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Saying goodbye

Seize this moment. There may not be another.
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" Bing Crosby crooned over the airwaves. The volume was low, but still audible, as Reagan pulled her moms lumbering SUV out of the mall parking lot and into the chaotic flow of traffic. She would have much rather been in her VW convertible but with Lilly and Cora in tow, along with all the gift shopping they had to do, it just wasn't roomy enough.

"Where are we headed now?" Lilly asked from the backseat. "I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry." Cora teased.

"Shut up! You know I have a high metabolism."

"Whatever!" Cora laughed. "You just like your kibble and it's starting to show on your hips."

"You bitch!" Lilly slapped Cora's shoulder and the two old friends laughed.

"Alright, children. Settle down." Reagan admonished as she tried to navigate the congested roadways. "We'll pick something up after we finish shopping. I've got two more stops to make and I'll be done."

"Ugh." Lilly grumbled with a huff.

"What did you get for Kenny?" Reagan asked Cora, effectively changing the subject.

"A little, and I mean little, something for me to wear so he can unwrap me."

"Ooo." Reagan approved with a wry smile. She would have liked to have someone to wear sexy lingerie for but Donnie had broken off their two year relationship when Reagan got accepted to NYU. Said he couldn't handle a long distance relationship.

"Let me see."

"Really?" Cora seemed surprised but didn't hesitate to share. "OK. Lilly, can you pass me the box from VS?"

Lilly rustled around in the rear cargo hold, which was stuffed to capacity, until she found the pretty pink box.

"Here." She passed it forward to Cora.

With kid gloves, Cora took the barely there outfit from its packaging.

"Wow!" Reagan nearly blushed trying to imagine Cora wearing the little one piece made mostly of strings. It had a few tiny triangles and garter straps at the bottom. There were lacy stockings in the box as well. "Very nice, Cora. Kenny's going to love it."

The long time friends, all home on holiday from Univeristy, laughed and chatted like they hadn't been apart a full day. Much less the months they'd really been separated.

Reagan made her way through the heavy holiday traffic and up the on ramp to the freeway. She was hoping it would make the trip across town a little faster. A little easier.

Bing's voice trailed off and the first few notes of Frosty the Snowman tinkled in the air. But before the first words could be sung, the loud blaring shriek of the emergency broadcast system alert filled the interior.

Reagan cringed while the other two covered their ears.

When the alarm quieted and the man's monotone voice took its place, Reagan turned up the volume to hear the report.

"This is not a test. This is not a test."

The girls held their breath and Reagan eased slightly off the accelerator.

"This is an alert from the emergency broadcast system."

Cora slid her hand across the center console and grasped Reagan's. Lilly had moved to the middle of the back seat and joined her hand with theirs. It was the beginning of the end. They all felt it.

But as the announcer continued delivering his urgent message, his words were lost to the chaos that was suddenly unfolding right before their eyes.

An eighteen wheeler swerved to the left, forcing a car beside it into the median, over corrected and began skidding sideways in the middle of the road. The vehicles directly behind it slammed on their brakes. Smoke billowed from barking tires. It wasn't fast enough.

Reagan had both hands on the wheel again as the first car slammed into the back corner of the semi's trailer. It was immediately crushed by the van that had been following it. With no time to stop, Reagan snatched the wheel hard to the right and careened into the heavily wooded forest that framed the freeway.

The girls screamed.

The SUV bounced violently as it tore over and through the thick brush just beyond the shoulder of the road.
Reagan kept a white knuckled grip on the wheel but was too late finding the brake pedal. The large SUV slid sideways and came to an abrupt halt against a large tree. The three girls were slung from one side to the other on the slick leather seats.

Then everything was still and quiet.

Reagan was the first to speak.

"Cora? Lilly? Are you ok?" A thick lump of terror was caught in her throat as she desperately tried to maintain her composure.

"I'm ok." Cora's voice trembled but she looked unharmed. They turned their attention to Lilly.

