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Rosa moves away from home for the first time and has fun in her new home.

Rosa was a young Filipina girl only 18 years old and still a virgin. This wasn’t because she wasn’t interested in sex; instead it was because all of the boys her age seemed to be just too timid and unsure of themselves. Rosa wanted her virginity to be taken by an older, more experienced man, one with the confidence to just take what he wanted from her.

Rosa’s parents had arrived from the Philippines right before she was born and they were very conservative. They attempted to push this onto their daughter but only outwardly did they succeed. Inside herself Rosa was not the conservative little girl her parents wanted her to be.

When she started high school Rosa soon met Charlotte and from then on the two were inseparable. Charlotte was blonde with very fair skin but very similar in size and height to Rosa. The similarity in size and shape of the two, their different coloration, and the fact they were together almost every possible moment caused them to soon be called the “salt and pepper twins” by their schoolmates. While the two girls each had several other female friends none of the others were as close as they were to each other.

A month into the school year Charlotte invited Rosa to sleep over at her home and this was the first time Rosa had ever done this. She worried a little about asking her parent’s for permission but she really liked the idea of spending the night with her friend so she gathered her courage and asked her parents. Rosa’s parent’s deferred their decision until they called Charlotte’s parent’s but whatever was said during that conversation must have agreed with her parent’s because Rosa was allowed to go spend the night with her friend. Rosa was overjoyed.

The visit to Charlotte’s home was a big hit with Rosa right from the very first. Charlotte immediately pulled Rosa up to her room and locked the door. For Rosa a lock on the bedroom door wasn’t something she was permitted but Charlotte had access to more privacy. When the lock clicked on the door to Charlotte’s room Rosa’s face broke into a wide smile. The Filipina girl immediately realized that when she was with her friend she could release her true self without having to fear suppression by her conservative parent’s.

As soon as the door to her friend’s room locked Rosa took immediate advantage of her new found freedom and started removing her clothes. Charlotte looked at Rosa for a moment, then smiled and began to remove her own clothes. From then on whenever the two girls were alone together they always took off their clothes and went naked. Rosa hated wearing clothes and she reveled in the feeling of freedom nudity gave her.

When both girls were nude together the nickname “salt and pepper twins” was even more apt. The two were the same height and had a similar body build, but the color of their skin, hair and eyes were almost exact opposites. Somehow this made looking at the two of them together an even more pleasant thing to do that looking at each one individually.

For the four years they were in high school together Rosa and Charlotte were virtually inseparable when they were at school and the two girls spent every possible moment together when school was not in session. Everyone soon grew used to seeing the two girls together and Rosa’s parents were put at ease by the seeming disinterest both girls seemed to have toward the opposite sex. Whenever she visited Rosa’s home Charlotte was always on her best behavior and exhibited none of the relaxed uninhibited behavior she normally carried on with in her own home. Rosa found the quiet seeds of rebellion growing in her heart as she continued to experience the contrasts between her own and her friend’s lifestyles. Rosa vowed she would escape from her parent’s strict lifestyle as soon as she was eighteen and legally independent.

Highly intelligent and exhibiting an unusual wisdom for a girl her age Rosa realized that in order to become independent she would also have to be financially independent, able to afford her own place to live, no matter how humble it might be. When she was sixteen Rosa found herself a part time job in a clothing store. Rosa was careful to keep her grades in school steady after she started working which allayed any concerns her parents might have had about her job. Telling her parent’s she was saving her money for college, a half truth, Rosa quietly salted away the funds she would need when the time came to declare her independence.

Rosa’s mother ensured the clothes her daughter wore concealed most of the young girl’s burgeoning beauty. In addition Rosa’s mother regaled her daughter with exaggerated tales of how exposing her body would incite men to attack and rape her. Unknown to the mother however, the tales of rapacious male lust she told her daughter were actually having the opposite effect to what she was intending. In reality Rosa found the tales of rape and sexual assault upon exposed beauty very exciting, though she wisely completely hid this from her mother. Without realizing it Rosa’s mother had found the subject best suited to exciting her daughter’s budding sexuality.

