Rookie of the Year Part 2

By Sandrine

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Being a dirty girl isn't so bad, she thought.
For a moment, life seemed surreal as Hideki eagerly teased and sucked each nipple, slowly and skillfully in full and semi-circles. Ashley moaned as he stimulated her nipples and she stroked the back of his head. His lips made their way up from her breasts, to her neck and then to her lips where their tongues caressed each other. Ashley wrapped her arms around him. She could taste his breath as he continued to fondle her with his large hands. Never in her life was she this close to another person. The feeling was magical.

Hideki’s erection pressed uncomfortably against his pants and he paused for a moment to unzip them and pull them down. Ashley glanced at his exposed manhood and quickly looked away as her heart raced uncontrollably. He returned to sucking her nipples and rubbing her breasts as the reporters watched their every move. Hideki didn’t seem to mind, but Ashley became bashful as his hand stroked her inner thigh moving towards her wet pussy. He lifted her navy blue mini-skirt revealing her sheer white panties. He circled her outer lips through the fabric before gently moving her panties to one side exposing part of her pussy.

“I’m not ready,” Ashley gasped.

“I make you ready,” Hideki assured her.

She placed her hand over her panties. “Not yet,” she said nervously.

“Okay,” he whispered hiding his confusion. He wondered if she really wanted to have sex with him.

He gently pulled her up and held her in his arms, kissing the side of her neck, moving his hands over her breasts and gently pinching her nipples. Ashley eagerly returned the affection and kissed his lips and pressed her breasts against his hands. Hideki wanted to get to the next step quickly, but realized that Ashley was going to need more coaxing and affection. He was ready to give her both, but needed her to be comfortable with his body first.

He started to unbutton his shirt and slowly removed it. He pulled off his undershirt before standing up. He let his pants drop to the floor, standing completely naked in front of her and the reporters. Ashley stood with her mouth open, visually examining Hideki’s body. It was the first time she was in the presence of full male nudity. His cock was hard with pre-cum at the tip. She wanted to touch it, but she was not sure how to approach him. He extended his hand to her and placed her hand on his cock. He moved his hand up and down, guiding her on how to stroke it. She stroked it in rhythm holding on to it.

“Not tight hand,” Hideki cautioned quietly.

“I’m sorry,” Ashley replied, her face red with embarrassment.

She loosened her grip around his cock and stroked it in a long, gentle motion. She placed her hand around his balls as she absorbed the scent of his sex. Inside, it was so overwhelming to her, overwhelming and exciting. She could feel the reporters watching them. She felt dirty, sexy, and liberated.

“You want to suck it? Or as they say ‘blow me’?” Hideki asked to a low chuckle from the reporters.

Ashley nodded as she placed a kiss on the tip of his cock. She looked up at him and he smiled.

“Suck it, please,” he asked.

Ashley visualized the sex scenes in porno movies where a girl would suck off a guy. She took him in her mouth and sucked his cock. She tried to feign some sort of experience, but that did not last long and she gagged.

“I’m sorry,” she said again.

“You do good. Practice is perfect,” he smiled.

Ashley thought his response was cute and she tried again to please him, taking him in her mouth one more time and giving him the oral pleasure he deserved.

“Oh yes, that is it!” he moaned as the reporters looked at him and smiled.

“How does it feel?” one of the male reporters asked.

“How does it feel when your dick is sucked?” Hideki quipped.

“It feels good,” the reporter replied, trying to save face.

“This feels good. It feels very good,” Hideki replied as he slowly thrusted his hips towards Ashley’s mouth.

She cupped his cock with both hands, rubbing it between her palms.

“Yes, this is nice!” Hideki said, his head thrown back, his legs slightly parted with his hands behind Ashley’s head.

“You are making me feel so good!” he said.

Ashley looked up and smiled. She was becoming more comfortable with Hideki and her surroundings.

“Being a dirty girl isn’t so bad,” she thought.

