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Rebellious Teen

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Mutual masturbation and first time experience with the opposite sex…

We all go through phases in our life and she was in her carefree experimental phase and surfing the net for exciting content hoping that the stories she read here would help to spice up her life and perhaps stay single for a bit longer so she could enjoy who and what she wanted to experience.

Still, in her late teens and now a rebel at heart, she found herself once again out of the house after a fight with her mother. She was doing her own thing and trying to calm down when she ran into a friend of a friend.

“Hey,” he yelled.

She stopped and strolled over to his porch to talk and relax a bit.

The house was on a dirt track and set back from the main road so it was quiet. He went inside to get them both some water to drink. She was the kind of girl that would have stuck her foot out and tripped him as he walked over to hand her the glass, but what happened next was not planned. The water spilled, leaving her soaked through.

Now she was really pissed off and started a fight with him even though it had been her own fault. They wrestled but he was very strong and held her tight and started to kiss her. She fought it for a while but then realized that she actually liked the attention she was getting. She started to get some wonderful feelings as his hands started to fondle her breasts through her wet shirt.

Without a word being said, they moved inside so they could continue to make out as their clothes started disappearing. Standing naked in front of each other, he kissed her breasts and then started to finger her wet pussy, which was now as wet as her tee-shirt. It felt magical as he pushed his fingers deep into her pussy. He stopped and motioned for her to go down on him.

She was not about to back down even though she was inexperienced. Her willingness to please soon had her on her knees and she tried her level best to bluff her way through, sucking his cock, which felt very big in her mouth, as well as long. Despite her anxiety, she was enjoying what she was doing, how good he tasted and how he felt in her hand and mouth.

She continued to wing it until he stopped her as they fell onto his bed and he kissed her again before moving south to give her a good session of oral in return while continuing to finger her pussy. He moved slowly up her body and she could see the shine on his mouth from her juices. He kissed her breasts and she could feel him rubbing himself against her cunt as they continued their kissing.

He reached down and she felt him at her entrance before he slowly pushed his cock into her.

“Oh!” she squealed, as he entered her, slowly pushing his cock into her wetness. She was either too tight or he was just too big for her tight little puss, and she started to get scared as it was getting uncomfortable.

She squirmed, pulling away and was able to get some relief as he popped back out of her.

“This is too uncomfortable,” she said, quietly ashamed of what was happening.

“No problem,” he replied and backed off while they kissed and cuddled some more to the point where she rolled back over on top of him again.

Without realizing what was happening, her pussy found its way onto his erection and she thrilled to the feel of rubbing herself up and down his hardness. He groaned. She jumped. He groaned some more.

Continuing this sliding motion for a while, she suddenly moved a little too far and his cock slipped back inside her and she began to moan loudly. She felt him entering her again and this time it felt a little easier, perhaps because they were both covered with her juices. Gaining in confidence, he unexpectedly thrust a little harder and the tip of his cock entered her all the way. He grabbed her hips with his hands and continued to thrust deep into her tightness. She let out a yell of pain mixed with pleasure as he slid fully in, groin to groin.

She was cursing up a storm as it was hurting her a little. She kept trying to break free of him but it was too late, he was in her this time and he continued to piston in and out. By now he was totally in control which was making her give in to his strong persuasive presence.

This was not at all what she had heard or expected to happen as she was in some pain, but she knew that the pleasure she felt through the pain would ease once this first time was over.

Just then he moaned and grunted she quickly realized that he had just cum, dumping his load deep inside her. This thought turned her on and helped to ease the discomfort of her first time.

When they had finished she knew she was no longer a virgin even if it had hurt more than she thought it would. She got up getting dressed so she could go home, giving him a hug before she left but no kiss as she needed to come to terms with what had just happened.

After she got home, she cleaned up going to bed, still tender and rather sore. She remained tender for the next few days, but by the week’s end, she felt better and rather proud of what they had done. She started feeling horny again and wanted him again badly, knowing that the next time it would be so much better now that the worst was over.

After some weeks, she began to understand how good, regular sex can change attitudes and outlooks on life. She forgot about being a rebel, was nice to her mom and had learned that fucking was not only fun but also filled her with such joy, helping her to make peace with herself and this difficult world.

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