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Ruislip Lido

Well that’s it, every man’s desire…Do you like what you see?
They say that as you get older past memories will always come flooding back whilst those of today are soon forgotten.  Here is one of my many reminiscences, if it sounds familiar let it be, for I write for pleasure not personal reward.

It was a barmy summer’s day so with an itching to get on the bike I said bye to my parents and set off down the road.  Living in Eastcote it wasn’t long before I hit the open countryside, so with the wind blowing around my ears I began to meander through the country lanes; risking everything I took off my protective leather jacket and continued on my way.  In no time my nipples had stiffened soon to be followed by my cock for I was at that age where raging hormones governed my every activity.

It was sometime before I saw the sign for the ‘Lido’; why not I thought to myself, for the lido was a great place to meet chicks, have a swim or even enjoy the odd beer.  Now when I said meet chicks there were two halves to the Lido; first there was the beach area where the mum’s the their kids then there was the pool/grass area, where if you were lucky you could bump into the likes of up and coming film stars such as Charlotte Rampling, Jacqueline Bissett or Jane Birkin to name just a few of the stars who regularly came down from Pinewood Studio’ s and the good thing in them days was you could actually wander up to and talk to them without the hindrance of any bodyguard or minder like today’s so called ‘stars’.

Having parked the bike I made my way in, at first I went towards the pool area but the summer heat must have drawn out the entire population of London for it was heaving so with some reluctance I slowly made my way to the beach area, you could heard the kids screaming a couple of hundred yards away, ok it was summer, so what else could I expect.

Walking up past the donkey enclosure and the little railway station with its chuffing engine, no I’m not swearing for that was the sound it made, I found a nice secluded spot, and it was here I decided to strip to my underpants and enjoy a few hours under the shade of an overhanging tree.  I must have dropped off for suddenly got a whiff of perfume; with squinted eyes I made out the shape of a woman.  She had long black hair, a lightly tanned skin and as my eyes became more accustomed I noticed that she wore a yellow bikini which showed off her ample bosom to perfection, but what really got me going was the amount of hair showing about her bikini bottoms.

"It’s so hot today, do you mind if I share your spot," asked the sexiest of voices.

Fucking hell, she’s asking me, a seventeen old, if I’ll mind her plonking her arse down just a few feet away.  Trying hard not to show any enthusiasm and guarding a rapidly growing cock I replied with a very controlled “Sure.”

After several minutes my new neighbour got up and made her way into the water, the rattle of her arse was something I’ll always remember; in many ways her whole body was hypnotic for once in the water I don’t think I took my eyes off her once.  Ok there were plenty of other interesting females about but most of these had kids to attend to.  A couple however did catch my eye for these were the days of breast feeding and there was nothing more arousing to a seventeen year old than a young mother with a full cup and extended nipples.  Glancing back at my neighbour I noticed she had given up swimming and was now heading back towards me.  Well I can tell you that once wet that bikini left nothing to the imagination and this sight was made even worst when she reached up and smoothed her hair so as to get rid of the excess water.

"Not going for a dip?" She asked

“NNNo trunk’s,” I muttered trying hard not to show my raging hard-on.

"That shouldn’t stop you, half the kids out there are swimming in the pants," she replied.

"I’m no kid," I foolishly replied.

"No…I can see that," she said with a subtle lick of her lips, quickly following through with "I'm Fiona by the way."

I started to sweat, fucking hell is this a pick-up or what.  “Please to meet you, I’m Bill.”  Please to fucking meet you, what kind of chat-up line is that, soon you’re be asking her if she came here often, I thought to myself.

“Do you come here often?” she asked.

With that I just broke into a snigger, “Do you know that was the very question I was going to ask you,” I replied.
"Sure is hot," she replied flipping her rapidly drying hair over her shoulder.  She was surely the sexiest woman on the beach.  Even in the shade we were perspiring and with what little breeze there was I was not surprised to see beads of sweat roll down her chest and disappear between her ample bosom.

"Well, I'm going in for another swim, coming?" Fiona asked holding out a hand.

Fuck what was I to do; I wanted to but with such a raging hard-on my cock was having enough trouble staying hidden just lying here let alone running about.  "Come on, stop being a prude," she added.

