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Please see Authors note at the end of the story
Chapter 1

Tendrils of mist slipped silently over the ancient stones that stood sentinel-like before her. As the blanket of stars that enveloped the world she knew showered down their crystal light tiny silicates glinted and glistened in the hard grey stone that had been formed so many millions of years before. No one knew how or why these massive obelisks had been brought from the place far across the sea. She knew of no one who had even travelled that piece of water that separated her world from the world of mystery and the people who had once come so long ago and then vanished. The old Druid who still had his refuge deep in the woods across the valley had once come and told stories in the village of how the old religion had been but the Romans had come and driven him away with threats of death and she had not seen him again and her Father had forbidden her even to mention him lest the Romans should hear of it and come for them all.

She hated the Romans with their strange ways. The way in which the centurions would come and take the youngest and prettiest of the village girls, offering promises of reward only to then disappoint them and leave them alone and often with child. She too had seen how the one centurion had looked at her and she knew that it would not be long before she too was considered as easy prey. For some years she had hidden her figure under tunics of rough cloth as she matured and her slow development had been of benefit to her much as it was a source of mirth to the boys of the village.

Since reaching her sixteenth birthday the ripe swelling of her breasts had become obvious even under the loosest of clothing and she knew also that the boys of the village would hide in the bushes that surrounded the women’s bathing place down by the river to watch and to see the thick bush of her own that had thatched between her legs. Thoughts of herself sent shivers through her body that had nothing to do with the cold wind that had sprung up as she stood here. The warm heat spread from within and emanated from her private place demanding of her the attention that she would give when she thought all the others were asleep in the dwelling that the family shared with their animals. But tonight was not the night for such actions and she quickly moved her hand back from touching herself and satisfying the itch that so craved her questing fingers.

This sacred circle of stones held secrets of their own and she wondered at the ceremonies that had lured other young girls on this night of all nights to come and to lay out here. This day had many names and to some it was All Hallows, to others an equinox and the end of the harvest to her it would always be Samhain. It was to this that she had come tonight to celebrate and to discover for herself if what she had been told those many years ago as a young girl by the Druid were true. She saw him now before her, old and withered as the Oak trees that gave him shelter.

“The Goddess has chosen you Sena, you know this as surely as you recognise the changing of the seasons”

The statement was bold and did not seem to invite the possibility of doubt.

“She will instruct you when it is time for you to make the transition to womanhood and no Roman blood shall sully your loins nor youth of the village impregnate you until she has decided your fate”

Her head had hung in shame at such talk but the Druid had seemed kind and not bothered by the delicate nature of such a subject. The village had shunned him but could not bring themselves to condemn him for the old religion lay still in their midst and the great standing stones were a constant reminder of those who had gone before them. That conversation had seemed like only yesterday but she had been no more than a child when he had spoken to her as she played in the dirt outside the family hut covered in its mud and straw walls atop stone foundations laid by her Father.

Sena moved now to the centre of the circle and lay herself down upon the cold wet grass that seemed never to grow, never grazed even by the village animals who shunned this place and kept clear at all times. The cold clammy dampness clawed its’ way into her bones, convulsing her muscles and sending her helpless into the grasp of a life force outside of her own. Nature was taking her place now as ruler of her actions and self will was futile as she slumped into the grasp of the icy cold chill that descended.

“You are waiting my child as I told you it would be?”

The warm husky voice came from outside the stone circle and her heart leapt as blood coursed once more through tired muscle and sinews to revive her limbs.

“Stand for me now for tonight She is coming for you”

The masculine voice cut through the cold of the night, his words at once soothing to her and warmth enveloped her, suffusing her body with otherworldly power.

The rough hewn material spilled from her slender shoulders and her breasts rose as though defying this stranger to look down upon them, her dark brown nipples standing proud upon them. She stood silently offering herself to his gaze.

