Santa's Daughter

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My second attempt at a story (: hope you enjoy!

It was December 23rd and Nicole was in an excitable mood. It was almost Christmas and it would soon be time for her father to bring out his sleigh and deliver gifts to people all over the world. But it wasn’t the thought of the joy and laughter of Christmas Day that excited Nicole. No, her thoughts were focused on Christmas Eve, the only day in the whole year when her father was away, unable to keep his ever watchful eye over her.


But before that Nicole had to help out with all the preparations as she always did. She mainly liked to stay in the Workshop with the elves. Not because she wanted to help make the toys, but because she could drool over the cute Elvin guy that she’d had her eye on for over three years. He looked almost exactly the same as a normal human except for his pointed ears. And now that she had turned eighteen, nothing was going to stop her from having him this year!


Nicole entered the Workshop and made a beeline for her work station. She had made sure she had the one with the best view of the cute elf, Elwin. She was stationed almost exactly opposite him, and she loved to just watch him at work. She had noticed that he had a keen eye for detail, hence his reputation as the second best craftsman in the whole of Lapland. He was bested only by his father, who had naturally taught Elwin everything he knew. Nicole also often marvelled at his gorgeously defined bicep muscles, and often found herself wondering what it would be like to be held by him, and today wasn’t any different.


Nicole had dressed in her sexiest outfit, hoping that he just might take an interest in her this year. Her father wouldn’t allow her to walk around dressed like an all-out slut but she thought she could still manage to turn a few heads with her outfit. She wore a red sparkly vest top, with a black skirt that came down to her knees. Her father forbade her to ever wear miniskirts, but Nicole wasn’t about to let that stop her. As soon as she was out of her father’s sight she turned her skirt up at the waistband until it barely covered her ass, revealing her slender legs. She was going to make damn sure Elwin noticed her today.


Nicole worked quietly until everyone stopped for a break at midday. She followed Elwin into the canteen, bought the first item of food she saw and made sure she sat where he would see her. She barely even tasted her food; she was totally transfixed on him. Even the way he ate his lunch fascinated her. She started fantasizing about what it would be like to kiss him. She became so engrossed that she didn’t notice when he glanced in her direction. The look on her face made him look back at her. He’d seen her around before. She was a pretty enough girl but now there was a look of such desire on her face, a look that made her seem more mature. Nicole suddenly noticed that she was being watched. Elwin was looking in her direction, and she could see that he was letting his eyes wander over her body. She immediately got butterflies in her stomach but she carried on looking at him, waiting for him to make eye contact with her. He spent quite a while admiring her tits. Nicole had inherited her mother’s natural assets and had developed a pair of pert 32D’s. She decided to get up and act like she was headed back to the workshop. As she had hoped, she noticed him getting up too out the corner of her eye. She knew there would be no one in the workshop yet, as their lunch break didn’t end for another fifteen minutes. That would be more than enough time for her to make her intentions clear to him.

Nicole sat on her work station, crossed one leg over the other and leaned back on her palms. Thirty seconds later Elwin entered the Workshop and started to make his way over to her. She noticed that he couldn’t keep his eyes off her legs, especially where her thighs disappeared under her skirt. She uncrossed her legs, giving him a brief glimpse of her red lacy panties, before crossing over her other leg. She enjoyed the way he looked at her; she’d been waiting so long for this. He finally reached her and stood in front of her. She smiled at him. “Hey Elwin, I’m Nicole. Looks like we’re both eager to get back to work,” she said with a cheeky smirk.
“Well, there is a lot to do before tomorrow. I know you’re the boss’s daughter, I’ve seen you around before. But I’ve never seen you looking so...” He glanced down at her body again.
“So what?” Nicole asked, but Edwin just looked at her, completely lost for words. “I’ll take that as a compliment,” she giggled. “Daddy’s going to be away all day tomorrow and I have nothing to do. Wanna keep me company?”
Elwin eagerly accepted and said he’d meet her by the lake in the middle of the beautiful woodland that surrounded them. Nicole leaned in close to Elwin. “I can’t wait,” she said huskily in his ear. He was looking down and she knew he had a good view down the front of her top. She let him take a good long look before gently kissing his cheek. “I believe it’s time we got back to work.” She smiled at him again and got up. They were both back behind their work stations before the first trickle of people came from the canteen.