Rosa’s mother admonished her about keeping her body covered very frequently and every time there was an accompanying tale of how failure to do so would draw violently lustful attention from males. Except, of course, it was exactly the type of sexual attention that excited Rosa the most, though she had so far avoided actually experiencing it in reality. But her mother’s frequent tales were beginning to influence what Rosa wanted for her life after she gained her independence from her parents. Soon Rosa’s sexual fantasies were filled with images of her appearing nude in front of an attractive male, who then proceeded to have his way with her in any way he wanted. While keeping these thoughts carefully concealed from her mother Rosa soon decided it was something she actually wanted to experience as soon as possible after she became independent.

Rosa did however tell her friend Charlotte about her fantasies which excited her friend almost as much as it did herself. Soon during the many sleepovers Rosa had at Charlotte’s house the two girls would role-play Rosa’s fantasies, with Rosa always playing the role of the helpless victim. During these sessions Rosa allowed her friend to do anything she wanted to do to her, except break her hymen. This Rosa wanted to save for her future real male partner once she was free from her parents. The idea of being forced to helplessly accept a male penis into her virgin pussy excited the young Filipina girl no end. This horny excitement was only partially satisfied by the sexual relationship she now participated in fully with her friend Charlotte.

During the latter part of her senior year in high school Rosa began to make pans in earnest for her escape from her parent’s repressive control. Upon graduating from high school Rosa planned to begin working full time at the clothing store while going to school part time at a local university. Assuming she would be able to find some sort of inexpensive housing this plan would allow Rosa to live completely independent of her strict parents, able to ride out any disapproval they might have of her choices in life.

After graduating from high school Rosa began working full time at the clothing store and preparing for her rapidly approaching eighteenth birthday. As the day of her independence approached Rosa began searching for a place where she could afford to live as well as something offering potential to satisfy her pent up sexual needs. After looking at the options available Rosa settled upon finding herself a room in a house with a male roommate. This seemed to be an environment which would allow Rosa to incite the sexual attacks she craved, especially if she would find an attractive and interesting roommate.

Rosa was careful to only work on her search for a new home during those times she was visiting Charlotte, leaving her parents none the wiser about her plans. Charlotte soon expressed an interest in joining her friend in her new home once she found it and Rosa immediately accepted this idea. Rosa promised Charlotte that as soon as she moved to her new place and received her initial experience Charlotte could move in with her. As her birthday approached Rosa increased her efforts to find the right place to live.


I bought the house as soon as the sale of my business to a larger competitor closed. I made enough from the sale to live comfortably for the rest of my life just from the interest and I wanted a house appropriate to my new circumstances. The place set me back three and a half million and had seven bedrooms on two floors. It was only after I moved in that I realized that perhaps the house was bigger than I really needed since I was the only one living in it.

Cleaning and gardening were soon solved by hiring people to come in weekly to clean the house and do all of the yard work. But living in that big house all by myself quickly became a lonely experience and I soon decided to take on a room mate to help liven things up at home. With several community colleges and a university in town it shouldn’t be hard to find a pretty student girl who needed a place to live. I didn’t need the money but it was too quiet in the house and if the first tenant worked out perhaps I would eventually bring in several more.

I put an ad in the newspaper and soon I started getting calls about the room. Those who were still interested after my initial phone interview I invited to come to the house and look over the room I had set aside for them. My own room was on the second floor which I had made pretty much into my own apartment but I did use the kitchen on the first floor to prepare my meals. Since the room I was offering was on the first floor I would have all the privacy I might need.

The first few girls who came to look over the room were impressed with the house and the room but I wasn’t impressed with them. Fortunately since I was renting a room in my own home I had a lot of discretion in who I rented to so I wasn’t going to rent the room to someone I didn’t want. Finally after a week someone showed up who seemed to be a much better prospect for the kind of roommate I wanted.

The girl who arrived to look over the house and room was named Rosa Mendoza and was one of the prettiest girls I’d seen in a while. Her friend Charlotte drove her to the house and looked the room over with her. Both girls were very enthusiastic about the house and Rosa quickly informed me she wanted to take the room. Since she seemed to be exactly the kind of roommate I was looking for I quickly agreed. I collected the first month’s rent from Rosa and she left after telling me she would be back to move in the next day.


The search for a place to live took Rosa several months and her eighteenth birthday came and went without any luck in finding the kind of living environment she wanted. It seems that every place she looked at either seemed like a place where nothing would happen, or inhabited by creepy people who made her uncomfortable and made her feel like they would hurt her in ways she didn’t want. Finally almost a month after her eighteenth birthday Rosa went to look over another potential place to live, getting her friend Charlotte to drive her there since Rosa did not have her own car yet.

