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Rebecca's First Time

Fuck me! My pussy is aching for your hard dick!
My name is Rebecca, but my friends call me Becca. I am seventeen years old, and the only virgin in my group of friends. All my friends ask if I have ever been fucked, or had I ever sucked someone off before. I reply by shaking my head for no, and they all laugh. 

Today, I'm meeting my boyfriend, Raphael. He is so perfect, with his short blonde hair that seems to frame his face and his green eyes that stand out. I can hardly breathe just thinking about him. 

That's when I see him. He's sitting on a bench in the local park, looking at the traffic go by. I tap his shoulder, taking his hand and heading for his house.

"So, what do you have planned?" I ask.

"Well, a lot of things." 

When he unlocks his door, he almost pushes me inside. At first, I wonder what's wrong, but then I see him taking off his shirt. I drop my handbag, placing my hands on his abs. He gasps a little as I grip his biceps, kissing him roughly. 

We head upstairs for his room, slamming the door shut behind us. I kick off my shoes, removing my top and skirt. As I'm doing this, I see him grow harder and harder. I smirk, unclasping my bra. As I remove my knickers, he removes his jeans and boxers. 

I lie on the bed, fondling my breasts for him. He hovers over me, feeling my slit with a finger. 

"You're so wet for me, baby." 

I gasp, feeling his finger go around my hole and touch my clit. My legs separate, I hug them to my chest whilst his mouth covers my delicate bud. 


I close my eyes, just the feeling of his tongue over my clit makes me want to scream in ecstasy. I reopen my eyes slightly, to see him looking at me whilst sucking on my now swollen clit. 

"Oh baby, fuck me!" 

He shakes his head, standing up. His hard cock was at least eight inches long! I gulp nervously, kneeling on the floor in front of him. 

"It's okay, baby. Just do the best you can." 

I nod, licking the tip of his dick gently. He groaned, placing his hands at the back of my head, gradually pushing me down. My tongue circles around his shaft, then I start to bob my head up and down. 

"Oh, yeah! Suck that cock!" 

I fondle his balls, feeling them tighten. I know he's close. I go faster, lightly grazing my teeth as I start to drool. 

"Oh fuck, Becca! I'm going to cum!" 

I go as deep as I can on him, staying that way. A few seconds later, I felt his hot, sticky spunk in my throat. I lift my head up, spitting it onto his rock hard dick. 

I lay down on the bed, separating my legs. He gets between them, pulling my pink folds apart. I gasped, feeling the cold air hit my pussy. Raphael kissed me gently, before pushing the tip into me.

"Oh… " 

My eyes filled up with tears, he successfully broke my virginity. Soon after, the pain turned into pleasure. He thrusted into me, again and again. I gripped the bed sheets, my pussy aching for more. 

"Oh, Raphael. Harder… " 

He teased me, pulling out of me. 

"If you want it, beg for it!" 

Two of my fingers inserted my hole, desperate for the pleasure to come back. 

"FUCK ME! My pussy is aching for your hard dick!" 

He smiled, caressing my cheek. He inserted his cock into my pussy again, this time thrusting harder and faster than before. I moaned loudly, my breasts bouncing. I could feel a build up in the pit of my stomach, ready to explode. 

"Oh fuck, Raphael. I think I'm coming!" 

He thrusted into me a few more times before his sticky spunk exploded inside me. I rubbed my clit fast, squirting all over the bed sheets. 

My boyfriend lay next to me, hugging my waist. After that, we both fell asleep.

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