Hideki slowly fucked her mouth as the reporters casually watched. Some walked around, taking in the view from different angles. Some focused on Ashley’s nipples, while others watched her suck his cock. A few others watched the young man’s body respond to the sexual pleasure. No matter what their focus, they all were enjoying the show.

Ashley moaned as her sucking and slurping sounds broke the silence in the room. Hideki was breathing heavily, thrusting his cock into her mouth giving her a slow, mouth fuck. He ground his hips against her face as he watched the oral action unfold.

After about twenty minutes, Hideki motioned Ashley to her feet and gave her a strong hug. He removed her bra, and sucked her breasts again. She let out a loud moan, not only from the sensation in her breasts, but also from the throbbing between her legs. If she did not know better, she would think that her clit had a pulse.

He put his fingers around the waistband of her skirt.

“Take them off, please,” he pleaded as he squeezed her breasts.

He stood back as she removed her navy blue skirt, leaving her in only her panties.

“And those,” he said pointing at them.

Ashley was still a bit unsure and she stood frozen for a moment.

“I want to eat you out,” he said in his thick Japanese accent.

“Take them off. You will like what I will do. Please.”

Ashley swallowed hard before removing her panties. She did not make eye contact with Hideki or any of the others in the room. He smiled as Ashley’s shaven pussy was revealed.

“I shave it so I can wear my bikini,” she offered apologetically.

“I like it!” Hideki nodded with a large grin as he led her to the bed.

He placed her on her back and kissed from her chest down to her belly button. Ashley gasped as he got closer to her sensitive clit. Gently, he parted her legs, exposing her pussy to him. He traced her pussy lips with his finger before working his way to her nub. He licked his finger and circled it.

“Oh, God!” Ashley buckled as she felt the searing sensation move through her body.

The reporters chuckled as he did it again.

Ashley made eye contact with one of the male reporters who smiled at her as Hideki’s tongue traced her pussy.

“Oh yes!” she squirmed, feeling the pleasure mounting.

He placed his arms under her open legs. His hands cupping her ass.

“I lick your pussy now,” he said as he placed a kiss on her inner thigh.

Ashley’s toes curled as he opened her pussy lips. Her swollen clit protruding ready to be licked. Hideki circled around her clit with his tongue as Ashley grabbed the sheets. Then, without warning, he licked her clit in a fast lapping motion.

“Oh, oh!” Ashley screamed to the delight of the reporters.

Hideki glanced up at one of the female observers as if to say “I’d do this to you, too.”

Ashlye felt the surging sexual sensation take control of her body. At this point, it made no difference who was watching. The pleasure was all that mattered. She panted and moaned and grabbed her breasts as Hideki’s tongue concentrated on her clit. It was the most amazing sensation of her life.

“Do you know his fast ball was clocked at 87 miles per hour?” one of the male reporters said to Ashley.

“I think his tongue is just as fast!” Ashley fired back to the chuckle in the room.

Hideki pressed his finger against her hymen as he slid his finger inside her, still licking her clit.

“Mmmm, yes!” she exclaimed.

“So wet,” the young man declared. “She is so fuckin’ wet!”

“That’s it Hideki!! That’s it!” two of the males said, cheering him on.

“You’re going to cum?” the female asked her.

“Oh, God, yes I am. I’m so close!”

Hideki licked faster as he felt her clit pulsate. Ashley raised her hips and pressed them against his mouth as she let out a scream. Hideki squeezed her legs with his hands as Ashley released her orgasm.

The reporters applauded.

Ashley moved to kiss Hideki, tasting her pussy on his mouth. It turned her on even more. He stood up next to the bed and she dropped to her knees and sucked him again.He was amused by her show of sexual affection and fucked her mouth one more time.

“Make it hard and I fuck you,” he said.

Ashley loved the dirty talk and sucked him hard and fast. No one could ever say she was a good girl now. She experienced her first sexual encounter in public, giving a young man she barely knew oral sex. She was riding a wave of sexual pleasure.