It did not take Rosa long to discover this place was different from any of the ones she had seen before. The house was located in an upscale neighborhood close with a grocery store and bus stops close by. The house was large, well maintained, and tastefully furnished, yet the rent the owner was asking for the room was surprisingly low, easily fitting into what Rosa could afford with her salary from the clothing store. The owner of the home, Dave, while in his early 50’s, was obviously wealthy and very polite. When Rosa thought about what might happen if she moved in to his home she felt a tingle of excitement.

The more she saw of the house and its owner the more excited Rosa became. Charlotte was equally as excited about the place and soon told Rosa her opinion the house that the house seemed to be perfect for her. With this advice Rosa made up her mind she wanted to live in this house and she told the owner she really wanted to live there. Rosa was overjoyed when she learned she could move in as soon as she wanted to. She paid the first month’s rent, received a key to the front door, and left, promising to return the next day with her things.


The next day Rosa arrived with everything she owned in the back of Charlotte’s car. The two girls spent the next half an hour unloading the car and moving everything into Rosa’s room. Charlotte left soon after the car was unloaded, she needed to go to work, and this left Rosa alone in her new room. Rosa spent some time putting things away, making her new bed, and getting used to the feeling of actually being free in her own place. The feeling of freedom she felt was exhilarating.

Once she had everything put away and arranged the way she wanted Rosa decided to take the first step in taking advantage of her new freedom. With a thrill of excitement Rosa stripped off her clothes and put them away. Nude she lay down on her bed to relax and think about what she wanted to do next. Rosa wanted to make her long suppressed desires and fantasies happen but faced with the reality of actually doing it she hesitated. Rosa was excited but at the same time a little fearful of the unknown.

As she lay there on her new bed Rosa’s sexual arousal started to swell and her increasing horniness pumped up the Filipina girl’s courage. Rosa began to imagine the feeling of getting up and walking around the house nude, her body completely exposed to Dave’s eyes. Rosa’s pussy grew warm and wet and her nipples hardened as she imagined how the sight of her nude body would cause Dave to lose control and take her. This idea excited Rosa so much that she was impelled to get up off of her bed and walk to the door to her room.

If Dave had been anywhere near to the entrance of her room Rosa might not have found the courage to come out but when she looked out into the hallway she found it deserted. Dave was currently on the second floor, this left the way clear for Rosa to gather enough courage to venture out of her room naked. Emboldened Rosa left her room to explore the house and enjoy the feeling of exposure she felt.

The house was quiet and seemed deserted except for Rosa as she slowly explored the first floor. She felt a mixture of fear and excitement as she wandered around the house, still nude. She walked hesitantly at first but with growing confidence as the first floor of the house remained deserted. Rosa knew that Dave was home but with the large size of the house and the two floors the two who lived there could easily have the feeling they were each alone in the house. For Rosa this helped her to muster the courage needed to do what she wanted to do.

Rosa walked down the hall and checked out each of the other three bedrooms on the first floor. Each bedroom contained a queen size bed and other basic furnishings but was otherwise obviously uninhabited. She found a utility room containing an expensive washer and dryer as well as a large chest freezer. The kitchen was large and well appointed, and there was both a small breakfast nook and a much larger dining area. A large, plush, well furnished living room rounded out the interior of the first floor.

Looking out into the back yard Rosa could see a large patio, pool, and a well tended garden area beyond the pool. The entire back yard was surrounded by a tall wooden fence that made it into a private area, Rosa immediately saw that she would be able to swim and sunbathe nude if she wanted to. This idea excited the Filipina girl even more but she quickly decided to leave going outside nude for another time.

Rosa went into the living room, sat down on the couch, and picked up the remote control for the large screen TV that dominated one side of the room. Rosa spent a few minutes idly going through the available channels; it seemed that Dave subscribed to every available cable channel including several adult channels. Rosa soon tired of the TV and she shut it off. She slid down on the couch until she was lying on it and her excited pussy was now in control of Rosa and she slid one leg down to the floor, exposing her sex completely to whoever might enter the living room. The Filipina girl just lay there and enjoyed the feeling of being able to do this for the very first time.


