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Sadie Shows Mike The Way

Meeting Sadie makes young Mike's first time something extra special

Every man remembers his first time. That first access to the warm juices of a woman's secret place. In spite of my forty or so years in my present business, that first time, and its consequences will live with me forever. Because that first time was the point at which my future life was changed forever.

For one thing, I had waited so long, being such a shy, mother-dominated eighteen year old on the fringe of going to University seeking a business degree. I'd had little real experience of the opposite sex. A brief touch of Teresa Wilson's left breast through her thick cardigan before she knocked my hand away, was as good as it got.

Females had always turned me into a quivering jelly. I just didn't feel comfortable with the demands that might be placed upon me. Even my nocturnal hand jobs were completed with feelings of unbridled guilt.

I'd heard all the bragging of my schoolmates. ‘They just lie there, and you stick it in, Mike. It's easy.’ I was wise enough to know that much of their talk was fable. The wishful thinking of sex-starved youth in most cases. And it seemed to me that I was just too shy to ever find out what made a woman a woman.

This was many years ago, back in the days we now call innocent times. Which means that girls were more determined to keep it for some future husband. That's the way they were brought up.

But then Vic Summers and his wife, Sadie, moved into our street, just two doors away. And I was on the verge of an education which I could never even have dreamed about. Lessons that would change my sexual confidence, and would set me up for the rest of my life. The making of a stud. From the distance of a near half century, I can look back and recall my first time with all the clarity of it being just yesterday. Because, oh my, what a time it was.

It all started when I heard the wail of Benny Goodman's clarinet coming from the new neighbour's back door. I loved Goodman and all the big bands.

Vic Summers came out, thin ginger hair, a drawn pale face, but smiling as he noticed my foot tapping. "Like the big bands?" he asked me.

"They're great," I mumbled.

"Why not come over tonight? I've got hundreds of records in my collection."

Nervously I turned up that night and Vic greeted me with a glass of orange juice before we settled on the floor of their neat little sitting room and listened to the shivering glissando of trombone, the high pitched tremolo of clarinet. And that's when Sadie swayed into the room, and suddenly the rhythms were all in my heart

Tall, slender, as delicate as a rain-kissed rose, she swayed across the room. A blue silken dress clung to every curve of her body, and every curve was undulating with sinuous abandon. A heady perfume of lavender and something else exuded from her as she nodded in my direction.

"So, you're the young neighbour? A handsome young man. I'll bet the girls are mad for you."

Totally in awe, I nodded my head. Did I say the rhythms were all in my heart? Well, very rapidly they were moving deeper so that I had to hold my hands over my groin to hide what was happening there.

Her sensuous movement hypnotised me. Those churning hips, the wobble of breast under the silky fabric of her dress and the flashing legs that seemed to go on forever.

Vic was happy to share his music with me any evening I wanted. And yes, the music was exciting, but feeling myself bathed by Sadie's sultry glances, the flowing grace of that body, they became the real attractions. I was in love, immediate and irrevocably, content with just looking, but then---

That special summer day came around when I was lingering at the gate between our back gardens hoping for another invite from Vic, when Sadie floated out, dressed in tight sweater and tighter pants. Blue seemed to be her colour.

"Oh, Mike, how lovely to see you." Her wide blue eyes, the swing and sway of her body, sent all kinds of electrics through me. The intimacy of her smile only added colour to my burning cheeks. "Vic won't be home tonight. His job, you know"

Before the full weight of disappointment could hit me she went on, "But you can still come and listen to the music---- " And she paused, the languorous smile playing on her full mouth, the eyes going cloudy, before adding, "---if you want."

Had I misread her looks, her tone of voice? It couldn't be that way, could it? I was imagining an impossible promise, wasn't I?

Shy I may have been but I found myself exhilarated by the mere proximity of her. The prospect of being close to her. That night, I had the longest bath I've ever had. Brushed my hair into what I imagined was a delicate quiff and coated my body in so much talc that I had to sneak out in case my mother questioned my perfumed presence.

Sadie answered my tentative knock at the back door almost immediately, and my eyes must have bulged at the sight of her dressed in a peach coloured, long silken robe open at the neck to reveal a tantalising valley between her gently rising breasts. Long tawny hair, cascaded to her shoulders.

“My you smell lovely, Mike."

