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Ray's Sister. The Conclusion.

Valerie dropped me back off at the theatre and gave me one last kiss before she drove off. What had started out as a trip to the movie theatre for a double feature of horror movies turned into something better; I had just lost my cherry to my buddies sister. 

I had missed the first feature and the second one was halfway over so there was no point in going in and I didn't want to get home too early so I instead peddled to a local burger joint and treated myself. As I sat outside on one of the benches and ate I allowed my mind to replay the earlier event.

I vividly recalled receiving my first tongue kiss as Valerie rubbed the bulge in my jeans. At her request, we slipped into the backseat where she slowly removed her blouse to reveal the silky black bra she had worn. She then assisted me in removing my t-shirt before she wrapped her arms around me.

The feeling of her full silky bra pressed against my bare chest sent shivers through my body. When she released me I was told to slide my pants down. I thought I was going to finish right there and then. Her cool hand rubbed the length of my cock stopping only long enough to slide a condom of my shaft.

Valerie surprised me when she removed her short skirt to reveal a garter belt and nylons and not pantyhose on her slender legs. I stopped eating and remembering when I became aware of the lump in my jeans. I threw away the remainder of my meal and headed home.

The house was empty which suited me just fine. I headed to my room where I stripped off my clothing and jumped into bed and grabbed my rock hard cock and began to masturbate as I allowed the memories to return. I recalled Valerie sliding onto my lap and removing her bra so I could see, touch, kiss, and lick her warm soft globes and her nipples. I was rewarded with soft ecstatic moans as I did.

As I continued to jack my dick I recalled her tearing off her panties and mounting me. The sight and feeling my cock sliding into her hot, wet and tight pussy combined with her soft tits against my chest was indescribable and I came shortly afterwards. As I recalled her moaning and the feeling of her body shivering as her orgasm arrived, I lost my load on my stomach.

As I was floating down from my orgasm I was interrupted by the phone ringing. I answered it and discovered that it was Ray on the other end. His hoarse voice gave testimony to his condition.

"How were the movies?" he asked.

"They were great," I lied. "You sound like shit."

"I feel like shit. I just called to say you better stay away if you don't want it," he commented before hanging up.

 I headed to the bathroom and commenced to clean up when the phone rang again, this time it was Valerie.

"Hey, Ladykiller," she purred into the phone.

"Hey yourself," I responded.

"You got plans for tomorrow?" she asked.

"None. Why?" I responded.

"You up for some company?"Valerie questioned in a voice like silk.

My heart began to beat faster as she spoke.

"What time?" was all I could respond.

"Now, both your parents work on Monday? What time are they gone?" she continued.

"They leave before eight," I informed her.

"Good, Then I will see you around nine. Make sure the garage is open," she responded before the line went dead.

I was out of bed and redressed in the blink of an eye. I then began the task of making my room presentable to visitors. As I worked I thought about Valerie and it seemed to quicken my pace. Sunday seemed to drag on forever but finally passed, and before I knew it Monday had arrived.

As usual, I had breakfast with my parents and they seemed to linger longer than normal over their coffee and morning paper. Finally, they were heading out the door for work amid goodbye hugs and kisses to each other and me. I made a beeline to the shower and made sure every inch of me was clean

I splashed on some cologne and dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt and then opened the garage and commenced to wait. The minutes seemed to drag by until I heard Valerie's powerful muscle car pull into the drive and enter the attached garage. I was waiting at the kitchen door for her and closed the garage door the moment she stepped out of her car.

Once again my mouth hung open at the sight of Valerie as she rounded the back of her car and headed to the kitchen door. She wore another tight mini skirt in black, except this one was made of leather. Her black silk blouse was almost see-through and hugged every inch of her torso. It made her breasts look as though they were going to bubble over the neckline.

Black pantyhose or nylons covered her magnificent and shapely legs and knee-high leather boots adorned her feet. She embraced me at the kitchen door and we shared a long tongue kiss. Standing up with her firm body pressed against mine as I ran my hands over her leather covered ass was another new sensation. 

"Good morning, "I told her when the kiss ended.

"And to you. I take it that you like my outfit?' she asked as she ran her hands over her front.

"I love it," I responded as I took her by the hand and led her to my room.

Once behind the closed door, she began to slowly remove her blouse. The filmy material fell away to reveal her silky tanned flesh and black bra. Valerie then helped me remove my t-shirt and pressed her silky bra cups into my naked chest and I began to get hard. She then turned her back to me and asked me to unzip her skirt.

Trembling with anticipation I drew down her zipper. The leather garment slid down her nylon covered legs and puddled around her slender ankles. The back of tiny black bikini panties greeted my wide eye stare as did the lace tops of her nylons. Valerie turned around and tugged my sweatpants down and my rock hard teenage cock sprang into the air.