I’d had some work to do that morning in my upstairs office which kept me there until the early afternoon. I had heard Rosa arrive during that time and from the sound of things she and her friend were moving her stuff into her new room. Feeling curious about my new roommate I checked on them from time to time from my office window whenever I heard the door open down below. After about an hour I noticed that Rosa’s friend Charlotte got into her car and left by herself, leaving Rosa behind.

After working for a couple more hours I was able to finish it for the day. I shut down my computer, stretched, and went downstairs to the living room. When I walked into the room the sight that awaited me there caused me to stop dead in the doorway. Just as I had hoped Rosa had come out of her room but what I wasn’t expecting was what she was wearing. Rosa wasn’t wearing anything at all; the girl was lying on the couch, completely nude.

The Filipina girl was lying on the couch with her feet toward me and her legs spread wide, one foot even down on the floor. This gave me a clear view of Rosa’s shaved pussy and she had one hand down teasing it idly while her other hand cupped her own left breast. The girl HAD to know that she could be discovered in such a state at any moment and after thinking for a moment I realized that was exactly what Rosa wanted. But I had to stop and think for a minute about how I wanted to handle this situation. I decided to just act as if there was nothing special about what Rosa was doing, act naturally as if the girl was completely dressed, even though she was completely naked.

I walked into the room and sat down in my favorite chair which just happened to be at the end of the couch toward which Rosa’s feet were closest. As I entered the room I noticed Rosa’s eyes go wide as she noticed me and for a split instant her hands moved to cover herself and then relaxed, leaving her still completely exposed to my eyes. This confirmed that Rosa did indeed want me to see her like she was now, nude and completely exposed.

“So how do you like the house so far?” I asked Rosa once I had settled in my chair.

“I love it!” the girl replied with unfeigned enthusiasm. “I feel so free here!”

“I can see that,” I said with a smile, making a reference to her nudity.

“You don’t mind, do you Dave?” the girl asked with just a hint of anxiety in her voice.

“I don’t mind at all, Rosa. Why should I?”

“You really don’t mind if I am like this?” Rosa asked.

“No. You can do whatever you want; it’s your home now as much as mine.”

“Thank you, Dave!” Rosa said, her body relaxing a bit and after a moment I noticed her spreading her legs even wider, showing her pussy off to me even more.

Since I am a normal male there was no way I was going to object to Rosa’s display, as long as it was what she really wanted. Before renting the room to her I had checked the birth date on her driver’s license and she was old enough to decide what she wanted to do with her body. I was just going to enjoy the show and see what the girl did next.

Rosa’s hand grew bolder and she was openly masturbating and definitely getting off of doing it in front of me. I could see her face and chest were becoming flushed and her nipples seemed to be tightly erect. Rosa’s hand on her clit moved faster and then suddenly her hips lifted and her breath caught as she came. Then Rosa relaxed and her hips fell back down on the couch and she lay quietly for a couple of minutes recovering from her orgasm.


Rosa let her ass drop back down onto the couch as her orgasm faded. It had been the most powerful cum the Filipina girl had ever experienced in her young life. As she came down from her orgasmic high Rosa felt a moment of shyness which almost led her to cover herself but then she remembered where she was and what she wanted to happen, so she just relaxed keeping her exposed position. The shy moment passed quickly and Rosa was back to enjoying exposing herself to Dave.

Rosa was happy that Dave seemed to be very accepting of her need to show herself off the way she was doing and he seemed to be enjoying the show she was giving him. Rosa could see how Dave’s eyes kept straying toward her nude body and openly exposed pussy and knowing his eyes were on her made Rosa excited. It wasn’t long before Rosa felt the tingly feeling of lustful excitement begin once again inside her body. The freedom to do whatever she wanted and expose herself as much as she wanted excited Rosa even more than her fantasies had done in the past.

Rosa did feel a bit puzzled by Dave because he wasn’t behaving like she had expected. Rosa’s mother had told her many times that exposing her body to a man would cause him to feel uncontrollable lust for her, but Dave, while obviously enjoying Rosa’s show, just continued to sit calmly in his chair. So far Dave continued to be nice and polite, seeming to be well in control of himself. Far from feeling discouraged by this Rosa felt impelled to do even more to excite her new roommate and her longing to feel his hard cock plundering her helpless pussy only increased.

Rosa found her hand was moving down to her pussy once again and soon the Filipina girl was masturbating once again. The situation she was in was just too exciting for Rosa to resist and she began openly rubbing her clit to bring on another orgasm. It wasn’t long before Rosa brought herself to another orgasm, this one even more powerful than the previous one.