She was pale. Her eyes wide with fright. Her mouth was agape and she was breathing heavily. Reagan unbuckled and climbed over the console to sit with her.

"Lilly." She whispered, wrapping her arms around the frail looking blond. "It's ok. We're ok. Breath, baby. It's ok." Reagan spoke evenly, slowly, needing to reassure her friend that everything was ok. It was only the car that was messed up.

After several tense minutes, Lilly began shaking her head.

"It's not ok." She whispered. Reagan and Cora had to strain to hear her. "It started. It's the end of the world. We're not going to be ok." Her terrified blue eyes watered and she began to cry. "I don't want to die. I need to see my mom."

"Shhh." Reagan and Cora soothed together as Cora joined them in the backseat. "No, honey. We don't know that. We don't know anything except there was an accident on the road. There'll be cops and EMT's here soon."

"That's right." Reagan agreed, realizing Cora was right. "Come on. We need to get back to the freeway and we can all go home."

Lilly sniffled as she considered what they were telling her. She sucked in several hitched breaths and began nodding.

"Ok." She finally submitted to their reasoning. "Ok. Lets go. I wanna go home."

Both passenger doors were crushed against the tree. Luckily, the drivers side was untouched. Cora climbed out first. Reagan and Lilly were close behind her.

The chill of the late afternoon air had the girls huddled together as soon as their feet were on the soggy Louisiana soil. It had been warmer that morning when they left for the mall and they had planned on being home before dinner. None of the three had brought a jacket.

"Anybody getting a blanket or snuggie for Christmas by any chance?" Cora asked teasingly.

"Yeah!" Lilly perked up suddenly. Breaking away from the warm huddle, she popped the rear hatch and dug through the bags and boxes till she found the one she was looking for. "I got Daddy an LSU Snuggie." She tore into the box and unfolded the fleece blanket with sleeves. "I think he'll understand." She smiled and shrugged as she slid her arms into the sleeves like a robe and enfolded Reagan and Cora under the blanket with her. They all took a deep breath and held each other tight.

"Ok." Reagan thought out loud. "We can't be very far inside the woods. The tire tracks are over here so," she turned, forcing the other two to follow. "The freeway has to be that way."

It made sense to Lilly and Cora and they all began walking as one, maintaining their warm little huddle, in the direction Reagan had pointed. They walked for several minutes before Reagan stopped them.

"Did we really go that far off the road? I thought we'd be back to it by now."

"I know." Cora agreed. "And listen to how quiet it is. Shouldn't we be hearing sirens? Or something?"

Anxiety gripped the trio.

"Lets just go back to the Nav and wait." Lilly suggested. "Somebody had to see us leave the road, right? Won't they come looking for us?"

Reagan and Cora looked at each other, bewildered. It wasn't that Lilly was stupid, she just wasn't usually the one with a solution to a problem.
They shrugged, realizing Lilly was making perfect sense, and headed back the way they'd came.

Within a few minutes, the three shivering girls climbed back into the backseat of the half crushed Lincoln Navigator. Snuggled together, they waited. Time seemed to pass at a snails pace.

"I'm going to see if I can get any news on the radio." Reagan said, sliding out of the huddle. She leaned over the console and turned the key. Nothing happened. She tried again. Nothing.

"So much for news." She said, snuggling back into the warm embrace of her friends.

"Guys," Lilly spoke softly "if we die."

"Shut up, Lilly." Reagan and Cora said simultaneously.

"I'm serious!" She protested. "If we die, I want you guys to know I love you both. I love you both so much." She began to cry.

"Don't do that." Reagan implored. She and Cora held Lilly tighter. "We know you do and we love you too but we're not gonna die."

"Reagan's right." Cora chimed in "we love you...even though you're gettin kind if thick in the hips." She teased.

"You're fucking awful!" Lilly cried. "We're going to die and all you can think about are my fat hips?"

Cora took Lilly's small face in both hands and looked her dead in the eye.

"We're not going to die." She assured her. "But, yes, I like thinking about your fat ass. It's sexy." She smiled and gently kissed Lilly's trembling lips. Lilly looked dumbfounded when Cora pulled away.