I was tempted to say, "So do you," as her lavender perfume invaded my nostrils. But words simply choked in my constricted throat.

Music was already on the record player and I recognised Harry James Trumpet Blue and Cantabile. "You like this one, don’t you?" she said, walking ahead of me into the sitting room, fascinating me with the metronome ticking of her firm buttocks under the silk.

She directed me to the sofa, as I noticed that the curtains were closed, which seemed strange on a bright summer evening. I sat, as she swayed for a moment, every inch of her body seeming to be alive and transmitting bolts of lightning into my dumb adolescent psyche.

The music changed, Glen Miller, softer, more romantic. She stood for a moment over me, and my eyes tried not to look at the slight parting in her negligee and the darkly shadowed something beyond. Why hadn't she dressed? Did she know I could see? I raised my head and she was smiling. She knew where I was looking. Then she sat down beside me, close. Closer than I could have ever dreamed.

“Tell me about your girlfriends, Mike." she breathed. Her perfume was something I thought I was going to drown in.

What could I say? Teresa Wilson's clothed left breast apart, my only experience had been flat punctured kisses at parties and listening to the garish stories of my schoolmates.

“Not much to tell," I admitted.

“Do you like me?"

“Y--yes. You're-----nice." And it sounded so crummy, I could have curled up and died.

“You're a lovely young man, Mike---" My mind was saying, ‘And you’re a married woman.’

She went on, "You know Vic and I have been very happy----but you must have noticed how weak he looks---it's the disease--- a wasting thing. He can't do-------anything." And her pause made me look up into those eyes, even more sultry in the dim light.

“Would you like to kiss me, Mike?"

A kiss? A kiss was more than I could have hoped for, wasn't it? She was leaning towards me and the gown had parted to reveal more of those two creamy mounds. My basic instinct was to run like hell. But like a switch had been pushed, there was a sudden bulge in my best flannel trousers.

"Mmm," was all I could manage, as her full red lips moved close, and I tried desperately to catch my breath. The lips brushed across mine, briefly, gently. Was that it? Then her hand was on the back of my neck and her mouth covered mine just as I opened it to clutch in some air.

Next second her tongue was lapping over mine. Briefly shocked I was then filled with wonder at the electricity of it. The sheer sensation, my whole mouth was a-tingle. I leaned into it, dizzily, fearing I might faint at the intensity of it. Nothing in my life had prepared me for this.

Compared with those tight-lipped party kisses this was pure bliss, as Sadie's tongue explored my own, tracing around the insides of my cheeks. My hands trembled. Nervous as I was, I felt disappointment when she drew away. Then I saw that one of her breasts had come totally free and I was gazing at it. Tits, that's what the kids called them. But not this beautifully rounded, full, smooth hillock with its subtle pink ring tipped by a delicate nub of a nipple. This was a breast, a real, living succulent breast.

“Touch it, Mike."

Amazed at the invitation, I looked into her eyes. Was I dreaming? Was this luscious married woman actually giving me, a gawky young virgin, permission to touch her breast?”

“Please, Mike."

I raised trembling fingers and the tips traced the elegant slope from nipple to the base of her throat. Feeling a little bolder I allowed my fingers to smooth their way around the whole curving surface. The tightness in my pants increased.

“Now the nipple, Mike. With that same touch. You have a lovely touch."

I was scared senseless. Yet enjoying it at the same time. I reached out and tentatively ran my fingers over the hard, small nipple and heard her sharp intake of breath.

“Sorry," I mumbled, jerking my hand away.

“No, no. That was perfect, Mike. Again. A little harder." I'd wake up soon. But the pressure in my groin told me that I wasn't dreaming. I allowed my whole hand to settle over her breast, smoothing it, letting each finger trace over the nipple.

“Oh, you've done this before, haven’t you?" she sighed huskily.

“No, never." I didn't even think of lying.

“Kiss it, Mike." What? Blood pounded in my head and in my cock.

“Take the nipple in your mouth, tongue it"

I lowered my head nervously. "Like this?" I asked, before putting my lips around the enlarged nipple.

“Tongue, Mike. Use your tongue."

Emboldened I did that. I couldn't believe the pleasure of it. My mouth could have swallowed her whole. I found myself sucking without even thinking about it.

She was breathing more heavily. "You're sure you've never done this before?”

“Never," I said. "But it's nice." That stupid useless word again. It was more than just nice. I was on some magic cloud.

