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Private Lessons

Lesson I
A big smile came across Derek’s face when he saw the tutor his parents had hired to help him get his grades up. She already had his dick up, that was a good start.

Her name was Josie, and while she was getting set up, Derek was getting a good look at her tits.

She turned around unexpectedly. “What’s the matter, haven’t you ever seen breasts before?”

Derek was too embarrassed to answer.

“You haven’t have you?” she could tell by the panicked look on his face. “Are you a virgin or something?” Derek looked at the ground. “You are!” She giggled. “Well it looks like I’m going to have to add another subject to our lesson plan.”

She bent over stuffing her tits in his face. “This is called cleavage. Want to taste?”

Derek nearly came in his pants. “Yes please.” He slid his tongue along the deep crack of her tits nervously, wishing he could rub his cock in the crack when he was done. She backed off and unbuttoned her blouse, then instructed him to undo her bra. With the stealth and quickness of a pro he had her humongous tits dangling in the air.

“Since you did so well I’m going to let you touch.” Derek dove at her nipple. “Not so fast,” she stopped him. She took his hands and cupped them around her breasts. “Now grab a handful and squeeze.” He did as he was told, she started to moan. “Oh yeah, really play with them rub your hands all over them.” He grabbed her nipple and twirled it between his fingers with intrigue.

“Pull on it softly,” she whispered, “then pinch it hard, then soft again, that really gets me going.”

Derek followed her instruction. “Umm,” she moaned. “I think you’re ready for a real taste now.” Derek dove in eagerly, swallowing her tit and sucking on it like a baby. “Slow down, tease it a bit, use your tongue and your teeth.” Derek slowed down, lightly scraping his teeth along her flesh then pulling her nipple into her mouth and biting on it gently. She went wild. She slid her hands up her skirt and started rubbing herself. “You’re doing great,” she purred.” He was aching to rub his cock but he was enjoying having his hands wrapped around her tits. She grabbed his head and pressed it hard into her breast and began screaming, “Oh yes, oh yes!”

Before Derek knew what was happening, she was bucking like a wild animal, and his cock was exploding in his pants. She looked at the mess in his pants licking her juice off her fingers.

“You did pretty good for your first lesson. The next lesson is going to be a lot harder though, and so is your cock. We’re going to be working on the pussy. I hope you’re up to it...”

Lesson II

Hoping that this lesson would be as exciting as the last, Derek splashed on some cologne and made sure his dick was clean. When his tutor walked in she came dressed for the occasion and wasted no time picking up where they had left off. Her tank top was about 2 sizes too small and barely covered her pointy nipples, and her tiny skirt barely had enough material to cover her crack. Without warning, she swept the books off of the table, jumped on top of it and spread her legs. Her pussy was naked and pink and meaty. Derek’s cock was burning, he had never been so close to pussy before. He stared in awe as creamy white liquid began to ooze from her hole.

“Your goal is to get your cock inside that nice creamy hole, but first you’ve got to learn where everything is.” She took his hand and slid it up and down her juicy crack. “This is the clit. You need to rub it nice and slow to really get my juice flowing.” Derek followed her instruction. “Mmm oh yea, just like that,” she moaned. “And you can squeeze it between your fingers once in a while, oh fuck yeah just like that.” She squirmed as Derek squeezed and pulled on her clit. “You got me soaking wet now my pussy needs some attention. She moved his hand to her slit and forced his finger inside. Derek couldn’t believe how hot and juicy it was. “Slide in another finger,” she ordered. “Oh yeah, just like that. I like to be spread nice and wide so put in two more, fuck yeah!” She went wild, screaming and bucking against his hand stuffing his fingers as deep as they would go. When she was done she pulled out his fingers and put them to his lips. “Taste me.” Derek obeyed licking his fingers clean. “Good boy. Now taste the real thing.” She spread her legs wide and guided his head between them. “You can start by twirling your tongue around my clit a bit, oh yeah I like that. Now slide your tongue down to my juicy hole oh yeah just like that. Now dip your tongue in and get a nice mouthful of my cunt juice, oh fuck!” She screamed louder and louder with each instruction. “Does my pussy taste sweet?” She panted.

“Oh yeah! It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted!” Derek dove in deeper sucking and pulling at her pussy hungrily lapping up her juice, his cock on the brink of exploding in his pants. She screamed and shoved his head hard into her pussy covering his face with her cream and nearly suffocating him. When she let him up for air, she reached urgently for his cock. She put it in her mouth and did things to it that Derek couldn’t believe. When she put it between her tits, he couldn’t hold back, his hot jizz exploded all over her face and tits.

“Well done,” she said licking his warm cum from her lips, now you’re ready to fuck!”

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