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Ride a Cowgirl

Ride a Cowgirl

I was and aways will be a Daddy's girl. My daddy raised his daughter to handle horses and cattle. He didn't have a son, but he had a girl as good as any boy when came to working his ranch. As good as I was at working the ranch, my love life or lack of was starting to take it's toll. I was nearly eighteen and would be going to college that fall. Most of my girl friends had lost their virginity and had boyfriends, but boys just didn't ring true with me. I was lost and had nobody in this part of the world or in my family to talk to about my strange feelings.

That was until Beth showed up. Beth went to school with Mom, and her family's ranch bordered ours. Beth left these parts for the city and really never came back very often. I always found her interesting and excitingly different from the other women down here. Mom said that Beth was the sister she never had. Somewhere along the line, I ended up calling her Aunt Beth even though she wasn't my Aunt.

Mom and Daddy had taken a trip out of town for three or four days. This left me in charge of the ranch. It was the Forth of July weekend, so most of the hired help was off too. I had made a few calls, but most of my friends had plans. This was not a problem for me. I loved it here and I had my horses, especially Jacks. He was my sixteenth birthday present from Daddy. Plus there won't be anyone to tell me to wear a bra or dress like a girl. Those words were mostly Momma's and she means well.

I was washing Jacks down with cool water when I saw the cloud of dust coming up the drive. I knew who it was as soon as she opened her car door. I dropped the water hose and went running up to her. I was in her arms hugging her, before I realized I was wet and more than likely smelled of horse. Beth smiled, as she stepped back and looked me over and said, "Your Daddy's eyes and hair, with your Momma's figure. My baby girl has grown has grown into a sexy young woman."

My face turned flush and I replied, "Aunt Beth!"

"Help an old lady with her bags, Baby?" She said, turning to back to her car. I laughed to myself. Aunt Beth was my Mom's age, and she looked anything but old. Her red hair was up, and her dress was sleek and sexy with heels to match. Definitely not the attire for this part of Texas. I grabbed the bag without wheels and looked at her.

"Well, a girl needs her things!" she said with a grin.

"I guess, but I'd gotten one of horses if I knew?" I grinned.

Her reply was swift. "Smart-ass!" I looked back and grinned as we walked in the door.

I helped her get her bags up to the spare bedroom. Then I pointed out the bathroom and told her my room was right next to hers if she needed anything. Afterwards, I left her to clean up while I fixed us a bite to eat. It took a bit before she came down in a pair of silk-like pants with matching top. Her red hair was now hanging loose. I grinned as I looked down and noticed the sandals and her painted toes. Aunt Beth and I were miles apart in daily apparel. That was for sure!

Once again I felt something, and it was awkward for me at best. I gathered my thoughts as I spoke. "I hope left over fried chicken is okay?"

"That's just fine, baby-girl. I'll pour us something to drink."

I placed the chicken on the table along with salad. "There's tea in the fridge and the glasses are in the cabinet on the left, Aunt Beth."

We sat down and ate. She told me to call her Beth, since I was grown up now and she really wasn't my Aunt. It was about then that I noticed the way she was looking at me as we ate. She told me about Austin and how she loved the city life. I told her about going off to college in the fall, but hated leaving the ranch.

I started to clean the table after we finished eating. It was near sunset by then and I needed a shower. Beth told me to go ahead and clean up while she did the dishes and put the food away. I didn't argue. I told her I wouldn't be long and more or less ran upstairs. The shower felt good as the warm water ran over my skin. I felt a shiver as the soapy sponge glided between my thighs. I closed my eyes and let my fingers fill the urge under the steamy water. I was still breathing hard as I towel dried my hair.

Beth was out on the porch when I came downstairs. It was a typical Texas night. The sun was down, but the night air was still balmy. I decided on just a pair of cloth shorts and a tank top. I stuck my head out the door. "Would you like a beer?"

Beth turned around, and her voice cracked as she spoke, "Sounds wonderful, baby-girl."

I walked back out with two beers and hand her one as we leaned on the railing. I never thought twice as I lit a cigarette and exhaled. Beth looked at me and smiled, asking, "Got another one of those?"

