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Recollections and reflections..PART 1

My first time was as sensual as it was special.

My wife and I had just finished making love. I glanced over at her as she lay there naked. She was sleeping contently without a care in the world and I smiled to myself. I leaned over and cupped one of her big brown nipples with my mouth. She stirred and mumbled something and I laughed.

A s I lay back, my mind raced 20-25 years back to my childhood days in a small rural town. I remembered the many small yet wonderful and significant sexual (mis)adventures that I had gone through. It was those that shaped me a lot mentally and intellectually as a growing boy and finally into a man. When I had realized how wonderful and sweet a girl’s or woman’s company was.

S ex was a feeling, I realized soon enough, that must be felt and understood first hand and not just from ‘wise’ and so called “experienced” friends.

E lla was 12, I was 13 and she was my cousin who stayed nearby. Ella and I were always playing and running about and talking and stuff. I had yet to discover the joys of masturbation or anything remotely close, but I knew that I immensely enjoyed being with Ella no matter what. She was cute with black wavy hair and fair, soft skin. At 12, she didn’t have much of breasts, but the beginnings were visible under her dress. She was a slim and always dressed nicely and loved to laugh at my jokes and antics. I didn’t think of her as more than a friend at first but slowly I felt an attraction to her.

I hadn’t yet discovered the joys of masturbation, (that would be when I was 14), but I had seen pictures of naked men and women and I had touched and fondled my cock on seeing them. Our games together would often include sessions of running, climbing trees and catching each other.

O ne day I had seen a book at school and the pictures of men sucking women’s breasts and women sucking cocks and fucking and these images stuck all day. When Ella came to play that day, I was feeling awkward and uncomfortable with her around. “Hey, Jake, you comin’ to play with me?” she asked. I nodded and soon was running behind her .When I caught up with her I put my hands around her waist and lifted her up and hugged her close to my body. She was laughing and enjoying it. My cock was beginning to get hard as I gently lowered her. Her body slid down and on the way brushed my hard cock and I was feeling funny. It felt so good. Now, I don’t know if she knew what it was but she didn’t say anything as she turned to me and looked at me and smiled. We were behind the house and in between some trees; I slowly pulled her towards me and kissed her lips once. Her eyes were closed and she came nearer to me and I kissed her again and again. After a few moments of kissing like this we stopped and giggled. “I wanna pee”, I said and moved towards a tree. “Me too, she said excitedly and came near to where I was. As she sat down with her skirt up and panties down, I could clearly see her fair, smooth and hairless pussy. WOW!! I thought to myself, so this is what it really looks like. She was sitting down and her legs were spread I and I could see a stream of liquid spilling out of her slit. Slowly at first and then gushing. I could never forget that sight, and even now, I wouldn’t miss a chance to see a grown woman pee, I’m sure I would get a rise as I did back then.

I just stared and stared at her white cunt and watched with amazement at the size, shape and position of her pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as I devoured every detail, every line and the redness of my first real pussy. She looked up and saw me staring and holding my cock, which was now rock hard, “Did you finish?” she asked innocently. “, no”, I stammered. She finished; got up and came over. I still had my cock in my hands as she asked, “Now how do u boys pee?” I took my hands off my cock and said’ “I’ll show you if you hold it. Pull my skin back slowly”, I said. She was eager to obey and not shy to hold it as she knew I had seen her peeing. She held it in her right hand and her fingers eagerly closed around my slender cock it and I felt like my body had just been electrocuted with pleasure. The stream of pee started in slow motion and soon was coming fast and thick. She never took her eyes off it and held it, swaying it and moving it sideways and giggling, till the last drop. “And that’s how we boys pee”’ I said. She giggled and nodded. We did that lots of times after that till we were old enough to understand and grasp our sexual feelings within. The days and years passed quickly.

I turned 19, and had discovered the art and pleasure of masturbation, although painfully at first, but very soon I was hooked and used to jerk off daily. I was wiser in terms of pleasuring a girl although I hadn’t had any experience per se. Ella and I were still close. She still liked to follow me around fishing or just walking through the fields, when we weren’t in school. On one of our walks, it turned dark and started to pour heavily and we were caught in an open field. Soaking wet, we took cover under a tree. The rain had made her dress transparent and I could see a bra and her small breasts through the dress and marveled at her body’s growth. Her shoulder length wet hair sat on her dress which clung to her shapely, trim body; along her ass and deep in between her legs. I guessed she had already started having her periods. I wanted to touch her but I knew it would have to wait for another time. “We’d better get home. Your Mom’s gonna freak out.”, she said breaking my thoughts.” Yeah, let’s go”, I yelled into the rain.