I watched in fascination as Rosa started to masturbate once again, she really seemed to be into exhibitionism and her new freedom to enjoy it. Since it was quite pleasant to watch her pleasure herself I acted as if there was nothing unusual about what she was doing, Rosa was already much more interesting than I had dared hope for. It wasn’t long before Rosa brought herself to another orgasm. Then she relaxed on the couch, her horniness seeming to have been satisfied for the moment, and then she seemed to fall asleep there on the couch.

Looking over at the nude, sleeping girl I couldn’t help thinking she was really quite exquisite and already turning out to be far better than I had dared hope for when I’d decided to get a roommate. The girl had small apple sized breasts which were flattened from her lying position but when she stood up they thrust out from her chest the perfect size for my hand. Rosa’s legs were still splayed wide as she slept and I had a clear view of her perfectly shaped, shaved pussy. Moisture from her recent orgasms glistened on her inner pussy lips, beckoning me to lick it off. I just sat there for a few minutes admiring the sexy little beauty as she slept.

As I sat there admiring the sleeping beauty I contemplated what the girl might be looking for when she moved here because it seemed like she wanted more than just some place to live while she went to school. I knew from the talk I’d had with her when she rented the room Rosa was living away from home for the first time. There had been hints her parents were fairly conservative so it would seem the girl wanted to enjoy some freedom from that. I decided to let Rosa have what she craved and I would see how far she wanted things to go.


When Rosa awoke it took her a moment to remember where she was and she tensed up for a moment when she realized she was laying naked and exposed in the living room of her new home. After a moment however Rosa remembered everything and relaxed into her displayed position once again.

Rosa glanced over at Dave and noticed that while he didn’t seem to be able to take his eyes off her display he was otherwise still calm and polite. This had the somewhat perverse effect of only increasing Rosa’s desire for Dave even more. This combined with the girl’s natural exhibitionism caused the tingle of sexual arousal begin once again within Rosa’s pussy. This impelled Rosa into an even bolder action than what she had done before.

Rosa got up from her splayed position on the couch and slowly walked the five steps it took to reach Dave’s chair, stopping when she was standing within easy reach of him where he sat in his chair. Rosa could feel Dave’s eyes on her naked body as she walked toward him but he remained silent and made no move toward her even after she stopped next to his chair.

“Dave, do you like my body?” Rosa asked as soon as she had stopped next to his chair.

“Yes, I do, you’re a beautiful girl Rosa,” Dave replied. The girl was standing in just the right position that her shaved pussy was at his eye level and right in front of his eyes.

“If you like it why haven’t you done anything?” Rosa asked.

“What do you mean ‘done anything’?” Dave replied.

“I mean if you like my body why don’t you rape me?” Rosa explained.

“Rape you! What gave you that idea?” Dave asked, a bit of alarm in his voice.

“My mother always told me if I allow any man to see my body he would lose control and rape me. Every time I think about that I get so excited about that happening to me. Especially if it was you that did it to me,” Rosa said.


I sat there astonished by what Rosa had just told me. It did explain the girl’s uninhibited behavior especially since I knew there were a few girls who actually wanted and enjoyed forceful and even violent sexual experiences. I didn’t have any problem with having sex with the girl if that is what she really wanted but raping her was a little but much, and not really my style. But after thinking for a moment I thought there was the potential for a lot of fun for us both if I could find out what Rosa really wanted.

“I see. But rape is taking things a bit far don’t you think, Rosa?” I said.

“Well, I never did anything with a guy before but the idea of a man doing whatever he wants to me makes me so horny,” Rosa said rather boldly for the inexperienced girl she was.

“Doing whatever he wants to do to you even if you don’t like it?” I asked her.

“Yes, but if it is a guy like you doing it to me then I am sure I will like it, no matter what it is,” Rosa answered.

“You like me that way?” I asked her.

“Oh yes, so much!” Rosa answered enthusiastically. I could see the conversation was exciting her further, dewy moisture clung to the exposed pussy lips that were still right in front of my face.

“Rosa, do you want me to have sex with you?” I asked her.

“Yes, please do whatever you want to me. Don’t even ask me, just do it,” Rosa answered.

Well, that was certainly a clear answer and Rosa seemed to have an unusual sexual viewpoint. But I needed to do a little more with her before it would be safe to take her the way she wanted.