"What the hell.." Lilly's words were cut off when Reagan turned her to face the other way. She repeated Cora's gentle kiss on Lilly's parted lips.

"Look guys," Lilly said when she was finally able to speak again. "I love you but not like that. I like boys."

Cora and Reagan laughed and squeezed Lilly between them.

"We do, too." Reagan said, gently sweeping Lilly's blond hair over her shoulder to expose her slender neck. "But if the world really is coming to an end, shouldn't we go out with a bang?"

Cora laughed.

"Oh my god. You two can't be serious right now." Lilly gasped.

"Oh, we're dead serious, babe. We've talked about this before and Reagan and I have always wanted to fool around with each other." Cora stroked Lilly's cheek. "And with you."

All at once, each of the two had a hand on Lilly's small, perky breast. Cupping her over her thin shirt. Without her permission, Lilly's nipples hardened making it painfully obvious she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Why are y'all screwing with me?" She asked, a little breathless.

Both girls leaned forward, closer to Lilly's face.

"Does this look like we're joking?" Reagan asked then kissed Cora.
Their lips were only inches from Lilly's face as their tongues caressed. Their lips touched softly.

As much as Lilly was afraid to admit it, it was turning her on.

Cora, with her silky black hair and flawless Carmel skin, had always been one of the most exotic, beautiful women that Lilly knew. As they kissed, they moved closer to each other until their breasts were rubbing.

Lilly suddenly had the urge to reach out and touch Reagan's breasts. They were significantly larger than her own and she'd seen them several times. They were as close to perfect as tits could get.

Lilly bit her lip as the exhibition happening right in front of her became a heated, passionate kiss. Cora's black hair a stark contrast to Reagan's cherry red curls. She could hear them breathing harder as they kissed. Her own breathing quickened, watching their lips and tongues and hands caress one another. They weren't joking.

Just as Lilly found the nerve to touch Reagan's breast, they separated. Her disappointment was an audible huff.

And then they were both kissing her.
Cora trailed kisses along Lilly's neck while Reagan kissed her lips. It was such a different feeling from kissing a mans lips, Lilly moaned quietly into Reagan's open mouth. Reagan kissed deeper. She suckled Lilly's tongue and nibbled her bottom lip.

Cora's hand slid underneath Lilly's shirt and found her hardened nipple.
As soon as she lifted the shirt to taste her, Reagan's lips left Lilly's and found the nipple that Cora wasn't suckling on.

"Oh god." Lilly breathed. They nipped and sucked and licked her small, pink nipples sending quivers of excitement through her belly and into the narrow mound beneath her panties.

"See?" Cora asked, gently pinching Lilly's wet nipple, "we weren't joking. Can we keep going?"

Lilly licked her lips and kissed Cora. One hand found Cora's plump tit while the other groped Reagan's.

"Please. Yes." Lilly panted against Cora's parted lips. Cora kissed her. Hard. Deep. Deeper than she'd ever been kissed before.

Reagan moved away from Lilly's hardened nipple and pulled her teeshirt off over her head exposing her purple lace bra.

Cora, always having had the desire to touch Reagan's large breasts, reached across Lilly with both hands and pulled the cups of the bra down, exposing Reagan's dark pink nipples to the cool air. They hardened instantly. Reagan put her hands behind her head and offered her tits for her friends to enjoy.

They did.

Cora and Lilly pressed their bodies close together so each could suck one of Reagan's delicious nipples into their mouth. Reagan closed her eyes, placed one hand on each girls head and moaned softly.

Suddenly, the chill in the air was gone. Replaced by an undeniable sexually charged heat.

Reagan slid her hand down Cora's back and tugged at her shirt. She wanted it off of Cora so they could see her tits.

Cora got the message and sat back on her feet to unbutton it and slide it down her arms. Her quarter size, mocha nipples poked out under her white satin bra.