A s soon as we reached home my mom went ballistic,” Jake, where have you been? Get out of those clothes right now and take Ella home. You know I have to go and get the groceries”.   “Yes, mom”, I answered feebly as she went out into the car. I went into the room to change and didn’t realize that Ella had followed me. I took off my shirt and pants and dropped them to the floor. I turned around to open the clothes cabinet and saw her in the doorway. I don’t know why I didn’t feel that I had to cover up. I went towards her and she tried to run away laughing. Before she could get away I grabbed her waist and drew her near. She was saying, “No, no “, as she was laughing. I reached from behind and cupped both her breasts in my hands and placed my lips on her neck and gave her a wet kiss. She stopped squirming and turned her face to me and looked at me but said nothing. I looked into her eyes and slowly brought my lips closer to her lips and kissed her gently. My cock was up on instinct and ready although I wasn’t sure of what would happen. She accepted my lips and returned the favor by sucking my lower lip and licking all over it. My hard, long slender cock was rubbing against her ass and she pushed back at it. I could have kissed her all night because she tasted so sweet and her passion was driving me wild. Our tongues occasionally collided and I was soon licking her mouth and sucking her tongue. I put my hands in between her legs over her mound and pressed down on it. She thrust her hips at my hands and I was rubbing her slit over her dress. I reached under her dress and found her panties soaking wet, partially from her love juices. I removed her panties and dropped them to the floor. Oh heavens!! I was going crazy as I let my hands explore her heavenly slit and the outer cunt lips. I remember her peeing long ago as I started rubbing up and down the line and all around it while she was still kissing me. I helped her out of her remaining clothes and she took off my shorts. Both of us were naked and we hugged for some time.

A fter I dried her body and lay her on my bed, she looked at me with eyes filled with trust and affection. “I won’t hurt you Ella”, I found myself saying to her. “I know Jake “, she said and smiled. I had my cousin naked on my bed and I knew that I would give her the best pleasure she ever had even as I struggled to control myself. I got onto the bed and lay beside her and kissed her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her lips and traveled all the way down to her belly button and circled it with my tongue.   I returned to her breasts and sucked on her nipples one by one. I licked them all over and kissed her lips again. I could feel her stomach moving and reacting to a new feeling of pleasure. I looked at her and she was moving her head side to side, her body at my will and command. I went lower and spread her legs and smelt her new fresh cunt’s odor. I licked at the surrounding areas and she started to arch her back up. I was happy for her and continued to lick all around her cunt and the thighs near her mound. Her crotch was showing signs of hair but it wasn’t yet thick. I kept on licking her and couldn’t, wouldn’t and didn’t want to stop what I was doing. I got in between her legs and using my fingers I slowly spread her tight pussy lips apart. Her legs were as wide apart as they could be and I slowly let my tongue in and licked at her insides. She was breathing deeply now and eyes still closed as I continued to slowly lick her cunt. I was still holding her pussy lips apart with my fingers as I ran my tongue all the way down and then up. I lingered on where I thought would be her clit and licked softly at it. The pinkness of her pussy was unbelievable. Her insides were wet and this wasn’t rain water. The aroma of her wet cunt filled my nostrils and I kept licking her and now began to suck on her outer lips. I pulled at it with my mouth sending her wriggling on the bed. I was sure she had cum because I noticed her cunt was now more wet than before. I got lower and licked her thighs all the way to her toes.

As I reached the end of her legs, she sat up and took me in her arms and hugged me tightly. My cock was now touching her belly and throbbing against it. I knew she was afraid and didn’t know what to do. “I remember how we used to pee”, she said and we laughed. She grabbed my cock and rolled my skin back and looked at the cock head. “It’s really fat now”, she said and started to move my foreskin up and down slowly. I lay back and watched as she looked at it hungrily and full of eagerness. “Do you want to touch it with your tongue?” I asked. She nodded; slowly pulled back the skin and let her tongue touch the top of my cock.It had some pre cum on it and I saw her lick it and smile. Very soon she was licking the whole head and around it and I was just blown away. She took her time and salivated onto my thick cock head and licked it slowly at first and then faster. I didn’t want to force her and I knew I wouldn’t last long like this. I put my hand on her head to let her stop but she went lower and had almost half of my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t believe my luck. She was blowing me to heaven. I let her do her thing for a little more time and then stopped her.

I had to get my cock in her cunt. I kissed her wet lips and lay her on the bed with her legs hanging down the side. I pushed a pillow under her head and spread her legs once again. I knelt down and gave her dripping cunt a final lick ad all around it. I stood up and brought my hard rod nearer to her cunt and touched the opening with it. She wasn’t looking at it but I could sense she was nervous. I rubbed my cock along the slit and slowly tried to push it in. I got the wetness of her cunt on my cock and it very slowly but surely slid in. She opened her mouth to say something but bit her lips as I pulled out my cock. Her hands were now rubbing her clit and I lifted her legs sideways. I again brought my wet cock to her hole and again slowly pushed it in. It went in much easier this time and I held it in her cunt for a few moments. Her head was swaying from side to side and her hands clutched the sheet in a tight grip. I WAS HER FIRST AS SHE WAS MINE!

I slowly moved my cock in and out till I got the rhythm right and kept at it slowly at first and then faster. She too was cumming in between as I could feel my cock completely immersed in her wetness. I knew I would be cumming soon so I made a final thrust and took it all the way in. She cried out in pain and I knew I had popped her cherry. I made some slow thrusts and then some fast ones till I had the sense of my sperm rising in my shaft. I started pumping faster and her breasts started to shake, I pulled out and went over to her and let my sperm shoot at her breasts and her belly. “Aaaaaah…oooh….ohhhhhhh”, I kept on saying as I orgasmed. I rubbed the sperm on her breasts till they shone. Her face was still showing her pain as I leaned over and turned her face to me. “You ok?” I asked. She smiled, “Yes”, and then we kissed for a long time.

We washed and got ready before my mom came home and I walked her home. Again we kissed and I watched her go into her house.

Today she’s married, a teacher and has 3 kids. We never did it again but there’s no awkwardness between us and I still respect her and know that this secret will always be safe between us.

------------------------END OF PART 1-----------------------------
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