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Riding in the Limo

My girlfriends fantasies come true in the back of a limo
During my senior year I helped a friend of mine with his job. Steve drove a limo for a local company. When he was too tired he would let me drive and I got to keep the tips. This soon turned out to be a lousy deal for me as there were not many tips. Around the same time I started dating Sarah. Sarah was your typical small town girl who had just moved to San Antonio. To her this was a monster town, to me it was just another town. Sarah had long blonde hair to the middle of her back, blonde hair, blue eyes, and an almost stick figure body except for two of the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. She kept her body totally hairless below her eyebrows as her mom worked in a salon.

Sarah and I had done some petting and fooling around but had not gone further than that. She was a virgin, but she had the heart of a slut. She was always talking about how much she wanted to do different things but didn't want to "soil" herself for her husband. Every time she said something like that I told her that I had been with virgins and sluts and the sluts were always more fun. A few time she countered with, "So you would mind your wife being known as the neighborhood cock sucker?" Every time we fooled around things got hotter and hotter, both in what we did and what she said she wanted to do.

I got a call from Steve to drive the limo for a wedding. I had to pick up the Bride and Groom and take them from the Church to the Reception then go back and pick them up from the Reception to the Airport. I had 6 hours to kill in between. Steve would pick up the Bridal Party and take them to the church.

I called Sarah and let her know asking if she wanted to go for a ride while I waited between pickups. She said she had too much homework to do and suggested I pick up some friends of mine. So I called a few friends and we drove around for about an hour with them acting like it was a limo ride/bachelor party. I would cruise up and down the strip and they would try and talk hookers into getting in back with them. The fact that they looked like a bunch of kids with no money didn't help things. My phone ran and I answered it as it was Sarah. She told me she was down with her homework and asked what we were doing. I told her about their failed attempts at picking up a hooker. She got quiet, the kind of quiet she would get when her mind was thinking things that made her pussy wet. The way her voice got made my cock hard when she asked "How much money do they have?" Knowing what kind of guys my friends were I never introduced them to my girlfriends, so none of them knew her. I put the phone down and used the intercom to call the back.

"How much money are you losers looking to spend on a girl, I know a hottie that needs some money, but she wont do it for less than $50 each.

Sarah didnt know how many guys were in the limo but I heard her gasp when they replied.

She wants $250?

I let Sarah listen in as I called back.

That is $50 each and she hopes you fuck better than you do math.

The guys started talking and yelled back that they did have the money. I had them pass it forward telling them that since she knows me I would be the one taking care of the money and she would be the one taking care of them. In a few minutes I was driving towards the HEB by Sarah's house to pick her up.

Just do everything you talked about wanting to do, let your body react to them the way it does when we are talking.

Sarah loved to use her vibrator so she didn't have to worry about breaking her hymen.

As I pulled up to the bus stop by the HEB I almost crashed the limo. Sarah was there, wearing the shortest skirt I had ever seen. Her perfect breasts barely hidden by a plain white t-shirt that was torn off just under her breasts. She looked in the front seat and tossed her bag in there as I flashed her the money. Then she went to the back door and got in. I had the intercom on so I could hear everything that was going on.

Sarah got in and I could hear the guys going ape over her outfit. She immediately took off her clothes stripping down to her bare skin. She crawled to the front of the limo and lowered the divider tossing her clothes and shoes up front. She left the divider down knowing I would want to see what she was doing.

With as much as 17-18 year olds talk they don't have the finesse or knowledge to really know how to have a threesome or six-some in this case. So instead they took turns with her one at a time.

Rob was the first one next to her and she climbed into his lap rubbing her pussy against his cock. He started to undo his pants and she pulled his hands up to her breasts as she slid down and undid his pants for him. She pulled his pants and underwear down and started to suck on his cock. She didn't get long before he was bucking his hips up at her mouth. In seconds he was cumming in her mouth. She played the part of a nice little hooker letting it run down her body as she smiled at him.

Vince was next and he wasted no time as he was already naked with his cock in his hand. He picked her up and pulled her into his lap letting his cock slip along her pussy. Sarah lifted up and rubbed the tip of his cock against her opening and guided him in. He was a bit smaller than her vibrator but the first real cock she ever had. She groaned and moaned as she bounced up and down on him. He grunted that he was going to cum and she slammed her pussy down on his cock letting him fill her pussy. Sarah got off of Vince and watched for a second as his cum dripped out of her pussy.

John was behind her in no time having her lean over a seat while he took her from behind. I could hear their bodies slapping against each other. I could also see that Vince and Rob were a bit uncomfortable now that they had cum they had quickly gotten dressed and move to the far end of the limo. I started driving towards our end of town to drop them off. John pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over Sarah's back then rubbed it in like it was lotion.

Fred was the first one to kiss Sarah. He pulled her up by her hair and kissed her hard on the lips. He laid down on the floor of the limo and pulled her on top of him pushing his cock into her pussy. She sat up on his cock and let the bumps in the road jar him to an orgasm. He held her in place after he came in her and played with her clit as his cum, mixed with the others leaked out.

