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Save It For A Rainy Day

Even when it's raining things can get interesting... ;)
This story is based on a real experience...

The rain poured down on the inhabitants of London. Their mixed gray and black coats went well with their brightly coloured umbrellas. I stared down at my drawing pad once more and admired my work. It was acceptable, but I could have done much better. I looked again outside the window and imagined what their lives were like. They would suffer the rain for now, but soon they would be in their warm, cosy, homes. With their partners or spouses. Maybe watching their children. How I envy their lives.

I flicked my ginger, curly hair over one shoulder, and tucked my fringe behind my left ear. It annoyed me a lot. However I felt for the people down in the streets was not so much envy but perhaps pity for myself. Not having a boyfriend to lean on was the hardest of all. Every waking hour was a struggle when I knew that there was no one that I could call and tell them my struggles.

Of course being without a boyfriend at my age was terrible. I was probably the only person in my college who had not lost their virginity. Of course I had used toys and my fingers before, but I imagined it wasn't the same as having a man's rock hard, long and thick cock in my pussy.

Even the thought made me wet. But I made myself push the thought into the back of my mind as I continued my work on my sketch pad.

Twenty minutes later I had finished and I gently placed the picture into my folder, so that I could take it in on Monday. I walked over to the kitchen and turned on the water and left it for a while so that it would warm up. Minutes later I had rubbed all the gray dirt off my fingers I sat down to watch some good TV. Obviously I said that and there was nothing good on the TV.

His fingers rubbed slowly up my legs. Lifting up my skirt to reveal a black, lacy thong - wet with pussy juices. He looked up and smiled at me revealing perfect, glossy, white teeth. My heart skipped a beat as I felt his fingers trace the outline of my pussy through the thin material of the thong. I moaned seductively. Slowly he eased off the thong and it revealed my pussy, juices flowing freely. He licked his lips and moved in.

 I opened my eyes with a start. A sudden feeling of sadness washed over me. That always happens, just as you get to the good bit you wake up. Shame. But I could feel the juices flowing down my legs. I was so turned on by the dream. My fingers slowly made their way down to my pussy. My heart was fluttering from all the excitement. Then I heard the phone ring. I struggled out of the armchair to answer it.

"Hello?" I asked to the invisible voice on the other line.

"Hey, Rosie, It's me Dave."

"Oh, hey Dave. What's up?"

"Oh not much, but listen. I honestly don't understand the art assignment."

"It's really simple. If you want help with it, bring it over to my place and I'll help."

"Oh, great! I'll come at once my lady." I promptly laughed at this comment.

"Okay, I'll see you soon then."

"Thanks Rosie, Bye!"

"See you."

I then hung up and looked around the room. It was a tip. I quickly rounded up all the odd socks and binned the things that needed to be binned. I realized then, as I passed a mirror the state I was in. My hair was at funny angles and mascara was placed in odd dots around my face. Oh dear, I thought to myself.

A shower, change of clothes and make up session later I was sitting in my comfy armchair again waiting for the doorbell to ring.

Five minutes later I was sitting was Dave at the table. We were both sipping at hot tea and discussing art. I knew at that point how physically attracted I was to him. He was stunning.

His hair went sideways in strange angles and his eyes were piercingly blue. He was muscular and fit, I guessed that he worked out more than twice a week (it was two more times than I did). But I kept up the chatter as I explained to him the assignment. But my thoughts made me blush and I could feels his eyes tracking my movements.

After a while the topic was diverted to our favourite movies. His favourite film was all the Indiana Jones movies and mine was Love Actually. And we talked about Indiana Jones as I had never seen it. Although I knew my dad had them somewhere on his DVD shelf. I told him this, and then asked if he wanted to watch one. 

"Okay, sure. If you are an Indiana Jones newbie we better start off with Raiders of the Lost Ark."

So after some film preparation (popcorn and beer) we sat together on the couch and started to watch it. Wow, it was really interesting, and I found Indiana really good looking. About half an hour in I felt Dave's leg rubbing against mine. I looked over at him, but saw that he was concentrating on the TV.

After another half an hour I felt his hand on my leg, and this time when I looked over, I saw that he was staring right at me.

"Rosie, you're so beautiful," he whispered, and then he kissed me.

It was soft and gentle, I could feel his tongue doing the trick as it danced with mine. I believed I could faintly hear fireworks going off in my head as we kissed. Emotions flowing fast between us. I could feel him start to slip off my top to reveal my black bra. I saw him smile as his hand unclasped it at the back.

My eyes closed as he kissed, sucked, nibbled and licked my nipples. Taking time to deal with each one individually, as he massaged the other one. They were pointing out, as big as small bullets. He suckled on them like a child, causing me mild discomfort, but it was replaced with a yearning for more.

He looked down and started massaging his hand up and down my legs, giving me gooseb gs and umps. My skirt lay at my hips, giving him full access to my black panties. There was a small wet patch in the centre.

"Well, you are excited, my dear little rose bud." He kissed every inch all the way from my dainty toes to the border of my panties. And back again. He was such a tease. I moaned each time as he reached my panties. But then he would retreat.

But this time when he went up he licked the outside of my panties right over where my clit was and I gave a loud moan. He grinned and eased them off slowly, and smelling my aroma as he did so. I felt his cold nose press against my pussy and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Then he picked me up and carried me to my room. 

"I know you are excited Rosie but I feel like you are not excited enough." He ran his hand through his thick, uneven, brown hair. "I am going to give you a massage. Lie down." I complied and when he asked I pointed to the oil on my dresser.

I closed my eyes and suddenly felt his warm hands addressing my shoulders. It felt really nice. And then they moved down to the small of my back, still gently pushing and pressing. I then felt his hands move to my feet. I was disappointed that he had bypassed my pussy but I didn't mention anything.

He massaged my feet and sucked on my toes, sending shivers down my body. I groaned as he moved his hands onto my bottom. And gently I felt him press his fore-finger gently onto my pussy. It sent a jolt of pleasure rushing up my spine. 

"I think we are ready. When I count to ten you may open your eyes and turn around and go onto all fours." He ordered. He counted slowly. When he reached ten I did what I was told.

I looked up and was faced with his cock in my face. And timidly took it in my mouth. I was a newbie and didn't really know what to do. But whatever I was doing, it seemed to be pleasuring him, as I could hear soft grunts being emitted from his mouth.

Then, forcefully he turned me around. I knew what was going to happen, but when it did it felt so good. Better than all the dildos and vibrators in the world. I could feel all 8 inches of him go into me. Sliding past the pleasure point. It made me moan sensually.

He started to speed up. I could feel I was close, but I held back. I wanted us to come together, I wanted my first time to be special. And when we did come it was like an eruption of all my senses, and I felt myself pass out.

Minutes later I woke up next to him. He looked amazing, just lying there watching me sleep. 

"Thanks Rosie," he whispered. And then he left me to sleep the night away.

I had lost my virginity with a boy who was amazing, and I knew I had entered the new boundaries of life.

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