Sweating from both the heat and being so close to Fiona I reached out and grabbed her hand, together we quickly ran towards the cooling water.  Once waist deep an deep urge came over me, for I was young and foolish in those days and like most guys shy around girls but today was different, gathering her in my arms I gave her the best kiss I could imagine; surprisingly she returned my kiss and more, for her tongue slowly ventured into my mouth, at first I was shocked then the essence of youth took over, as for my cock, what had been lost with the coolness of the water was now rapidly being regained.  After a minute or so she broke away.

“Where did that come from,” she asked

“I’ve wanted to do that since we first met,” I replied.

Just then as she reached up to adjust her bikini top and as feared, my cock finally made its first appearance.

"Did I cause that?" she asked, flicking her hair behind her.  "I think we had better do something about that, don’t you?"

Embarrassed all I could do was nod my head.

Fiona took a quick look around then reached inside my pants and without a moment's hesitation she wrapped her fingers around my shaft.

"Oh, Fuck," I sighed.

"Have you ever had a girl touch your cock like this before?" she asked as she gently stroked it.

I shook my head, “Not in the way you’re doing,” I mumbled.

As we kissed she slowly gripped my cock harder and began stroking.  OK the action was the same but this felt totally different to how I went about it and my head began to swim with enjoyment.  Looking into my eyes she asked how I felt.  All I could do was mutter a simple “Strange.”

"There are other ways of doing this," she said leading me slowly out of the water and back to our secluded spot.  Here she first signalled me to get shot of my pants then to lie down.  Once comfortable she dropped to her knees then began kissing and licked the head of my cock.  Slowly with closed lips Fiona lowered her mouth until almost my entire cock was in her mouth then gripped me tightly between her lips before she began slowly stroking her lips up and down my cock.

"Fuck that feels good," I moaned for this was the sexiest thing that had happened to me, in one way it was joyful in another frightening for I was not sure of what to do next.  Fiona's mouth was warm and wet around my cock.  Her tongue played across its sensitive skin with every stroke and her cascading hair gently brushed my groin as she gently bobbed up and down.

"I'm going to come," I mumbled, feeling the sensations that told me I was getting close.

"Mmm," she moaned, not releasing the grip around my cock.

Fuck, she wants me to come in her mouth.  With my groin beginning to tingle she cupped my balls then gently began kneading them.  It wasn’t long before I felt the sensation of cum racing up my shaft then blasting into Fiona's mouth.  She pulled her head back so only the head of my cock remained between her lips then she began to pump my cock with her hand, fascinated I watched as she swallowed load after load of my cum down her throat.  At the time it never occurred to me that women would want do this.

"That was amazing," I gasped.  For some reason it was I that was breathing heavily.

"Better?" she asked with a trace of semen trickling down her chin.

"Much better thanks," I replied.

"Bill… you don’t mind me asking…but are you still a virgin?" she said in a maternal way.

Now my father had always told me that if you wanted to get the best out of someone, you should always tell the truth so with a very hushed voice I replied with a stuttered “Yes.”

"Oh, you poor thing, you’ve never had a girl then?" she said in a sympathetic and caring manner.

“Well I’ve had the odd fiddles and fumble’s but to put it crudely, as far as fucking goes, No!”

It may sound strange but at that time even with the sexual revolution of the sixties going on, it was still very hard to get inside a woman’s knickers, ok we had the pill and cannabis etc; but parents and in many cases girls attitudes towards unsolicited sex was still in the dark ages.  As for me I had no idea about what to do next or how to go about it.

"Don't be scared," she said.  "There are basic three rules you should always remember, the first is that every woman is different, the second is be gentle and the third is don’t rush things, okay?"

Upon hearing those words I could feel my cock beginning to rise in anticipation.

Seeking more privacy we slunk further back into the trees, not too far back because of the miniature railway track but just enough to hide us from the beach dwellers, in fact I think that just the thought of being caught heightened the sexual appeal of the situation.

As I watched, Fiona reached behind and released her bikini top.  My mouth dried instantly when she pulled her top away and revealed the first pair of naked tits I'd seen in real life.  Forgetting all the rules I made a grab for them with my hands.

"OUCH…Gently, remember the rules."

“Sorry,” I muttered now completely embarrassed with what I had just done.

"Its okay, just caress them gently with your hands."