I dropped off Rob and Vince and John while Peter fingered Sarah getting his fingers coated in cum he would then use it to lube her asshole. I could hear Sarah moan with each finger he stuck in her ass. Peter took off his pants happy to not have such an audience. He was quite a bit smaller than the others but considering what he wanted to do Sarah didn't mind. She had talked about it, but had never even let me finger her ass before. Sarah got on her knees in front of him and let out a moan as Peter pushed his cock into her asshole.

Fred got out reluctantly, looking back longingly at Sarah. I knew how he felt.

Peter got a good rhythm going as I slowly drove the 2 miles to his house. About two blocks before we got there I heard him scream. It scared the hell out of me. I slammed on the brakes not knowing what to expect.

Sarah was writhing in ecstasy. The shock of his screaming made her clench her pussy and ass and finally made her cum. Peter came in her ass and slowly pulled out letting his cum covered cock hang there for a moment before he wiped it on her ass cheeks.

I drove the rest of the way to Peters house and he got out thanking her for a wonderful time and telling her he would love to see her again.

Sarah replied "Thanks but I don't want to get a reputation so once is all you get, unless you are my boyfriend."

Peter didn't hesitate for a minute, "Id love to be your boyfriend, but you would have to promise to keep being a hooker."

I drove away from Peter's house trying to stay under the speed limit. I had just watched my girlfriend go from virgin to prostitute in a matter of minutes.

Sarah came to the front of the limo and leaned thru the divider, "Do you want me to get cleaned up or..."

No stay just like that, I'm looking for a place to park"

The only place I could find near where I had to be to pick up the Bride and Groom was outside the reception hall. At this point I just didn't care. I pulled out front and got into the back after closing the divider and locking the doors I was finally alone with my girlfriend.

I took a look at Sarah and saw that just about every part of her body was covered in cum. The parts that were not originally covered were being covered by her sticking her fingers in her pussy and smearing it around on her. I wasted no time in getting undressed and soon we were both naked. I laid her down on the floor and began to eat her pussy. She had let me do that one time before and loved it and this time it was all she could do to keep from screaming.

I looked up a few times and could see people trying to see into the limo since it was moving around. I didn't care as it wasn't my job that was in danger.

I kissed my way up Sarah paying special attention to her breasts. I had not noticed it but she had 5 marks on her breasts. She had gotten each of them to leave a mark on her body so that she could look at it later and masturbate about what the person who left the mark had done. I saw marks on her breasts, neck, and even on her ass. I had no idea who did which one so I added mine to her neck and just under her left breast, closest to her heart.

I pushed my cock inside of her and loved the feeling of it being so wet and loose. I had never liked a very tight pussy so fucking her stretched pussy was fine by me. I came inside of her as she came as well and we laid there wrapped in each other for another 20 minutes with my cock softening inside of her.

I looked over and saw people starting to come outside which meant the Bride and Groom were about to come out. I put my clothes on as fast as I could and was about to go out the door to the front when I remembered that Sarah didn't have any clothes that were appropriate for where we were, and the only clothes she had were in the front seat.

Sarah winked at me and told me to not worry. I had no idea what she meant but did as I was told. I got out of the limo and the far side from everyone and straightened my clothes then walked around to open the door for the Bride and Groom. I was scared as to what they would find back there, but it really wasn't my problem.

I opened the door as the Bride and Groom came out. I tried to look inside but couldn't see Sarah. when the Bride didn't scream I knew Sarah wasn't back there, but I had no idea where she was. I closed the door and walked around to my side and saw Sarah kneeling down by the driver's door. I opened the door and she jumped in going to the other side, still naked and dripping in cum. I used the intercom to make sure they were read and I started off for the airport, a 45 minute drive.

Sarah stayed low in the seat until we were away from the reception all then she sat up. She hadn't put on any clothes but sat there leaning against the door with her legs spread rubbing cum all over her pussy. Every few strokes she would put her fingers in her mouth to taste herself mixed with cum. She even put her fingers in my mouth. This went on for the entire trip to the airport.

Once at the airport she hid down in the seat again as I got out and unloaded the bags. The Bride and Groom had both changed clothes and she had a mark on her neck. The Groom shook my hand and placed a folded up bill in my palm as his Bride went to the front of the limo. She knocked on the window and I could see Sarah peek up. The Bride motioned for her to roll down the window. Sarah slowly rolled it down a bit and the Bride leaned forward and whispered to her then turned around and joined her Groom as they went into the airport.

I ran around the limo and got in. Sarah looked like she was in shock. I started driving, giving her a chance to calm down. She got up in the seat, still naked but not touching herself. I drove towards her house and she told me to stop the limo. We pulled into a rest stop that was deserted and she got out and went into the back. I waited for her then she called me.

I got into the back of the limo with her and saw her playing with the TV. I knew it was there but had better things to do.

Sarah pushed some buttons and went pale. I came up beside her and saw what she was seeing. Everything that had happened inside the limo was caught on tape. The Bride and Groom had been watching a video of her with 6 guys on their ride to the airport. I quickly reached into my pocket to see what the Groom had given me. I pulled out the folded up money, unfolded it to find 2 hundred dollar bills and the date and time of their return. I showed it to Sarah who just laughed, "Her Dad owns the limo company, she said she is going to put in a request for us to be the drivers who pick them up. She told me about the video and they want to play if we are interested".

We were, and we did.

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