Briefly, guiltily I thought of Vic, but then her hands closed on either side of my face lifted me, and her mouth fastened on mine again. Her tongue slithered over mine, sending shock waves through my whole being.

One hand closed over my right hand and moved it down, tracing it over the delightful flatness of her belly, the silkiness of her gown until my fingers sloped downwards to detect a sudden roughness under the silk. She made an agitated movement and the silk was gone and my fingers discovered the roughness had been a mound of soft hair.

My head was pounding. I couldn't expect this, this was the ultimate, this was a woman's secret place, her special gift. My hand froze, uncertain of how to proceed. All I knew was there should be an opening among this fuzziness.

Her lips left mine and she whispered, "Go on, Mike. Touch me there."

Without daring to look down at what I was doing I let my untrained fingers grope around the hairs. Where was it? Where was that secret opening?

I felt her legs moving apart and her mouth close to my ear breathed, "Lower, Mike. Follow the groove."

Groove? Yes, my middle finger found an indentation. Tracing it, I found lips that seemed to be swelling under my touch, and there was moistness between her thighs. Was that all right? I hesitated my stroking.

“Mmmmm," Sadie breathed close to my ear. "My weakness. Don’t stop Push deeper. Find my spot."

This groove ran all the way to the back. But all that wetness, my fingers ran deep between those soaked lips. I drew them back and forward again. Aware now of her laboured breathing, almost panting. On one forward movement, there was a parting of the trench and there was something small and hard, like a miniature nipple under my fingers. But no hole----where was that opening?

"Oh, God, that's marvellous. Don’t stop. That's it. There. Oh, Jesus. Yes. Probe, Mike." I seemed to be too far back when without warning my middle finger sank into a wet pit, so far back that it took me by surprise. I pushed and my finger sank right in. I let another finger join it and prodded them both upwards and inwards.

Sadie was panting and gasping, kissing my face, my hair, my ears, tonguing into my mouth. "Oh, God, yes. Oh, God "

I couldn't believe how ignorant I had been. Even more, I was taken aback by her reaction to my amateur administrations. How could this glory hole be set so far back? And that was when I felt Sadie's hand on my thigh, on my bulge. Oh, hell, I wasn't sure about this. Nobody had touched me there. Not since I was a baby anyway. But I wanted it and didn't, both at the same time. No woman had seen my cock, not in that enlarged state. Not in any state.

Sadie's hands expertly opened my trousers. She was going to touch my naked cock. She was----she was! My own fingers stopped their luscious probing as I gasped for air. Then her hand closed around my swollen member drawing it into the open. And the whole pressure of the episode was just too much as her fingers lightly caressed my bulging tip.

In despair, I realised what was going to happen, after all that had gone before. The touch of her hand was all too much. My lower body seemed to explode. I looked up in time to see the first spurts bloom whitely over her fingers.
"Oh, dear," she sighed. "An early bird."

Ashamed, disgusted with myself I was about to apologise when she crooned, "But I catch the worm. Cum to mama. Don’t go to waste." And to my mix of joy and horror, she stooped and closed her mouth over my oozing cock. She was taking my cum in her mouth.

I hadn't even known that was allowed. Vaguely, I remembered seeing a dirty picture that the friends passed around. But here was Sadie with her head in my lap, her mouth gently sucking on my spurting cock and taking every drop down.

After just a moment I felt myself softening and Sadie released me, raised her head, smiled and licked the cum from her hand.

"I'm sorry," I said lamely.

"Sorry? For what? We haven’t finished, Mike. And you can put your hand back where it was for a start."

I glanced down at my pathetic little cock lying like a dead snail outside my pants. It didn't seem likely that anything else could happen. I'd just been to the top of the world. Sadie saw my look and smiled.

“I'll tell you what, Mike. I think we need to be more comfortable." And she stood up and took my hand urging me to stand. Then she led me through a door and we were in a bedroom, with a large double bed.

“Comfort, Mike. We've come this far. We might as well have comfort."

I couldn't see what we could do now. I was finished, wasn’t I? Did she mean we were going to sleep? Straight away I knew this wasn't the case, as she slipped completely out of her robe, and stood there totally, delightfully naked. Another first for me.

My eyes, bolder now, after what we’d done before, roamed over the twin perfect breasts, bold, firm and pink tipped, that flat belly sloping down to the tawny patch of hair that I had explored but was seeing for the first time. She moved her feet and I caught a glimpse of the secret lips hidden down there.