For the next few minutes I did as she instructed.  Her skin was softer than I had imagined which made me even more nervous.  With her encouragement I got more and more use to handling her body.  Fiona had three distinct parts to her breasts; first there was the orb itself all soft and spongy then there was the dark-coffee coloured areola which seemed to rise plateau like above the breast, finally came the nipple itself, now to me these resembled an extended version of pencil erasers

"Ok, now gently lick and suck at my nipples."

I lent forward and licked at her nipples, savouring its texture then I began sucking, gently at first and then more strongly.  Soon I found myself gently rolling her nipples between my forefinger and thumb.

"Good," she sighed.  "You’re learning fast.”

With those words of encouragement I began to gently alternate between every possible combination; as for my cock it was the hardest it had ever been and leaking pre-cum like never before.

"Mmm, you're a natural," she whispered to me.

"Okay, time to move on." Fiona said shuffling around on her towel.

Now I was dumbfounded, was it over, did I have just a prick-tease on my hands or even worse, had I done something wrong.  I looked into her eyes and found her smiling.

“Are you ready for this?” she asked

“Ready for what!” I unwittingly replied.

I watched as her hands fell to her hips.  She hooked her thumbs into the hem of her bikini bottoms and very slowly pulled them down.  As she lowered the material I saw a mass of black hair emerge into view.  “Well come on, help me out here,” she uttered with her arms now at full reach.  Nervously I hooked my fingers around the bikini hem and still in awe of the sight before me removed them completely.

"Well that’s it, every man’s desire…Do you like what you see?" she mumbled with some nervousness in her voice.

Another stupid question to ask a seventeen year old virgin but I still nodded in agreement.

Completely naked, Fiona looked absolutely stunning, ok the hairy mass was a bit of an eye-opener but I wasn’t going to argue for her whole body seemed to be covered in a fine gossamer of dark hair.  With my eyes glued to her pussy she slowly spread her legs.

"Ok…lesson number two…kneel between my legs, but don’t get too close."

As I gently knelt between her open legs, a sweet intoxicating smell aroma waft up from her pussy and began overwhelming my senses for it was totally different to the obnoxious fishy smell I have noticed in the past.  Nervously I began to drag my fingers up and down her pussy.

“That’s right…but remember slow and gentle.”

I nodded, for I was eager to please her yet ready to learn everything I could.  This was more exciting then reading about it in a man’s magazine or trying to grab a quick feel behind the bike shed.  I had a rough idea of what to do so I just followed my instinct.  Slowly I slipped first a single finger inside her pussy then meeting no rebuke a second; oh how I wanted these to be my cock.  Relaxed as we were it was wonderful to discover just how warm and wet she was.  I was fascinated at the way her pussy gripped and sucked at my fingers, gently I pulled my fingers in and out a few times then feeling adventurous dragged them up along the cleft of her pussy, feeling a little bump I pressed it just a fraction too hard.

With a jerk of her body Fiona uttered “Steady, that’s my clit,” then she went on telling my above how sensitive this particular area was and how it resembled a woman’s nipple and should be treated in the same manner.

“What licked and sucked,” I asked.

“Yes and why not; but first I'm going to teach you the secret that will make every girl happy,” then she added, “Now don’t get frightened for I’m about to teach you how to make a girl have an orgasm.  Now, as you did before, I want you to put a finger into my pussy then curl it up as if you were beckoning me to join you."

Nervously I did as she instructed for I didn’t want to cock this up.  With my finger curled up inside her, I found myself pressing against the slippery, mucus lined front wall of her pussy.

"No…no, move it around a bit……Oh Fuck, yes that's it…that’s the spot," she urged.

To me this felt no different to any other part of her pussy, but it was sure giving Fiona a lot of pleasure.

“Harder!" she demanded, now teasing and rolling her nipples with both hands.

Contradictory to what I had been told about being soft and gentle I continued to rub that particular spot in her pussy then remembering what she had told me about her clit I very gently began to rub this with my other hand.  Soon I was memorised as she gasped and bucked in ecstasy.

"Harder, I'm almost there," she cried out.

Soon Fiona began to buck, shake and clamp her thighs together as her orgasm overtook her.  She moaned and groaned with pleasure.  At first her pussy became extremely tight then extremely wet.  I’m glad Fiona took the time to explain to me what I was about to do, for to the un-initiated it would be truly a frightening experience.

After a few seconds and still gasping for breath she looked at me then uttered the words I had been waiting to hear since we first met, "Ok Bill…now its your turn…you can fuck me now."