The rest of the day went smoothly. Nicole and Elwin kept glancing at each other for the rest of their shift, but they managed to get all their work finished by the end of the night. When all the preparations had been completed Nicole went home to bed. That night all she could think of was Elwin, and what would happen by the lake. Just thinking of the possibilities made her pussy moisten. She wondered if her desire for him would keep her up all night but before she knew it she was fast asleep.


When she woke up the next day everyone was already rushing around, finishing last minute jobs. Her father was busy with his reindeer and the sleigh so she decided to pay a quick visit to the Workshop to see if she could find Elwin. Sure enough he was busy loading up the last of the toys. She rushed over to him. “As soon as my father leaves, head for the lake. I’ll follow you a while after and make sure no one has seen us.” Before he could reply she ran back out of the Workshop, hoping her father wasn’t looking for her. He was pretty much ready to go, and when he called for his daughter she went to him. He gave her his usual speech about staying out of trouble and making sure she’s asleep when Santa comes with her presents. Nicole giggled and told her Dad that she was too old for all that stuff before giving him a hug. Little did he know that the only thing on her wish list this year was Elwin. She watched her father thank everyone for their hard work, and then he got in his sleigh and made for the clouds. When she could no longer see him she dashed to her bedroom. She put on her sexiest underwear, a red silk thong and a matching bra, and threw on a tight black dress. When she was sure no one was around she snuck out and ran for the woods. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on Elwin.


As she approached the lake she could see him sat on a blanket in the warm sunlight. Her heart fluttered as she advanced towards him, walking quickly. He heard her coming and turned to watch her progress through the trees. Again she saw an approving look in his eyes as he watched her young form move inside her dress. She reached the blanket and sat down next to him. They took each other’s appearance in, sitting in complete silence for a few moments. Elwin was the one to break it. “You look so beautiful.”
Nicole smiled at him and moved a little closer, looking into his blue eyes. He ran a hand through her dark brown hair and pulled her to him, kissing her passionately. She had no doubt that he wanted the same as she did.


She broke away from him to pull off her dress. His eyes lit up as he stared at her underwear. Nicole noticed an almost instant bulge at his crotch. She pulled at his shirt and he removed it revealing a firm torso, subtly sculpted with muscle. When she moved to unzip his pants he hesitated, seemingly embarrassed. “It’s okay Elwin. Look.” She took his hand and placed it on the crotch of her soaked thong. “See, you turn me on just as much.”
Elwin relaxed and allowed her to tug off his pants. The feel of her silky wet panties had stiffened his cock even more, and it was clearly defined against the material of his boxer shorts. Nicole gazed at it in hunger and traced the outline with her finger. Elwin reached around her and unclasped her bra. It slipped off her shoulders and she threw it into the grass. Her full breasts were now totally exposed. Her nipples were erect and Elwin leaned forwards to take one into his mouth. The warm softness of his mouth excited her, his tongue sending tingles through her body every time he flicked it over her nipple. He massaged her other breast, occasionally tweaking at the nipple with his thumb and finger. She put her head back and let out a moan towards the sky. She could feel her pussy aching to be touched by someone other than herself for once. She took her nipple from Elwin’s mouth and lay on the blanket. “Wanna help me take off these panties now?”