His eyes travelled down to the soft bush of hair that showed darkly between her thighs, white as the chalk hills where the original inhabitants had once carved giant pictures of wild animals many thousands of years before on this hallowed isle. The wolf and the bear had retreated as he had into the forests and lurked unseen, only heard on nights such as these. The hair between her legs reminded him of the softness of wolf pelt as he acknowledged a hunger not felt for many years and he wondered how she would taste. He imagined the sweetness of her soft moist opening the feel of her delicate lips that showed as she now knelt before him and the bitter sweet juice that he knew would cascade from her loins as he ruptured that sacred covering of her innocence.

“Rise my child for your time has come”

His voice was both soothing and yet conveying of a message far deeper than mere words could tell.

Sena could not explain the emotions that were firing through her body as he spoke. The wizened old man of the woods had not moved within the stone circle, his ragged beard surrounding his face was wretched and tangled and yet she would gladly have given herself to him this very moment had he only commanded. The spell that held her in its’ grasp would make sure that she did what was commanded of her and never question the authority that made her supplicate and surrender to the demands made of her.

“She comes for you now my child I shall be here when you need me”

His presence was gone. Once more she stood alone in the circle of stone but now it glowed with an intensity that she could not begin to perceive of her worldly self. The all enveloping warmth took her and carried her down and once more she lay but this time the covering beneath her was soft and enshrouding, gentle fur that stimulated a new the feeling between her legs. Only the gentle gasp of breath on her neck caused her to move her face away from the fur and to gaze into limpid pools of the bluest azure.

“My child I have waited so many years for this moment and now you are here before me”

The voice was soft and feminine, carried gently on a whisper of mist yet warm and beguiling.

Sena turned her head once more and before her was a woman sylph-like and diaphanous yet physical and visceral at the same time.

Small breasts capped with soft pink nipples were suffused by almost white alabaster skin. She carried no hair beneath a stomach that rippled with muscle like a warrior and her musk smell both beguiled and intoxicated. Flaxen locks tumbled upon shoulders of the whitest of marble and yet no face could be seen or at least explained as soft light emanated from within her. Only lips of the bloodiest red offered features that worldly description could apply.

“I have watched these so many years as you blossomed and awaited my return”

Her hand slipped silently over Sena and as it moved so her skin seemed to bloom beneath leaving breasts burning with passion. Her teasing became unbearable as the hard nipple erupted and Sena feared for a minute that she might split open as the fingers twisted gently and teased before enveloping the breast and then exploring her fullness cupping and caressing, moving between her twin mounds.

“Who are you?”

As the words escaped Sena's lips she knew that she would receive no answer for the answer had lived within her this lifetime and others.

Once more the voice was above her and inside her, as fingers rushed downwards to open her like petals in the sunlight. Wetness streamed from between her thighs as a soft mouth replaced the touch of the others hand and warm breath explored this most sacred of places and offered succour to a craving that consumed her entire self.

“Fill me”

Sena cried out, the words springing unbidden from a mouth that no longer felt like her own.

The tongue that teased and then penetrated her lifted her up on a wave of emotion so intense that it threatened to tip her into unconsciousness. Hands held her soft buttocks and lifted her forcing her to offer herself as the tongue delved deeper into her touching her sides and drinking her juices. Sena thrust herself forward, grinding upon the face of her lover, the hair of her cunt matted and wet from saliva and her own secretions. Her insides craved a sensation that she could not describe as though she needed to be filled from within, a yearning of such intensity that she cried out.

She widened her thighs as her feet grazed upon the hard packed earth now and no longer on soft fur. She dug her heels in deep scouring the earth and feeling it move up and around her ankles as she lifted and begged for a penetration of her body, her mind reeling with desire and need. Suddenly the mouth feeding from her was withdrawn, a swift draft of cold air replacing the warmth of the tongue


The command was barked forth from above her and Sena twisted her head to see what could have delayed this passionate embrace from continuing to its inexorable conclusion.

The druid stood now before her, his body naked and brown as the tree trunks that towered over the circle of stone, reaching down as though in homage to the act that was taking pace beneath them. His hard erect cock sprang outwards like the branch of a tree and the light danced as his fat cock end dripped sticky sap like moisture from its tip.

“Fuck her, fill her and make her ours”

The feminine voice was no longer soft and beguiling but now seemed to carry with it an urgency of its own.