“Well, that answer is certainly clear enough. But there is more we need to talk about to make sure things are safe for both of us,” I said.

“Dave, just tell me what you want and I will do it for you,” Rosa replied.

“All right, I will. Do you know what a safe word is, Rosa?” I asked.

“Isn’t that a word to use if you really want the other person to stop?” Rosa asked.

“Yes. That is exactly what it is.” I answered. Obviously this girl had done a lot of reading on the Internet which simplified things.

“I don’t need anything like that with you Dave but if you want me to make a safe word for me you can. I just want you to do it to me,” Rosa said.

“Ok then. Your safe word is ‘clothes pin’. If you don’t like anything I am doing to you all you have to do is say ‘clothes pin’ and I will stop it immediately,” I told Rosa.

“I will remember that but I won’t ever want you to stop, no matter what you do to me. But thank you for considering me that way,” Rosa replied.

“If you change your mind or it gets too much for you, don’t forget ‘clothes pin’. As long as you don’t use that word then I will do what I want whatever else you might say.”


Rosa was still standing with her shaved pussy right in front of my face. It was a wonderful sight but I realized that I hadn’t seen her bare ass yet. Considering the situation this was something that I wanted to change immediately.

“Rosa, turn around and bend over for me with your hands down on the coffee table,” I ordered.

Rosa immediately complied and I was immediately treated to the most wonderful view of her that I had ever seen up until this point. As Rosa turned her beautiful bottom was now right in front of my face and this view was nearly as good as the one from the front. I always love the sight of a cute young girl’s bare ass and I had to admit that Rosa’s was one of the best I had ever seen. Rosa hesitated for a moment, giving me a little more time to drink in the view of her perfect bottom, moved her legs a bit wider apart, and then bent down until her hands were resting on the table, just as I had ordered her to do.

As Rosa bent over her ass cheeks parted and opened, exposing her flawless crinkled asshole and soaked pussy to my eyes. This has always been secretly my favorite view of any girl’s body and again Rosa was just outstandingly beautiful that way, too.


Rosa had been a bit impatient with Dave as he talked with her about what she really wanted and assigning her a safe word. Yet at the same time it also gave her a warm feeling about him that he cared about her in that way. But Rosa was also very horny which made her feel impatient about the whole conversation, but she went through it gracefully, realizing that it was something a man in Dave’s position had to do.

But now Dave had given Rosa his first order and it sent a new thrill through the teen age girl’s body. Rosa was quickly finding that she was even more into exhibitionism than she had thought, showing of her body just made her so hot! And now Dave’s sudden more forceful attitude excited her even more.

Rosa moved her feet a bit further apart and bent down as instructed until her hands were resting on the coffee table. This position exposed the most intimate secrets of Rosa’s body to Dave’s close up view and this excited the Filipina girl immensely, especially since he had ordered her to assume such a wantonly exposed position. And Rosa was finding that being ordered to do sexual things like this by Dave made her extremely horny. Rosa remained quietly in that position for several minutes allowing Dave to drink in the view of her most intimate female anatomy.


I just sat there for a couple of minutes taking in the sweet view Rosa was giving me and my cock was now as hard as a rock. This girl was so hot and so willing I just had to fuck her and her pussy was wet and inviting right in front of me. I quickly decided that I wanted Rosa to sit on my cock right here in my chair, she could ride me that way.

Still drinking in the view of Rosa’s exposed charms I reached down and unsnapped my jeans and then pulled down the zipper. I could see Rosa looking at me curiously through the V of her thighs as I move the other hand down so that I could push first my jeans and then underwear down, exposing my erect cock. I could see Rosa’s eyes widen in her inverted face when my cock came into view.

“Stand up Rosa and come sit on my lap,” I ordered, slapping her lightly on one ass cheek.

Rosa quickly stood up, turned around, and moved to sit on my lap. Rosa seemed to be a little bit of a loss about what to do about my hard cock which was in the middle of the area in which she needed to sit. After a couple of seconds of hesitation she sat herself on my thighs with my cock in front of and almost touching her shaved pussy. It seemed she was at a loss about what to do with my cock so I decided to correct that.

“You know what you want to do with my cock, Rosa. Put it in your pussy,” I ordered as she sat there staring at it.