Elwin moved to kneel between her legs. He slipped the tips of his fingers into the band of her panties and slowly slid them down her thighs, revealing her shaved virgin pussy. She lifted her legs so he could completely remove her thong and he threw the garment to one side. Nicole’s wetness made her pussy lips glisten in the sunlight. He ran a single finger lightly up her slit, making her catch her breath. Elwin tasted the juices covering his fingertip and decided he wanted more of her sweet honey. He lay between her spread legs and his senses were instantly filled with the aroma of her sex. He stayed that way for a minute or two, simply taking in her intoxicating scent. He used two fingers on his right hand to spread her lips and expose her delicate pinkness within. Nicole’s juices well lubricated her pussy and she could feel it slowly trickling down her slit, creating a trail to her ass. Her clit was engorged and the cool breeze danced across it, almost caressing it. Elwin leaned forward and lightly ran his tongue along Nicole’s pussy lips and she rewarded him with soft moans. He teased her like this for a few minutes until she demanded further pleasures from him. He spread her lips wider and lapped at her clit. The contrast between Elwin’s warm tongue and the cool air created sensations Nicole never dreamt she could feel. She moaned and ran her fingers through Elwin’s soft hair. He took her clit into his mouth and rolled his tongue over it again and again. Just when Nicole thought the pleasure couldn’t get any better, Elwin inserted a finger an inch or so into her hungry cunt. He slowly started moving it in and out of her slippery passage before adding a second finger. Nicole’s breath caught in her throat as his fingers probed her dripping hole. She was in pure heaven and she was sure she would orgasm if she let him carry on. But Nicole wanted him to make her cum with his cock buried deep inside her. She wriggled and Elwin released her clit from his warm mouth. She looked down at him, “I want you to fuck me, Elwin. I need to feel your cock inside me.”


Elwin moved up her body, planting gentle kisses along her stomach, between the valley of her breasts and the side of her neck. He looked into her eyes, cupping her face with one hand. “Are you sure you’re ready Nicole?” he whispered, “It might hurt at first.”
She kissed his lips before replying. “I’m ready. I trust you.”
He reached down and guided his rock hard cock to the entrance of her pussy hole. Her flowing juices provided him with lubrication as he nudged against her. He looked into her eyes as he pushed into her, slowly filling her pussy until he felt the slight resistance of her hymen. She winced as his throbbing cock broke through and he pushed into her an inch more. He stopped there and gave her a minute to get accustomed to the feeling of having her pussy stuffed with his cock. She began to relax her tensed muscles and Elwin slowly began to pull out of her. He carried on these slow and gentle movements until he could tell she was getting more comfortable with him inside her. She was starting to moan as he pushed into her and her hips were responding to his movements. He quickened his pace a little and pushed deeper into her pussy. Now he could see he was no longer hurting her so much he relaxed and felt his pleasure wash over him. He began thrusting slow and deep into her, amazed at how good she felt. “Your pussy is so fucking hot and tight Nicole, are you okay if I go faster?”
“Yes, oh yes Elwin, fuck me harder now,” Nicole moaned. She couldn’t believe how it felt to finally have him thrusting into her. Every inch of her pussy was stretched and massaged by his cock, her pussy juices covering the soft skin of his shaft, smoothing his way into her. He started thrusting into her faster, but he was still careful. Nicole reached down and played with her swollen clit, rubbing it in small circles that sent her into ecstasy. Elwin’s cock plunged deep in her hot cunt and she could feel her orgasm building from somewhere deep in her groin. She dug her nails into Elwin’s back and moaned into his ear as he slammed his cock into her horny pussy. She licked her fingers and rubbed her clit wildly, desperate to be pushed over the edge and into orgasm.

Elwin’s thrusts were becoming longer and deeper and she knew it wouldn’t be long before he came in her. “Oh God Elwin, you’re gonna make me cum so hard! Don’t stop!” Hearing her cries and moans of pleasure made Elwin thrust as deep into her juicy pussy as he could. Her breathing became more laboured as she neared climax. He looked down at her young body, her bouncing tits and the look of great pleasure on her face before letting himself blow his hot, sticky load into her. The sensation of suddenly being filled with Elwin’s cum sent Nicole over the edge. She arched her back and screamed in pure ecstasy as her orgasm washed over her. Every one of her senses was alive and tingling. Her pussy had never felt so satisfied before and neither had she. Elwin withdrew his cock but she could still feel his warm cum inside her. Strands of their intertwined juices dripped from his cock as he pulled out. He lay on the blanket next to her, holding her close to him as they both got their breath back. He kissed her forehead and she smiled at him. “Merry Christmas Nicole. Santa definitely got me what I wanted this year.”