"Sure." I gave her one and a light.

Beth coughed a little as she exhaled. "It's been a long time since I did this."

"What? Smoked a cigarette?"

She laughed. "That, and stood out here looking at all those stars. So! How's the boyfriend situation? They must be all over you."

I blushed and took a sip of beer before replying, "I just can't get into it for some reason."

Beth took a sip of hers and laid her hand on mine. "Maybe you lean a different direction, baby-girl."

What I felt was indescribable and wrong, so wrong. I placed my cigarette to my lips and inhaled deeply, but never moved my hand. Beth turned my face to hers and brushed her lips over my mouth. "There's nothing wrong with those feelings, baby."

I couldn't breathe as her kiss deepened and her tongue parted my lips. My knees felt weak as my body went against her without any resistance. My fingers fumbled trying to get rid of the cigarette as my body leaned against the rail. Beth's kisses turned to licks over my lips. I was in free fall, and there was no safety net. My nipples were hard and swollen against a tee shirt too old and too thin to hide them. Beth smiled as she ran her fingers over my nipples causing them ache for more. She held her hand and I took it as she led me upstairs like a lamb to slaughter.

Beth had a nice shape, and her thin night pants did nothing to hide her well rounded hips. We went to her room, and she closed the door. She walked up me and smiled as she said, "Don't be nervous, baby." Her lips brushed over my mouth. "Undress for me, baby-girl," she whispered.

I hesitated, but her dark green eyes seem to cut through me. The feelings that ran through my body seemed to burn deep inside me. "This isn't me!" That's what ran through my head as my arms crossed and my tee shirt cleared my hair. My hair fell free along with my breast. They were small breasts and paled next to Beth's 36 D's or more. My arms immediately covered my 32 B breasts.

"Don't cover up, baby-girl," she whispered as her hand eased my arms off my breasts. I shivered as her finger ran down my lips trailing between my breasts before circling one of my nipples. My lips parted as her mouth came to mine. Her touch stoked the fire inside me as her tongue slipped between my lips. Her fingers slipped between my thighs and up my silk shorts. The sound that came from my lips was one I'd never heard. Her finger eased through my wet bush and circled the lips of my pussy. I tipped up to her mouth and moaned as she worked her finger against me. "No, sweetie," she whispered, and pulled her fingers free. Her eyes seemed to grow wide as she licked the juices from her fingers.

Things seemed to blur after that. Beth urged me to sit on the bed. I sat there and watched as she opened her blouse. Beth's breasts were perfect with large nips and tiny freckles. She stepped closer and lifted my chin so her lips could lock on mine. I whimpered as her tongue parted my lips. Even though her hand was behind my head, it took little urging for my lips go lower. She moaned as my mouth covered one large nipple, then the other. Her night pants dropped as my lips traveled down her belly. Beth whispered, "That's it, baby, you'll like that."

Beth nudged me lower so my lips touched her silky wet pantie. It was the scent that overwhelmed me as she trembled and parted her thighs. She pressed my lips to her wet center. It felt natural as my mouth parted, tasting the juices through her thin panties. Her thick red bush was drenched and getting wetter as I felt her hips slowly grind against my mouth.

I was lost in a new world as my fingers tugged the wet pantie clear and my mouth locked over her soft wet pussy. Beth groaned and rode down my lips. "Yes, baby girl, god, yes!"

My mouth was centered around her thick wet lips and her juices were salty sweet as my lips sucked and licked where she needed me. I was lost in a fog and drunk from the taste of her cum. She kept a grip on my hair as she rode higher on my lips. I tasted the musk as my tongue parted her cheeks. Her bud was wet with cum. She moaned and urged my lips deeper.

I could barely hear Beth as she spoke. "My hungry girl! Deeper, baby girl, deeper," she cried out.

The rush was so intense. I felt a warm rush over my mouth and softness of her thick red bush. There was only one place for her cum to flow and that was between my lips. The sounds of slurping and moaning filled the dark room as I drank all her juices. Finally, she released me, and I took a deep breath. Beth smiled as her lips covered my cum stained mouth. She whispered, "Just like I said, baby-girl. Some girls lean a different direction."

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