tongue before drawing deep moans from her as I unhooded her clit.

Lara kept up what I took to be a running commentary for Sally in French. I wondered quite often which part of her education this was meant to advance. Lara guided my hand to her pussy and I slipped a finger inside her slippery hole. Lara's commentary was punctuated by moans and gasps as I worked my fingers in her tight hole and finally stopped when I began fucking her with two fingers.

The rain that had seemed to be stopping suddenly returned full force as I worked Lara with my fingers and tongue. She dug her nails deep into my shoulder. Lara's hips began to buck and grind with each movement of my tongue, her chest moving in short sharp breaths. She grabbed my free hand by the wrist, pulled it to her crack and pressed herself onto it.

There was a flash of light and I could see Lara's face, her mouth opening wide to release a scream. My head and neck were being crushed between Lara's thighs as her asshole tightened around my finger and there was another flash of light followed by the loudest sound I had ever heard.

I slid my cock inside Lara as she was coming, hooking her legs over my shoulders to open her up to take me as deep as possible. The whole of my being was centered on my prick as it connected our two bodies, causing Lara to sigh 'ohh', 'ohh', 'ohh' with each thrust.

Lara signaled for a change of position and at her direction, I lay on my back. As Lara straddled me, she spied Sally watching us intently from the front seat and chided her for hanging back in the dark where she couldn't see anything.

It took only a little persuasion from Lara to get Sally to join us in the back. She even stripped off her jeans and panties without being asked but, her pubic triangle was only exposed for the briefest of moments before her fingers return to work at her slit.

Lara angled her body and pushed back to skewer her cunt onto my cock. I could not see much of Sally in my position on the floor of the dimly lit van but I could hear her give a sigh of appreciation as Lara's pussy swallowed up my cock. Then as Lara rode me cowgirl, Sally lay on her side next to me stroking my chest with one hand and frigging herself with the other.

I put my arm around Sally and held her tight, feeling her firm young breasts pressing into my side. Another flash of light captured Lara straddling me, taking my cock inside her cunt. A freeze frame memory that has come to my mind in every lightning storm since.

The movement of Lara's hips slowed and the twosome dissolved into a threesome as Sally's lips found mine and my hand found her slit and Lara's hand her breast.

"You still can't see," Lara protested.

Lara dismounted, pivoted to straddle Sally's face and knelt on all fours to offer herself to me. The sight of Lara's open pussy above Sally's face alone was almost enough to set me off but I managed to slip inside her and feel the warmth of her pussy around my cock and even manage a few strokes before my cum exploded into her. 

As soon as I was finished the girls hooked themselves into a 69, their tongues lapping furiously at each other's sex, pressing their bodies together as closely as possible.

Now it was my turn to watch and learn but their performance did not last very long as both girls came to a shuddering climax.

We lay together in a heap holding each other tight as the rain gradually slackened and the light returned.

"I could stay like this forever," Sally said.

"Are you sure?" Lara replied, stroking her friend gently between her legs. This produced a giggle and Sally protested that she was too tired to do any more today.

I turned to look into her eyes then kissed her gently on the cheek, "No need to hurry."

"No hurry, but soon," Sally replied.

Slowly and deliberately, I knelt between Sally's legs and kissed her still virginal sex.

"Very soon," she sighed.
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