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Regina shows me how to make love, but was the wildest sex I've had yet...
My name is Randy. I'm sixteen, 5'11, green eyes, dirty blonde shoulder length hair, scrawny but have a good layer of muscle.

I play soccer in high school, and want to go to college to be an attorney, who specializes in domestically abused women and families.

This story is completely true, and happened about a year ago. Here we go.

I was walking home from school, kicking the newly fallen piles of leaf's on the sidewalk, just happy it was Friday. I had no plans, just to hang out and study law all night. 

I walk into the door, and hear laughing. I figured it must be my sister and her friend. One of them.

My sister had a great personality, so she had many friends. One friend in particular, is named Regina. I always liked Regina. Out of all of my sister's friends, she didn't get on my nerve's. Actually, we got along really well. We made more than small talk when she was over, and I would actually go in my sisters room and talk for a little while.

Regina was a little shorter than me, about 5'6, C cup breast's, and a great all around person. But she was 17 at the time. Two years older than my sister.

They both came down stairs, and saw I was home. We said hi and what not, and my sister said we we're getting pizza for dinner. I said cool, and went to my room.

Later that night, the three of us were in my sister's room, talking about school, and people we didn't like and what not.

And then the grand topic among teenagers came up, and that topic is sex. Regina started talking about her first time. I got really hard, really quick, and said I needed to go finish up a paper that was due Monday.

My sister said she was going to bed, and Regina was too.

I went to my room, and I kid you not as soon as I had my door closed my hand could not have left my dick. I kept stroking it like there was no tomorrow. I stopped due to a knock at my door. I thought, "Who the hell is awake? Everyone is in bed?" I said come in, and it was Regina.

She came in and said she wanted to know what my paper was about. I made something up, but she still seemed pretty interested in it. She said that she had no idea what she would major in at college, and law sounded interesting to her. I told her that if she wanted to talk, we would have to go downstairs to the family room, or my parents would kill me if they found us alone in my room.

Off we went. But when we sat down (on our incredibly huge L shaped couch), she sat really close to me. She wasn't interested in law anymore. She started asking me questions about school and such, and how things we're getting out of control because of the teen pregnancy rate there.

She asked me, "Randy. Do you think oral sex counts as loosing your virginity?".

I said, "Yes. Your with another person, and their bringing you to orgasm.". 

She then asked, "You must be waiting for marriage or something, with the way your talking".

I said, "Yeah, I am. I mean, I can wait a few more years".

She said quickly, "Randy, have you ever done anything with a girl?".

I told her, "No. Why do you ask?".

"What do you expect the girls at college to do? Train you to be a good fuck?", she said with a retort. 

I said, "I just don't see the harm in waiting for marriage-".

She pushed me onto my back, and kissed me. Deeply. 

It was so much more passionate than any other kiss from a girl I had received.

Then when she was over me, she said, "Okay Randy. I'm going to show you how to love a woman. The right way. I'm sure you've seen lots of porn, and women hate that kind of sex. Unless in the right mood".

I said, "I'm not going to resist".

With that said, she tore off my shirt, pulled down my pants, and I was then down to my boxers. She pulled her shirt off, and said, "First thing your going to do, is take off my bra. Kiss me, then down my neck and body, and then take off my panties".

I did as I was told, and my God, her breast's we're fifteen times better than any pornstar's breasts. She looked absolutely beautiful. She was naked, full of lust, and had this sexy vibe about her of an animal waiting to emerge.

I then went down on her, and she taught me how to eat a woman out. Her taste was better than I could have dreamed. I ate her to orgasm, and she had to push a pillow to her face, so not to wake up my parents.

Then she stuck two fingers in her pussy, and lubed up my erect dick. She sucked it, long and hard. Then she got more of her juices, and put them in my mouth, and kissed me again.

Then she went back to sucking. I blew the biggest load into her mouth and she swallowed it all. She loved it!

Then she said, "The next lesson, Randy, will be how to love a girl from the inside". 

I was confused, but she grabbed my dick, pulled a condom out of nowhere and put it on me, and put it at the slit of her pussy. She then told me to hurry the fuck up, so I did what was natural.

We made love for ten long minutes. I slid all 7 1/2 inches in her. It was wonderful. We both came at the same time, and what should have been violently loud, was muted somewhat by a last minute kiss. How my parents didn't woke up, I will never know.

After coming off of cloud nine, she stuck three fingers in her pussy and lubed her ass.

She taught me how to prepare a woman's asshole for sex, with loosening it up. I eventually was able to put my dick in and it felt better than her pussy. Not as warm, and not nearly as wet, but much tighter. We both only lasted a mere minute, before we both came again.

I told her I had one trick up my sleeve. I told her to face me upside down, and wrap her legs around my head. She did, and we had a vertical 69 on the couch. That was about the biggest turn on all night, as I had wanted to try this for some time. I also had wanted to try sex for some time! And both happened.

We both had another great orgasm, and then made out for what seemed like an hour.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I woke up in my bed, amazed at the events from the night before. 

We all had breakfast, and she left soon after. She winked at me, and I got hard yet again. I went back up to my room and found a note on my desk. It read, "That was a good lesson for you paper, Randy ;) We'll have another lesson soon".

I can't wait for her to spend the night again!