She embraced me again and began to gently grind the front of her silky panties against her my cock. I could feel the heat and wetness through the material as we kissed. She broke the kiss and we headed toward the bed where Valerie laid on her back and me on my side. 

I kissed her full red lips and sucked her sweet tongue as my hand rubbed her tits and slid down her hard flat belly. I could feel the head of my cock against her nylons and marvel at the sensation. She stopped again and slid her panties down her legs and over her high heeled boots.

"Do you like my boots?" she crooned.

"Yes. I think boots are very sexy," I responded.

"Me too," she responded as she snagged her purse off the nightstand and retrieved a condom from inside and handed it to me.

"Do you remember how to wear one?" she asked turning on her side

I recalled how she had placed one on me during our first encounter and I mimicked the movements. A second later my cock was now covered in a latex sleeve.

"Very good, Ladykiller," she replied as she reached around her back and unfastened her bra.

She tossed her bra aside and moved onto her back again. There were some brief instructions on her part and I soon found myself between her legs. Valerie reached down and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy.

"Now push yourself into me," she said in a whispered voice.

A second later I felt my cock sliding into her hot, tight and very wet slit. As soon as I was fully inserted Valerie placed her legs across my back and I really enjoyed the sensation of her black leather boots against my skin.

I kissed and licked her neck as my mouth slid down to her breasts. I kissed her breasts in between licking her extended nipples, this drew moans of pleasure from her. There were more whispered instructions on her part and I complied with her advice and began a slow in and out movement of my cock that was snug inside her.

"Oh yes," she moaned over and over.

It was an effort not to lose my load right there and then, as I wanted her to finish first. So I ignored all the overwhelming sensations and concentrated as I continued to ride her. Her moaning and breathing increased and I felt her legs grip me even tighter.

"Faster, Ladykiller, faster," she moaned.

I complied and increased my speed. This caused her to moan even louder.

"Fuck me, Ladykiller," she repeated over and over.

A minute later I felt her internal muscles grip my teenage cock even tighter and she issued a long sustained moan that told me her orgasm had arrived. Now it was my turn and I told her so. Her response was to release her hold on me and switch places so she was now on top.

She pulled the condom off me and placed my cock between her full breasts. She then pushed her breasts together so my cock was nestled between her satiny smooth tits. A second later my balls released their load and we both moaned as the long strands of semen struck her skin.

She got off me and took her place at my side. We cuddled and kissed as we floated down from our orgasmic ride. I don't know how much time passed before she asked directions to the bathroom. As she left she advised me to get cleaned up and not to go anywhere. I could only nod as she walked out of my bedroom and I stared at the movement of her firm tight ass as she moved.

I went to the half bath and did a quick clean up and donned a clean pair of boxers and then returned to my room and waited. It wasn't a long wait before she returned. I noted that she was fully dressed. She got on the bed next to me and gave me a long wet kiss.

"Are you leaving? I asked.

"No. I just redressed for your next lesson. I know how much you like looking at me," she answered as she got on her hands and knees.

I was then directed to take my place behind her.

"This is called doggy style and I think you will really enjoy it," she continued as she handed me a fresh condom.

Once again there was some brief instruction and I admired her leather covered ass while I listened. I then pushed her short skirt to her hips and pulled down her panties as instructed. The sight of her naked ass filled me with desire and was intensified as her small hand directed my hard cock to her pussy.

Her hand moved away and I managed to find the entrance of my own. I slowly pushed myself inside Valerie's hot pussy until I was fully inserted. I placed my hands on her leather-covered hips and began to push myself in and out of her tightness. The moans she issued were among the sexiest sounds I had ever heard.

"You learn quickly," she said between moans.

This time my ride lasted longer and we finished seconds apart.  I lost track of how many of how many time we made love. The afternoon was drawing to a close when she headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up and redressed. When she returned to my bedroom and we cuddled on the bed she made some ground rules.

"First off you cannot tell anyone and I do mean anyone," she stated.

"OK," I responded.

"Second, when you visit Ray and I happen to be home there will be no staring. We don't need to make him suspicious," she continued.

I agreed to her reasoning,

"And finally there will be no other girls. I don't share and I expect my lovers to do the same. Swear to follow these rules and our next meeting will be even better."

I swore to keep us a secret. I received one last kiss before I walked her to the kitchen door leading to the garage, but curiosity had a hold of me.

"I can't imagine it being any better," I said to her and was rewarded with a big smile.

"Go online and look up anal sex," she said before she was out the door and in her car.

That evening I looked up anal sex online and saw dozens of video offerings. That evening before I fell asleep I thought about her next visit and what was in store for me.

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