Not needing to be asked twice I shuffled up until my cock was resting on Fiona’s pubes then with a bit of shuffling between us she placed its head at the entrance to her pussy, waggled it around about a bit then simply nodded.  This was the moment I had waited so long for so with no delay I thrust my hips forward, sinking my cock deep into her in one smooth stroke.

"Just remember," she whispered to me.  "You’ve got to get a woman really wet before you can do that, otherwise your cause her a lot of pain."

Those words barely registered with me for at last to put it crudely, my cock was buried in a cunt.  I thought I knew what to expect, but I had been unprepared for its warmth, wetness and sucking nature.  This was so unfamiliar to me that I almost came at that very moment.  The other surprise was how active her pussy was at gripping my cock.

When I had regained my senses I looked into her eyes as she said, "Now, remember slow and easy until I tell you otherwise."

I pulled my cock back and then gently eased it back in.  She was so wet that I met little resistance as I pistoned in and out of her.  I was ecstatic for I was now fucking my first pussy and it was wonderful.

"Feels great doesn’t it".

I had imagined this moment since puberty, it was so much better than I had thought it would be; pistoned my cock in and out of her pussy I loved its slurping nature and the feel of her pussy lips as they gripped the sides of my shaft.  The more strokes I made the easier it became, also I think Fiona’s encouragement had a lot to do with the situation for not once did she mock or make fun at me.

"Now you’re new to this, so if you start to feel like you’re going to come before me, tell me," she mumbled.

I nodded, not truly understanding what she had just said.  Although I had almost come upon my initial entry I now reckoned I could last a while longer.

"Ok…time to up the pace a bit," she commanded.  "Slip your hands under my arse and drive your cock deep into me……Harder…Faster," Fiona uttered wrapping her legs around my waist.

Now I was being too gentle, so like a scolded cat I started fucking her harder and harder.  By clenching her arse I had gained some added friction, in, out, I pounded my cock deep into her slurping sloppy pussy over and over again.  In the distance I could hear the chuff-chuff-chuff of the miniature engine as it made its way towards us.

"Yeah, that's it," she gasped.  "Fuck me." as my paced changed in tempo to the on-coming sound.

Now instead of just the drying bracken I could smell the ambrosia of our love making as I punished her pussy with my cock.  Soon this was mixed with the smell of the train as it past, but a few yards away to create an intoxicating smell that filled my lungs as I gasped for breath.

"COME ON…FUCK ME," she yelled, wrapping her legs yet tighter around my waist.

In reply I slapped my pelvis hard up against hers wincing every time my balls slapped painfully against her arse again and again.  As I fucked her with all my strength, my mind drifted back to the days on the farm, when father would get the bull over in order to service the cows for that was how my balls felt swinging back and forth.

"Yes…Yes…I'm almost there," she gasped.

I could feel her pussy writhe and ripple around my cock as her orgasm first built up then swept over her.  I watched her as she came.  For now her body seemed to glow under a fine sheen of perspiration.  God she was beautiful.

"YES…YES…YESSSS," she yelled as her orgasm took over.

I rammed my cock deep into her and held it there for it was now impossible for me to continue, for Fiona’s pulsating body had me trapped and was doing the work for me.  My balls began to tingle and with her rippling pussy clamped tightly around my cock this stimulated me further, for I couldn't hold back any longer.  Cum raced up my shaft and blasted deep inside her pussy.  I gasped and shuddered as surge after surge of cum rushed through my body and into hers.  I had never imagined it could feel so good.

As if never wanting to let go, Fiona held me tight as I emptied myself into her, then knackered I collapsed upon her soft throbbing body where maternally she stroked my head and shoulders as I lay there.  I was in no hurry to move for I had just completed my first fuck.

Feeling my cock deflate within her, Fiona said but one word, "Happy."

I rose up and looked at her.  She lifted her head and kissed me tenderly on the lips then she uttered the sweetest words ever spoken to me, "That was wonderful, Bill."

And on that hot summer’s day with the sun slowly sinking towards the horizon I learnt so, so much more, for Fiona was a good tutor and nothing was considered taboo or dirty.

Did I ever see Fiona again, yes but always with a new beau.  Was I jealous, the hell I was but then I remembered the lessons she had taught me, lessons which had served me well from that day to this.
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