"Now you," she said, and as I hesitated, she stepped forward and began undoing my shirt.

My mother hadn't seen me naked since I'd reached puberty. Nobody had. Even with my mates after football, I was always a little embarrassed. Now here was this virtual stranger busily removing my shirt. Stranger? After what we'd just done?

She loosened my belt and my trousers dropped. Her hands slipped inside the waistband of my shorts. "You think I have a good body, Mike?"

I nodded breathlessly, and resisted saying 'nice.’ "Not bad for a thirty-year-old, is it?"

Thirty. She was thirty. I felt my face burning red as she slipped my shorts down over my hips, and stood back to look me up and down. I wanted the ground to swallow me. "You have a good body, too. Only yours will get better." Her hand slid under my scrotum which made me jump. "Oh, Mike, you are going to make a lot of women happy. And I'm going to show you how. Let's lie down."

To my surprise, her touching my balls had made my cock flicker upwards. I lay down across the bed, and she lay beside me.

“I have a need right now, Mike. So, we’ll take you through the early stages of seduction later. For now, just kiss my breasts again.”

Early stages? What did she mean? Later? When was later?

Earlier it had been one breast, now I had both at my disposal. I let my tongue flicker from one to the other, while my hands roamed over them, enjoying the friction. My eyes gaped in wonder at the way her nipples swelled to my mouthing. From time to time she muttered little instructions.

"Use your teeth. Yes there, gently. Now squeeze, then stroke. Now move your lips down over my belly."

Oh, oh, this was taking me towards a new stage. My tongue tickled at her tiny navel.

On down. And the next tickling was her pubic hairs on my mouth. I couldn't go any further. These weren't the lips for my lips, were they?

"Touch first. Yes, fingers." Her voice was husky.

I let my fingers move as they had before feeling out the petal folds as they opened to my touch. Moistness, aroma, heat. I felt my cock flexing itself, like a fighter returning to the fray.

"Open me. Yes, thumbs on each side. You're looking for the stone in a plum. Look. Look, Mike. "

My head was between her thighs, my feet up near her head. I could never imagine what I was seeing. All that pinkness, layer on layer it seemed.

"See it, Mike? See my clit?"

Among the folds, I saw a tiny bud thing. Was that it? I wasn't sure, so I tentatively touched with my fingers.

"That's it. My clit." Her voice was strained, almost gasping. "Now put your tongue on it."

My tongue there? This couldn't be right. This wouldn't be very pleasant, would it? Was this what people did?

"Please, Mike. I need this---need it now."

Reluctantly, I leaned into it and flicked my tongue against that tiny target. For some reason my whole being trembled with excitement as she stiffened and gasped, "Oooh---yes, --do it---give it ---lick it---lick it hard."

My tongue began working as though it had a life of its own. Lapping at her little secret button. Her clit. I hadn't even heard the word before. Back and forward went my tongue. Round and round. No taste, yet it was like supping on cream and the creaminess increased, as her legs spread, and I found myself licking and probing until my tongue was guzzling into that mysterious hole without me even wondering about what I was doing.

"Oh, yes, we're there, Mike." And as she said it I felt her tongue licking the length of my semi-hard cock. I let my tongue run wild along her every widening slit, as she gasped and moaned. Her lips fastened around my cock and I could feel it swelling inside her mouth.

“No, I'll---" I tried to warn her, recalling my earlier weakness.

“No, you won't," she gasped." I won't let you."

Her tongue explored the head and I felt so huge inside her mouth, and almost involuntarily, my hips thrust to push my cock deeper into her, while my probing with my tongue in her wetness got wilder and wilder.

Her mouth came away from my cock and I didn't want it to, I glanced along the length of her belly and saw her pressing my organ against her breasts. I couldn't believe what I saw. My meagre hand jobs never made it look that massive. It had never been so engorged, so fat.

"Oh, God," she moaned. "Mike, you've got a wonderful lance here. I want it inside me."

She sat up and I sat up looking at her, her cheeks flushed, her eyes clouded with passion.

"Now, we'll fuck," she said flatly. It shocked me to hear her use the word. You must remember this was many years ago when that word was the worst thing you could say. Yet there seemed no better way of saying what we were going to do

Sadie lay her voluptuous body back on the bed and opened her legs with the knees raised. "Come on, Mike. Just let yourself glide into me. You've prepared me good. Now finish me good."

