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Rekindling An Old Flame

Old friends rekindle romance
The day was picture perfect. I had decided to go for a walk in the park. I wanted to just walk and let my mind relax. As I was headed down the path I saw you. You were coming straight toward me. At first I couldn’t believe it was you. After dating for those two years, our break-up had hit me hard. I still thought about you more often than I would admit to anyone, even myself. When any of our mutual friends mentioned your name my heart would begin racing. It had been a couple of years since we had actually seen each other.

As I looked at you, my heart started pounding. I tried to look away so you wouldn’t see me. I didn’t want you to see that even now you still had this effect on me. It was too late. You saw me and then you smiled. Oh there it is, the smile that makes my legs weak. You stopped running and walked up to me. As soon as you were within touching distance you grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug. It felt so right.

You told me that it was so good to see me again. It had been too long. We stood there and talked for a few minutes while all the other people walked or ran past us. You took my hand and told me that we needed to catch up so we should walk together for a bit. As we came to a bend in the path you asked me if I trusted you. Of course I did. That was all you needed to hear.

You pulled us off the path and into the woods. You said you had something that you found and wanted to share it with me. We walked for a while and then the woods began to thin out. We stepped into a clearing. It was a meadow with beautiful wild flowers as far as the eye could see. At the very edge of the meadow was an old cabin. It had obviously not been lived in for years. I stood in awe at the beauty of the place for a few minutes and then picked a few flowers.

You casually mentioned that you were glad we were going to stop for a bit because you were beginning to have a hard time walking. I looked over at you and sure enough it was obvious. You were hard. Looking at the bulge in your shorts made me blush.

You reached for me and as you wrapped me in your arms you told me that you had missed me badly. I was afraid to say anything. I didn’t want to open my heart and then have it get hurt again. I slowly looked up at you and then you kissed me. It was a soft playful kiss.

As I pulled away from you, there was no denying the look in your eyes. I wasn’t sure if I could go along with this. My body was saying one thing and my head was saying another. It had been so long but yet we felt right together. Maybe this was our second chance. You seemed so genuine in the way you spoke and looked at me. I just didn’t want to get hurt. Again. Somehow you knew exactly what I was thinking. You told me to just let myself go and if something didn’t feel right to feel free to stop you at anytime and you would respect that. You didn’t want to hurt me again. You had missed me terribly and when you saw me on the path you knew that the timing was right. You wanted me back. For good.

I let you pull me in to you again and your lips found mine. Oh how I adored it when you kissed me! I had forgotten how good it felt. I used to love how, just like this moment; one kiss was able to spark such a passion between us. With each kiss the hunger for each other grew. As you kissed me you slowly let your hands run over my body until you reached my hips. You pulled them into you so that I was pressed up against you. I felt your hardness. I wanted to touch you, to feel you again. To pull you free from your shorts.

But I hesitated. We had never had sex while we were together. We did things but being the prude I was we were always clothed.

I was remembering what you told me. That if it didn’t feel right to stop you. You must have realized that I was battling in my head because you stopped kissing me and looked at me with questions in your eyes. I sighed and then told you what I was thinking. You asked if anything felt wrong and I said no. It felt right I just didn’t want to get hurt again. You said that fate had brought us back together again. We were missing each other and had obviously never stopped caring. We were meant to be together and hopefully nothing would tear us apart again.

You kissed my cheek and that was when I realized that I was crying. You were kissing away my tears. The kisses made their way down my cheek to my lips. When our lips met we both felt the electricity in the kiss. It was amazing. You broke the kiss first and whispered that that was exactly what you had been missing for the past couple of years. How could I tell you that I had been missing the same thing? I didn’t realize how much I missed you until this very moment. I reached around and put a hand on the back of your neck and pressed my lips to yours. There it was again the same electric passion. So intoxicating. You were intoxicating! I wanted nothing more than to be with you.

My hands started to move all over your body. As I reached your hips my hands slid around to get inside your shorts but your hands grabbed mine and put them back around your neck. When you let go of my wrists your hands moved all over my body. As they moved up to find my breasts I softly moaned. You had always known how much I loved it when you played with them. It had been so long since I had felt your hands on me. You always knew exactly what I liked and wanted.

One of your hands went behind me at the small of my back while the other made its way down to my shorts. You undid the button and the zipper and then your hand was inside my panties. I was so wet. When your fingers felt the wetness, we both moaned. You kissed me deeply exploring my mouth with your tongue. Our tongues danced while your fingers rubbed my clit. Two of your fingers slid further down. I felt every sensation as they entered me.

Your fingers slid out slowly and you moved up just far enough so they rubbed against my clit before you slid them back in. In and out you slid them, each time a bit faster, harder and deeper. My body was on fire. My legs were shaking as my arms held on to your neck. You pressed your fingers deeper as my fingers dug into your arms. The orgasm washed over me as I panted for breath. You waited until I came down from my orgasm before you slowly pulled your fingers out of me. Your hand came out of my panties and you looked at me and asked if I want you to stop. All I could do was shake my head no. My body was trembling and I didn’t trust myself to speak.

As I stood there looking at you with my face flushed from passion, you slowly pulled my shirt over my head. My shorts were already undone so leaned down and pulled them off. I stood before you, enjoying the feel of your eyes on me, in only my lacy deep purple bra and matching panties. Your eyes were drinking in the sight of me. Then you smiled and told me you were crazy to ever let me walk away. I told you to hush because you had me back if you wanted me.