When his cock was rock hard, he took a pillow and placed it on the center of the bed. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed, placing her on her back. The pillow resting under her. He tenderly spread her legs and kissed between her thighs. She was still very wet and eager as he slide his finger inside of her. Her wetness coated his finger.

“Mmm,” Ashley moaned as she made eye contact with him.

He gave her a gentle finger fuck before sliding in two fingers. She tensed up a bit, but still enjoyed the sensation.With two fingers inside her, slowly pumping, he rubbed her clit with his thumb. She responded by spreading her legs wider and arching her back.

Hideki knelt down and pulled his fingers out. Holding her legs apart, he took his cock in his hand, guiding it inside her, and slowly pushed it in. Ashley gasped, but it was less of a pleasurable tone.

“Relax,” Hideki assured her. “Relax.”

Ashley felt a small stabbing pain inside her.

“Just relax,” she heard one reporter say softly.

Ashley relaxed as best she could as he pushed himself in deeper.

“Do I hurt you?” he asked.

“No,” she lied, as she momentarily regretted her situation.

He pushed deeper and she let out a soft whimper. He placed her hand on her clit and had her rub it as he slowly fucked her.

“So tight you are,” he declared.

He pressed inside her slowly and she relaxed. Her whimpers turned into moans and she put her arms around him.

“That a girl,” one of the males said.

Hideki started to pump her.

“You like that?” The eighteen year old asked.

“Yes,” she replied. This time telling the truth. The discomfort subsided just enough for her to enjoy the pleasure.

He pumped faster, holding her legs apart, smiling at the reporters who smiled back at him and nodded. Ashley’s breasts bounced in the rhythm of his thrusts, much to the enjoyment of the males in the room.She loved the feeling of his cock inside her and at that moment all her sexual feelings became unleashed. She felt she could finally define herself as a “woman”.

Hideki fucked her with more intensity, always mindful of her reactions. He grunted as he fucked her in quick thrusts. Beads of his sweat dropped on her body and she tingled from the sensation. Ashley squeezed her breasts as she watched herself being fucked. She loved his strength and stamina as he plunged deeper inside her, filling her wet little pussy.

There was no sound in the room other than the grunts and moans of sexual pleasure. The usual loud and boisterous reporters were silent as they observed the open copulation, the loss of innocence before their eyes. What a story it would be if should they tell it.

Hideki let out a sharp moan before he quivered in pleasure. His head jolted back and he winced as he climaxed. Ashley felt the spurt of his warm cum enter her. He pumped her several more times as she felt the coating of his sperm. She looked at him and smiled.

The reporters applauded as Hideki pulled his cock out. A small trickle of cum trailed out of her pussy. He stroked his cock above her pussy. Ashley watched his ejaculate drip from his cock.

She sat up and opened her arms to him and Hideki met her embrace, exhausted yet exhilarated. They passionately kissed in front of the reporters, their bodies covered in sweat, an aura of lust surrounded them.They stayed that way for a few moments before she excused herself and went into the bathroom and took a much needed pee. She returned and curled up next to Hideki who lay on his back, all exposed, his cock flopped against his body.

“I have to ask, what kind of birth control are you using?” a female reporter questioned Ashley.

“Hope and a prayer,” Ashley replied, now feeling more scared that ever as she pondered the consequences of her actions.

Hideki looked down, a twinge of panic hit him inside. He placed her hand on her abdomen before moving it down to her clit. She put his hand around his cock and stroked it.

“Let’s chalk one up for Hideki. He takes another girl’s virginity,” one reporter said as they stood up and started to leave the room.

Hideki laughed as he put his arm around Ashley.

They waved as the reporters left closing the door of the suite behind them.

“Now, all is quiet,” Hideki said as he cupped Ashley’s pussy.

He nestled up to her, resting his head on her shoulder. As he closed his eyes, she pulled the blanket over his shoulders, stroking his cheek.

Nothing in the world mattered to her now. Consequences would be dealt with in time. It was a peaceful moment. She just wanted to be in his arms.