Uncertainly, I moved between her legs and she reached down and held my cock, drew it towards her, guiding, her fingers holding the tip to direct it into that smouldering orifice that I had just been licking.

I felt the bulbous head of my cock enter and immediately felt the muscles of her walls contracting to draw me in. At the same time, I felt that familiar welling from my balls. I was going to shoot. Christ, before I'd hardly started. I told Sadie.

That hot sexy smile creased her face, as she shook her head. "No, you’re not. Not this time. Not before you've stuffed me good." And her hand reached down, and her finger and thumb gripped tightly around my cock just above the balls.

I had frozen in fear of shooting my load now she said urgently, "You’re all right. Now let me feel that gorgeous prick inside me. "

I eased my cock into her as her hand released me. The threat of an early rush had gone, and my rod slid easily right up to the hilt inside that wondrous channel. So far that I was sure that I could feel the head push against some part of her deep inside. I didn't dare ask, what did I do now. I was inside, deep, deep into that warm wetness and it was the best feeling I'd ever had. But now? She sensed my uncertainty. "Pull back ---Not too much---Yes, there. Now plunge back---all the way"

I had eased my hips back feeling my cock being adulated by her vibrating walls. Now I pushed it back as far as it would go.

"Now---again---back--faster--- "And her voice was strained, excited, by what I was doing to her.

I swung my hips back and forward as I thrust piston-like inside her. Hey, I was fucking. This is what it's like. Better than anything I could have imagined. The hotness of it, the wetness, the smells of perfume and feminine musk.

Sadie moaned. "Oh, God, ---I knew---I knew----Suck my tits, Mike. Suck my tits---"

I needed no second bidding, pounding away into her delightful crotch I let my lips snap and bite at her engorged nipples.

Sadie was breathing harder than I was, her head tossing from side to side, her long hair flared across her face. "Ooh, it's there. Oh, yes, Mike. Let go. Cum in me. Cum. Cum now. Do it. Do it." Her voice became a screech of near desperation.

A dam burst deep inside my balls and the flood poured into my cock, as with one final plunge, I heard my own voice yell something wild. And I was trying to push the head of my cock up into the very core of her. While her hips rose from the bed to meet me and we ground ourselves together and groaned and gasped in unison. It seemed like I wouldn't stop, I felt I was pushing gallons of my cum up into her and she was taking it so gratefully.

At last we were calm, and I lay nestled against her flat, sweated belly as my cock slowly shrank out of her.

I'd done it. I'd had sex. I'd fucked---and with an older woman.

"That was a good start," Sadie murmured, stroking my hair.

"Start?" I said, delighted and surprised.

“Oh, yes, that's just lesson one. You’re a fast learner, Mike. But there are a lot of cold women in the world. You need to know how to overcome that.”

"But---but how?"

Sadie sat up and took my face in her hands, her blue eyes blazed deeply into mine, "Mike, I’ve had a few cocks over the years, but for an eighteen-year-old, yours is a baseball bat,” She giggled, “And it will probably grow with use. You've got the potential to become a real love machine. Would you let me show you how?”

There was only one reply I could give to an offer like that. For the next two months, once or twice a week, depending on Vic’s shifts, she led me through the pathways of initial seduction to the sublime moment of total satisfaction.

Came the night when Sadie was cumming like a mad woman as I pounded into her, yet even as she was gasping her appreciation of such an orgasm, I was able to go on thrusting and plunging to bring on a second one.

As we lay catching our breaths she sighed, “Oh, Mike, such force and such staying power. What did you say you’d be doing at University?”

I told her, and she asked, “What business did you have in mind?”

“Something in the line of imports and exports,” I told her, not having a clear plan at that early stage.

She leaned in close and told me of a male acquaintance who ran a very lucrative business.

“What business?” I asked her.

“Male escort, he’s made a fortune from it. If you’re interested I could put you in touch. I know he’ll be interested in such a young man having your potential.”

I spent a few days thinking it over. Export and imports or escorting and pleasuring rich ladies? An inexperienced nerd to accomplished lover in under three months. Boring business prospects to my own assured and sensually satisfying enterprise. Dear Sadie Summers, could you have made any greater change to this lucky man’s lifestyle?

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