This time, it was Lilly who removed the bra. She unclasped the front clasp and pushed the cups aside.
Lilly watched Cora's lips part as she began gently twisting and pulling on one sensitive bud.

Cora's fingers found Lilly's pert breast again and matched her pinch for pinch.

Reagan sat breathing heavily as she watched her friends inhibitions melt away. She could smell the arousal emanating from their excited sexes. She licked her lips and slowly slid her hand over Lilly's flat stomach. Into the waistband of her jeans. Under her panties.

Lilly gasped when Reagan's finger slid into the silky folds of her moist pussy. She reached for the button of her jeans, wanting to slide them from her body and give herself up to the delightfully erotic experience, but Cora stopped her. Lilly started to protest and then Cora's hand joined Reagan's. She used her free hand to undo the button and zipper for Lilly then she and Reagan each tugged on one side. They pushed her jeans and panties to her feet where she slid her shoes off and kicked free of the pants.

Their fingers spread her, dipped inside her. They stroked her and made her gasp. She slid her ass to the edge of the seat and opened her legs.

Reagan couldn't wait to taste. She leaned over Lilly's lap, her breasts pressing against Lilly's thigh, and slowly licked the swollen nub presenting itself between the pink skin Cora separated with two fingers.

"Ah. Oh." Lilly breathed hard. She'd never been eaten out before but she quickly decided she wanted it to happen. Often.

Cora opened Lilly's legs wider and slid off the seat. She sat on her knees in the floorboard and joined Reagan. Their tongues caressed as they licked Lilly's pulsating clit. Lilly moaned and lifted her hips. Her lustful moans and sweet taste had Reagan burning with desire to be touched. She didn't care by whom.

She continued licking and suckling Lilly's dripping sex as she undid the button and zipper of her own jeans and slid her hand inside.

"Mmmm." She moaned against Lilly's clit making Lilly tremble and moan in response.

At the same time that Reagan slipped her finger between her own moist slit, Cora buried two fingers inside Lilly's.

"Oh god!" Lilly cried loudly. Cora's fingers were thin but since Lilly had only ever been with one guy, one time, they filled her and stretched her in wonderfully painful ways.

Cora slid her fingers out slowly, pressed her thumb against her clit while Reagan licked all around it, then pushed her fingers back in. Deeper this time.

"Oh, fuck, yes!" Lilly reached, groping for anything she could get her hands on.

Sensations she'd never known, never experienced, never even knew existed, coursed through her quivering body like electrical pulses shocking life into every cell. Every nerve. She wanted to scream. Wanted to cry and laugh all at the same time. She wanted to try something.

Lilly scooted back on the seat, closing her legs to the insanely divine affection her two best friends were bestowing upon her. Both objected with grunts of dismay. She smiled and shook her head.

"My turn." She cooed.

Swinging her legs past Cora, Lilly laid down on the long bench, turned backwards, and slung them over the back of the seat.

Reagan and Cora watched with wonder, Reagan still fondling herself beneath her jeans while Cora slid her khakis off her body.

"Come here." Lilly beckoned Reagan with one petite finger as she gripped the back rest with her legs and pulled her bottom up to the top of it.

Reagan smiled as she began to understand what Lilly was doing. She wiggled out of her jeans, panties too, and leaned over to kiss Lilly.

Cora watched. One hand caressing her breast, the other cupping and rubbing her aching sex.

"Mmmm." Lilly groaned deep, the taste of her own lust like pure honey on Reagan's tongue. "I want to taste you, Ray." She whispered against Reagan's seeking mouth.

Reagan obliged Lilly's wish. She ducked her head and straddled Lilly's face, her back to Lilly's belly.

As she slowly sank her quaking sex against Lilly's eager tongue, Reagan leaned forward and kissed Cora. She wrapped her arms around her naked body and coaxed her up to the center console. She met no resistance.

Cora laid back on the cold leather and opened her legs for Reagan, propping her feet on either side of Lilly's head.

Lilly licked the sodden seam between Reagan's shapely thighs, causing Reagan to shiver.