Rosa sat there for a few seconds, hesitating now that what she had wanted for so long was really happening. There was a little bit of an element of unreality to it because she had imagined it for so long. But Rosa quickly gathered her courage and stirred to follow Dave’s instruction.

Even though Rosa had never had sex with a man before she was fortunate because nature had put very little in the way of her taking a man’s cock into her pussy for the first time. Unknown to Rosa her hymen was almost nonexistent and would not present any barrier to the cock she wanted to take inside herself.

Rosa grasped Dave’s cock in her right hand as she lifted her body until she was kneeling above him. She knee walked forward a little until her pussy was in the right position for what she was about to do and then she lowered her body. As her body became low enough to meet Dave’s cock Rosa fitted the head of it to her opening, moving it around a little to wet the tip and get it started. Because of her experience with Charlotte’s vibrator Rosa knew exactly what to do to get the cock started into her pussy, and there was nothing to stop the cock from entering her completely. As soon as the head of Dave’s cock was started into her vaginal opening Rosa allowed her body to continue to drop until she was sitting on his hips and completely impaled upon his hard cock.

Rosa stopped for a few seconds to savor the feel of Dave’s cock as it filled her pussy. To Rosa it felt even better than Charlotte’s vibrator had, somehow it seemed to be more right, to fit inside her better. Whatever it was Rosa loved the feel of Dave’s cock as it filed her pussy. After resting for a few seconds Rosa began to move, causing Dave’s cock to saw in and out in her pussy. This felt even better than just resting with the cock inside her and soon Rosa was riding Dave for all she was worth.

The movement of Dave’s cock in her pussy tugged on Rosa’s inner pussy lips and clit delightfully. She also soon noticed that the flared side of the head of Dave’s cock was brushing by her G spot in a very nice manner with every stroke of the cock n and out of her pussy. This all combined together to drive Rosa rapidly toward a powerful orgasm.


When Rosa impaled herself upon my cock it felt delightful, her pussy was very tight but at the same time very slippery. Apparently Rosa had relieved herself of her hymen sometime in the past as it seemed there was nothing to impede the smooth entry of my cock into the innermost depths of her pussy. Or perhaps she just hadn’t had much of one, some girls were lucky that way. Rosa hesitated for a few seconds seeming to get used to the feeling for my cock as it filled her pussy and then she began to move. Rosa quickly found a way of moving that caused my cock to move delightfully inside her vaginal passage.

I stayed still for a couple of minutes and just let Rosa do all the work and she did a very good job of fucking herself with my cock as she rode me. But soon the feeling was so strong that I just had to start pushing up into her. I put my hands on her ass and quickly started pushing my cock up hard into Rosa’s pussy. This felt even better and I felt the start of an orgasm building up inside me as I kept pushing into Rosa’s pussy.


Rosa felt Dave’s hands grabbing the cheeks of her ass and then he began shoving his cock forcefully up into her pussy. This excited the young Filipina girl even more and she felt the beginning of orgasm start in her clit and pussy. Just as Rosa’s orgasm started she felt Dave’s cock stiffen in her pussy, and then begin throb in orgasm. Rosa felt the warm feeling of Dave’s semen shooting into her pussy as her own orgasm peaked. Knowing that Dave had cum in her somehow made Rosa’s own orgasm even better for her and she loved the idea of his semen splashing around inside her pussy.

Exhausted by the powerful orgasm she had just experienced Rosa collapsed onto Dave, noticing idly that while he was naked below the waist he still wore his shirt. Rosa just rested quietly on top of Dave with his softening cock still inside her pussy and his hands caressing and kneading her exquisite ass. Finally after a few minutes Rosa stirred and lifted herself up off of Dave, his cock slipping from her pussy as she did so.

When Rosa stood up she was somewhat surprised when several blobs of Dave’s cum dropped from her pussy, it was something she had never experienced before, and she quickly mover her hand down to catch the flow. Rosa looked around for anything that might be available to absorb the sperm leaking from her pussy but there was nothing handy. With an apologetic smile at Dave Rosa quickly skipped away to the bathroom with her semen coated hand under her pussy to catch whatever else might come out.


I had to smile when Rosa lifted herself up off me and ran to the bathroom with one hand between her legs to keep from dripping on the floor. Considering the situation that’s not something I would ever complain about but I guess Rosa was a bit surprised and self conscious about it. Since this was the girl’s first time her reaction wasn’t a surprise.

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