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Scarlett Roses - Part One

Scarlett experiences the beginning of her college adventures...
Scarlett waited anxiously for her boyfriend, Ryan, as she paced around the dorm room. She was nervous, knowing what would likely happen later that night. After all, it would be the first night that they had the room to themselves. Scarlett’s roommate, Amanda, was gone for the weekend visiting her parents. So, she expected that she and Ryan were going to finally have sex tonight.

Scarlett was a virgin. She grew up in a small town and was raised by rather strict parents. She never even really had a boyfriend before, and she had only kissed a few boys. However, now she was free from her parents’ restrictions, having just started her first year of college a month ago, and now living in the college dorm. She was eighteen years old and able to finally experience the things her parents always prevented.

Scarlett really liked being with Ryan. She found him very attractive with his muscular build from football. He was a junior and played for their college’s team. Scarlett also thought that Ryan was sweet, funny, and, in her eyes, nearly perfect. In the past two weeks, Scarlett and Ryan had become more sexual with each other. The week before, she let him finger her underneath the sheets while they watched a movie with her roommate.

However, lately Ryan had been asking her to have sex with him. She was scared, so she kept telling him she would soon but not yet. Amanda kept telling her how she shouldn’t do it and how Amanda thought Ryan was just using her. Scarlett didn’t believe her and felt like Ryan was starting to love her. So, she decided that she was going to give everything to him tonight.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Scarlett froze in place. She stared at the door for a moment, preparing herself for what was going to happen tonight. She wondered for a moment if she was making the right choice. However, she quickly gained her confidence and walked over to the door, opening it to Ryan.

“Hey baby!” shouted Ryan as he immediately stepped in, wrapping his arms around her and hugging her tightly.

“I’m so happy to see you!” she exclaimed, wrapping herself in his warm embrace.

After a moment, they pulled away from each other. Ryan swept his eyes over her body, from top to bottom. Her curly, red hair flowed down over her shoulders, cutting off just above her chest. She was wearing a red tank top that clung to her slim, smooth body while also revealing her profound cleavage from her D cup breasts. His gaze continued downward, now focused on her black yoga pants snug around her tight, round ass.

Scarlett noticed a little red object peeking around the corner of the door from the hallway behind Ryan.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Huh... oh!” he replied as he walked back out into the hallway and picked up a bouquet of roses, carrying them back into the room with him.

“I got these for you,” he said, handing her the roses.

Scarlett’s face lit up as she received them, thinking of how sweet Ryan was.

“I can’t believe you got me these. Thank you so much!” exclaimed Scarlett as she walked over to her desk, placing the flowers down and then returning to Ryan, wrapping her arms around him again but this time accompanied with a kiss.

They continued kissing, Ryan’s tongue caressing hers. Scarlett felt his hands squeeze her ass, lifting her up and carrying her over to her bed. He laid her onto the soft bed on her back. Scarlett watched as Ryan began unzipping his jeans and pulling them off. Scarlett wasn’t expecting them to have sex right away, but she went ahead with it.

Scarlett lifted her back off the bed, enough to pull her tank top off and throw it onto the ground. Her large, lush breasts poured out from under her elegant, bright red bra. Ryan had already stripped down to his boxers and impatiently reached down, helping Scarlett to take off her yoga pants. All that still clung to her slender body was her bra and red thong.

Scarlett was nervous, her thoughts scattered. She didn’t know what she should do now. She wondered if she should pull off the rest now, or maybe stroke his dick for him. She just wanted to please Ryan. She desired for him to really love her and be all hers. Scarlett waited; her cheeks flushed red from embarrassment of her innocence in front of him.

Ryan didn’t want to waste any time with foreplay. He wanted what he came for, Scarlett’s virginity. He quickly slid his hands up her smooth legs, grabbed the edges of her thong, and slid it down and off her feet. Ryan grasped her knees with his hands, pulling them apart and spreading her legs as he crawled in between them. He pulled out his somewhat already hard dick, stroking it as he looked at Scarlett. He moved the head of his dick up against the lips of Scarlett’s pussy.

Suddenly, she felt his hard dick push between the lips of her pussy, entering inside of her. All she really felt was pain. Scarlett didn’t expect it to hurt so much, and Ryan certainly wasn’t being gentle. He continued sliding his dick in and out of her at a steady pace. Scarlett resisted the pain, wanting to please Ryan. The pain lessened as he continued moving inside of her.

Scarlett could feel his dick growing inside of her, filling up her tight pussy. She was trying to keep quiet so her suitemates wouldn’t hear, but her moans kept slipping out. She was burning up from inside as he continue thrusting his hard dick inside of her. Suddenly, she felt his dick pull out of her as Ryan grabbed her and flipped her over onto her hands and knees.

Ryan shoved his dick back inside of Scarlett’s wet pussy from behind. He reached forward, grabbing her hair and pulling it back. Scarlett felt his dick continuing to pump inside of her. She loved every part of it. Her moans grew louder as he moved faster.

Ryan reached forward, grabbing Scarlett’s arm and pulling it out from underneath her. Her face fell into the pillow as he rammed every inch of his dick inside of her. Suddenly, Scarlett’s muscles tensed as her pussy clamped around his dick. She heard him moan from behind her. Scarlett could feel Ryan’s warm cum shooting inside of her, filling her pussy.

Scarlett felt Ryan’s dick slide from her pussy, her juices and his cum following. She lay there, exhausted and breathing heavily, her face still down in the bed. Scarlett had never felt anything better than what she just experienced. Now, she was waiting for Ryan to lay down with her. Instead however, she suddenly heard her room door open and slam closed. She turned to see who it was that came in, but found the room empty. Ryan had left.

Scarlett spent the next week crying over Ryan’s disappearance. He wouldn’t answer any of her calls or texts. Amanda tried to comfort her, but it proved hopeless. Scarlett wished she had never met him, but there was one thing she didn’t regret. Every night she lay in bed, fingering herself, thinking about the pleasure she felt when he was inside of her. She wanted to feel that pleasure over and over again. And she would…

To Be Continued

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