Senas hands clawed and gripped at the edges of the fur blanket beneath as once more she raised her her hips, giving herself willingly, needing the pain that would bring forth her fulfilment.

His grip was firm and painful as he grasped at her thighs, spreading them even further and causing her to cry out in pain. Fingers twisted in her curled pubic hair and pulled as though seeking to open the passage beneath. She felt her lips being pulled apart and a life force that she had little control over enter her, resting briefly at the entrance before slowly pushing onwards.

Sena bit hard on her cheek as the metallic taste of blood infused her mouth. She refused to cry out yet the tears that were springing forth at the corner of her eyes could not be held in check and now slithered down her face and glinted like diamonds in the moonlight. Tears of passion, of pain and joy were shared with her lover.

Her cunt stretched to encompass his hard girth as it pushed deeper into her, the thin wall of flesh no defence against this monster thrusting into and filling her with a yearning and hunger like no other she had ever felt. She pushed back and felt the burn begin to transfer into heat, a molten heat that suffused her loins and warmed into her belly as her ribs heaved to resist his weight as it bore down upon her.

Soft hands embraced Senas head and cradled her as convulsions rushed through her stomach. Seed spilled within her and softened tissue that so recently had been torn and ripped asunder now offered her a calmness that descended upon her and lay with her delicate as silk.

Whispered caresses spoke gently in her ear as she rested and cried silently into the fur of her covering. She did not know when he had left. The woman had remained and cradled her to her breast, supplicating and willing her to nuzzle and lick at her nipple as though feeding an infant. Darkness had once more descended and the night remained still and star lit as she looked out from within the circle, out upon a world familiar and somehow strangely new and undiscovered. Sleep stole silently over her and she rested in the warm embrace of her ethereal lover as the world turned inexorably towards her future destiny.

Authors Note

The characters and practices described in this book are entirely fictitious and in no way meant to represent factual elements of either Mithraism or what is commonly known today as Wiccan and no offense is meant or intended to those who choose to follow these pathways.

Mithraism was first written about in the Roman Empire by Plutarch who noted its’ appearance amongst the pirates of Cilicia in the first century A.D. Its practices and rites remained unknown but were thought to be undertaken in caves and underground temples and involved certain rites of initiation. The cult was adopted by certain sections of the military and represented by the Bull and Sol the sun and remained a male only sect within the Roman world.

It is generally the accepted view that the cult was originally established in Persia and that Mithras was a corruption of Mithra, an ancient Persian God.

Inscriptions and monuments related to the Mithraic Mysteries have been written about extensively in a two volume work by Maarten J. Vermaseren, entitled the Corpus Inscriptionum et Monumentorum Religionis Mithriacae .

The earliest monument showing Mithras slaying the bull is thought to be found in Rome and bears the inscription that it was dedicated by a certain Alcimus, steward of T. Claudius Livianus. It is thought that Livianus was commander of the Praetorian guard in 101 AD, which would give an date of 98-99 AD for an approximate date of practice.


The celebrations of Samhain, originally a Gaelic word, have been known across the Celtic world under a variety of different names and in the West Country of England as Kalan Gwav. The celebrations traditionally took place on or around the 1 st of November and have been popularly adopted into modern translation as Halloween (October 31 st ) since the early part of the 20 th Century.

Samhain was one of the four main festivals of the Gaelic calendar, the others being Beltane, Imbolc and Lughnasad and marked the last harvest gathered in and the beginning of winter.Cattle were traditionally brought down to the winter pastures after six months in the higher summer pastures. It was also the time to choose which animals would need to be slaughtered for the people to survive the winter and for these animals to then be salted, smoked and cured for winter storeage.

Some of the earliest mentions of Samhain come from Irish literature and mention a time when the “doors or portals” to the Otherworld are open and the dead are able to revisit the land of the living. Feasts and festival were held in their honour as well as people taking steps to protect them-selves from harmful spirits.

In the early Irish tales it was on Samhain that the Morrigan and The Dagda meet and have sex before the battle against the Fomorians . Through this act the Morrígan the comes to reperesent a figure of sovereignty and gives the victory to the Dagda's people, the Tuatha Dé Danann .

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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