"Mmmmm." Reagan smiled, sucked on her fingers to wet them, then trailed them lightly over Cora's neatly trimmed pubes. Across her hood. Down her slit. All the while, Lilly continued lavishing Reagan's apex with increasingly eager kisses.

They were so lost, so sexually preoccupied, that the world outside of that SUV could have been spiraling into the certain doom of a super massive black hole and they wouldn't, couldn't, have cared less.

Reagan rocked her hips, sliding her dripping pussy across Lilly's mouth, while she leaned down and buried her face in the sweet smell of Cora's desire.

Lilly, so turned on, so heated and lost in the taste of Reagan's sex, couldn't bear the pressure of the ache between her own legs any longer. As she flicked her tongue in and out of Reagan's sodden hole, against her throbbing clit, she found her own wanting pussy and jammed her fingers inside to fill the agonizing void.

"Mmmmm. Ahhhh" She whimpered against Reagan's tensing body.

Reagan groaned over Cora's swelling clit.

"Oh yeah." Cora breathed heavily.

She sank her hands into Reagan's thick red curls and pressed her head deeper between her legs as she raised her hips.

Reagan's body convulsed, pressing harder against Lilly's face. She sank two fingers deep inside Cora's tight hole and sucked hard on her bulging clit.

"Oh god, Ray! You're gonna make me cum. Fuck, Ray!" Cora cried with delight.

Lilly plunged her fingers in and out of her gripping pussy. Her release was building, more and more intense, as she bathed Reagan's undulating pussy with her tongue.

"Mmmm! Mmmm! Ohhhh!" Lilly groaned against Reagan as her release erupted around her own fingers.

Reagan's body stilled as she found her own release above Lilly's mouth.

"Ahhhh god" she screamed. The vibrations of her voice sending Cora over the edge.

"Fuck yes!" Cora cried, gripping Reagan's fingers inside her body and holding Reagan's head firmly against her convulsing pussy.

For several long moments the girls didn't move. They each continued slowly, lovingly, caressing each other as they enjoyed the pulses of the aftershocks that tingled their thighs. Curled their toes.

Lilly removed her hands from between her legs and patted Reagan's firm ass.

"This is getting really uncomfortable." She mumbled under Reagan.

They all laughed and began moving around the small space.

As their excitement died down, the chill in the air found its way back inside the SUV. The girls dressed and wrapped themselves back in the LSU Snuggie.

The sun set. Darkness settled around them and they all drifted off to sleep as they waited to be rescued.

"Reagan." A quiet, familiar voice called from somewhere in the distance.

"Reagan." It called again, a little louder.

"Reagan!" The shrill voice was accompanied by a stinging slap across the face.

Reagan opened her eyes.

At first she couldn't see anything. It was dark and her eyesight was blurred.

"You still with us?" Cora asked. She sounded like she was a million miles away.

Reagan blinked. Rubbed her eyes.

"Cora?" Reagan's voice was strained, it hurt her throat, as she tried to make sense of the confusion pounding in her head.

"Damn, girl. We were seriously starting to worry about you." Cora said.

"Yeah." Lilly's voice chimed in from the darkness. "You were making some really weird noises but you wouldn't wake up."

Reagan's vision cleared. She frowned, not quite understanding.

"How'd I get back up here? How long did we sleep?" She asked groggily.

"Sleep?" Cora baulked. "Oh, honey, you weren't asleep. You got knocked the fuck out."

"What?" Reagan touched her head. "Ouch! But...I thought...what about...? Is it all over? Where is everyone?"

Lilly and Cora interrupted her rambling with laughter.

"Damn, girl." Cora rubbed Reagan's arm. "Slow down. Everything is ok. We started hearing sirens a few minutes ago. You've only been out about fifteen minutes."

"But the alert? The end of the world?"

The sniggering was impossible to hide as Lilly explained.

"It was an alert saying Santa was seen making his first pre-trip inspection in the skies over the North Pole and all the reign deer seem to be in top notch condition. Christmas will be on time."

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