You cupped my face in your hands and told me that you will always want me. Then you kissed me. It was such a sweet tender kiss. I don’t think I ever told you that I loved you while we were together. It was true then and it is now. I never stopped loving you. You were my whole world. I hoped you could feel my love for you in the kiss.

As you kiss me, I slowly brought my hands around to the front of your shorts. I wanted nothing more in that moment than to see you standing before me, naked, surrounded by the meadow of wild flowers. I finally got my hands inside your shorts to pull them down. I broke away from our kiss to pull your shirt over your head. Your shorts fell to the ground along with the briefs. I finally got to see you. All of you. Standing in front me. Naked. I had never seen you completely naked before just as you had never seen all of me.

I reached for you and pressed my lips to yours as my hand tentatively wrapped around your cock. You felt so heavy in my hand. I loved the feel of your cock so smooth and hard. Mmmmmmm, I moaned as I felt you in my hand. We kissed and I began to rub your cock with my hand. The thought of your cock in my hand and then inside me was making me wet all over again. I started to stoke it a bit firmer and faster. Your hips were moving slightly with my hand.

I kissed your lips one last time and then began to move my kisses down your body to your cock. I got on my knees and pulled your hips closer to me so I could draw as much of you into my mouth as possible. I slowly sucked and licked your cock, pulling it in and out of my mouth while my hand was rubbing up and down the length of it. You were obviously enjoying the feel of my mouth on you. I gave the head of your cock one final kiss and then started to stand back up. I didn’t want to have this afternoon end anytime soon.

When I stood back up I looked around and giggled a little realizing that I had forgotten that we were in a very busy park. The sounds of nature were all around us with the occasional distant sound of human voices. You were naked and I was pretty close to it. We were outside and in a public place. The possibility of getting caught was obviously turning us both on even more. I leaned forward and kissed you. You wrapped me up in your arms and picked me up.

You looked around for just the right spot and you once you found it you walked us over to it. The grass and the flowers cushioned me as you gently laid me down. You laid down next to me and kissed me again and again.

While you kissed me your hand worked its way around my back and undid my bra. You pulled it off of me revealing my large breasts. You had been waiting a long time to see them. The nipples were very hard. You leaned your head down and sucked them one at a time. I was moaning with each flick of your tongue across them. When you pulled them in your mouth to suck on them it was almost more than I could stand. My pussy started to throb.

You moved over me to pull my panties down and I gasped. You asked me if you should continue. You didn’t want me doing anything that I didn’t want to do. You told me we could wait. After a moment of hesitation I shook my head no. You kissed me and then left a trail of kisses down my chest, across my stomach, and then briefly pressed a kiss to my clit and ran your tongue across the wetness of my panties. You continued to kiss me as you followed the panties off my body.

Once you had taken them off you kissed your way back up to my pussy. Your tongue slid across my clit and then inside me. In and out it went flicking across my clit every time it came out. It felt soooo good. I didn’t want you to stop but I begged you to stop. I wanted both of us to cum while your cock was inside me. You slowly kissed your way back up to my lips. I could taste myself on your lips.

I was suddenly very nervous and I knew you were as well. That was going to be our first time together. We knew that we both wanted it to be perfect. You kissed me and told me to let you know if you hurt me at all. I promised to tell you if you did. And then you kissed me. A long deep passion filled kiss. As we kissed, you were slowly sliding yourself inside me. I could feel my body expanding to take all of you in. You felt so good sliding into me. Like really really good. It was a little uncomfortable as you stretched my virginal pussy but there was no pain at all. You moved, a quick thrust of your hips and you were buried all the way deep inside me. You plucked my flower.

I had always wanted it to be you and after we broke up I thought it would never happen. I dated only two other guys and would never let them near that part of my body. I was saving that. I wrapped my legs around you and we began to rock. Slowly at first and then we started to move faster. You sat up and my legs were now resting on your chest as you pounded into me. You were so deep and so hard. I could feel myself beginning to lose control. I asked you to slow down so I could savor this. Of course you did that for me.

You came back down and kissed me and rolled us over so I was now on top. You told me that you wanted me in charge for a bit so I could set the pace. I slowly rocked my hips while I leaned over you letting you get to play with my tits. I felt myself getting closer and closer so I sat up on you and began to ride you. You rocked your hips in time with mine and I started moaning.

Right as I started to cum I felt your hips rock up and you were deep inside me. You held yourself deep in me while I rode out my orgasm. A few more thrusts for you and I felt you pull out of me. I felt your warm seed hit my belly as you exploded all over my soft skin. I must have had a question in my eyes because you looked at me and said that you didn’t want me getting pregnant. That would not be the way to restart our relationship.

I leaned down to kiss you and the kiss we shared was so sweet. I laid down next to you on your arm and you told me that you love me. Always have and always will. You wanted us to be together. I smiled and told you I was thinking the exact same thing.

After a while of lying there wrapped in each others arms we got up and put our clothes back on. We finished the walk that I had started earlier. As we got to my car you told me that you would call me later and we could make plans to go out again.

You pulled me into you for one last kiss.

I got in the car and after you closed the door for me I heard you say I’ll see you again tonight my love. I drove away with a smile. I had been home for about an hour when the phone rang and it was you.

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